Horrible and Weird Foods: Rats and Cats

Some nations, like the Chinese and the eastern Asians, eat rats and cats. “Rat Cake” is a popular food there. The baby rats are freshly born babies, which are used to prepare such dishes.


How do you think of the fried cats or fried rats? Sometimes you can understand others, their culture and their foods. Many call it “difference”, the cultural difference.


Maybe, those who eat rats or cats say that it’s like eating pig, or even like eating sheep, caw, birds, etc. And many can not say that they are wrong or it’s a wrong logic.


How do you think of grilled rats ? Many can not understand those who eat rats, but it’s more understandable than eating cockroaches.


Humans are not like animals, who just eat any food, only for biological reasons. Humans can select what they eat, how they eat, and the beauty, taste, or smell of their foods. It’s part of what is called “Human Civilization”.

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