The Election Show in Russia

December 5, 2011

“Kadyrov, the brutal dictator of Chechnya, said that 99.51% of its voters backed Putin’s United Russia party; in the past it has been reported as 100%, while he himself had promised “more than 100%” this time. But the central elections commission in Russia, said that United Russia had won 50.07% of the vote. Maybe Putin’s United Russia party would lose its majority in the Duma, or lower house, and fail to win an absolute majority of votes as in the past”, the media reported yesterday. The also added: “The Russian voters had taken to social media to report apparent violations. A YouTube user in east Moscow illustrated how the pens at booths in school #1114 were filled with invisible ink. In the Siberian city of Novokuznetsk, a user showed how ballot boxes had arrived at a polling site one-third filled with votes. A Moscow user filmed an election official at polling station #2501 filling out ballots as he sat at his desk. Several users filmed buses, nicknamed “carousels”, which appeared to be carrying the same people to various stations so they could vote over and over again. ” It’s the dirtiest, foulest elections of the last 20 years,” one opposition leader said. “We can’t even call them elections; it’s the theft of votes from the Russian people.” It clearly shows that comrade Putin is exactly like comrade Stalin and comrade Khamenei.


We should wait and see what the young Russians do after this stupid election show in Russia. The media also added: “Liberal media outlets faced hacker attacks. The website of radio station Ekho Moskvy, web portal Slon, and weekly journal Bolshoi Gorod were inaccessible all yesterday. The website of Golos, the only independent election monitor, was brought down by a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack, after days of government pressure; it complained its volunteer monitors were not admitted into polling stations around the country. “The government is losing popularity, so they’re using the filthiest methods of theft”, a Russian says. The riot police prevented access to Red Square. More than 100 people were arrested at an unsanctioned protest in Triumfalnaya Square, dragged away by police in riot gear into waiting lorries. Another 50 were held in St Petersburg.” In the year of revolutions and uprisings, 2011, the young Russians should show that they are not stupider than the stupid Islamists in the stupid Arab world. Some ask: “Is 2010s’ Russia is as stupid as 1910s’ Russia?” What the young Russians will do after this stupid selection show, will show us how stupid or how wise today’s Russians are. We can wait and see what the young Russians will do in the next days.

Muharram and Ashura in Iran

December 5, 2011

In these days, Muharram and Ashura remind many of the 2009 protests and the historic story of Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors. The fake intellectuals, mercenaries, and traitors who betray the people movement in 2009, were worst than the Mullahs. The people knew the Mullahs and their Basiji thugs, but the Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors who tried to keep the Mullah regime safe, pretended that they are anti-Mullah. These stupid bastards and the savage Mullahs created a historical milestone for Iran and Iranians. Before 2009, Muharram and Ashura had its own characteristics, but after 2009 many things changed. Tassua and Ashura (9th and 10th of Muharram) are official holidays in Iran. Third Imam of Shi’a and his family and followers (known as “72 people”) were killed by army of Yazid at the Battle of Karbala on the 10th of Muharram (Ashura) in 680 CE, and the surviving members of his family and his followers were taken captive and marched to Damascus and imprisoned there. Shi’as believe the Battle of Karbala was between the forces of good and evil, with Hussein representing good while Yazid represented evil. As we said before, Shiism is the Iranian version of Islam, and the traditions of Muharram and it’s festival of Mourning, has a deep Persian root. After the Arab invasion, the legends of Siavash and his innocence and his martyrdom, and Shiavashan, the festival of Mourning for Siavash, were mixed with other Persian traditions and created the festival of Muharram. Some say: “Iranians believed that Hussein and his martyrdom in the battle of Karbala, while his army had about 100 soldiers and Yazid’s army had 10,000 soldiers, was like the story of Siavash and his martyrdom. The savage Arabs who killed Hussein, the grandson of Muhammad, were the enemy of Iranians who had occupied Iran. So, when Iranians heard that the savage Arabs killed those who fought against the Arab dictator, Yazid, they used this tragedy to fight against the savage Arabs”


Muharram is the first month of the Arabic/ Islamic calendar. Since the Arabic calendar is a lunar calendar, Muharram moves from year to year when compared with the Iranian calendar (and also the Gregorian calendar). Muharran is when the Arabs celebrate their new year, and are happy. But Iranians converted Muharram into a mourning month, and in this way fought against the Arabs. While the Arabs were wearing their white clothes, while had forbidden others to wear black cloth, Iranians were wearing their black clothes and performed their ancient mourning festival, Siavashan, for Hussein and his remembrance. They said: “Imam Hussein and his supporters were killed for the truthfulness and fighting against tyranny and oppression”. As we said before, the Safavid era had the main rule in converting Muharram and Ashura into a national festival in Iran. They used Muharram and Ashura, and other Persian traditions to fight against the Arabs and the Ottoman Turks who were Sunni Muslims. The festival of Muharram and Ashura was totally symbolic, and had many similarities with Siavashan. The Iranians used the ancient Persian tradition of “Nazr” (distributing free foods among the people) to cook Nazri (charity food) in Muharram. It’s an ancient Persian tradition that the people cook food and give it to others, including the poor, friends and family, in their ceremonies. This charity food or free food, is called Nazri. In fact, Iranians donate food and call it Nazr. The Nazri foods in Muharram are Iranian foods like Gheimeh, Ghorme Sabzi, Morgh, Kebab, Adas Polo, and many other local foods. But the main food or Nazri in Muharram is “Gheymeh” that is also called “Gheimeh Ashura” or “Gheymeh Nazri”. Gheimeh or Gheymeh is one of the delicious Iranian stews (with yellow split peas as its key element) that is eaten with rice. In fact, it’s a “Polo Khoresht” (Pilaf and Stew). When it’s cooked in the large scale as Nazri, with its special techniques and traditions, it becomes more delicious, and I think if each of you eat “Gheymeh Nazri”, you would never forget its delicious taste.


In Muharram and in Ashura days, you can see people who line up to get Nazri foods. They do it because Nazri foods are very delicious. Of course, some old people believe Nazri food has healing power, but after 2009, many religious people say: “The Nazri foods of the Mullahs and the savage Islamists who killed, raped, and tortured the people has killing power, not healing power !”. Many irreligious people and those who are non-Muslim eat Nazri food in Ashura day, only because it’s very delicious. Some say: “The Ashura day is like a festival of food. Many are in the streets and enjoy foods and seeing each others in the streets. In fact, it’s like what has happened to the religious days in the US and other parts of the world. In Ashura day, you can see the ordinary boys and girls that have a Nazri food in their hands, or eat Nazri foods with each others, and are happy and enjoy their day”. In fact, before 2009, the festival of Muharram and Ashura were changing gradually. As we said before: “The ordinary Iranian youths changed even Muharram and Ashura. The Mullah newspapers confess: In Muharram’s nights, women and girls in tight clothes and transparent scarves and guys dressed in Western fashion lit candles while laughing their hearts out. In this disgraceful event which is like a large street party, women and girls, as well as men and boys, mocked Muslims beliefs and sanctities in the most shameless manner [!] Some long-haired guys would openly cuddle girls creating awful and immoral scenes [!] Fast, provoking music gave the street party more steam. Everythings become a farce [!]. They no more respect anyone, even Imam Hussein. But after 2009, even many religious people have changed, and don’t think like before. And its a very important and meaningful change in Iran. Now, many religious people say: “Ashura is a tribute to truth and justice and condemnation of tyranny anytime and anywhere. And now the Mullahs and the savage Islamists are symbol of injustice and tyranny”.


After 2009, Ashura day reminds Iranians of the Mullahs’ savagery. Many religious people in Iran have changed their minds after what the savage Mullahs and their Islamist thugs did to the people in 2009. Who can forget the Ashura massacre in 1388? At that Ashoura day, the savage Mullahs killed at least 40 to 50 men and women in Iran, and many believe the number of victims is really larger than this. Now, even the religious people in Iran say: “For us, Karbala and Ashura is what happened in 2009 and what happened in Kahrizah and in the streets of Iranian cities. 1400 years ago, 72 great soldiers were killed in a war, because they wanted to be free and didn’t want to kiss the dictator’s ass, the Yazid’s ass. At that time, those 72 people were in the minority, but they fought for their values and principles. But in 2009, 72 million people that were in majority fought for freedom and democracy, and the savage dictator and his evil men, who were in minority, killed and raped the ordinary people in the streets and secret prisons, not in the war field. Yazid didn’t rape men and women, but Khamenei and the Mullahs showed that they are worse than Yazid”. It’s what the religious people say. They also add: “The savage Mullahs talk nonsense about 1400 years ago. They say that Imam Hussein and his soldiers fought against a brutal dictator (Yazid) and his mercenaries, and were killed because they cared about “fighting against hypocrisy” or “fighting against big lies”, or “fighting against mercenaries who sell themselves and their humanity”. But in 2009, the savage Mullahs and their savage Basiji thugs proved that they are worse than Yazid and his mercenaries. They told the biggest possible lies; they were the greatest possible hypocrite men; and they killed and raped men and women who only protested against hypocrisy and big lies”. And some religious people add: “The savage Mullahs and savage Islamists are joke. It’s funny that the savage Mullahs and savage Islamists shed crocodile tears for 1400 years ago and for what Yazid did in a classic war, that was quite normal among the savage Arabs at that time. But what the Mullahs did in 2009 was worse than 1400 years ago. They killed, raped, and tortured tens of thousands ordinary people for staying in power at any price.”


The festival of Muharram and Ashura is held in other countries, specially in areas that were part of Persia in the past. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and many other parts of Great Persia have the same ceremonies in Muharram. Its funny that even the American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan help the people in cooking Nazri foods in Ashura Day. In fact, cooking Nazri food and giving it to others is a good tradition, and can become a global tradition. Of course, when the savage Mullahs and their savage Basiji thugs kill, torture, and suppress the people, everything that is related to them would destroy, and it’s what Iranians can see it in the recent years. In the past years, the people cooked Nazri by their own money and held Muharram ceremonies by their own will, but in the recent years, the Mullahs give the oil money to the Islamists for cooking Nazri and holding Muharram ceremonies, and it’s a clear sign of the Mullahs’ bankruptcy in Iran. The Mullah TV and radio channels alter their programs in Muharram and become a mourning station, and desperately try to encourage the people to participating in the Muharram ceremonies, but the people don’t care about the Mullahs and what they say, and it’s another clear sign of the Mullahs’ bankruptcy in Iran. Tazieh (meaning condolence theater) and Pardeh-khani (dramatic narration that accompanies events depicted on painted curtains), that date back to the pre-Islamic period, have been destroyed too. In fact, the Mullahs proved that if you want to destroy a tradition in your country, you can employ the Mullahs and the Mullah system to defend that tradition. And in this way, after some years, you can be sure that not only the tradition is totally forgotten and ruined, but everybody hates it. Indeed, In 21st century, when you force others to accept something and kill and torture the people to accept that thing, you can be sure that you only disgrace and discredit yourself and that thing.


The Muharram and Ashura is a festival for the religious people in Iran. As we said before, being religious or irreligious is not the important matter; being sheep or charlatan is the important matter. Many ordinary people who are religious people in Iran or the US , or in any other part of the world, are good guys who just care about honesty, humanity, truthfulness, and many other human values. They care about other people and try to help others, and don’t want to impose their religion on others. They want to live in peace with others. Who can have any problem with these good guys who live like humans ? They are certainly much more better than those irreligious people who live like animals and are sheep or charlatan. But it’s so obvious that a religious charlatan is more dangerous that an irreligious charlatan. And the religious savagery is more dangerous than irreligious savagery. Those who kill and torture others in the name of god or religion are like the savage people in the Stone Age, who were more dangerous than animals, because they were more powerful and more bigoted. In 2009, and in that historic Ashura day, dozens or hundreds of Iranians were killed in the streets. But the Ashura traitors, and the jerk and bastards like Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Abbas Abdi, Akbar Ganji, Ezzat Sahabi, Khatami, Khoeini, etc betrayed the people and their bloods. These stupid bastards who were straw heroes of the naive people and pretended that they are nationalist or intellectual, betrayed the people and sold themselves to the Mullahs or the western politicians. But now, in 2011, the people know their true colors and they are so disgraced in Iran. In the recent days, some of these stupid jerks decided to fall into a pool of sewage. They clearly praised Reza Pahlavi, the leader of the Monarchists. These stupid jerks have been converted into sewage, and the people will dump them into the WC of Iran’s history very soon. The WC of history is the best place for these worthless jerks and stupid mercenaries.

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