UK Strikes, “Divide & Rule”, and 1970s

December 2, 2011

“Trade unions have said that up to two million public sector workers walked out in protest against changes to their pensions. Thousands of hospital operations were postponed and about two thirds of state schools shut. Around Scotland, tens of thousands of teachers, nurses, civil servants and council workers took part in scores of rallies. In total, up to 300,000 are estimated to have taken action”, the media reported yesterday. But the British politicians try to play games. “Health unions and the Department of Health (DH) are locked in a war of words tonight over the strikes’ impact on the NHS. The DoH say just 79,000 health service personnel were not at work, some 4.5% of the total workforce at hospitals, ambulance services and NHS Direct in England. Nonsense, say the unions, who claim that 400,000 NHS staff took action. Health secretary Andrew Lansley tonight claimed that while some services were disrupted, some hospitals saw little difference to normal. “It is good news that the number of people striking in the NHS is lower than we anticipated (20% absence rate),” he said. “I am pleased that so many NHS staff, have decided to put patients first”. The British politicians try to play with public opinion, but there is a good solution for NHS staff and all workers in the emergency services in Britain: “Instead of strike, they can stop providing their service to all British politicians and all British authorities !” In this way, they only f-u-c-k the politicians !, not the ordinary people


It’s very funny that the British actions, rallies, strikes, etc are mainly held in the last months of the year, specially in December. Last year, the student protests had the same situation. Some funny Iranians say: “It’s a dirty trick; It’s what the British authorities want. They want to prevent a long and continuous protest or action. The last days or months of the year is the best time for the limited protests. After the new year’s holidays and new year’s plans, many people forget their protests! The UK riots in 2011, was one of the main exception, and that’s why the world saw one of the greatest riots in the UK.” But at time, the British politicians used a very old and dirty trick “Divide and Conquer”. Some Iranians say: “A group of British protesters are in the streets now, but at that time (during the UK riots), they were in their homes and did not supported others! At that time, all Britons could organize a very big peaceful protest against their stupid government, but the British politicians could deceive and manipulate the people by the British media and their ‘Divide and Rule’ policies“. The current strike was the public sector strike and only the pensioners were active there. But the students, the private sector, and many other groups of the ordinary Britons did not support the protests. “I don’t work in the public sector and so won’t be striking”, many stupid Britons say. And it’s exactly what the British politicians want


The British politicians are succeed in their evil plans and their “Divide and Rule” tactics, because many people are naive or stupid, and because the British media can control public opinion. Of course, many Britons are wise and can see the real problems, but they are not in the majority. The British comments in the British media are interesting: “I’m not striking today because I work in the private sector [!!!] and my company would go bust if we were to strike. The left wing Union bosses want to take on the Government because they are Tories [!!!] complete madness … Even if England is heading for its biggest strike in 30 years, there’ll still be fewer people than were at the royal wedding …You have to laugh. The Government gave everyone a paid day off for the Royal wedding and that didn’t cost a penny, but a day of strike action (unpaid) will cost the economy £500m. Hahahaha … The response of the Labour Party to the strike is disgraceful. The party was set up to give political representation to working people in parliament. By refusing to support this completely justifiable action they have failed in their duty and have driven opposition to this government onto the streets … When will people just accept the fact that you’re going to get fucked by the government? The cabinet is full of millionaires who couldn’t give a toss about the plebs … I support the strike, and hope private sector workers realise they should demand the right to a decent pension more dignified old age too .. As a private sector employee I support the public sector strikes 100%. The BBC = Broadcast By Conservatives”. And some wise Iranians say: “Do you know when the current problems of the UK, the US, and the whole west will be solved? when the stupid and naive people would not be in the majority”


“Britain had the biggest day of industrial unrest since the 1978 Winter of Discontent”, the media reported. In fact, the current public sector strike in the UK and the current economic conditions in the whole west is like the 1970s. “In the annals of British postwar history, the 1970s have always had a special place as the awful decade, a time of economic stagnation, industrial unrest and a squeeze on real incomes. Today we have the same situation. In today’s prices, a couple with no children would have had real disposable income of £437.35 a week in 2002-03, and if the economy pans out as the independent Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) expects, such a couple will have £432.99 a week to play with in 2015-16. Until now, the worst 10-year period for living standards in postwar Britain was the period bookended by the David Bowie albums Aladdin Sane in 1973 and Let’s Dance in 1983. It covered the big recession in 1974-75″, the media reported. As you probably know, the UK, the US and the whole west were in a deep shit in the 1970s. But the 1970s is a very important era for Iranians, too. Do you know what happened in 1970s and how the west saved itself? In 1970s, the UK and the US with the help of other western countries toppled the Shah in Iran and made the Mullah regime with the help of stupid Iranians


As we said before, the West considered the Shah as a threat to the economic stability of the world and the responsible of the inflation and economic crisis of 1970s. After 1974, the West saw the Shah as an ambitious man who increased the oil price and did not obey them as before. They wanted to get rid of him. But the Shah was a stupid and weak person. William Sullivan wrote: “Once the Shah asked me, with astonishment, what has he done wrong with the US that the CIA wants to topple him? then the Shah added that he can understand the root of the UKs hostility towards himself, but he can not understand the roots of the USs hostility. In my next meetings with the Shah, he never talked about this issue or complained of our contacts with the Mullahs, but instead he often asked me What are your Mullah friends doing?! We finally could make contacts with Ayatollah Beheshti (Khomeinis senior advisor). The Shah said to me and Parsons, the UK ambassador in Iran, that he is sick and wants to resign and crowns his son king of Iran. After the UK refused to accept the Azhari cabinet, our mutual meeting with Shah was cancelled. In another meeting with the Shah, I informed him about what our agent was going to tell Khomeini. The Shah listened carefully, and then asked me to inform him of the result of our negotiation with Khomeini”