Horrible and Weird Foods: Cockroaches

The people in East Asia, specially the Chinese, eat all animate objects, including cockroach. The Chinese are a great nation with many good ancient traditions. The Chinese and the Persian are old friends, since the ancient time, but the Chinese foods are among the most horrible parts of the ancient traditions in China.


The people in East Asia, specially the Chinese, eat cockroaches, while we all know that the cockroaches are disgusting who used to live in shit and dirty places. There is no doubt that these animals are so dirty and disgusting.


They even eat the silkworms that are made by the grilled skewers like kebabs. “Silkworm Silk Bake” is a popular food. They eat the cockroaches and worms as snack, or as canned foods ! It’s really horrible and disgusting.


How do you think of canned cockroaches? I really can’t understand why they eat these shits, and why these stupid foods and this stupid cuisine have become popular in the world. Funny Iranians say: “If they eat their own shit, it was more understandable !”


They even eat scorpion ! It’s really horrible. Insects like scorpions, cockroaches, dung beetles, and silkworms are skewered and grilled to make them crunchy. These are very popular street food in China and people often feast them like anything !


How do you think of fried spiders or scorpions ? It’s really horrible. The animals eat these animals, but can you eat cockroach, scorpion, spider, etc in 21st century and call yourself civilized human ?! The stupid Iranian expats who talk nonsense about Kaleh Pacheh, should be forced to eat cockroaches.

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