A Letter to 50 million Years later

November 26, 2011

Dear Super Human,

When you find this fossil letter in a fossil computer, you maybe think it belongs to dinosaurs and the age of dinosaurs, but you are wrong. It belongs to the humans, a kind of Homo species, who are the first intelligent being in Earth. We, the humans, are not dinosaur, because dinosaurs lived 65 million years earlier and had many serious biological differences with us. But if I want to be honest with you, I should say that many of us still live like dinosaurs. Those who only care about food, s-e-x, and money, or those who still kill or f-u-c-k each others in wars, still live like dinosaurs. And a group of us who are called the clergymen (Mullah, Rabbi, Priest, etc) are exactly like the fossils of dinosaurs. They really live in the age of dinosaurs.

In our time that I call it “the Human Age”, the shape of Earth and many other things are very special. We have Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, America, Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, etc and we have something that we call it “Country”. I know these concepts are like fossil concepts for you and maybe you think we are really dinosaur, but I hope you can close your eyes to our stupidities and think we were really intelligent species. You know, we are not dinosaur, because we have invented some useful tools. I think you can find fossils of airplane, ship, car, train, book, movie, computer, etc that are part of our inventions. I know you think these fossils are like fossils of dinosaurs, but you should know that we have just one 1.5kg brain.

I don’t know where you live, and how you read this fossil letter. Maybe you live in Alfa1 planet in Galaxy Z80. But we, that are your ancestors, still live in Earth and Milky Way, that are your first home. I don’t know how the biological evolution have changed you, but I hope your biological evolution would be able to create a really intelligent being, without our dreadful stupidities and dreadful weak points. I hope you can transfer knowledge and wisdom through your genes. In our times, the history repeats itself because our babies and our youths should start from zero like a caveman, and that’s why many remain ignorant and live like dinosaurs. We have one brain, but many don’t use it. But I hope you have 2, 3, or 4 brains, instead of only 1 brain, and you use all of these brains well.


We really liked to have at least one letter form dinosaurs, but it was impossible because they could not write. But we, the humans, have language, and can write, read, and speak. Of course many of us talk nonsense, specially a group of us that are very dangerous creatures and we call them ‘politicians’. These dangerous species have a more dangerous subtype that we call them “Dictators”. They kill others, eat others, rape others, and torture others, only for the power and staying in power. I know, you think they are dinosaur, and I’m agreed with you. Of course, we have another group that is called “intellectuals”, and many of them are very stupid and disgusting creatures who defend the dictators. They are really like Lizard or Chameleon.

I don’t know whether the humans survived or not. Maybe the humans have been extinct for millions of years, but if you still can see the humans, you should know that they are much more modern than us. Maybe the cockroaches, the ants, the crocodiles, etc still live like our age, i.e. like 50 millions years ago, but the humans have changed a lot. I have no doubt. You, the reader of this fossil letter in 50 million years later, are either a super human, or a new specie that we are your ancestors, but in both cases I prefer to call you “Super Human”. I hope you don’t forget your ancestors, and if you find a way to recreate us from our fossil DNA, we would be grateful. But please be careful to choose our DNA. You should check it very carefully. It should not be DNA of politicians, specially the British politicians, and also DNA of clergymen, specially the Mullahs. Be careful, they can take you back to the stone age.

Dear super human, I hope you have a life expectancy of at least 10,000 years. In our time only trees have such life expectancy, and we live only for 50 to 100 years. Can you believe it ? I hope you can travel to other galaxies and you can live in peace with other intelligent beings in other galaxies. I hope you can find other dimensions of this world, and other worlds of this Multiverse that we called it “Universe”. Dear super human, you are really lucky that you don’t live in our time, so stop thinking about the fundamental question of philosophy, i.e. Judging whether life is, or is not worth living. Of course we are lucky, too; because we don’t live in the Dinosaur Age, but as I said before, we live in a living hell that is full of little and stupid dinosaurs (“Politicians”, “Mullahs”, “religious fanatics”, “racist/chauvinist”, etc). Anyway, enjoy your life and all things you have, and fight for a better life and a better future. It’s what all intelligent beings should do in all times.

Best regards,

A human from the human age

Horrible and Weird Foods: Cockroaches

November 26, 2011

The people in East Asia, specially the Chinese, eat all animate objects, including cockroach. The Chinese are a great nation with many good ancient traditions. The Chinese and the Persian are old friends, since the ancient time, but the Chinese foods are among the most horrible parts of the ancient traditions in China.


The people in East Asia, specially the Chinese, eat cockroaches, while we all know that the cockroaches are disgusting who used to live in shit and dirty places. There is no doubt that these animals are so dirty and disgusting.


They even eat the silkworms that are made by the grilled skewers like kebabs. “Silkworm Silk Bake” is a popular food. They eat the cockroaches and worms as snack, or as canned foods ! It’s really horrible and disgusting.


How do you think of canned cockroaches? I really can’t understand why they eat these shits, and why these stupid foods and this stupid cuisine have become popular in the world. Funny Iranians say: “If they eat their own shit, it was more understandable !”


They even eat scorpion ! It’s really horrible. Insects like scorpions, cockroaches, dung beetles, and silkworms are skewered and grilled to make them crunchy. These are very popular street food in China and people often feast them like anything !


How do you think of fried spiders or scorpions ? It’s really horrible. The animals eat these animals, but can you eat cockroach, scorpion, spider, etc in 21st century and call yourself civilized human ?! The stupid Iranian expats who talk nonsense about Kaleh Pacheh, should be forced to eat cockroaches.