Rain in Tehran = Flooding in Streets

November 22, 2011

In these days, the number of rainy days in Tehran has increased, and you easily can see one of the stupidest miracle of the savage and corrupt Mullahs in Iran. Each rainy day in Tehran is like a Hurricane Irene in New York: “In Tehran, even after a little rain, we can see a stupid flooding in almost all streets, like what you can see in New Yorks pictures after hurricane Irene. If it rains for two hour, you should stay indoor, because the stupid flood and the stupid traffic jam in almost all streets of Tehran is really unbelievable”.


The savage and corrupt Mullahs only embezzle the oil money and kill and torture Iranians. They are master at destroying Iran and telling the biggest possible lies. In the rainy days, the people are stuck in a stupid traffic jam on almost all streets and high ways in Tehran for hours. For example, if it takes 10 to 15 minutes for going from place A to place B in Tehran in the normal conditions, in the rainy days you can be sure that it would at least take 1 to 2 hours ! It’s really horrible.


In the rainy days, the public and private transport is totally f-u-c-ked up in Tehran. The bastard taxi drivers become greedy and jerk. For example, if you paid X Rials for going from place A to place B in Tehran in the normal conditions, in the rainy days you should pay at least 2X or 3X Rials! The number of greedy bastard taxi drivers is not very small, and it’s really horrible. The stupid traffic jam, the flooding in the streets, the crippled and stupid public transport, and the greedy bastard taxi drivers have created a horrible tragicomedy in the rainy days in Tehran.


Some try to not be angry, and laugh at this stupid situation, specially when the stupid buses or stupid taxis splash dirty water all over the people dress, and soak them ! It’s really horrible. It’s really a very stupid tragicomedy that the corrupt and savage Mullahs have created for Iranians. These Islamist bastards only are master at embezzling the people money, telling big lies, and killing and raping the people. But in the stupid Arab world, specially in the stupid Egypt, the stupid Arabs support the savage Islamists and want to have an Islamic system !


There are many simple and efficient solutions for solving the problem of stupid flooding in the streets of Tehran. But the savage and corrupt Mullahs are among the stupidest and the most corrupt people in the world. The smart and expert Iranians can not work in the Mullah system, because they can’t bear working with the savage and corrupt Mullahs and don’t want to be Islamist or Khayemal (ass-kisser). So, the mangers and the decision makers in the Mullah government are among the stupidest and the most corrupt people in the world, and have not any solution for problems like drainage system, air pollution, traffic jam, natural disasters, earth quake, etc.


Several streets in Tehran have a very limited drains and a very stupid drainage system, but the plans to improve the drainage system in Tehran have failed in the past 25 years, because the corrupt Mullahs have embezzled the funds without finishing the projects! It’s really horrible. If they finished the projects and embezzle part of the funds, it could be like other parts of the world, but these Mullah bastards embezzle the whole funds, or most part of it, and become new rich. It’s sadly funny that most of these Mullah embezzlers go to Canada, the US, or Europe, and live there.


The public transport in Tehran is really stupid, but in the rainy days it becomes a total disaster. The poor people should wait in the long stupid queues for hours. It’s really horrible. Unfortunately, the corrupt and savage Mullahs embezzle the people money and flee to the west ! The savage Mullahs, their families, the Mullah embezzlers, and Iranian baboons live in the US and Europe and talk nonsense about the Islamic heaven in Iran !, but the ordinary Iranians should live in this Islamic hell that the savage Mullahs have created for them. The Iranians inside Iran are victim of the Mullah savagery and the western hypocrisy. Shame on the hypocrite western politicians who refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, and instead aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians, and imposed stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians.