Saif al-Islam Gaddafi captured

“Saif al-Islam, the Libyan dictator’s heir is captured”, the media reported. It’s a good news that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the bitch, will face justice soon. Saif was very savage and even after the fall of Tripoli talked nonsense and threatened the Libyan people with mass murder. He had many interviews and statements, and said that he and his savage father would kill everybody and would destroy Libya. He delivered a bloodthirsty 40-minute television statement to Libyans warning that the regime planned to “eradicate” the protesters. He warned of “rivers of blood” if demonstrators refused to accept Gaddafi. “We will fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet,” he said. “We will kill all rats.” But now, the wild dog has been captured, and has been converted into a coward rat. It’s like what will happen to the savage Mullahs and their families in the near future.


Apparently Saif al-Islam, the savage son of Gaddafi, has been arrested in the southern desert and taken to the town of Zintan. He was caught while apparently attempting to flee the country. The media reported: “Ahmed Ammar, one of Saif’s captors, said that his unit of 15 men in three vehicles, acting on a tip-off, had intercepted two cars carrying Saif and four others near the small oil town of Obari at about 1.30am on Friday. “At the beginning he was very scared. He thought we would kill him,” Ammar said”. Now, all Libyans are happy. “I’m very happy. We got rid of the tyrant and now we’ve got rid of his kids too”, a Libyan said. Saif and other savage sons of Gaddafi have raped, tortured, and killed Libyans. The female bodyguards of Gaddafi said that Saif and Gaddafi’s sons raped them and many other Libyan girls regularly. These bastards were exactly like the savage Mullahs and their families who plunder and destroy this country and kill, torture and rape the people. Now, Iranians wish they could see the arrest of all savage Mullahs and their families in the near future.


The media reported: “After the fighters fired into the air and ground in order to halt the cars, they asked the identity of the travelers. The man in charge replied that he was “AbdoSalam”. But the fighters quickly recognized him as Saif al-Islam and seized him. Video footage, shown on Libyan television, pictured him wrapped in a brown blanket and lying on a mattress. Saif, aged 39, and former intelligence chief, Abdullah Senussi were the last two senior figures to be sought by the new government. Senussi’s whereabouts is still unclear”. Saif was the responsible for the Gaddafi regime’s secret dealings with the West and had many links and contacts with the hypocrite western politicians, especially the British bastards. His relations with Tony Blair and the British collages and universities are undeniable facts. But many believe he is like Saddam, and will say nothing in the court.


“This is the final chapter of the Libyan drama,” an NTC official said. “We will put him on trial in Libya and he will be judged by Libyan law for his crimes. He has instigated others to kill, has misused public funds, threatened and instigated and even took part in recruiting and bringing in mercenaries”, he said. “Saif had 4×4 vehicles. He was not hurt and will be taken for trial so Libyans will be able to prosecute him and get back their money”, he added. Apparently Said is held in a military base in Zintan. The media reported: “Saif was flown by NTC forces to Zintan, where an angry crowd attempted to storm the plane”. The savage Gaddafi and his savage sons destroyed Zintan and killed many there.


“He was holding up three heavily bandaged fingers from injuries sustained in a bombing as he fled the town of Bani Walid the day before Gaddafi’s death. In a brief conversation with a Reuters reporter, Saif said his hand had been injured in a Nato air raid last month”, the media reported. Sooner or later, Saif will face justice, and the story of savage Gaddafi will be finished in Libya. But I hope the Libyan can start building their country soon, and they can create a democracy there by avoiding the Islamists. The rate and number of wise or liberal Libyans is not very small, and they can warn other Libyans about the danger of Islamists and repeating Iran’s history in Libya. Now, the young and educated Libyans have a good opportunity to make a better future, and I think (and hope) they will not miss this golden and great opportunity.


Saif al-Islam reached the end of the line, and it’s a very good news for the suppressed nations in all around the world, and a very bad news for the savage dictators and their agents and mercenaries in the west. Today, Iranians are happy, but Iranian baboons and the stupid lefts are sad and angry. They should be angry. Now, it’s clear that killing everyone and destroying everything can’t save the savage dictators, and it only worsens their fates. A regime that fires on its own people and considers them just so much meat for the butchery, has lost every bit of its right to legitimacy and to govern. Sooner or later, according to a scenario lacking only the last act, its fall is inevitable. In the history of the 21st century, this law already has a name – it’s the Gaddafi Theorem. If the world really refuse to help the savage Mullahs and Assad, and instead help Iranians and Syrians, the Gaddafi Theorem shows us that in the near future the Mullahs and Bastard Assad will go where Gaddafi went. And certainly it will be in interests of the whole world.

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