Egyptian Girl & her Friends Defy Islamists, alone

Yesterday, the AP had a report about a young Egyptian girl, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy , who posted nude pictures of herself on her blog to protest Islamists in Egypt. “Her boyfriend, Kareem Amer, a liberal Egyptian, has challenged Egypt’s social strictures before. Kareem Amer spent four years in prison for blog posting deemed insulting to Islam and Hosni Mubarak ! He has been in jail since 2005 to 2010“, the media reported. As you probably know, and as we said before, the majority of Egyptians are stupid Islamists or pro-Islamists. “They denounced Elmahdy as a ‘prostitute’ and ‘mentally sick’ or urged police to arrest her”, the AP reported. But it’s not the whole story. Nobody expects the savage Egyptian Islamists to respect freedom and civilization, but now even those who called themselves “Egyptian Liberals”, don’t defend Elmahdy and the basic freedoms, and it’s really horrible. “The April 6 movement, one of the most prominent liberal activist groups that led the 18-day uprising against Mubarak, issued a statement denying claims that Elmahdy is a member of the group. Liberals feared that the posting by 20-year-old university student, Elmahdy, would taint them in the eyes of deeply [stupid] conservative Egyptians ahead of Nov. 28 parliamentary elections in which they are trying to compete with fundamentalist Islamic parties”, the AP reported. The stupid Egyptian liberals are like the stupid Islamist-Reformists in Iran. They only care about the power, dirty politics and their own interests. Unfortunately, Egyptians know nothing about Iran’s history and how the Islamists destroyed Iran in the past decades. Today Egypt is like Iran in 1979. The Islamist are in majority in Egypt. The liberals should not try to deceive themselves, and instead, they should strongly defend the the rights of the minority. It’s very important. The majority must not be able to violate the basic human rights. It’s very important. It’s democracy. The Egyptian Islamists are really savage, like the savage Islamists in Iran. “On Salafi parties’ campaign banners, photos of the few female candidates are replaced by drawings of a flower !“. During a recent election rally in Alexandria, Salafists covered up a public statue that depicted mermaids. Salafi clerics appearing on TV talks shows have refused to appear face-to-face with female TV hosts, unless the presenter puts on a headscarf or in one case, a barrier was placed between the two [!!!]. Most recently, an Islamist preacher crashed into a university musical concert in Mansoura, saying music was forbidden by Islam and that he wanted to “promote virtue and prevent vice” – the term that is used by Saudi religious police [and the Mullahs in Iran]”, the AP reported. The tactics of the savage Egyptian Islamists are exactly like the tactics of the savage Mullahs in 1979.

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Unfortunately the Egyptian liberals are as stupid as the Iranian liberals in 1979. They have not learned their lessons. They have not read history. It’s really shameful. “Egypt is polarized between Islamists and liberals ahead of the elections. Members of the most hardline Islamic movement in Egypt, the Salafis, have warned voters during their campaigns that liberals will corrupt Egypt’s morals“, the AP added. It reminds many of 1979. Now, Egypt is like Iran in 1979 and the Islamists are in majority, and try to deceive the stupid people. Maybe 50 years later Egypt will become like today Iran. As we said before, Iran is the only nation in the Middle East and Africa that is anti-Islamist and modern. Iran’s regime is Islamist and very savage, but the Iranian people are anti-Islamist and very modern. Even the wise westerners know that truth and say: ‘We treat Turkey like a brother, when it is a militant Islamic state kept secular only by a disguised military dictatorship. And we treat Iran like a pariah, when its a largely secular nation kept Islamic only by an ageing and discredited, but open, despotism’. Today, Iranians are much more modern than the Egyptian, the Turk, the Arab, etc. Today, Egyptians should learn from Iranians and their mistakes in 1979. Egyptians should know that the only way for fighting against the savage Islamists is: “Defending the basic human rights, and Warning the people “. They should read Iran’s history and see how the savage Islamists who talk nonsense about the moral values today, will rape men and women tomorrow for staying in power at any price. In fact, ‘moral values’ for the Islamists and other religious fanatics, is like ‘modesty’ for the prostitutes or ‘morals’ for Wall Street !. Read Iran’s history, and then you will learn why Iranians say: ‘Harfaye Akhunda Hamash Kashke’ (What the Islamists say is pile of shit, and a big lie). Iran’s history will show you that if you can’t decide about your clothes and your body in the public places or in the media, then very soon you will not be able to decide about your bedroom and your private life; Very soon, you even can’t have a private party in your house, or eat, drink, listen, watch, or read what you want in your own house; Very soon, you will not be able to breath freely in the public places and in your own house; And as funny Iranians say, very soon you even will not be able to fart freely ! The wise Egyptians should read Iran’s history and warn themselves and other Egyptians. They should know that the Islamists are not like Mubarak that the US ordered him to resign, and he obeyed orders within 20 days. The world leaders love the Islamists, and they will kill, torture, and rape tens of thousands for staying in power at any price. The Egyptian liberals should know that they are in minority, but they should defend the rights of the minority and the basic human rights, that is the most important pillar of democracy. They should not be stupid opportunists who work for election, dirty politics and the power. It was the big mistake of Iranian liberals in 1979. Do you know what happened to the stupid Iranian liberals? Read Iran’s history.


“Elmahdy wrote on her blog that the her photographs ‘screams against a society of violence, racism, s-e-x-ism, s-e-x-u-al harassment and hypocrisy.’ Her blog has received 1.5 million hits since she posted the photos earlier this week. Thousands flooded her site with insults. Some denounced her a ‘prostitute’ and ‘mentally sick’ or urged police to arrest her. The posting prompted furious discussions on Internet social media sites, with pages for and against her put up on Facebook”, the AP reported. The comments of the savage Islamists, when they threaten her with violence or death, show how savage they are. But the comments of stupid Egyptians who call themselves ‘liberal’ are really disappointing. They say: “Personal freedom had limits and this kind of personal freedom -nude male and female art- is unknown in our society. You misunderstand the concept! … Yes, Nude does NOT equal s-e-x-u-al and nudity is artistic expression, but that doesn’t mean that it is acceptable in the society where we live in”. These stupid bastards are exactly like the Islamist reformists in Iran. They are more dangerous than the savage Islamists, because they work as apologists for the savage Islamists and try to justify the savagery in the name of human values. They help the savage Islamists to hide their real face. The majority of Egyptian are very stupid and Islamist, but if they see the real face of Islamists and read Iran’s history, they can see the truth. But the Egyptian Islamist-Reformists don’t allow the people to see the truth. If fact, the poor Egyptian girl and her friends fight against the savage Islamists alone. They are really alone in Egypt. But many open-minded people in all around the world support them, and say: “I’ve heard about you from a national newspaper in Belgium. Thank you both for your courage. I hope you won’t get in trouble for this. I also hope religion will be kept back to the private area, and that in your country all people will have the same rights, regardless of their religion, gender, etc … We, in Europe, are totally with all the Arabs who are fighting for their rights … Freedom starts with the freedom of the body, of our bodies, of your body … I did read your history on Italian newspapers and first I though that maybe blog was “dummy”. Now, I consider you like a civil right soldier … I have a dream: thousands of naked women make a public demonstration in Egypt against religious fanatics … Some barbarians will insult you, because they’re afraid of you, freedom and democracy … Greetings and kisses from Spain”


Elmahdy’s blog shows that she is a modern and brave Egyptian girl, but unfortunately, she and her friends are alone there. Elmahdy has written: “The yellow rectangles on my eyes, mouth and sex organ resemble censoring of our knowledge, expression and s-e-x-uality”. In “Nude Art”, she writes: “Try the nude models who worked in art faculties in the 1970s, hide art books and destroy nude artifacts. After that, undress yourselves and look at your own body in the mirror; then burn your damn dirty body for getting rid of your damn s-e-x-ual obsessions for ever“. In responding to the comments, she writes: “Freedom and limits cannot be put in one sentence. Individual freedoms should not be restricted by social norms. Humans are humans anywhere in the world and have the same rights” In a tweet, she said: “I took my nude photo myself in my parent’s home months before I met my boyfriend (Kareem), and I’m atheist since I was 16”. A reader has asked her: “I was just wondering how your family members feel about you posting nude pictures of yourself? Or do they not know? ” and she has answered: “My family members don’t own my body or my actions. I am a free individual”. Apparently her family is open-minded, and it’s really rare in Egypt. “Nudity is strongly frowned upon in Egyptian society, even as an art form. Elmahdy’s posting is almost unheard of in a country where most women in the Muslim majority wear the headscarf and even those who don’t rarely wear clothes exposing the arms or legs in public”, the AP reported. “Elmahdy and her boyfriend Kareem Amer, also a controversial blogger, have challenged Egypt’s social strictures before. Earlier this year, they posted mobile phone video footage of themselves debating with managers of a public park who threw them out for public displays of affection. Amer, who spent four years in prison for blog posting deemed insulting to Islam and Mubarak !, chided liberals who condemned Elmahdy. “I think we should not be afraid of those in power or Islamists, as much as we should be worried of politicians claiming to be liberal,” he wrote in Facebook. “They are ready to sacrifice us to avoid tarnishing their image ” , the AP added. It shows that Amer and a few others in Egypt know the truth. They know that the fake liberals or the
Islamist-Reformists are more dangerous than the savage Islamists. It’s good. Egypt needs a great miracle to get rid of the Islamists, but the wise Egyptians should defend the basic human rights, under any condition. Egypt needs about 50 years to become like today Iran that the Islamists and pro-Islamists are in minority, a very small minority. But they can have a better situation in Egypt, if they read history and learn from Iranian experiences.. When I think about the case of Egypt, I can’t stop thinking about Iran and how Iranians will shock the world in the near future. During and after the secular and anti-Islamist revolution in Iran in the near future, the world will see how the corps of young Iranian men and women will break all the taboos. The world will see how millions of young Iranians will celebrate the end of Islamic Middle Age in Iran, and how they will show their inside beauty to the whole world. It will shock many in the world, but not those who know today Iran and Iranians.

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