Vladimir Putin, Stalin, and Russians

“Vladimir Putin announced that he was standing for a third term as president in “elections” to be held next March. The man who has been keeping the Kremlin seat warm for him, Dmitry Medvedev, is to become Russia’s prime minister. It’s time to switch!”, the media reported in the recent weeks. It’s really so ridiculous. Apparently, Russia always should be the land of the Big Brother. Traditionally, Russia has always had one-man (or one-woman) authoritarian rule. Peter I, Catherine II, Alexander, Lenin, Stalin, etc and now Putin. But the main questions is: “Why don’t the young Russians protests against Putin and this shameful system in Russia ?” In 2011, when even the stupid Arab world protests against dictatorship, why the young Russians are silent and inactive ? It’s really shameful that in the 21st century, Putin wants to be another Stalin, but the people, especially the young Russians, say nothing and are silent. In 2024, after 28 years of tyranny in the name of democracy, Putin has already outlasted Leonid Brezhnev (18 years) and is closing in fast on comrade Stalin (a whopping 31) ! In 2008, some naive people thought: “Mededvev has no background in Russia’s sinister security services. He talks of reform and modernization. Perhaps, then, Russia is finally moving away from its lugubrious KGB track”. By 2010, however, more or less everyone had concluded that Medvedev and his “liberal” agenda were phoney. Now Putin has decided to choose himself to be Russia’s next president, and the people don’t protest. Some say: “His election is a foregone conclusion: in previous polls, opposition candidates and anti-Kremlin parties fail to make it on to the ballot paper. With Russian state TV having morphed into a daily Putin/Medvedev blog, Putin can expect blanket positive coverage ahead of his coronation. The winds of change may be blowing across the reactionary Arab world, rolling from Egypt to Tripoli’s Green Square. But Russians are looking at an endless Putin epoch, and a long period of political stagnation; another and new Stalin for Russia “.


“The year is 2024. The world’s economic prospects have perked up a bit since the collapse of the euro. The Germans are happily spending deutchmarks again, the Greeks are back with the drachma. Almost all of the leaders in power a decade earlier have been swept away -Sarkozy, Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, and Silvio Berlusconi. Only one leader has defied the iron law that all politicians eventually leave office. His name? Vladimir Putin. Now 71, Putin has served four terms as Russia’s president (It’s like that a US president serves six terms ! In Russia each term is 6 years , not 4 years) -bringing the tally of his stints in the Kremlin up to 24 years”, some said. They also added: “According to the Wikileaks and the US diplomats, Putin’s main motivation for carrying on is to guarantee the safety of his own assets and those of his inner circle. No one quite knows how much Putin and his friends are worth. (Several of them feature prominently on the Forbes annual list.) But the sums involved many trillions of dollars.” Putin, the next Russian president will enjoy up to two terms of six years each, which means that Putin could remain in the Kremlin until 2024. It’s what the stupid lefts call ‘Democracy’. The stupid lefts and their leader, Noam Chomsky, love the tyranny and praise some one like Putin, Chavez, Assad, Gaddafi, Khamenei, etc. who are lifelong dictator. The stupid lefts are too stupid to understand that ‘Unlimited power = Unlimited corruption’. Now, in 21st century, there is no doubt that no one should rule more than 8 years, but the stupid left still see Stalin as their favorite leader, and the stupid little monkeys, like Chavez or Castro, are just remind them of great Stalin. In the recent weeks, the little monkey, Hugo Chavez, has declared that he wants to be Putin or Stalin of Venezuela, and after 13 years presidency he again wants to become president in the next election show in 2012. It’s what the stupid lefts call “Democracy”. These stupid bastards support the tyranny, the unlimited power, and the unlimited corruption, but call themselves “Intellectual”.


Some say: “Russian first state TV channel has recently shown Putin wrestling heroically with a python after it “escaped” from a Moscow zoo” But Russians say: “Putin often wrestles heroically with girls or models”. Many can’t understand why Russians, specially the younger generation of Russians, don’t protest against the Russian dictator, Putin. Some ask: “In 2010s, Russians are as stupid as 1910s? In 1910s, the stupid Lenin and Stalin were hero in Russia, and now in 2010s, Putin is hero ?! Are the young Russians stupider than the Arabs in the reactionary Arab world?”. And some say: “The young Iranians are really more modern than almost all other nations in the East. In 2009 and 2011, Iranians show their courage and wisdom, but the world leaders and the fake intellectuals betrayed them. Russia and China are eastern countries and have a long history of dictatorship and brutality. But now in 2010s, their youths don’t protest against their dictators”. Of course, many in Russia don’t like Putin and his regime, but they don’t protest. Even Putin admitted that his government has lost the trust of its people and pledged to introduce what he called ‘direct democracy’ to refresh it. Speaking to a meeting of the Valdai Club, Putin said: “We have certain ideas about how to expand direct democracy, but it would be premature to announce them now. The British say it took 400 years for a lawn to be made [!!]”. It’s an old excuse for all dictators, including the savage Mullahs and their agents in the west. But in the age of internet they can’t repeat the old bullshits. Before the 20th century, Britons lived in a very dreadful conditions. You should read history and see how children, workers, women, and the majority of Britons who were not rich, lived in a very dreadful conditions in 19th, 18th, and 17th centuries, and how democracy was a stupid lie at that times in the UK. You only can say: “At that times the situation in the UK was better than the situation in Russia, Iran, and many other countries”. Only when the majority -children, women, the low class and the middle class- could have education and the rate of literacy and standards of living improved in the UK, and the power of the Monarch decreased significantly, the UK became a democracy. In 1910s, Iranians lived like Britons in 18th century, but now in 2010s, the majority of Iranians live like the majority of Britons in 21st century. And I think the same thing can be true about Russia. As we said before, the majority of Iranians are under 35, and very modern. The UK riots in 2011, even showed that the young Iranians are more modern than their British counterparts. You dont inherit the knowledge or wisdom through your genes or nationality. You should acquire it. The young people in all around the world start from zero, and should learn from the human legacy, otherwise they are dumb and ignorant, independent of their nationality. Only the Mullah agents and Iranian baboons talk nonsense about Iran that has more than 50 million young, modern and educated people. The dictators and their agents love telling big lies, because they love dictatorship and dictators. The stupid Putin has called Silvio Berlusconi “one of the last of the Great Mohicans of European leaders“. Putin said: “Berlusconi is a very open person, which is rare in European politics” The stupid dictators love each others, but even they know that they are like the last Mohicans. The Russian regime and Putin pretend that they have democracy, while Russia is a police state and KGB still is the main force in Russia. But unfortunately, the people of Russia don’t protest against this shameful situation. The young Russians should not be ignorant or inactive, and they should rise up and dump Putin into the trash can of history.

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