Iranian Baboons and Iranian Ancient Stories

November 15, 2011

In these days, Iranian Baboons remind many of the ancient stories. As you probably know, in the Persian literature you can find many ancient stories. Described as one of the oldest and greatest literatures of mankind, Persian literature has its roots in thousands years ago. The Persian literature is full of anecdotes that each contains a lesson for persons of discernment. In their witty and pungent anecdotes Iranians criticized the social and political corruptions of their own age. The wit and insight of some great Persian poets and writers give their works a special character. By seeing deceit, sycophancy, violence and bloodshed, suffocation, tyranny, etc they expressed their indignation in the form of scathing stories and sardonic maxims. In these day, when Khayemals (ass-kissers) and some one like Masoud Behnoud say: “The Mullahs should try to keep order and security and also try to be a little, a very little kinder to Iranians. We should tell the world that the Mullah regime isn’t a brutal dictatorship, and the regime should let the people to have a little bit more freedom“; In these days, when Iranian baboons and some like Masoud Behnoud say: “In 2009, the Mullah regime wanted to keep order. It was quite normal. They just used violence, more than it was needed. And it’s not a serious problem” , it’s not bad that we take a look at several ancient stories and what they say about this kind of shameful bullshits:

(1)Once upon a time, a brutal dictator who was like the savage Mullahs, suppressed his people and killed all protesters and suffocated all voices. He and his soldiers were raping men and women, and were plundering the national resources and the people properties. Under these conditions, some stupid people decided to protest against the brutal dictator and show their anger, but they chose a very strange way to protest. Each day afternoon, when the brutal dictator took a nap after lunch, they came in front of his house and started to fart behind his windows. One day, the brutal dictator heard the voice and asked: “What is this?” One of his soldiers said: “Nothing. Some stupid people come here and fart. They think they protest to us !”. The brutal dictator laughed, but after a while he said: “From now on, the people should be banned from farting. Each person who farts, should be killed”. And in this way, the people were banned from farting, and since that time the people even could not fart in the land of brutal dictator …. This funny story is like the story of our time. But now, those who are great stupid Khayemal, and have forgotten that “Kissing ass has been temporarily suspended after 2009, and if you kissed the Mullahs’ ass publicly, the people would spit on you”, advise the brutal dictator: “Your majesty, the people have been banned form farting, but it’s not good for the public image of our regime. Maybe the world think we are a brutal dictatorship. Please let the people to fart freely, and we, your faithful soldiers, will say to the world that your regime is not a brutal dictatorship, because the people can fart freely here”.


(2)Once upon a time, a brutal dictator who was like the savage Mullahs, decided to test his people and their level of braveness. The brutal dictator had killed, raped, and tortured many people, but he still thought that the people can be dangerous for him. He wanted to know whether the people, specially the elite, would protest against him or not. He ordered that his soldiers had to whip all people who want to enter the city or leave the city. So, the people had to wait in a long queue at the city gates, and the soldiers whipped them one by one. Some weeks passed, but no one said nothing. There was no protest. But when the brutal dictator wanted to think that it meant the people and their elites have become spineless cowards, one of the elite came and said he had something to say. The brutal dictator said to himself: “Oh, finally someone has the balls and wants to protest”. But when the elite came, he said: “Your majesty, I don’t want to protest. Whipping the people at the city gates is a very good decision, but there is just a little problem. The people should wait in the long queues. Your majesty, if we could have shorter queues, if the number of soldiers who whip the people increased and the length of queues decreased, we would be very grateful” …. It’s like the story of our time, too. Now, the Mullah Mafia in London and those who are shameless jerks and fake intellectuals say: “Your majesty, you wanted to keep order in 2009. But what your soldiers did was a little bit more than it was needed. Your majesty, we only ask for a little bit freedom, like what you gave us in the past years when the people fart freely. We have not any problem with raping the people, but the people have to wait in the long queues before being raped by your soldiers. We would be grateful if the queues became a litter shorter

(3)Iranians has a funny old saying that says: “The Bald man calls himself ZolfAli (Hairy man or Hairy head)“. In fact, it’s a story about a bald man that called himself “ZolfAli” and asked others to call him “ZolfAli” (Hairy man or Hair head). The bald man thought if he calls himself ZolfAli or if others call him ZolfAli, he will become a hairy man with a hairy head ! Now, some funny Iranians advise: “The parents should call their bald boy “ZolfAli””. But the Iranian baboons and the Iranian fake intellectuals have taken this advice seriously. In these days, the Iranian Baboons and their media call each other “intellectual”. In the recent days, Iranians hear that when the Iranian baboon’s media want to talk about themselves or other Iranian baboons, they say: “Iranian intellectuals did that, Iranian intellectuals did this, Iranian intellectuals said that, Iranian intellectuals said this, Iranian intellectuals signed petition, etc”. The Iranian Baboons and fake intellectuals are like ZolfAli, and they think if they and their media called themselves “intellectual”, then they would become intellectual ! God bless ZolfAli, who lived thousands years ago, not in 21st century.