End of BerlusHorny Era: Berlusconi Resigned

November 13, 2011

“Finally Berlusconi resigned”. It’s what some call it “Italian Spring”. In fact, in the year of revolutions and uprisings, Berlusconi era ended, while Italy’s economic crisis is very serious. Apparently he didn’t want to take responsibility for the great economic disaster in Italy, and that’s why he resigned. Berlusconi had become a symbol of corruption, political Mafia, and the horny politician. Recently, the media reported: “Court papers show that the man who provided women for the Berlusconi’s parties had offered a well-known Italian actor the chance to present the annual San Remo song contest if she agreed to sleep with the 75-year-old BerlusHorny. Manuela Arcuri, the star of a string of TV dramas, said she refused”. In the recent days, the stupid Putin has called Silvio Berlusconi “one of the last of the Great Mohicans of European leaders“. Putin said: “Berlusconi is a very open person, which is rare in European politics”! As you know, the stupid dictators love and support each others, but even they know that they are like the last Mohicans. And it’s a very good news.


Berlusconi is one of last Mohicans (horny Mohicans!). Berlusconi’s fate could be like Gaddafi’s. In 2009, Berlusconi was attacked by an angry Italian in Milan (below picture). But Berlusconi was a little Cesar or a little Mussolini, and his ending was not as tragic as them, while his corruptions were like them. Recently, the media reported: “A man accused of supplying Berlusconi with prostitutes was issued a diplomatic visa to join him on an official visit to China. Handed a diplomatic visa to join Berlusconi’s visit to China in October 2008, Tarantini phoned a colleague to ask how he could set up a night’s entertainment for Berlusconi. Now, Berlusconi is not under investigation since prostitution is not illegal in Italy. The opposition politicians renewed calls for his resignation, but he refuses. In one conversation, Tarantini explained how he first gained Berlusconi’s confidence at a wedding in 2008 where Berlusconi was smitten by a contestant on Italian Big Brother. Tarantini told Berlusconi he had the girl’s number but it would be unwise to call her because she ‘is always with her boyfriend’. Instead, Tarantini offered to act as go-between”.


Yesterday, the media reported: “It was an ignoble end for the 75-year-old billionaire media mogul, who came to power for the first time in 1994 using a soccer chant Lets Go Italy as the name of his political party. While he became Italys longest-serving post-war premier, Berlusconis three stints as premier were tainted by corruption trials and accusations that he used his political power to help his own interests. His last term has been marred by s-e-x scandals, Bunga Bunga parties and criminal charges he paid a 17-year-old girl to have s-e-x”. The media also added: “Berlusconi also took time out from official duties to ensure that one of his regular guests, showgirl Barbara Guerra, was not voted off a reality show on one of his TV channels. In another call, he reminded another showgirl, Belén Rodríguez, that he had personally secured her a presenter’s role on a TV program.”


Recently, the Italians media reported: “Berlusconi mentioned an unidentified lover to rebut claims of wild parties at his home outside Milan. But the witness, who said she was a reluctant participant in “Bunga Bunga”, confirmed the claims. The witness, a Moroccan belly dancer, named his live-in girlfriend as a Montenegrin, named Katarina. The weekly Espresso identified her as Katarina Knezevic, 20, a former “Miss Montenegro”. It said she had a twin sister, and that in 2009 the pair, both of whom are models, had been photographed in Sardinia. The Moroccan woman also described how a female associate of Berlusconi, who is now a member of the regional parliament of Lombardy, had been one of two who dressed as nuns before stripping down while pole dancing. The regional lawmaker denied the claim, but was embarrassed when she was photographed in the Milan fashion district while wearing a top emblazoned with the words: ‘I’m even better without the T-shirt’ [!!] ”


Yesterday, the media reported: “Berlusconi stood as lawmakers applauded him in the parliament chamber immediately after the vote. But outside his office and in front of government palazzos across town, hundreds of curiosity-seekers massing to witness the final hours of his government heckled him and his ministers. Shame! and Get Out! the crowds yelled, many toting Bye Bye Silvio Party posters. “Buffoon! Buffoon!” “Mafioso!” “Piece of Shit!” and “Prison!” the crowd shouted. Many Italians are happy. “We are very, very happy. This is going to be like our own little bunga bunga. It’s been 17 years of anti-culture. He raped the constitution in a shameless fashion. A few thousands may dance in the streets tonight, but millions cry at home”, some Italians said. But some added: “The country is destroyed, especially in a moral sense. There’s not much to celebrate””.


The economic crisis in Italy is very serious and complicated. “Greece, Ireland and Portugal all required international bailouts after their own borrowing rates passed 7 per cent. The Italian economy would not be so easy to save. It totals $2-trillion, twice as much as the other three countries combined”, the media reported. But having both the economic crisis and BerlusHorny was a real nightmare, and now it’s good that finally Italy has got rid of Berlushorny, that many Italians call him Buffoon or Mafioso. Berlusconi’s story was a tragicomedy; a story of transformation from an average man and a cruise-ship crooner to Italys richest man and maybe the head of Mafia in Italy. The Italians, specially the young Italians, should try to not have another Berlusconi in Italy. It would be better, if Berlushorny was the last Mohican in Italy.