Occupy Wall Street: Mullahs, Basij, & Ambiguity

In the recent weeks, the savage Mullahs and the Islamist killers and rapists have focused on the OWS movement and talk nonsense about it from morning to night, and stupidly cheer the End of USA ! or the End of Democracy ! Unfortunately, unclear demands, unclear vision and unclear goals have converted OWS into a blind movement. “OWS protesters divided over Occupy movement’s demands”, the media reported. It’s really horrible. Unfortunately, the idiots and stupid lefts have the upper hands in OWS and the wise guys are in minority. “We strongly disagree with any demands being made“, the stupid OWS people say, and the wise guys answer: “Our first struggle is a struggle against those in the movement who have no understanding of history and think demands are a bad idea”. The wise guys also add: “When we don’t know what we want, we are 99% of what? Nobody speaks for 99% of the people.” And some say: “Surely OWS isn’t suggesting that they represent 99% of anything in America”. And the media reported: “To many supporters, ambiguity is one of the main foundations of the movement’s success [!!]. But now an attempt to agree on demands is creating new tensions between the protesters in lower Manhattan”. It’s really horrible. Ambiguity is the enemy of OWS and can destroy it and can convert it into a very stupid and reactionary movement. But unfortunately many OWS supporters can not understand this. And in this way, the most reactionary people in our planet, i.e. the Mullahs and the Basiji, make use of OWS’s ambiguity and support it and distort the facts about it. In the recent days, some stupid Mullahs have said: ‘OWS is an Islamic movement and part of ‘Islamic Awakening’ !! or ‘99% of Americans hate democracy. They love Islam’ !!. What the shameless Mullahs say is the result of ambiguity in OWS. But unfortunately many OWS protesters are stupid and can not understand how dangerous ambiguity is. “According to religion, God commands us to OCCUPY“, Do you think who said this? Mullahs or OWS fanatics? And what do you think about this one: “if OWS really cares about God and religion instead of democracy and freedom, it can be a global movement [!!]” These bullshits are what the stupid OWS protesters have said, not the Mullahs ! It’s very shameful. And that’s why about 100 to 200 savage Basijis were planned and orchestrated by the Mullah regime to support OWS in front of Swiss Embassy in Tehran.


This small group of Basiji mercenaries that were organized by the Mullah regime (by the Islamic Propaganda organization) are state Islamist thugs who kill and torture Iranians, but some stupid western media portrayed them as spontaneous or “Iranian students” !! Basij played the leading role in suppressing the Iranian movement after the greatest election fraud in Iran’s history and the Mullah military coup in 2009. Now, Basiji killers and rapists support OWS ! It’s very shameful. OWS protesters should reject this kind of supports, but unfortunately many of them are stupid and prefer ambiguity, unclear demands, and savage supporters. They destroy OWS that could be a modern and great movement. Unfortunately, these idiots that have the upper hand in OWS and Occupy movement in all around the world, disgrace and discredit OWS. “A woman at the Occupy Vancouver camp -in British Columbia, Canada- died last Saturday. Lauren Gill, an organizer at the camp, said the woman died of a drug overdose. Gill, who is running as an independent in this month’s city elections, said that as an outreach worker in mental health and addiction services, she has seen far too many overdose deaths“, the media reported. It’s really shameful. Some stupid rights make use of this sort of weak points and say: “OWS protesters are the perverts exposing themselves to children … The only reason to be there is to score easy chicks. Look at that “mother” who abandoned her 4 children and husband to score some lame third world waiter. I hope her husband kicks her ass to the curb and sues for sole custody of HIS children”. Of course, many on the Right and Left see the real problems, though they disagree on the solutions. And it’s the main problem of OWS, too. “The two political parties in this country have been playing good-cop / bad-cop for a very, very long time. They both represent the rich”, some wise Americans say, but what is OWS solution for this important matter? nothing ! And instead, some OWS people say: “Student Loans should be forgiven”. And some answer: “if we forgive students then I want my home mortgage forgiven, I want my car Loans forgiven, and I want all my credit cars loans forgiven. Forgiving student loans is certainly against everything this movement stands for. It discredits OWS and real problems”. When they forget the big problems and important matters, they seems like idiot opportunists. And some stupid rights say: “You sounding more and more like a spoiled Brat. These children who feel entitled to have something for nothing. It’s the way the most recent generation was raised.”


The great Howard Zinn once said: “When you don’t read history, you were born yesterday“. And now some wise guys say: “The idiots who don’t read history, can destroy a good movement, and converts in into a very reactionary and backward movement”. And in these days, you can see that many Americans were born yesterday, and many idiots destroy OWS that was a good movement and could be very modern and progressive. The OWS has become like a stupid show, a stupid tragicomedy, that the both sides, supporters and opponents, are stupid and ignorant. Many open-minded Americans prefer to remain silent in this shitty conflict. Some stupid OWS supporters say: “Throughout history revolutions have been started the exact same way this movement has been started”. They stupidly think the US needs a revolution. And when you ask them ‘revolution for what?’ they say: ‘for establishing theocracy, or communism !, or for destroying democracy and the Republic system in the US!’ These idiots were born yesterday, and know nothing about revolution and democracy. These idiots are stupid followers of stupid lefts, who support the savage dictators and the medieval tyranny in all around the world. I have serious doubts about the stupid lefts’ intentions. If OWS had clear goals, clear demands and clear vision, and insisted on clear progressive changes, then the western politicians would be in deep shit and should answer to the demands. But now, they can talk nonsense about OWS and can distort the facts about OWS, because everything is ambiguous. If fact, the stupid lefts do exactly what is in the interests of the rich and the politician, and that’s why we all should be suspicious about the stupid lefts. In the stupid ambiguity, some disgrace OWS and say: “Student Loans should be forgiven”. And some ask: “OWS is a serious movement about serious problems or it’s a childish movement about student loans ?! ” Of course, it’s so obvious that “Getting a good education is very important”. OWS can focus on free public education for all, or free health care for all, and these demands are very modern, but focusing on student loans seems opportunistic and childish. And OWS opponents can abuse it. Some OWS opponents are really stupid and say: “If you try to stop me from getting to work, then I’m not going to support you, no matter what you stand for. If you jam up the street or the subway and leave me stuck somewhere intentionally then you will have become a bigger problem for me than any bank or war [!!!!] There are a lot of protestors agitating for blocking traffic intentionally to keep people from getting to work, and to interfere with commerce. If that happens then the protest will have crossed a line [!!]” These close-minded and stupid Americans are not like Basiji, but they are like Islamist-Reformists and their fake intellectuals.


The stupid Americans who are like Basiji, are the religious fanatics who want to establish Theocracy in the US. They think the root of problems in the US is democracy ! As we said before, the rate and number of stupid people in the US is really large, larger than Iran, and some of them say: “Protesting is pointless. It solves nothing”. It’s really horrible. It can show us that the stupid people in the US don’t read history. They say: “Sacrifice is working 10-12 hours per day to pay the bills. Camping in a park is not sacrifice [!!!]. You want me and the rest of the 99% who are hard at work every day to pay the taxes to clean up the messes you are making in the parks and to pay for the police force who are having to babysit you day and night [!!!!]. Why should we have to do when we are trying to feed our families and pay our student loans and make our rent and mortgage payments? [!!]” Of course, some Americans are wise and answer: “Yah, you’re absolutely right. Protesting is pointless. Good thing the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement didn’t think like you; or those of the Women’s Rights Movement or the Revolutionary War” And some add: ” Protesting is not pointless. It’s called humanity. It’s called progress. It’s called evolution. It’s called solving problems. It’s what separates us from the animals. That’s why you idiots don’t live in the Stone Age now”. But when many in the OWS are stupid, it’s so obvious that the Islamist rapists or the Islamist prostitutes support OWS. The Basijis who support OWS are cheap mercenary or Islamist prostitute. These pathetic poor women that you saw them in these pictures and have Islamic Chador, work in Qom or Mashhad and deliver their service to the Mullahs as Sigheh. Muta (Mutah) or Sigheh, that is a Mullah tradition, involves a short and temporary marriage between a Islamist man, who may or may not be married, and an unmarried Islamist woman. Both sides agree by mutual consent to the length of the marriage, which can range from 10 minutes to 10 days or longer (there is no limit). In fact, the Islamist prostitutes, who are poor stupid Islamist yokels, deliver their service in fixed period of time, from 10 minutes to 10 days or longer, in exchange for a fixed sum of money. And the Mullahs call this sort of prostitution “Sigheh or temporary marriages. In many occasions, these Islamist prostitutes are hired to work as protester or demonstrator. Iranians can identify these Islamist prostitutes and other Islamist mercenaries because their look and feel are very special and as Iranians say: “Inha az Posht Kuh Umadand and Ghiafashoon Tablust” (these yokels are very conspicuous)


The OWS forum is full of stupid comments, but some times you can find a few wise things that can raise hopes. In the recent weeks, some wrote about “Direct Democracy Via the Internet” and it was good. They said: “In all modern democracies there are many policies that the majority of the public want introduced but their representatives do not support. In the age of internet we can solve this problem by direct democracy via the internet”. Other wise guys wrote: “The War against Poverty needs to be matched by a war against people becoming filty rich; the success of the former is somewhat dependent on the success of the latter. The tax rate in Holland is like this (approx.): Income up to 19,000: 2%, Income between 19,000 and 33,500: 10%, Income between 33,500 and 55,000: 40%, Income over 55,000: 52%. And we can have the same strategy in the US”. Of course some of OWS opponents are really charlatan and say: “We Are the 53%, You are the 47%, a reference to the 53% of Americans who pay federal income taxes”. But some wise guys answer: “The 53% “argument” is more like a temper tantrum than an argument. The implication of We Are the 53% is that it assumes that 47% of Americans are on welfare. Also, it assumes that the majority of federal income taxes go to social spending, even though defence spending takes the biggest chunk. Two of the biggest social welfare programs, social security and Medicare, have no relationship to that 53% figure, since these programs are funded by payroll taxes, which are paid by all working people, even if they don’t make enough to pay federal income taxes. The 53% argument is really stupid. It also fails to take into consideration why many people don’t pay income taxes. Retired people, those living on disability, and students, ie people who have in the past or will in the future pay federal income tax, make up a large chunk of the 47%, though again it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Erickson and company would support repealing child labor laws, eliminating pensions, and putting college out of the reach of all but the independently wealthy, to up the percentages of people who pay federal income tax”. It’s good that many Americans are not stupid. The wise guys say: “It’s classic divide and rule. The ruling class creates the illusion that the only thing standing in the way of you is an improved salary and standard of living; and it’s the demand of the lazy people”. In fact, the stupid people think in this way because they don’t read history and were born yesterday. Unfortunately, you can find many stupid people among the supporters of OWS, too. And it’s really horrible. And that’s why the savage Basji rapists or the Islamist prostitutes support the OWS and talk nonsense about it.

For seeing more pictures of the savage Basijis and Islamist prostitutes and their stupid show in front of Swiss Embassy in Tehran, you can check here

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