VOA, Ramin Asgard, Obama, and Mullahs

In the recent days, the Voice of America (VOA), its Persian service, and its new director, Ramin Asgard, have become symbol of charlatanism, hypocrisy, and love affair with Iranian baboons and Mullah Mafia in Washington. In February 2011, we wrote (check Archive): “Now the VOA has changed the chairman of VOA Farsi and has replaced Ali Sajadi and his team with Ramin Asgard and his team. Asgard is unknown for us in Iran, but we could wait and see. He can show us the US policy“. And now Ramin Asgard (and also Hillary Clinton, Obama, etc) has shown us the US policy towards the Mullahs. The VOA is a state media and belongs to the US State Department. The VOA shows what the US State Department and Obama administration want. The American tax payers pay for the VOA. But many Americans know nothing about what the VOA says or does in the name of the Americans. The VOA only works with Iranian baboons, i.e. the Mullah agents or the Monarchists. Recently, the Voice of Americas Persian service (VOA Farsi) has eliminated three broadcasters known for their anti-Mullah positions, and Mohsen Sazegara has said he has boycotted the VOA and has cut his ties with the VOA. In a youtube video, Sazegara has talked about the internal matters of VOA including but not limited to the Director of VOA and other staff. “Each Person who wants to topple the Mullah regime, and doesn’t love Khamenei and the Mullah regime, they kick him out of the VOA“, Sazgara said. Mohsen Sazegara (and his son!) worked for the VOA. Mohsen Sazegara is an Iranian politician with a dark history (as a savage Islamist and member of Mullah Gestapo), and he is not a free, independent and open-minded Iranian, but he is better than other Iranian bastards who work for the VOA. It’s what many Iranians believe. In fact, the VOA is like the city of the blind people, and Sazegara is like the person who has one eye and can be the king ! But what Sazegara has said about members of VOAs staff who have either been fired or are in the process of being fired, because they were anti-Mullahs and did not love the Islamic regime, is very important and meaningful. Some stupid Americans and friends of Ramin Asgard said: “Sazegara tries to bolster support for the toppling the Mullahs or weakening the Mullah regime without any regard for U.S. policy !! or what is good for United States national security concerns”. And it’s really funny, and also very meaningful.


As we said before, Ramin Asgard, now the director of VOA Farsi, worked at the U.S. consultate in Dubai. He worked closely with the Mullah lobbyists. Some say: “Asgard worked closely with NIAC founder Trita Parsi, offering to allow Parsi to ‘handpick Iranian-Americans to staff the State Departments primary field office on Iran’, according to a former aide to Sen. Tom Coburn”. And some add: “Jamshid Chalangi, Batebi, Mohsen Sazegara, and others are not important for Iranians, but what the VOA does, and how they treat the pro-Mullahs and the Monarchists are important. After 2009 debacle, the VOA has lost many of its audiences in Iran, and now many don’t watch the VOA; but now after Asgard changes and the current scandals, the VOA really went bankrupt in Iran. They just waste the American tax payer’s money.” In the recent days, some American jerks who are friends of Ramin Asgard have said: “According to the US International Broadcasting Act of 1994, United States international broadcasting shall include a balanced and comprehensive projection of U.S. thought and institutions. Now, the VOA is conducted in accordance with the highest professional standards of broadcast journalism” And Iranians say: “Oh, yah, working with the Mullah Mafia or the Monarchists means ‘Highest Professional Standards’ ! we had forgotten that!
Motherf-u-c-k-ers, do you think Iranians are blind or as stupid as you? You make love with the Mullahs or the Monarchists, i.e. the most hated groups in Iran who are very reactionary and more than 90% of Iranians hate them, but you call this ‘the highest professional standards of broadcast journalism’. You jerks, are so shameless.” But it’s not the whole tragic story of the VOA. Recently, Amir Abbas Fakhravar has become active in the VOA, and it’s very funny. This stupid and opportunist Iranian who has fled to the US in 2000s, pretends that he is one of the regime’s leading opponents, and student opposition leader !! But Iranians say: “A jerk and an Iranian baboon like Abbas FakhrAvar, can tell big lies, and it’s not important. Who cares about him? But the important point is that the Americans and their media care about this bastard, and call him student opposition leader !, while almost all Iranians and Iranian students say: “FakhrAvar Dige Sage Kieh” that means:”Who is this little unknown dog, FakhrAvar? he is Mr. nobody“.


As we said before, the tragicomedy of stupid Iranian expats who live in the US is really embarrassing. Ahmad Batebi, his ex-wife (Tara Niazi), Abbas Fakhravar, and many other Iranian bastards who have fled to the US, accused each other of being member of Mullah Mafia and working for the Mullah regime. It’s not very clear that which side tells the truth, but it’s so obvious that at least one side works for the Mullah regime. But it’s interesting that all of these bastards, and even some one like Khazali, the baby Godzilla, have worked with the VOA. As we said before, unfortunately the Voice of America (VOA) has become VOM, i.e. “Voice of Mullahs” or “Voice of Monarchists”. Apparently, the VOA can not be a reasonable media and always should work with the Iranian bastards and the most reactionary Iranians, who are very hated figures in Iran. And unfortunately, it’s exactly like the US policy towards Iran and the Mullah regime. The stupid and hypocrite US politicians prefer to work with the Mullah regime or the Monarchists, who are very hated groups in Iran, and more than 90% of Iranians hate them. In fact, the Islamist Monarchists and the secular Monarchists and their leader, Khamenei and Pahlavi, are two side of the same coin and many Iranians are aware of this matter, but the stupid American politicians are blind or pretend ignorance. Supporting the freedom and democracy, and a secular Republic in Iran is really in the US interests. And it’s better for the whole world and for having a better world. But unfortunately many American politicians don’t care about the long term interests, and they only work for their personal short term interests that can be very dangerous and harmful for the long term interests of the Americans. The VOA, as a state media that shows the US policy and wastes the American tax payers’ money, should not be like the Iranian Baboons’ media that even have not 1000 daily visitors. Unfortunately, the VOA and Obama administration only have disgraced the US in Iran and among Iranians, and it’s certainly is not in the US interests. As we said before, almost all Iranians had a very positive view about the US and Americans, but after what the US politicians and the US media did in 2009 and in the past two years, many things are changing in Iran. The VOA and Obama are the main responsible for disgracing the US in Iran and among the people who are anti-Mullahs, anti-Islamists, and pro-West. The American tax payers should know how their politicians spend their tax on disgracing the US and Americans among the friends of America in Iran. It certainly is not in the interests of the Americans.

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