Miliband: Fairness is not in Cameron’s DNA !

Yesterday the British media reported that Ed Miliband has said: “Fairness is not in Cameron’s DNA”. Miliband has said that Cameron defends the interests of Britain’s top one per cent and Cameron is incapable of standing up for the remaining 99 per cent . Ed Miliband has added: “David Cameron really is doing a terrific job of looking after the vested interests, the privileged, the powerful and the wealthiest 1 per cent. It’s the other 99 per cent who feel desperately let down. David Cameron doesn’t get it. It is not in his DNA. It is not what drives him in his politics. Working for a more responsible, fairer capitalism is not what gets him up in the morning. Even he would be hard pressed to claim it was his raison d’etre”. As you know, the British politicians are very opportunist and apparently now they try to make use of OWS protests. The stupid Tories and stupid Labours are like each other. In fact, Britons and also Iranians and other nations have not seen any important difference between Blair and Cameron. These jerks are like each other and don’t care about the British people and their real problems; Also all of them are British Mullah Maker and the main supporter of the savage Mullahs in Iran. Now, lets take a closer look at British Politicians’ DNA.


What is in British Politicians’ DNA: Lie, Hypocrisy, Deceit, Foolishness, Shamelessness, Unfaithfulness, Unfairness, Shortsightedness, Brutality, Colonialism, Opportunism, Charlatanism, Exploitation, Corruption, Bribery, Being Mullah lover, Being Mullah Maker, Being main supporter of Mullahs, Dreaming about restoring the British Empire, Making love with savage dictators, Loving Spy Game and War Game, Making corrupt universities, Talking nonsense, etc.

What is not in British Politicians’ DNA: Fairness, Truthfulness, Honesty, Faithfulness, Farsightedness, Goodness, Wisdom, Love, Sympathy, Humanity, Decency, Being Anti-Mullah, Respecting people and their intelligence, Listening to the people voices, Care about British People and Protesters, Care about NHS and students, etc.

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