How Iranian Baboons’ Websites Work

In the recent days, several scandals have revealed more truths about the true colors of Iranian Baboons and their websites, and now even the stupidest Iranians can see what others saw at least two years ago. The current story of VOA Farsi and how Ramin Asgard, the new director of VOA Farsi, has showed his true color and also true color of Obama administration, is informative and interesting and we will write about it later. But what has happened in Jaras, Kalame, Balatarin, and other Iranian baboons’ websites and how these bastards went bankrupt and why some of them want to close down their discredited shops, are ridiculous stories of worthless baboons, and we don’t want to waste our time by writing about it. Almost all Iranian baboons’ websites are quite unbearable and have not any serious visitor in Iran, but some of these stupid websites get financial support from European countries, and is one of them. RoozOnline is an Iranian baboons’ website that tries to be like the BBC Persian or VOA Farsi ! Those who are behind RoozOnline -Behnoud, Nabavi, etc- are really hypocrite, and before 2009, many Iranians inside Iran didn’t know their true colors. But after the tragedy of 2009, and when these bastards betrayed the people movement, the people saw their true colors, and now they are so disgraced and discredited among Iranians. Of course, these bastards still desperately try to save their beloved Mullah regime, and it’s not bad if we have a look at what they do now. In fact, the story of Roozonline is important, because the western countries support them, and the western mass media pretend that they are “Iranian Oppositions”, or they are representative of Iranians, while it’s a big lie. Iranians inside Iran hate the Iranian baboons and their websites, and almost all Iranians have boycotted them. The world should know more about the tragicomedy of Iranian baboons and their websites. Recently, Roozonline’s jerks, desperately try to make the Khamenei’s agents hero, but the people only laugh at them. Recently, they had two interviews with two Khamenei’s agents, Khazali and Nourizad, in November 1&2, 2011, and these ridiculous interviews were Roozonline’s headlines. The baby Godzilla, Mehdi Khazali, is the member of Mullah Gestapo, close friend of Saeed Emami and a member of Emami’s team in the Chain Murders (i.e. when the Mullah Gestapo killed hundreds of Iranian scholars/oppositions and tortured thousands of them in 1990s), and his father, Ayatollah Khazali, is one of the most savage high rank Mullahs. Iranian Baboons and their websites call him “Doctor Khazali”, but Iranians call him “Doctor Khaz” (Khaz in Persian means “Fur”), “baby Godzilla”, etc. The other Khamenei’s agent is Mohammad Nourizad, who is a Sepahi baboon and member of Mullah Gestapo, ex-member of Mullah Pravda (Keyhan), and a savage Islamist who has worn a new mask and pretends that he is an Islamist-Reformist. Of course, he is so stupid, because he has become an Islamist-Reformist when all Iranians hate the Islamist-Reformists ! Anyway, lets have a look at “how Iranian baboons’ websites make love with Khamenei’s agents”, while European countries support them financially, and they pretend that they are anti-Mullah and opposition. Now Iranians know that these bastards are frightened of Mullah’s down fall and desperately try to prevent what will happen to the Mullahs in the near future.


RoozOnline’s Interview with Sepahi Baboon (Nourizad)

(RoozOnline, No. 1518, 1390/8/10) RO jerk (RoozOnline’s jerk): “Why have you written 9 letters to the leader, Khamenei? Your letters are love letters to the leader. They are great critical letters. But why you call Khamenei “dear father, or great leader’?” Nourizad: “I love our leader, Khamenei. He is a very brave and strong man. I just want to ask him to keep our Islamic regime safe and strong, before it’s too late. Theocracy or what we call it ‘Velayat Faqil’ is a great system, and even the westerners can love this system. Vali Faqih or Islamic leader (Islamic dictator) is a great man who loves the people and wants to help them. We love our great leader. We don’t want to topple the Islamic regime. Without our great Islamic leader, we only can have civil war in Iran” RO Jerk: “You love Khamenei, but why he doesn’t answer your letters and your questions? what do you think about the future? what will happen to our leader, Khamenei?” Nourizad: “I can see a great fall down. We should do something before it’s late. Gaddafi’s fate is very dangerous. Libyans hated Gaddafi, and now Iranians hate our great leader, Khamenei. It’s very dangerous for us. We should do something before it’s too late” RO Jerk: “you are a great man, and your letters are very important for us; but I don’t know why the people don’t care about you and your letters” Nourizad: “I love our great leader, Khamenei. But I also don’t know why the people don’t care about me and my letters. But I’m very happy that you care about me and my letters, and try to make me a hero. God bless you, dear friends. If we work together, we can save our beloved Islamic regime, and I hope we can direct the people to the right direction, before it’s too late. Now, the people don’t care about us and it’s very dangerous.” RO jerk: “If we work together, we will succeed” Nourizad: “I hope so. We should do something before it’s too late”

RoozOnline’s Interview with baby Godzilla (Khazali)

(RoozOnline, No. 1519, 1390/8/11) RO Jerk: “Oh, Doctor Khaz, you are a great brave man. Do you think where are we going and what will happen?” Dr. Khaz: “I can see a big down fall; they will fall” RO Jerk: “Who are these “They”? it’s Mr. shit or beyond him?” Khaz: “I mean the ruling groups, not the Islamic regime.” RO Jerk: “You are like Nourizad. And both of you are great men who care about our great Islamic regime. But what will happen to our leader Khamenei?” Khaz: “We love the Islamic regime. We are ready to die for the Islamic regime. I think the Islamic regime is strong, but Libyas’ case and Gaddafi’s fate was very painful, and also dangerous for us. We should learn from it before it’s too late.” RO Jerk: “Has Khamenei, our great leader, had some mistakes?” Khaz: “I don’t know. I’m just frightened of Libya’s story. It should not happen in Iran. It’s very dangerous for us, especially for our great leader, Khamenei.” RO Jerk: “what do you think about the new election, the parliament election?” Khaz: “We love the elections in the Islamic regime. But unfortunately the people are angry and don’t accept what we say” RO Jerk: “What should we do?” Khaz: “You should support me, and I should support you. That’s what we should do now; maybe the people listen to us, and we can save our beloved Islamic regime in this way”. RO jerk: “I hope so. Thanks dear hero”

Iranian baboons’ websites are really a tragic joke. They are really stupid and think they can save their beloved Mullah regime by this sort of stupid shows and stupid comedies. The above interviews are real and we only change few things for becoming funnier, but what they said and the gist of the interviews are exactly like what you read here. It’s really shameful and ridiculous. Iranians inside Iran only laugh at these jerks, and some shake their heads and say: “What we thought about these jerks in 2009? These jerks were our media in 2009. These stupid jerks were our journalists in 2009. So, it’s so obvious that our movement had to be fucked up. But now, we know the true colors of these shameless jerks and tomorrow will be another day” The tragedy of Iranian Baboons’ media and Iranian journalists who live outside Iran, is very big and very shameful scandal in Iran’s history. Shame on them all.

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