We, WordPress, and Censorship

Recently, after what we wrote about Hillary Clinton and the BBC , and specially after what we wrote about the western companies that aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians , WordPress has kicked us out of almost all WordPress’s tags (“Iran”, “News”, “Politics”, “USA”, “Europe”, “Canada”, “UK”, “Obama”, “Iran News”, etc). As you know Iranians live under the tyranny, a very brutal medieval religious tyranny, and know censors and censorship very well. All days and all nights we experience dreadful censorship in Iran and it’s really horrible. As you know, the Mullahs have imposed dreadful restrictions and dreadful surveillance on Iranians, and relaying the Iranian voices to the outside world is a very difficult and dangerous job. We chose WordPress, because WordPress is well-known and has had an important role in developing the Citizen Journalism, and because many think it’s a reliable and independent service. Now, we are confused. We not sure about the true meaning of what has happened. We are not sure who decided to kick us out of WordPress tags and why (specially in these critical days). We are not sure that we should expect they delete our website soon. And we are not sure about many things, because we live under a medieval tyranny in Iran, and can see everything is possible (some even say we can’t be sure about the privacy and security of our website now).

As we said before, some months ago, we experienced a weaker version of the current incident (about Rajavi’s group and “Iran” tag), but at that time it became clear that it was a mistake, or a personal shortcoming. Now, we dont know why again we have been kicked out of almost all WordPress tags, including Iran tag. We respect to WordPress and its contribute to the world and the citizen journalism. We really dont know why this strange and weird event has happened again. We hope that it’s an error or mistake, and we could be in the Iran tag and other WordPress tags, as before

We still think WordPress believes in “Freedom of Speech” and “Free Exchange of Information”, but what has happened is really confusing. As we all know, censorship is an act of tyranny and suffocation. As you know, we are not here to have fun, but we are here to write about the Iranian voices that are heavily censored by the savage Mullahs, and also by the western mass media. We are here to write about the western hypocrisy and their fake war and their secret deals with the savage Mullahs. We are here to write about what happened in 2009 and why the savage Mullahs could suppress the Iranian movement by killing, torturing and raping tens of thousands of Iranians, and who supported and helped the savage Mullahs, and who ignored Iranians. We are here to write about the stupidity of the stupid lefts and rights, and fake intellectuals. We are here to write about the unreported stories, the unreported facts, the unreported brutalities, and the unreported double standards. We are here to write about the global problems, the global misunderstandings and global misconceptions. And we are here to write about the local and global problems, but we write for public opinion and all open-minded people in all around the world, not for the politicians and the dirty politics. If we can not write about these matters in WordPress, please let us know.

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