Akbar Ganji = Fake Intellectual

As we said before, in the recent days, Akbar Ganji has revealed his true color and clearly proved that he is an ‘Iranian Baboon’. The story of Ganji is a typical story of Iranian fake intellectuals who betrayed the people and their movement in 2009. Iranians ask: “Why our 2009 movement failed and who betrayed us?” For finding the answer, you can think about the story of Ganji very carefully. Ganji and many other Islamist-Reformists and ex-members of Mullah Gestapo pretend that they are intellectual. But Iranians say: “These bastards gained reputation because others can not speak and are suffocated by the savage Mullahs”. And some add: “When only the Islamists (Mullahs or reformists) can talk or write, and others should remain silent or should be killed or tortured, then some one like Ganji can impersonate an intellectual”. As Iranians say: “In city of the blind people, the person who has only one eye is the king“. It’s an Iranian old saying that tells the truth about Ganji and other Islamist-Reformists. The stupid Islamist, like Ganji, are intellectuals in the city of the blind and stupid Islamists, not in free Iran when Iranians and their real thinkers and real intellectuals can talk, write, or speak their minds. When all open-minded Iranians are brutally suppressed by Mullahs, Iran is like the city of the blind people, and Iranian baboons and someone like Ganji, Abdi, Mohajerani, etc can impersonate intellectuals. And that’s why these bastards love the Mullah regime. Without the Mullah regime, and in a free Iran that everyone can talk or write, who cares about these stupid Islamist jerks? So, they defend the Mullah regime, because the Mullahs have created a medieval hell that normal Iranians can’t write, talk, or speak their minds.Some one like Akbar Ganji can gain reputation, only because the savage Mullahs suffocate other voices and other people, and the real intellectuals and wise Iranians can not openly and publicly speak their minds. You can ask: “Why Ganji could write about the chain murders and others could not?” In the past years, the Iranian baboons answered: “because Ganji is very talented and brave. We don’t have any other investigative reporter in Iran [!]”. But now all Iranians know the real answer: “Ganji was member of Mullah Gestapo, and he negotiated and made love with the Mullah Gestapo. But others only could be tortured and killed by the Mullah Gestapo”. Among the stupid Islamist-Reformists, only Mousavi was honest and told the truth. Mousavi said: “I know the people vote for me, because they don’t have any other alternative in the Islamic regime. I know the people were not free and only chose between two evils, and finally they elected me as the lesser evil“. In Iran, only the Islamists can be candidate in the Mullah elections, and the Mullahs don’t allow others to participate in any election. The Mullahs have created a closed society and only the Islamists have right to be active in almost all fields, including cultural and social fields. In Iran, only the Islamist and Mullah mercenaries have right to talk or work in television, radio, cinema, arts, book industry, newspapers and other media, universities, public spaces, etc. These stupid bastards who are illiterate, untalented, and worthless thugs become cultural or social figures, because others are brutally suppressed by the savage Mullahs. Under these conditions, Ganji and other Islamist jerks have delusion about themselves and as Iranians say: “They think AliAbad (a small village) is a city”. In fact, in a free Iran, and when everybody can talk, write, or work, the Islamist jerks become worthless idiots. Iranians say: “if the Mullahs and the Islamists have not a gun in their hands and don’t threaten to kill and torture us, who respect these bastards or listen to their bullshits”.

The stupid Ganji showed his true color in one of his recent articles, “Human rights or American Pawns” (October 26, 2011); he wrote (our comments are in parentheses): “The west attacked Libya in the name of human rights. It’s like what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan (you jerk know the truth, but as Iranians say: “Chun Sarf Nemikoneh Khodesh ro be Khariat Mizaneh” [because it’s not in his interests, he pretends ignorance; he pretends that he is a donkey] ) The US always supports the dictatorship, like Saudi Arabia (but not the Mullah regime!) and it’s in US interests (!) Why Khamenei’s terrorism is bad, but Obama’s terrorism is Good? (Thank you jerk; we are quite sure that your true color). Ahmad Shahid’s report about the human rights violation in Iran is not wrong, it’s really true, but the western country make use of it for attacking Iran, so it’s bad for Iran (Ahmad Shahid’s report is a very weak and stupid report. But the Mullah mercenaries are angry at this stupid weak report, because it can be dangerous for their beloved Islamic regime! Wow !) I’m not agree with National Congress, or any other opposition group that the US make for us. Some Iranian expats are American Pawns and they don’t care about Iran or the Islamist-Reformists who are in jail in Iran (you jerk, are really hypocrite. Why you have not written any articles about the stupid Monarchists, or the Mullah Mafia in the US, or the stupid Iranian expats? Why you don’t protest against the stupid reactionary Iranians who live in the US?. You and your friends think the people are blind or as stupid as you, but they are not. They hate you the Islamists, and also the Monarchists and the Rajavists, and you and your American/Mullah masters can not save the hated reactionary groups). USA does what is in its own interest. USA doesn’t bring us the freedom and democracy. The US and the world should not attack Iran, and topple the Islamic regime. It’s illegal. It doesn’t bring us freedom and democracy (you jerk are worry for your beloved Islamic regime. But Iranians know If the US or the UN help Iranians in toppling the savage Mullahs, it’s in their own interests, too. In the American Revolution, the French helped the Americans.So, since the French helped Americans, it means that the Americans were stooge of the French? or the French brought Americans freedom and democracy?. No, the French just helped the Americans because it was in their own interests, too. And It’s what Iranians want, and what should happen in Iran). The Libyans killed Gaddafi like a dog, and the world and Iranians are happy, why? why should we happy? (because Iranians live in Iran under a medieval tyranny, and they don’t live in the US and don’t get the mercenary money from your western and Mullah masters. In 2009, many Iranians asked themselves why Ganji and others don’t create an alternative group and alternative media for organizing the people and establishing a secular Republic in Iran. But now they know how naive they were in 2009. Now they know all Khamenei’s Diamonds for deceit and the reasons of Green Movement’s failure, and that’s why they are happy.)”


Akbar Ganji’s recent articles clearly answer many questions about 2009. It can show us why the Iranian movement failed, or who betrayed the people in 2009. Ganji, desperately try to be an Islamist baby Chomsky (Jujeh Chomsky). But he doesn’t know when Iranians shit on the head of Chomsky and know how stupid Chomsky is, they don’t care about an Islamist who desperately tries to copy Chomsky’s stupidity. In fact, If you mix Big Laden or Khomeini with Noam Chomsky the result is Akbar Ganji who is an Islamist left !. The stupid lefts and the Islamist lefts are like each other, and so shameless. Today, they say: “Gaddafi was a stooge of CIA and the US. Gaddafi was a CIA agent in Libya in the past 40 years”. But yesterday they said: “Gaddafi is the enemy of the western imperialism. He is hero, a revolutionary”. At least the stupid Chavez is honest and repeats their past bullshits today, but the majority of the stupid lefts are hypocrite and dishonest. Today, they say the same thing about the savage Mullahs: “The Mullahs are the enemy of the western imperialism. They are hero, revolutionary, and anti-West”, but tomorrow when the Mullahs would be toppled, they would say: “The Mullahs were CIA agents. They worked for the US. They were the stooge of the US. Don’t you read the history?!” These stupid jerks are really so shameless. But Iranians know the truth. They know about the passionate love affair between the Mullahs and the US, and between the US and reactionary Iranians. And they know who are mercenary and stooge of the Mullahs and the US. It’s a good question if you ask: “Why Ganji and other Iranian baboons don’t write anything about the stupid Monarchists and other reactionary groups? Why Ganji and other Iranian baboons don’t write anything about what Khamenei has said about establishing the Islamic Monarchy and abolishing the Republic system? and Why Ganji and other Iranian baboons don’t write anything about Mullah Mafia in the west ?” If they really care about the freedom and democracy in Iran, why they don’t try to organize the people? why are they frightened of organizing the people? why they don’t protest against western hypocrisy and the Mullahs who go to the west and invest the dirty embezzled money there, while the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs pay the price of stupid western sanctions? why they don’t protest against the small reactionary and hated groups, like Monarchists, Rajavists, etc, i.e. the bastards who try to make a secret deal with the American jerks in Washington?. Many say: “if Ganji and other Iranian baboons were not mercenary, they publicly would attack the stupid Monarchists, and would work for organizing the people and establishing a secular Republic system in Iran. It’s what the people want; It’s what the people expect from their intellectuals. But the stupid Ganji and other Iranian baboons, have gone to the US and spend the mercenary money there and don’t care about freedom, democracy, and our terrible conditions here.”

The story of stupid Ganji can show the true meaning of the tragedy of Iranian intellectualism and the tragedy of the fake intellectuals in Iran. As we said before, it’s really shameful that almost all Iranian intellectuals, with only minor exceptions, have been stupid stooge and mercenary. Now, Akbar Ganji has become the last on the long list of Iranian fake intellectuals. As we said before, many believed that the ex-member of Mullah Gestapo can’t become intellectual or independent journalist, but they wanted to give Ganji a chance to change himself. He received so much attention and respect, more than he deserved, but when he had to help the people who made him hero, he betrayed the people. Now, he lives in the US, and like other Iranian jerks who live outside Iran and are mercenary or indifferent, doesn’t care about the victims of his beloved Islamic regime. The young Iranians should try to learn from the shameful fates and shameful stories of Iranian fake intellectuals. The feature belongs to the new generation of Iranians. “The older generations of Iranians, those who are 50+, are very stupid and reactionary, and only when they die, Iran become a modern country and we can enjoy freedom and democracy in Iran. The older generations are disaster makers who created this medieval tyranny by their stupid reactionary revolution in 1979”, many young Iranians say. Now, thousands real but unknown intellectuals live in Iran, and they are not as stupid as their parents and the fake intellectuals and mercenaries who make love with the Mullah Gestapo and are the main responsible for the death of Green Movement and the current situation in Iran. Unfortunately the world still think that these fake intellectuals and mercenaries are symbol of the Iranian intellectualism! It’s really horrible. Unfortunately the western mass media pretend that these Iranian jerks are representative of Iranians inside Iran, but it’s a big lie. These bastards are dead in Iran, and the world should know the younger generations of Iranians and their intellectuals. In 2009, after the Ashoura day, the fake intellectuals could discourage the people and save their beloved Islamic regime. But now they are so disgraced and discredited in Iran. The world should know that 2010s is not like 1970s or even 1990s. Now Iran has about 20 million university-educated people and thousands young and real intellects. They have not any voice or media now, but the future belongs to them. They certainly will topple the Mullahs regime, establish a secular Republic, and throw the fake Iranian intellects in the trash can of history. Ganji, Behnoud, and other worthless Iranian bastards, are like other worthless traitors, mercenaries, and Iranian baboons in the trash can of Iran’s history.

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