Obama’s secret Letter to Khamenei & War Game

“Obama has sent his third secret letter to Khamenei”. It’s what Reuters and Iranian media reported in the recent days. But many hypocrite western mass media did not cover this important news. Apparently, Obama’s third secret letter, and also Khamenei’s answer, were not like his previous love letters to Khamenei. Apparently, they know that their love story, their secret talks and secret deals have been revealed by the new scandals, and now they need a war game and media hype to cover up the scandals and also their economic crisis and the corruptions. Many believe that the new stupid media hype and war game is a joke, and it has designed to divert attention from important issues. But it’s possible that the bastards want to cover up all crises and scandals by a stupid war game. As we said before, in 2009, when the savage Mullahs were killing, torturing and raping tens of thousands Iranians , the stupid Obama wrote Khamenei twice. It was a strategic mistake, and made Iranians angry. Of course, some tried to pretend that the secret letters, especially the second letter, was sent before the Mullah coup in 2009 , but many think that it’s a big lie, and many evidences, such as what VOA did in 2009, and what Obama and his administration did in 2009 show us the truth. What the stupid and hypocrite western politicians did in 2009, was a strategic mistake, and now they talk about war game against Iran, in the name of nuclear issues, not human rights, and it’s another great strategic mistake. It’s only a shameful tactic in their shameful negotiations with the savage Mullahs. But we should congratulate the Iranian expats, the traitors, and mercenaries, specially Islamist-Reformists and Ashoura Day’s traitors -Khatami, Ganji, Behnoud, Abdi, Nabavi, etc- for betraying the people movement and for helping the Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians in 2009. The story of mercenaries, and also western paradoxes before and after 2009, is a long story and you can check our Archive or Categories for finding more information. But as we said before, Iranians know the hypocrite western politicians and what they did in 2009. If they wanted to help Iranians, it would be acceptable, but any attack against Iran in the name of nuclear issues, is not acceptable at all. We all know there are many important differences between the wise anti-war and the stupid anti-war who support the tyranny and encourage the Iron First policy. The jerks and mercenaries who betrayed the Iranian movement in 2009, specially the Islamist-Reformists and Ashoura Day’s traitors, are very stupid anti-war and are responsible for our tragic conditions in Iran. Iranians will not forgive them and their great betrayals. But what Iranians say about the hypocrite western politicians are more important: “In 2009, when motherf-u-c-k-er Obama and his stupid administration had to help Iranians (and it was in US interests) he preferred to make love with the savage Mullahs, and ignored Iranians. When Iranians needed international help and support, the hypocrite western politicians made love with the savage Mullahs and ignored Iranians; even their shameless companies aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. Now, if they want to attack Iran in the name of nuclear issue or terrorism (not for helping Iranians ), it would be another strategic mistake, and Iranians will not accept it at all. Iranians are anti-Islamists and pro-west, but this strategic mistake will change everything, and you can be sure that Iranians will not remain pro-west


Apparently the stupid western politicians always should be jerk and asshole, and being wise and reasonable is what you can’t expect from these stupid bastards. In 2009, and even now in 2011, if they helped Iranians in their struggle against the savage Mullahs, it would be in Iranians’ interests and the west’s interests; it would be a win-win situation and Iranians not only would support the west and accept its help, but they would appreciate the west a lot and the west could solve its problems with the help of Iranians. But the western politicians preferred to support the savage Mullahs and aid them in killing and torturing Iranians. Now, they talk about war game in the name of nuclear issues (not for helping Iranians), and it’s so obvious that not only Iranians will not accept it under any condition, but they will hate the west and the western politicians . Almost all Iranians believe: “The savage Mullahs are stooge of the west. The savage Mullahs are not Iranian. They are Arab or pro-Arab fanatics who only want to destroy Iran with the help of their western supporters. The west did not help Iranians in 2009, and we never forget it. But if they want to destroy Iran in the name of nuclear issues, Iranians who are pro-west, can not remain their friend any longer. Who helped the Mullahs into Iran in 1979? the Europeans and the Americans. Who helped the savage Mullahs in 2009, when they killed, tortured and raped Iranians? the Europeans and the Americans. Who ignored Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009? and Who imposed stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, but made love with the savage Mullahs? the Europeans and the Americans” .Many believe the current media hype and war game is a stupid joke . “War with Iran is the last thing Obama needs with the American economy in dire trouble and a tough White House election campaign looming next year. It’s not going to happen during Obama’s presidency (Obama and Mullahs are close friends). Of course, the I-s-r-a-e-l-i cabinet was reported on Wednesday to be debating whether to launch air strikes on Iranian nuclear sites. But it’s bullshit”, some say. Iran has about 50 million youths, who are pro-west and anti-Islamist, but if the west insists on being stupid and ignoring Iranians and their rights and their dreadful conditions in Iran, then everything will change and Iranians will change their views. The west should know that we don’t live in the Stone Age or the Colonialism Age, and this kind of shameful hypocrisy and strategic mistake can’t be acceptable at all. You can’t aid the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians and then talk about war game in the name of nuclear issues ! . “British officials (i.e. British Mullah Makers) say that if Washington presses ahead it will seek, and receive, UK military help for any mission, despite some deep reservations within the coalition government”, the media reported. And Iranians said: “British Mullah Makers tell joke. They know how Iranians are angry at them for what they did in 2009, for example for what the BBC did, or for what the British companies did, or for what the British Defense Minister, Liam Fox, did in 2009 (check Archive), and for all they did in the past 30 years, and also in the past 300 years. They should know Iranians know the truth, and if they want to destroy Iran with the help of Mullahs, it will open old wounds; all old wounds in the past 300 years. And then all Iranians badly would want to give a proper answer to the British Mullah Makers”.


Yesterday, Khamenei said: “I have many secret documents that if I revealed them, they would disgrace the west”. And Iranians said: “Yes, Khamenei has many secret documents about his secret relationship with the hypocrite British and American politicians. Khamenei can disgrace the British Mullah Makers, and American politicians if he revealed the documents about his secret love affairs with them”. The western hypocrisy and stupidity is really beyond imagination. Iranians are the only nation in the Middle East and Africa who are anti-Islamist, and friend of the west. But the west betrayed Iranians and also its own interests in 2009. Now, Iranians are angry at the west. But if the west wants to do another strategic mistake, Iranians will not remain angry, and anger will convert into deep hate. In these days, some Iranians wrote open letter to the western politicians and said: “After the current scandals, we felt it necessary to write to you and express our disappointment and outrage. Your appeasement policies toward the Mullahs and doubletalk have in large measure contributed to the current situation in Iran. Obama remained shamefully silent which Iranians were butchered by Basij and Hezbollah thugs. The US should apologize to the Iranian people and the suffering brought onto them because of misguided policies of the US in 2009. For you and Obama to identify the mullahs as Iranians, shows the austerity of knowledge about our culture and history. Mullahs despise our cultural heritage and our ancient civilization. Mullahs view Iran as a conquered country. You insult us if you think that mullahs have any respect or show any pride in our ancient culture and our ancient country. Your strategy to not to confront the mullahs and willingness to pursue secret talks and secret deals with the savage Mullahs, is an insult to Iranians. Of course, your companies who aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians in 2009, are criminal and have Iranian blood in their hands. You should know that Iranians have reached the conclusion that the Mullah regime cannot be reformed. They want a regime change. They want a free, democratic and secular Republic in Iran . And it’s in your interests, too. You can help Iranians. It’s better for you. It’s in your own interests. It’s a win-win situation. The United States should try to support Iranians inside Iran who want to establish a free, democratic and secular Republic in Iran and should stop supporting reactionary Iranian expats, like the Monarchists, the Rajavists, and the
. Thirty three years of empty rhetoric and double talk ought to be enough. If you helped Iranians in their struggle, they will support you and remain your close friends, but if you preferred to be stupid bastard by ignoring Iranians and what they want, by ignoring human rights, and by destroying Iran in the name of nuclear issues, it would be a great strategic mistake, and 75 million Iranians will hate you and will not be your friend any longer. They will teach your mercenaries (i.e. the Mullahs, the Monarchists / Rajavists, and the Islamist-Reformists), a lesson that the world will never forget it.” I think if you try to put yourself in the place of Iranians, you can understand them very easily.

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