Don’t Link to us in Balatarin & Iranian Media

Recently, some Iranians link to us in Balatarin and other Iranian media. The old readers are aware of our views about the Iranian baboons and their websites, specially The reactionary, hypocrite, and stupid Iranian websites that work for the Islamist-Reformists, the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the Rajavists, and other Iranian baboons, have betrayed Iranians inside Iran, their movement and the blood of their martyrs. They are very hated websites and media in Iran, and Iranians inside Iran have boycotted them. So, “Please don’t link to us in and any other Iranian baboons’ websites “. The mercenaries and traitors who betrayed the people and their movement, including those who work for the Mullahs and make love with the Mullah agents, those who want to restore the Monarchy in Iran, those who are terrorist and member of Rajavi’s Cult, those who are fake intellectual and mercenary, those who are Khatamist or Islamist-Reformist, those who work for the British Mullah Makers, etc are very hated figures in Iran. These bastards are the main responsible for the current dreadful situation in Iran. They are Iranian Baboon, and the young Iranian intellectuals will dump them in the trash can of history, soon. So, don’t link to us in Balaratin and any other Iranian baboons’ websites. The new readers can check our Archive or Categories to read more about our views about Iranian baboons.

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