Western Companies Aid Mullahs in Killing Iranians

In the recent days, Bloomberg had a very important report about the western companies who aid the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. Unfortunately, Iranians have been killed, tortured and raped by the help of the Western Companies, specially Ericsson and British companies. It’s a very serious crime. It’s not just a simple case of typical western hypocrisy. The report says: “When Mullah security officers needed to locate a target one night in late 2009, one former Ericsson employee says he got an emergency call to come into the office to fix a glitch in an Ericsson positioning center“. Apparently Ericsson still continue to maintain the system for the savage Mullahs. It’s really horrible. In 2009, many said: “Iranians and non-Iranians who work for the western companies, and those who work for Iranian state companies, and with their western technologies, should write and talk about those who aid the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians.” And now, in 2011, a very small part of what happened in 2009, has been revealed by Bloomberg’s report. Many Iranians are aware of many parts of Bloomberg’s report, but this report can be shocking for many non-Iranians. Of course, there are many unreported tragic stories about how the western politicians aid the savage Mullahs in staying in power, and in killing and torturing tens of thousands Iranians. But even the current report clearly proves who supported the savage Mullahs in 2009, and why the Mullahs have become very powerful and can block many anti-censorship tools, and why their filtering system have become number one in the world. It’s so obvious that Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, and other western companies and western countries, specially the UK and the US, who helped the savage Mullahs, have Iranians’ blood on their hand. Here are experts of the report:

“Pourheydar, 30, says, he learned that he was not only fighting the Mullah regime, but also companies that armed Mullahs with technology to monitor dissidents like him. About half the political prisoners he met in jail told him Mullah police had tracked their communications and movements through their cell phones, he says. This is a commerce of death for the companies that place this technology in the hands of dictatorships, Pourheydar says. Even as the Mullahs pursued a brutal political crackdown, including arrests and executions surrounding [the greatest election fraud in Iran’s history], European companies supplied Mullahs with location tracking and text-message monitoring equipment that can turn mobile phones into tools for surveillance. Stockholm-based Ericsson AB, Creativity Software Ltd. of the UK and Dublin-based AdaptiveMobile Security Ltd. marketed or provided gear over the past two years that Mullah security agencies would have access to, according to more than 100 documents and interviews with more than two dozen technicians and managers who worked on the systems. Ericsson and Creativity Software offered technology expressly for law enforcement use [!!!!] -including a location monitoring product proposed by Ericsson in early 2009, and one sold this year by Creativity, according to the interviews. Ericsson, the worlds largest maker of wireless networks, confirmed that in the fourth quarter of 2009 [i.e. when Iranian were killing by the savage Mullahs in the streets and when Iranians asked the west for help, but they refused to help] it sold a mobile-positioning center to MTN Irancell, Irans second-largest mobile provider. When Mullah security officers needed to locate a target one night in late 2009, one former Ericsson employee says he got an emergency call to come into the office to fix a glitch in an Ericsson positioning center. Ericsson says it will continue to maintain the system, but that it decided in October 2010 it would no longer sell any products into Iran due to recent efforts to tighten sanctions.”

Early this year, Creativity Software sold a system that enables Mullah security forces to monitor cell phone locations , according to three people familiar with the transaction. With it, police can track a targets movements every 15 seconds and plot the locations on a map, according to a 19-page company product specification document. Creativity Software confirms that Irancell is a client, but declined to discuss sales of any location-tracking gear, saying it would breach contract confidentiality [!!!!]. AdaptiveMobile, backed by the investment arm of Intel Corp. (INTC), proposed a system in partnership with Ericsson for Irans largest mobile provider [MCI] in 2010 that would filter, block and store cell phone text messages, according to two people familiar with the discussions. An Ericsson spokesman confirmed the proposal. The British company still services commercial gear for a similar system it sold in 2008 to Irancell. Mullah Police have access to the system, say two former Irancell managers. The three European companies continued to do business in Iran amid [2009 and when Iranians were killed by the savage Mullahs and when the hypocrite western countries have imposed their stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians]. And they continued after competitor Nokia Siemens Networks faced an international No to Nokia boycott . Ericsson, which bid on the system, was told by MCI, Irans largest wireless operator, to partner with AdaptiveMobile for monitoring and filtering technology, according to Ericsson spokesman. Ericsson didnt win the contract, he says. The $5.5 million system AdaptiveMobile proposed could handle more than 10,000 messages per second and archive them for a period of 180 days, according to a company proposal. The archive would contain 54 terabytes [55000 gigabytes] of storage, according to the document. Before the election [show] on January 24, 2009, Ericsson officials pitched a tracking system specifically for Mullah security agencies to MCI [Wow !!], according to documents describing the Tehran meeting. One month earlier, the UN had expressed deep concern at serious human rights violations in Iran [!!!]”


The Mullahs would be able to track subscribers with easy and friendly identification of geographic positions on a map, according to Ericssons 51-page proposal to MCI, which serves 44 million subscribers. A list of basic features says maps could reveal the whereabouts of 200,000 MCI mobile-phone subscribers at a time and archive the locations for later analysis [Wow !! where are you George Orwell? Can you hear this ?]” Siavash Fahimi, an Ericsson employee, saw up close how these systems can be abused. The 27-year-old Iranian worked for Ericsson in Tehran until 2010, installing several different systems . Sipping tea last month beneath a tangerine tree outside a cafe in central Turkey, Fahimi recounts how he joined the protests that spilled into the streets in June 2009. Police arrested him on the outskirts of a rally that December, beating him with fists and a baton and jailing him for 52 days. Security agents interrogated him 14 times, presenting transcripts of text messages plus an elaborate diagram showing all the people hed called -and then everyone theyd called. They knew where he was at specific times, producing phone location records. And they pressed him to say he was a spy, threatening to arrest his friends and family unless he supplied more information. Fahimi fled to Turkey after receiving a two-year prison sentence. “ I worked on the technology and I was a victim of the technology, as well, [stupid] Fahimi says. [Court, law, no], that isnt the case in Iran, he says. They can monitor whoever they want, for their own purposes, not for the benefit of society and people. Creativity Software, based southwest of London in Kingston upon Thames, announced a deal in August 2009 to sell Irancell commercial customer location services. Early this year, it sold the mobile phone provider a second system that allows the Mullahs to locate and track targets, according to three people familiar with the transaction. A lot of people were not happy they were working on a project in Iran [!!] [but they worked, and said nothing !!], Venu Gokaram says, who worked for Creativity Software until early this year. Gokaram says he worked only on commercial products and didnt share those concerns [!!!]”

“AdaptiveMobile sold Irancell technology to filter, block, store, and monitor text messages. An Adaptive document detailed the system requirements. It would analyze all messages in English, Persian or Arabic for keywords or phrases; store them; and flag those caught by filters for review [it’s ‘Deep Packet Inspection’ (DPI) that we already wrote about it (check Archive)]. While Adaptives executives confirm the Irancell deal, but they deny any involvement with Mullah security or police [and think the people are as stupid as them! ] We are sure our product is not being used in this way, says AdaptiveMobile CEO Brian Collins [, the British jerk]. As recently as 2010, AdaptiveMobile attempted to sell a similar product to MCI, the one on which it partnered with Ericsson. If a Western or outside interest ends up cooperating with the Mullahs, then they come to the table with blood on their hands, says a U.S. senator. The beatings that claimed four of his front teeth were nothing compared to the mental torture, Pourheydar says. Mullah Guards one day announced he was to be executed. They forced him to stand on a stool, blindfolded and handcuffed, with a tightened noose around his neck . He remained there, legs trembling, for 25 minutes, until guards called it off and told him theyd be back. “All these companies, which sell monitoring services and listening devices to Iran, directly have roles in keeping this regime in power, Pourheydar says. [Recently, Pourheydar has also said that when the Mullahs arrested his friends in a rally, he knew that they would arrest him very soon. So, he turned off his cell phone, removed its Sim card and battery, and fled from Tehran. But after one month, when he turned his cell phone on for some minutes, the Mullah thugs found him and arrested him, within hours. Living in Iran is really like living in an Orwellian world, and having cell phone is really dangerous. Pourheydar was lucky, but many were not as lucking as him. Those who were killed in the streets or in the secret prisons and were buried in the mass graves or unknown graves were victims of Islamists’ savageness, western hypocrisy, and mercenaries’ betrayals.]”

The Bloomberg’s report has many stupid and weak parts, and it’s really annoying, but it’s good that finally a western media relayed part of Iranians’ voices. The tragedy of 2009 has many unreported stories. The savage Mullahs killed, tortured, and raped tens of thousands Iranians in 2009, but unfortunately Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, and many British companies and western countries helped the savage Mullahs, and have Iranians’ blood on their hand. The western mass media stupidly try to play with public opinion and deceive them by telling big lies. For example, they say: “Iran is one of many authoritarian countries across the Mideast and North Africa employing Western surveillance tools for political repression”. But it’s a big lie. Iran is not like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and other dictatorships. As you know, Iran (and also Syria), is considered as the enemy of the west, and the hypocrite western countries pretend that they are the enemy of the Mullahs. But other dictatorships are considered as friends of the west. It’s a very important matter, and the hypocrite mass media don’t say anything about this important difference. The Mullah regime is not like other dictatorships who use Western surveillance tools, because the world think that the west and the Mullah regime are enemy of each other. But it’s a very big lie that the western mass media repeats it, and naive people accept it. What you can see now, is the true meaning of the fake war between the fake enemies. It’s the true meaning of what we say about the fake and phony war between the west and the savage Mullahs. It’s the true meaning of the big lies that the stupid lefts and their stupid leader Chomsky, tell. It’s the true meaning of the western paradoxes. It’s the true meaning of the stupidity of naive people who think the west and the Mullahs are enemy of each other, and are fighting against each other. But now many can see the truth. Now the current report can show that the western politicians, i.e. the western jerks, are not simply a bunch of hypocrite stupid bastards who supported the savage Mullahs in 2009 and in the past 33 years, but they have Iranians’ blood on their dirty hands. And it’s a very serious crime.

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