Halloween, Mean Girls Style !

Halloween is a Christian/Western holiday on October 31, the night before All Saints Day. As we said before, many believe that the ancient festival of Iranians, ChaharShanbeh Soori, is the root of Halloween. Typical festive Halloween activities, include trick-or-treating, carving jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, playing pranks, telling scary stories, ghost-spirit things, etc are like what Iranians (Persians), do in ChaharShanbe Soori since the ancient time. But in the recent decades, Halloween has changed, and now many ask: “Oh, we can’t understand. Halloween is s-e-x-y or scary?”


In fact, Halloween has become “The Mean Girls Halloween”. What mean girls said in “Mean Girls”(2004) movie was joke, but it’s the heart of today Halloween: “In the regular world, Halloween is when you dress up like a zombie, or children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. But in Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut, and others (your parents, friends, etc) can not say anything about it” In fact, “Mean Girls Style” explains how girls can dress like a slut on Halloween.


Many take Mean Girls advice seriously, specially those who love the fashion and the fashion world. Of course, some still believe: “The combination of short skirts, low shirts and polyester-spandex mix will only make you look and feel cheap”. But those who love exposing themselves, body painting, or having fun, only laugh at these views. They are creating a new Halloween. In fact, recently Halloween is about s-e-x before it is about “trick or treat” or ghosts, zombies, etc.


Some say: “The s-e-x-y costume is now as much a part of Halloween as candy corn and Tootsie Rolls. Provocative dress seems like a modern phenomenon. The second half of the 20th century, especially since 1970s, is when you see an explosion of adult costumes. It was also when the celebration of Halloween spilled out onto the streets and into nightclubs, after decades in churches or community centers. Now, people spring for the s-e-x-y-stuff because its mass-produced and therefore cheap, and no one cares if it looks cheap, because it doesnt need to last longer than a night”. In fact, recently some take Mean Girls advice too seriously.


“We like to call it Slutty Halloween. After 2004’s Mean Girls, Slutty Halloween truly became a ‘thing’. Now, Halloween is a chance for normal girls to crank their assets up to their chin and embrace their slaggy alter egos for a night. Halloween offers the chance to dress slutty. But there’s a very practical reason for forgoing Slutty Halloween: it’s cold”, some say. But many don’t care if it’s cold or it’s hot, they only follow the fashion. Some ask: “How can we solve the s-e-x-y Halloween problem?”, and some answer: “there is no way; It makes people hate you!” Such a brilliant answer! Of course, many truly think that having fun is much more better than thinking about death, ghosts, zombies, etc. They say: “Lets have fun for one night; that’s all”.


Halloween or Hallow-een has a funny meaning in Persian Language. In fact, “Halloo” or Hallow” in Persian means “idiot”, so Halloween means “festival of idiots”. As you know, the old Halloween and its root in Iran, was really stupid. But now, many only want to have fun. And it’s not bad; it’s really good. But those who still care about ghosts, zombies, etc or those who are like sheep and only follow the fashion, make Halloween the festival of idiots. Some Americans say: “Halloween is its third-largest season after Valentines Day and Christmas. It’s big business now, and as those in the $7 billion American Halloween industry will tell you, money is always s-e-x-y. Not surprisingly, a s-e-x-y-money costume can be yours for $30”.

Those who care about the fashion world, should watch Robert Altman’s Ready to Wear (1994) . It’s a black comedy about the fashion world and its stupidities. It’s not one of Altman’s good movies, but it’s not a bad movie. Its subject and what Altman wants to say, specially at the end of the movie, are interesting.

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