Canada = Safe Heaven for Mullah Embezzlers?

In the recent days, the Globe and Mail had a new report about the new Mullah embezzlers in Canada. And an Iranian weekly in Canada, Hafteh, has merged all reports about this new scandal (the report is in Persian Language) and reported that brother of the great Mullah embezzler, who has embezzled at least 30000 billion Rial ($3 billion), is Mehregan AmirKhosravi, and he and his family have fled to Canada. Apparently, last week they have gone to the Immigration Office in Montreal, Quebec, for applying for Citizenship or Permanent Resident Visa as inventor or entrepreneur !! (they can train embezzlers in Canada!) Apparently, “Amir Khosravi” is the family name of the great Khayemal (ass-kisser) and Mullah embezzler whose full name is “Mahafarid AmirKhosravi”. He also is known as “Amir Mansour Aria”, and his corporation that has embezzled the huge amount is known as “Amir Mansour Aria’s Holding Company”. The report adds: “AmirKhosravi’s brother, “Mehregan Amir Khosravi” and his wife, Tuba Abdollah-Zadeh, who have fled to Canada and recently have gone to the Montreal Immigration Office, are high rank managers of the notorious holding company. When his brother was arrested in August, Mehregan AmirKhosravi was in Turkey, and quickly fled to Canada, and joint his wife and his children, who had fled to Canada in 2008. AmirKhosravi, the great Mullah embezzler, has three bothers, Masoud Mehregan, and Mardavich, who were born in Rasht, Gilan province. Masoud lived in the eastern Tehran, but after the embezzlement he changed his house, and went to the northern Tehran, Zaferanieh [a very expensive part of Tehran]. Now, Massoud AmirKhosravi who is the only educated man in AmirKhosravi’s family, works as a professor in the Azad University, Tehran Jonoub, it its Civil Engineering Department. Masoud AmirKhosravi’s family, his wife and his child, have fled to the US and now live in the US [!!]. Mehregan AmirKhosravi was the second man in their notorious holding company, and he has bought a $1million house for his young girl, Hiva AmirKhosravi, who is 19 and studies at John Abbott, a Collage in western Montreal Her $1million house is located in Montreal’s West Island (No. 217, Dali Street)”. Unfortunately, and apparently, Canada has become a safe heaven for the Mullahs and those Khayemal jerks who kiss the Mullahs’ ass and embezzle the people money. It’s horrible that some one like Mehregan AmirKhosravi, and his family, can spend and invest the dirty embezzled money in Canada.


Mehregan AmirKhosravi and Khavari are only the tip of the iceberg. Many Mullahs and Mullah embezzlers have gone to Canada or the US, and have invested the dirty embezzled money there“, many Iranians believe. “Canadians have said that they are investigating the case of Khavari and his citizenship in Canada. But you can be sure about what will happen to Khavari. They don’t deport him and his family to Iran. Maybe they arrest him for a while, but after some months they release him, and then Khavari will laugh at us and start spending the dirty embezzled money in Canada. Khavari, AmirKhosravi and other Mullah embezzlers and all high rank savage Mullahs and their families who live in Canada, think that Canada is a safe heaven and no one and nothing threaten them and their embezzled money in Canada.They only laugh at us and after some months they return to their dirty routine life and spend the dirty embezzled money there and enjoy their dirty life in Canada“, some Iranians say. In these days. some Mullah media reported that the real amount of the embezzlement is not 30000 billion Rial ($3 billion), but it’s 47000 billion Rial ($4.7 billion). As we said before, this embezzlement was the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history, but recently, the Mullahs broke the record, and now the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history is an embezzlement in Saipa. They have embezzled about 100000 billion Rial ($10 billion). Apparently these embezzlers have Canadian citizenship, too. It’s really horrible. A high ranking official in the Canadian government has told the BBC Persian that Canadian officials were ‘aware’ of the embezzlement charges against Khavari, but they allowed him to enter Canada“, the media reported. It’s really shameful. The media also added: “Maybe Canadians knew the truth about AmirKhosravi and his wife, but they also allowed these crooks to live in Canada. AmirKhosravi’s wife, “Tooba AbdollahZadeh Siahkali”, is one of the Mullah embezzler who has got huge amounts as loan from banks, but she has not repaid it.” The pictures of AmirKhosravi and his wife in Montreal, are sadly funny. Some say: “AmirKhosravi’s wife, “Tuba (Tooba) AbdollahZadeh Siahkali”, who has been a Khayemal (ass-kisser) in Tehran and has kissed the Mullahs’ ass and has slept with the high rank Mullahs, is a crook that has changed his face in Canada and has become one of the hypocrite Mullah lovers. These jerks make love with the savage Mullahs in Iran, embezzle huge amounts, and then go to the west and live like a westerner crook, and spend the dirty embezzled money there. But the hypocrite western politicians impose sanction on the ordinary Iranians, who hate the Mullahs and Iranian jerks who kiss the Mullahs’ ass.”


As we said before, the Canadian government and the Canadian politicians should answer many serious questions about their relationship with the Mullahs. Apparently, the Canadian security agencies and intelligence services verify all immigration applications and all immigration applicants, especially Iranians because Iran is under the western sanctions. And it raises serious questions about the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers and how they have gone to Canada and invested the dirty embezzled money there. Apparently, the Canadian authorities were aware of the truth, and it’s really horrible; it’s a very big scandal for Canada. Even if they knew nothing, they should answer why did they know nothing? why they did not know the obvious things that almost all Iranians know it? and how can the high rank Mullahs and Mullah embezzlers go to Canada, without any security check, while the poor ordinary Iranians should wait 4 to 8 years in the stupid queue for immigration to Canada, and the Canadian embassy in Tehran, like other western embassies, treats the ordinary Iranians like animals? Does Canada only respect the embezzlers and the savage Mullahs, and they can buy the Canadian immigration and everything in Canada, by their dirty embezzled money? Is Canada a safe heaven for the savage Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers? Is this the true meaning of the Canadian Values? The Canadian government should answer to Iranians’ questions, that also are the questions of many Canadians and many other liberal and open-minded people in all around the world. Canada should facilitate the process of immigration for the wise ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs and the Islamists in Iran, and should not allow the Mullahs, the Islamists and the crooks, who are savage ,corrupt and Khayemal (ass-kisser), to go to Canada, but unfortunately in the last decade exactly the opposite has been seen. Unfortunately Canada allows the savage Mullahs and the savage Islamists to go to Canada very easily via business visa or business immigration, while these bastards have created a medieval hell in Iran for all Iranians, have embezzled Iranians’ money, and systematically kill and torture Iranians, and plunder Iran. Instead of hardening attitude toward the wise ordinary Iranians who hate the savage Mullahs and the Islamists and are the main victim of the savage Mullahs, Canada should focus on the Mullahs, the Islamists and the embezzlers, and should not allow them to go to Canada and live there. Canada should make its immigration process short for the wise ordinary Iranians, but should make it long and difficult for the Mullahs, the Islamists, and the embezzlers, not vice versa.

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