A very Stupid Comedy: “Mullahs and UK”

November 30, 2011

In these days, the UK and the Mullahs that are close friends but pretend that they are enemy of each other, try to play new games for deceiving the stupid people. Their stupid games and their current stupid shows are really worthless and stupid, and we didn’t want to write about it, but what has happened behind the scenes is interesting. In these days, many shameful but important scandals, like the secret meetings between the Mullah Mafia and the western authorities some days after the Mullah Coup, or secret meetings between British Defence Minister and the Mullahs some days before the Mullah Militray Coup in 2009, or the stories of the Mullah Mafia and the Mullah embezzlers who live in the west, have disgraced the fake enemies, and they think they need new games to deceive public opinion. But the new games between the Mullahs and the UK are like a very stupid comedy. Many Iranians believe: “Their current game is another stupid game between the Mullahs and the British Mullah Makers”. So, lets take a look at a fictional story about this stupid game. What you read here is a fictional story about behind the scenes, but many believe it’s based on a true story.

In London …

James, manager of CMFW (“Committee of Managing the Fake War”) is angry. In James’ office in CMFW, that is a British organization that controls the relationships between the UK and the Mullahs, Robin has sat on the sofa, and looks at the window. He is angry too. Robin, that is a member of CMFW, is close friend of James. The new scandals that have revealed a very small part of the secret relationships between the Mullahs and the UK, have made them angry. James: “Now, everybody knows that we and the Mullahs are close friends. What shall we do? ” Robin: “I don’t know. But we can handle it. Lets just think about it. We can find a good solution” James: “How? Iranians and many others know that ten thousands of Mullahs and their families and the Mullah agents live in London. They know that Larijani Brothers are our stooge. They know about the secret meetings between our Defence minister and the Mullahs some days before the Mullah Military Coup. They know many things”. Robin: “No, they know nothing. We can say that it’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’. We can solve our problem by using our TV series in Iran, “Uncle Napoleon”. We can claim what some say are the conspiracy theory of uncle Napoleon” James: “It’s an old excuse. The young Iranians don’t accept this bullshit. We need a new solution” Robin: “Let me see … We can say we impose sanction on their banks, and then we can have an attack at our embassy in Tehran. Like 1979” James: “2011 is not 1979” Robin: “Yah, but when our media and the Iranian media repeat a big lie, many naive and stupid people accept it. Don’t worry.” James: “I don’t know. It’s very stupid”. Robin: “We can ask the Mullahs to use their Basiji thugs and we call them Iranian Students” James: “But it so ridiculous, even the Iranian babies will laugh at us and this stupid plot. We need a better plan”. Robin: “No, the British people, the American people, and the Iranian expats are stupider than the Iranian children. They are naive. We can manipulate them.” James: “While thousands of the Mullahs and their families live in London, and when the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers invest their embezzled money here, no one accepts this stupid show” Robin: “No, the naive people will accept it”


James: “When the BBC Perisan is the voice of Mullahs and Mullah Mafia, who can believe this big lie?” Robin: “Are you OK James? You are angry and disappointed. Just relax”. James: “We supported the Mullahs in 2009, and opposed the regime change. Khamenei’s TV works here in London and has a very large Building and many Basiji staffs here. Who can accept this stupid plot?” Robin: “Relax, man. The world is full of naive and stupid people. Don’t worry.” James: “When the Mullah Mafia and thousands of Mullah agents live here in London, who accept this stupid plan?” Robin: “Drink this glass of water. Be relax, man. Don’t forget that we are master at playing games” After about 2 hours, James says: “OK, what we should do”. Robin: “We should ask the Mullahs to use 100 or 200 Basiji thugs and attack our embassy in Tehran. They should chant “Death to England” in front of camera.” James: “Our show should seem natural as much as possible” Robin: “Yah, they should pull down our flag, and burn it, and replace it with the Mullah one, threw satellite dishes off the roofs, smashed windows and scattered thousands of papers in the street in front of the embassy …” James: “Yah, then the BBC and other British Media will tear their ass up, and will pretend that 100 to 200 Basiji thugs are Iranian students … It’s not bad.”

In Tehran …

Robin calls Tehran and asks the head of SMJZ to implement the plot. CMFW has an Iranian counterpart in Tehran that the Mullahs call it SMJZ (“Setad Modiriat Jange Zargari”). Haji, the head of SMJZ, accepts the plan, but he says that his men have some better plans that can complete the basic plan. Haji: “the Majlis (the Mullah Parliament) can vote to expel the British ambassador. It’s a good Idea, isn’t it?” Robin: “Yah, I think James will be happy. I will call Larijani and speak with him, and you can handle the Basiji thugs”. Haji: “OK. But we need some MI6 agents to work with us”. Robin: “Don’t worry. You can call Kate, and she will tell you what they can do for you” Haji: “OK. But I only have about 300 Basiji now. Is it enough for this plan?” Robin: “It’s enough. Just ask 10 to 20 foreign journalists in Tehran to go there. And ask your TV and your Basiji reporters to go there and cover the whole event.” Haji: “OK. But you should ask the foreign journalists to take only close-up photographs. I have just about 300 Basiji.”


Robin: “Don’t worry. The foreign journalists in Tehran have learned their lessons” Haji: “OK. Can we destroy something inside the embassy?” Robin: “No, just break several windows and film it”. Haji: “OK. I want to ask our police to block the streets near the embassy. But I’m frightened that the foreign journalists report the truth and disgrace us.” Robin: “No, the foreign journalists in Tehran only report what we ask them. They will not have any interview with the ordinary Iranians. They only work with you and your Basiji mercenaries. Even if they reported something stupid, we call edit the reports here. Don’t worry”. Haji: “OK. So, we can do whatever we want to do, and we can be sure that the foreign journalists are like our Basiji reporters?” Robin: “Yah, they are like your Basiji mercenaries”. Haji: “OK. But Iranians will not accept our reports. They don’t watch our TV, and don’t read our newspapers. Of course I can contact our Iranian mercenaries in London and Washington, but how do you want to manipulate Iranians?” Robin: “Don’t worry. I will ask the BBC Persian and our Iranian mercenaries in the Iranian media to handle the situation. They are like your Mullah TV and your Mullah newspapers.” Haji: “OK. So, everything is ready for our show” Robin: “Yah, I wait for your show”.

Action …

About 300 Basiji thugs are ready to attack the British embassy in Tehran. The foreign journalists know what they should report. They know when they should close their eyes. They know how they should take photo or film the Basiji thugs. When that 300 Basiji thugs reach in front of the embassy, all roads are already blocked by the Mullah police and the streets are empty. But in the sidewalks, the people only laugh at the stupid Basiji and their stupid shows. The smiles and the eyes of the ordinary people can show you many things. They clearly show that Iranians hate both the Mullahs and the British Mullah Makers. In the sidewalks, you can only hear one thing: “Such a ridiculous show. It’s a family plot. It’s just another stupid game between the Mullahs and the British Mullah Makers


In London …

After the stupid show, Robin and James are happy. Robin: “That was great, now our media and our Iranian mercenaries in London are covering this stupid event” James: “who? the Iranian baboons ? they are so disgraced in Iran”. Robin: “But the BBC Persian is discredited in Iran, too”. James: “Do you think Iranians will believe this big lie?” Robin: “Iranians are not important. They are voiceless and have no media. We should try to deceive the stupid people in the UK and the US”. James: “Yah, but you should ask our Iranian media to threaten Iranians with war and intimidate them” Robin: “Yah, but Iranians inside Iran only laugh at us. We should focus on the stupid people in the west” James: “Yah, the naive and stupid people still think we support the Iranian opposition ! Our media should say: “Britain supports the opposition Green movement !” Robin: “Yah, it’s so funny. Our media will pretend that the Basiji thugs and those who are member of Mullah Gestapo are Iranian students or Iranian protesters or Iranian intellectuals !” James: “It’s really funny. You can ask the stupid Robert Fisk and other stupid lefts in the UK to talk nonsense about this matter. They should say: “Iranians attack the British Embassy”. They should pretend that the Basij and the Mullahs are representative of Iranians !” Robin: “Yah, the stupid Fisk and other stupid lefts are godsend for us”. James: “But do you think the people accept this? Those who killed, tortured and raped Iranians are representative of Iranians? Who can accept this big lie?” Robin: “The lie should be big. The bigger, the better. It’s what our master, Goebbels, said” James: “Yah, but we supported these killers and rapists in 2009. They are our friend. They are our stooge. But now we want to pretend that they are our enemy. Do think our people or the Americans can accept this?” Robin: “They will accept what our media and the stupid lefts say. The people are so stupid.” James: “Yah, they are so stupid, but …” Robin: “Don’t worry James. It’s like other British policies”. James: “Yah, it’s just part of the British Politics that is based on the biggest possible lies”. When James and Robin were happy, some Iranians asked themselves: “About 300 Basiji thugs with the help of some stupid mercenaries in all around the world – those who call themselves “Journalist”- can make a big news for the whole world ?! Is it a joke ? Is the world so stupid in 21st century that a handful of worthless mercenaries can create an big news for about 7 billion people ?!”

Internet Censorship in USA and Canada ?

November 29, 2011

Recently, the American and Canadian politicians have proposed some stupid bills against freedom and privacy in the internet, that can convert the US and Canada into Iran or China. Some Iranians say: “Those who did not care about our situation in Iran, now will be victims of the same situation in their own countries”, and it’s exactly like Albert Camus’s “The Plague”. The media reported: “Supported by the copyright lobby, the US House of Representatives put forward new legislation that is similar to the controversial PROTECT IP Act that the Senate attempted to introduce earlier in the year. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) would allow the government to blacklist websites and services via the Domain Name System (DNS). One of the more controversial provisions in SOPA would also punish those who provide ways to bypass the proposed DNS filtering system ! Many of today’s tools and technologies can be seen as doing just that, providing ways to by-pass filtered DNS services. VPNs, proxies and anonymizer software could all be used to bypass DNS filtering, but the US Attorney General could launch legal proceedings against these types of services and software ! The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) warns that many Internet security tools, such as firewalls or the widely used SSH tool, come with proxy and VPN functions, and under SOPA, any of these tools could be made illegal”. It’s really stupid. Some say: “SOPA would ruin so much of what’s best about the Internet: It will give the government and corporations new powers to block Americans’ access to sites, and put people in prison for streaming certain content online. We will not stop fighting until the Stop Online Piracy and the PROTECT IP Acts are defeated”. The stupid bastards in the US try to convert the US into Iran under the Mullah regime. Some say: “It’s funny. The stupid lefts and stupid people in OWS movement try to abolish democracy and establish theocracy, and the stupid rights and anti-OWS try to censor the internet and suffocate the people’s voices. It’s really stupid and horrible. What’s wrong with Americans in 21st century?” The wise Americans should not remain silent or indifferent. Recently, the media reported: “The House Judiciary Committee will meet for a hearing on the controversial SOPA. What could have been an opportunity for the committee to hear from a variety of stakeholders has devolved into a parade of pro-SOPA partisans. Scheduled to testify are representatives from the Register of Copyrights, Pfizer Global Security, the Motion Picture Association of America, the AFL-CIO, and Mastercard Worldwide -many of which helped to draft this legislation in the first place, and didnt let anyone else into the room. Do you know who’s Missing From SOPA Hearing? EFF, Public Knowledge, TechFreedom, Demand Progress and many others have all raised strong objections to SOPA”.


In the recent days, EFF had many reports about SOPA. SOPA: Hollywood’s New War on Software Freedom and Internet Innovation is one of them that says: “The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), an outrageous and grievously misguided bill now working its way through the House of Representatives. Do you write or distribute VPN, proxy, privacy or anonymization software? You might have to build in a censorship mechanism -or find yourself in a legal fight with the U.S. Attorney General. Even some of the most fundamental and widely used Internet security software, such as SSH, includes built-in proxy functionality. This kind of software is installed on hundreds of millions of computers, but it could easily become a target for censorship orders under the new bill. All censorship schemes impact speech beyond the category they were intended to restrict, but this bill will be particularly egregious in that regard because it causes entire domains to vanish from the Web, not just infringing pages or files. By introducing bills like this, Congress is recklessly endangering Internet innovation and security.” In another report, “SOPA: A Blacklist by Any Other Name Is Still a Blacklist”, the EFF says: “The early versions of PROTECT-IP, the Senates counterpart to SOPA, did include an explicit Blacklist Provision, but this transparent attempt at extrajudicial censorship was so offensive that the Senate had to re-write that part of the bill. However, provisions that encourage unofficial blacklisting remained, and they are still alive and well in SOPA. The new law would allow the Attorney General to cut off sites from the Internet, essentially blacklisting companies from doing business on the web. SOPA also allows payment processors to cut websites off voluntarily -even if they havent received a notice. Visa and Mastercard cannot be held accountable if they cease processing payments to any site, as long as they have a ‘reasonable belief’ that the website is engaged in copyright violations of any kind” It’s really like the law of the Jungle. In another report, “SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet”, the EFF says: “Hollywood is tired of those pesky laws that help protect innovation and creativity rather than outmoded business models. So they are trying to rewrite the rules, regulate the Internet, and damn the consequences for the rest of us. The bill sets up a system to punish sites allegedly dedicated to the theft of US property. How do you get that label? The payment processors (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal etc.) and ad services you rely on, can choke off your financial support; Your whole site will be under assault. And, it makes no difference that no judge has found you guilty of anything [!!!] or that the DMCA safe harbors would shelter your conduct if the matter ever went to court. Indeed, services that have been specifically found legal, like Rapidshare, could be economically strangled via SOPA”. It’s really stupid and like the law of the Jungle. The evil forces try to covert the internet into a totalitarian tool of surveillance and control, and it’s very dangerous.


In the recent days, Harper and other stupid rights in Canada try to have a similar act in Canada. The Online Spying bills would enable authorities to spy on Canadians in the name of fighting against criminal and terrorist activities. It’s an old excuse that is used in Iran and China, as well. The reports, like Unmasking Online Spying in Canada, say: “As last drafted, the bills represent a dramatic and dangerous attempt to leverage online service providers as agents of state surveillance. They include new police powers that would allow Canadian authorities easy access to Canadians online activities, including the power to force ISPs to hand over private customer data without a warrant [!!!]. The dangers of these measures should not be underestimated”. It’s really true. This sort of stupid acts are very dangerous, and are like the Plague that can infect everyone in a gradual process. The reports add: “Openmedia.ca, CIPPIC, and other civil society groups have firmly denounced these spy bills and worked tirelessly to raise awareness about their true impact and intent. The heavy technical surveillance capacity obligations the legislation seeks to impose on ISPs even threaten Canadas fragile competitive telecom environment. A lawyer for a coalition of independent ISPs outlined the risks such bills pose to small independent ISPs”. It’s really horrible. It’s exactly like our dreadful conditions in Iran. The evil forces in all around the world are like each others. They use the same excuses and the same tactics. Some say: “Those who don’t care about others will be victims of the same problems. If you really want to live in a free world, and don’t want that the US, Canada, and the whole world convert into China or Iran under the Mullah regime, you should strongly protest against these stupid acts in the US and Canada, and also against the dreadful conditions in Iran, China, and other parts of the world”. As we said before, Iranians are victims of the western tools of suppression, and the western companies aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians (check Archive). But now those who are like indifferent animals and don’t care about others, should know that very soon they would have the same situation in their own country. “The Plague” is the story of these stupid bastards and their horrible stupidities. But the wise people in all around the world should not allow history to repeat itself. They should strongly protest against the western countries who supported the Mullahs and refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement. They should strongly protest against the western companies who aid the Mullahs and other savage dictators in killing and torturing the people. And they should strongly protest against the current stupid bills in the US and Canada.

for Action:

(1) via “Demand Progress”: Send a message to Congress -even if you already have- telling them they need to back down. Let’s make it clear that the Internet has risen up, and won’t back down until Congress heeds our calls

(2) via “American Censorship”: If this law passes, you’ll wake up to find sites you love blocked by the US government. Tell Congress to vote “no” on SOPA. Send the letter; Use the logo

(3) via Stop Online Spying in Canada: This is ‘Stop Online Spying campaign’, which began in June, now has over 75,000 signatures

Helen Mirren, Children, and Honesty

November 28, 2011

Recently, the famous British actress, Helen Mirren, 66, had an interview with the Observer, and talked about her controversial life and why she has not any children. It’s not bad we take a look at Mirren’s life and some important global problems. Helen Mirren has won an Academy Award, four SAG Awards, four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes, four Emmy Awards, and two Cannes Awards. Mirren was a rebel and started her career as an actress in 1965, at age 20. She says: “Im a would-be rebel -the good girl whod like to be a bad one. Im still the good girl who wants to be a bad girl. But Ill never make it as a bad girl. Im not a moralist and I never have been, but Im too fearful, too much of a wimp, really”. Helen Mirren, like other humans, has had great mistakes or weak points (like using drugs), but she has not been cheap and nasty like many other celebrities. Once she had said: “I am so happy that I didn’t have children. Well, you know, because I’ve had freedom”. And in the recent interview she has said: “The children are funny, but I never wanted to have them. There are far too many people in the world. It is my contribution to ecology “! Mirren has been honest with herself about many things. Some say: “Helen Mirren is not irresponsible and stupid; she has decided for herself and her life honestly and thoughtfully. You should know that there is a trade-off between s-e-x-u-al freedom and children, if you want to be honest and responsible and enjoy s-e-x-u-al freedom”. Many people, in Iran and the west, are really charlatan and live an animal life. They are unfaithful partner and totally irresponsible parent. According to a Persian old saying: “They want to have both date and donkey” (hamm Khar and hamm Khorma), that in this case means they want to enjoy the benefits of having family and children, but they also try to live like a single boy or girl and are totally irresponsible and dishonest. But Mirren is not like them. And some say: “that’s why she still is famous and attractive at age 66, after 46 years continuous work as an actress”


In the recent interview, Helen Mirren said: “I think some men and women just don’t have a deep urge to procreate. It’s funny, I was watching this program on TV last night, Two Greedy Italians, and one of them announced: ‘The most important things in life are food and procreation.’ Well for me, neither of those things is centrally important. The children are funny, and I just love them, but I never wanted to have them. I really tried to want it at one point. I thought maybe I should. But I never convinced myself. I think still it is very fine not to want children. There are far too many people in the world. It is my contribution to ecology. You write your life story by the choices you make. You never know if they have been a mistake. Those moments of decision are so difficult. I went through a phase of consulting the I Ching, which was useful in that it freed you up to listen to your instinct. Though often it would say things such as, ‘The water will pour down from the mountain and the sea will churn’ and you had to make of it what you wanted to. I don’t think I have slept in the same bed for more than 3 or 4 months my whole life. I am always planting vegetables that I never get to eat and flowers that I never see. I have always moved around the world. What I have learned is that you come more to accept that you are never going to get it right. For any kind of artist, your whole life is a struggle to be free in your art form. I know now that you never get there. But you do get as close as you can”. As you know, food and procreation are the most important things for animals and the animal life. And the wise humans try to have a human life. They think about many things, specially about the dilemma of creating another human for living in this shitty world. But unfortunately, many still live like animals and can’t understand that creating a new baby is equal to the greatest possible responsibility. And the poor and innocent babies are victims of these stupid bastards who convert the human society into an animal colony with many horrible animal problems. Just take a look at Africa, Asia, America, and even Europe, and see the dreadful conditions of children and how many humans still live like animals. The world will be a better place, only when the number of irresponsible and stupid humans who live like animals decreases significantly.


Helen Mirren has added: “I learned quite early on in life that we are all two people. And one of those people none of us will ever know. Acting is a great deal to do with accepting that other person and coming to terms with her. You can’t control how other people see you or think of you. But you have to be comfortable with that. You didn’t encounter that s-e-x-ism so much in the theatre, but it was a norm of everyday life … I was also my own worst enemy to a certain extent. I was into girlie things and also what I would call eroticism as art; I had a relationship with a photographer [James Wedge] and explored that. I never saw a conflict in those things. Your personal dignity seems a separate thing from that to me. And it is a question of taste. To this day, I still can’t quite explain why one thing is vulgar and one thing is not, but I know for sure which is which. [Mirren was famous early in her film career for her apparently relaxed attitude to nudity] If I catch a glimpse of myself in “Age of Consent” [above and below pictures], with James Mason, the first film I did, it is a bit, ‘Wow! Who is that funny little hairy fat girl? [!]’ It is a different person [!]. Every cell in your body is different. It’s not really you at all … My father very much wanted to assimilate. He wanted a British family and not to live in the past as his father had done. But however hard he tried, my father was Russian in his heart. He spoke Russian but he didn’t want to. And he certainly didn’t want us to. He was a socialist”. Some say: “What Helen Mirren says about her early films is not acceptable and is a sign of hypocrisy or stupidity”. But some add: “what she says about her early films or her past can be understandable, because we and our views change during our life, and it’s progress”.


Of her scandalous early roles in 1969s Age of Consent (when she stripped as the teenage muse of an older painter) or in Caligula (1979), Mirren says she had a plan. She says: When I did Caligula, for example, I hadnt really done movies. And she adds, I much prefer overt s-e-x-uality to sleazy, vulgar prurience”. In fact, from the scandal-plagued Caligula (1979) and “Age of Consent” (1969) to the controversial “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover” (1989) and “The Calendar Girls” (2003), she always has been very controversial or notorious, but she says: “I love being notorious. Of course, Im getting less notorious as I get older. People forget that I ever was”. Mirren’s story is the story of the censorship in the UK, too. In 1960s, as soon as she left college, she was a rising star at the RSC whod begun her repertoire of provocative film roles with 1969s Age of Consent, that ran into trouble with censors in the UK. Just after 35 years, both the original score and cut scenes were reinstated when the film was restored in 2005. Some say: “Mirren was 22 at the time the filming of Age of Consent began, but even now at age 66 she still is very controversial and has many fans.” And some adds: “She has had many problems or mistakes. But she has been honest. She has not cheated on any body. She has no children and no responsibility for her children. She enjoys her freedom without telling lie and being irresponsible.” Honesty is an important human value. Some claims that almost half of Britain’s women cheat on their partners. And it’s a big global problem. In fact, being hypocrite and dishonest is equal to being a stupid bastard politician, and we know what the stupid bastard politicians do with the world. Some Iranians say: “In Iran, more than half of Iranian men and women cheat on their partners, and have extramarital affairs. They tell blatant lies, and destroy the life of their children while they should be responsible about their children.” It’s ridiculous that many of these unfaithful and hypocrite bastards say that some one like Helen Mirren is corrupt !! These stupid bastards are like the hypocrite Mullahs who kill, torture, and rape men and women, but arrest the youths for Hejab or having GF/ BF, in the name of the Moral Values !


Last year the media reported: “At 65, Helen Mirren is also that rare thing: an actress who has kept both her body and her career hot without going under the knife. She describes a recent encounter in Los Angeles with two women who had evidently indulged in some cosmetic enhancements. Their lips made them look like huge platypuses or ducks or something, Mirren says, turning her own lips inside out to illustrate. I went: God, look at those two Los Angeles women! And I heard them talking and they both had complete British accents! I do think people should do whatever makes them happy. Even those ladies with those ridiculous lips. If they look at themselves in the mirror and they go: Wow! I look good! So what? It again shows that Mirren is not too stupid. If you were honest with yourself and wanted to have plastic surgery for being more happy, what can be wrong with that? It can be a sign of wisdom. But if you were a sheep who wanted to have plastic surgery because it’s in fashion or because others do it, it’s really stupid. It’s a clear sign of “Foolishness Disease”. It’s really shameful that the number of hypocrite and dishonest people in the whole world is large. The people who are like a sheep, and tell lie and are unfaithful, dishonest and irresponsible, and then justify themselves by blaming others or the world, are really stupid bastards. They often blame the free and independent people for being corrupt, while themselves are the most corrupt people in the world. They are dishonest, unfaithful, and irresponsible, and make humans’ life hell. In the recent years, the number of hypocrite and dishonest people in Iran has increased dramatically . It’s one of the main Mullah miracle in Iran, but the ordinary Iranians should try to not justify themselves by only blaming the Mullahs. Being honest and wise is a matter of personal choice. You can be wise and honest even in the dreadful conditions. Some Iranians say: “If you regularly cheat on your wife or husband, if you have extramarital affairs while you have children, if you have married because your wife or your husband were rich, and if you are a big liar who tell lie to everyone including your family and your close friends, you are a stupid jerk who deserves to be fucked by both the Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians.” It’s really true. You can not be dishonest, unfaithful, liar, asshole and jerk, and then ask : “Why does the world has many f-u-c-k-ing problems ?” In fact, You, yourself are part of the damn problems.

Thanksgiving in Iran and North America

November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Day is an annual holiday in both the US and Canada. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the U.S. and on the second Monday of October in Canada. Thanksgiving in North America had originated from a mix of European/ Persian and Native traditions. Typically in Persia, and then in Europe, festivals were held before and after the harvest cycles to give thanks for a good harvest. As we said before, many Western traditions have Persian roots, and among them are April 1st (13-bedar), Halloween (CharShanbe Soori), Thanksgiving (Megregan), Christmas (Sadeh/ Yalda), etc. As we said before, the Persian religion (Zoroastrianism) is the root of Christianity and many other religions. And many Europeans were Aryans (Iranians) who immigrated to Europe from Iran. The Zoroastrian doctrine of heaven ,hell, and limbo influenced other faiths. Christianity further assimilated the Zoroastrian belief of the souls afterlife and the appearance of a savior, resurrection, and eternal life at the end of the world. Zoroasters notions also affected the development of Christian beliefs about demons and angels, the afterlife, and heaven and hell, as well as the concept of resurrection of the dead at the end of time . As we said before, ‘Iran’ literally means ‘land of Aryans’, and many Europeans immigrated form Iran. So, it’s so obvious that many Persian traditions became popular in the west. Thanksgiving history in the US, according to scholars, was an autumn harvest festival. And it’s exactly like the Persian traditions of Mehregan, a day of thanksgiving which everyone show the mehr (love) they have for each other. Mehregan was a very important day in the Persian year. It was celebrated in the seventh month, Mehr, at the time of harvest and beginning of winter. On those days, farmers carried out their harvest and prayed to God for it. Thanksgiving history in the US is not very clear, but some say that the first gathering among the pilgrims and the Winnebago Indians, took place in 1621 and was regarded as a harvest festival event. This idea of holding a harvest feast was not something new to the pilgrims. Many cultures throughout history had held feasts and banquets honoring their individual deities or simply being thankful for the bounty. At that time, Native Americans had also celebrated the end of a harvest season.


Mehregan is one of the two most important ancient Iranian festivals known, dating back at least as far as the earliest Aryans (Iranians). The word “Mehr” (in Mehregan) in the Persian language means kindness. Mehr represents knowledge, love, light and friendship. Mehregan and its festival falls on the 196th day of the Iranian year (10th Mehr, 2nd Oct.). Avestan texts divide the Iranian year into two equal parts or seasons. The first season was summer and the second was winter. The coming of the two seasons would be celebrated through Nowruz and Mehregan. It was celebrated on the 16th of the seventh month, Mehr, at the time of harvest and beginning of winter. This feast would be celebrated for six days. On these days, farmers carried out their harvest and prayed to God for it. The seventh month in the Persian calendar is named Mehr and is dedicated to the Goddess of Light (Mithra or Mehr). Her followers believed that she defeated evil and darkness, a scene that is often depicted with a triumphant lion residing over a bull. The Perisan also believe Fereydouns victory over Azydahak (Zahhak in Ferdosis Shahnameh) happened on Mehregan day (it’s an old Persian Myth). Hence, Mehregan is a day of victory when angels helped Fereydoun and Kaveh gain victory over Zahhak. They imprisoned him in the Damavand Mountain where he died from his wounds six days later. In Birunis 11th-century book of instructions on the art of astrology, the astronomer observed that some people gave preference to Mehregan over Nowruz just as they prefer autumn over spring. Mehregan was celebrated in an extravagant style at Persepolis. Not only was it the time for harvest, but it was also the time when the taxes were collected. No matter what the origins, Persians all over celebrate this festival in the fall signifying the season of harvest and thanksgiving. Friendships are renewed and families are visited. The festival is also a reminder of the cornerstone of the religion of Zoroaster – good words, good deeds and good thoughts. Now, the Iranian Zoroastrians are celebrating this auspicious occasion on October 2. At lunch time, everyone in the family stands in front of the mirror to pray. Handfuls of wild marjoram, lotus and sugar plum seeds are thrown over each others heads while they embrace one another. Of course, the Mullahs and the Islamist have banned other Iranians from celebrating Mehregan, but after the Mullahs downfall, Iranians again will celebrate Mehregan and all other Persian festivals in all around Persia.


Thanksgiving in the US is a religious day, but like many other religious days in the US, Thanksgiving has become a happy and joyful secular day in the recent decades. The history of Thanksgiving in the US is not very clear, but some believe the first Thanksgiving in the US was the feast shared with the Wampanoag Indians. They say: “During the first winter in 1621, 46 of the 102 pilgrims died. But the following year resulted in a plentiful harvest. The pilgrims decided to celebrate with a feast that would include 90 natives who helped the pilgrims survive during that first winter. The next recorded day of Thanksgiving occurred in 1631 when a ship full of supplies that was feared to be lost at sea actually pulled into Boston Harbor. Governor Bradford again ordered a day of Thanksgiving and prayer”. And some historians add: “After the revolutionary wars, George Washington issued the first national Thanksgiving Day Proclamation in the year 1789 and again in 1795. Washington wrote: ‘Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits … we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions”. The state of New York officially made Thanksgiving Day an annual custom in 1817. Abraham Lincoln issued a ‘Thanksgiving Proclamation’ on third October 1863 and officially set aside the last Thursday of November as the national day for Thanksgiving. Franklin Roosevelt restored Thursday before last of November as Thanksgiving Day in the year 1939. And Congress passed a law on December 26, 1941, ensuring that all Americans would celebrate a unified Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November every year”. Thanksgiving is the turkey’s day in the US. In a survey conducted by the National Turkey Federation, nearly 88 percent of Americans said they eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Some say: “An estimated 248 million turkeys will be raised for slaughter in the US, up 2 percent from 2010’s total, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Last year’s birds were worth about U.S. $4.37 billion. About 46 million turkeys ended up on U.S. dinner tables last Thanksgiving -or about 736 million pounds (334 million kilograms) of turkey meat, according to estimates from the National Turkey Federation. The American Automobile Association (AAA) estimated that 42.2 million Americans traveled 50 miles or more from home over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2010”. Apparently Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States. Native Americans had domesticated the turkey centuries before European contact. And early European explorers of the New World had returned to Europe with turkeys in tow after encountering them at Native American settlements.


Thanksgiving is observed on the every fourth Thursday of November, so its date is not fixed (2011- Thursday, November 24th, 2012- Thursday, November 22nd, 2013- Thursday, November 28th, etc). The Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of the month, and the reason for the earlier date in October is their earlier harvest occurring farther to the north. There are many myths about Thanksgiving in the US. Some historians say: “The Plimoth settlers did not refer to themselves as Pilgrims. Pilgrims are people who travel for religious reasons, such as Muslims who make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Most of those who arrived here from England were religious dissidents who had broken away from the Church of England. They called themselves Saints; others called them Separatists. Some of the settlers were Puritans, dissidents but not separatists who wanted to purify the Church. It wasnt until around the time of the American Revolution that the name Pilgrims came to be associated with the Plimoth settlers, and the Pilgrims became the symbol of American morality and Christian faith, fortitude, and family. But the colonists were not just innocent refugees from religious persecution. By 1620, hundreds of Native people had already been to England and back, most as captives; so the Plimoth colonists knew full well that the land they were settling on was inhabited. Nevertheless, their belief system taught them that any land that was unimproved was wild and theirs for the taking; that the people who lived there were roving heathens with no right to the land. Both the Separatists and Puritans were rigid fundamentalists who came here fully intending to take the land away from its Native inhabitants and establish a new nation, their Holy Kingdom. The Plimoth colonists were never concerned with freedom of religion for anyone but themselves. By 1675, there were some 50,000 colonists in the place they had named New England. They had killed many native Americans. That year, Metacom, a son of Massasoit, one of the first whose generosity had saved the lives of the starving settlers, led a rebellion against them. By the end of the conflict known as King Philips War, most of the Indian peoples of the Northeast region had been either completely wiped out, sold into slavery, or had fled for safety into Canada. Shortly after Metacoms death, Plimoth Colony declared a day of thanksgiving for the English victory over the Indians”

A Letter to 50 million Years later

November 26, 2011

Dear Super Human,

When you find this fossil letter in a fossil computer, you maybe think it belongs to dinosaurs and the age of dinosaurs, but you are wrong. It belongs to the humans, a kind of Homo species, who are the first intelligent being in Earth. We, the humans, are not dinosaur, because dinosaurs lived 65 million years earlier and had many serious biological differences with us. But if I want to be honest with you, I should say that many of us still live like dinosaurs. Those who only care about food, s-e-x, and money, or those who still kill or f-u-c-k each others in wars, still live like dinosaurs. And a group of us who are called the clergymen (Mullah, Rabbi, Priest, etc) are exactly like the fossils of dinosaurs. They really live in the age of dinosaurs.

In our time that I call it “the Human Age”, the shape of Earth and many other things are very special. We have Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, America, Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, etc and we have something that we call it “Country”. I know these concepts are like fossil concepts for you and maybe you think we are really dinosaur, but I hope you can close your eyes to our stupidities and think we were really intelligent species. You know, we are not dinosaur, because we have invented some useful tools. I think you can find fossils of airplane, ship, car, train, book, movie, computer, etc that are part of our inventions. I know you think these fossils are like fossils of dinosaurs, but you should know that we have just one 1.5kg brain.

I don’t know where you live, and how you read this fossil letter. Maybe you live in Alfa1 planet in Galaxy Z80. But we, that are your ancestors, still live in Earth and Milky Way, that are your first home. I don’t know how the biological evolution have changed you, but I hope your biological evolution would be able to create a really intelligent being, without our dreadful stupidities and dreadful weak points. I hope you can transfer knowledge and wisdom through your genes. In our times, the history repeats itself because our babies and our youths should start from zero like a caveman, and that’s why many remain ignorant and live like dinosaurs. We have one brain, but many don’t use it. But I hope you have 2, 3, or 4 brains, instead of only 1 brain, and you use all of these brains well.


We really liked to have at least one letter form dinosaurs, but it was impossible because they could not write. But we, the humans, have language, and can write, read, and speak. Of course many of us talk nonsense, specially a group of us that are very dangerous creatures and we call them ‘politicians’. These dangerous species have a more dangerous subtype that we call them “Dictators”. They kill others, eat others, rape others, and torture others, only for the power and staying in power. I know, you think they are dinosaur, and I’m agreed with you. Of course, we have another group that is called “intellectuals”, and many of them are very stupid and disgusting creatures who defend the dictators. They are really like Lizard or Chameleon.

I don’t know whether the humans survived or not. Maybe the humans have been extinct for millions of years, but if you still can see the humans, you should know that they are much more modern than us. Maybe the cockroaches, the ants, the crocodiles, etc still live like our age, i.e. like 50 millions years ago, but the humans have changed a lot. I have no doubt. You, the reader of this fossil letter in 50 million years later, are either a super human, or a new specie that we are your ancestors, but in both cases I prefer to call you “Super Human”. I hope you don’t forget your ancestors, and if you find a way to recreate us from our fossil DNA, we would be grateful. But please be careful to choose our DNA. You should check it very carefully. It should not be DNA of politicians, specially the British politicians, and also DNA of clergymen, specially the Mullahs. Be careful, they can take you back to the stone age.

Dear super human, I hope you have a life expectancy of at least 10,000 years. In our time only trees have such life expectancy, and we live only for 50 to 100 years. Can you believe it ? I hope you can travel to other galaxies and you can live in peace with other intelligent beings in other galaxies. I hope you can find other dimensions of this world, and other worlds of this Multiverse that we called it “Universe”. Dear super human, you are really lucky that you don’t live in our time, so stop thinking about the fundamental question of philosophy, i.e. Judging whether life is, or is not worth living. Of course we are lucky, too; because we don’t live in the Dinosaur Age, but as I said before, we live in a living hell that is full of little and stupid dinosaurs (“Politicians”, “Mullahs”, “religious fanatics”, “racist/chauvinist”, etc). Anyway, enjoy your life and all things you have, and fight for a better life and a better future. It’s what all intelligent beings should do in all times.

Best regards,

A human from the human age

Horrible and Weird Foods: Cockroaches

November 26, 2011

The people in East Asia, specially the Chinese, eat all animate objects, including cockroach. The Chinese are a great nation with many good ancient traditions. The Chinese and the Persian are old friends, since the ancient time, but the Chinese foods are among the most horrible parts of the ancient traditions in China.


The people in East Asia, specially the Chinese, eat cockroaches, while we all know that the cockroaches are disgusting who used to live in shit and dirty places. There is no doubt that these animals are so dirty and disgusting.


They even eat the silkworms that are made by the grilled skewers like kebabs. “Silkworm Silk Bake” is a popular food. They eat the cockroaches and worms as snack, or as canned foods ! It’s really horrible and disgusting.


How do you think of canned cockroaches? I really can’t understand why they eat these shits, and why these stupid foods and this stupid cuisine have become popular in the world. Funny Iranians say: “If they eat their own shit, it was more understandable !”


They even eat scorpion ! It’s really horrible. Insects like scorpions, cockroaches, dung beetles, and silkworms are skewered and grilled to make them crunchy. These are very popular street food in China and people often feast them like anything !


How do you think of fried spiders or scorpions ? It’s really horrible. The animals eat these animals, but can you eat cockroach, scorpion, spider, etc in 21st century and call yourself civilized human ?! The stupid Iranian expats who talk nonsense about Kaleh Pacheh, should be forced to eat cockroaches.

A Solution to the Problems of Middle East !

November 25, 2011

In these days, when the majority of stupid Egyptians can’t understand what they do is “choosing between two great evils”, and the Islamists are as dangerous as the Military officers, we have a good solution for the whole region. Our solution seems like a joke, but it really can solve many problems in the Middle East, specially when the stupid Egyptians and the stupid Arabs want to repeat the mistakes of 1979. As you know, the majority of Arabs are like the stupid Egyptians and want to establish an Islamic system in their countries. In fact, the majority of Arabs are stupid Islamist or pro-Islamist, and the number of wise and liberal Arabs is very small. On the other hand, the majority of Iranians are anti-Islamist and hate the Mullahs and the Islamists. So, we can think about some sort of exchanging people or importing/exporting people as an effective solution. In the best case, the number of pro-Mullahs and pro-Islamist people (reformists, fundamentalists, etc) in Iran is about 3 to 4 million, and the number of wise and liberal people in the whole Arab world, from Egypt and Saudi Arabia to Lebanon and Bahrain, is about 4 to 5 million. So, it’s not bad that Iranians export the Islamists and the Mullahs, who are Arabs or pro-Arabs, to the stupid Egypt and the Arab world, and instead the wise and liberal Arabs and Egyptians who have many dreadful problems and difficulties in their own countries go to Iran and live here. I think almost all Iranians will accept this solution.


In this way, Iran becomes a secular and democratic Republic and all secular, liberal and open-minded people of the Middle East can go here and live here. On the other hand, the savage Mullahs and the Iranian Islamists can go where they have many supporters, and there they can f-u-c-k and rape each others as much as they want. In this way, after 50 years, when the Mullahs and the Islamists fucked the whole Egypt and the Middle East, the stupid Egyptians and the stupid Arabs will understand that they should try to be anti-Islamist. It’s a good and feasible solution. As you probably know, the liberal and open-minded people in Egypt and the stupid Arab world have many dreadful problems there, and some of them really want to go to Iran and live here with Iranians that are modern and anti-Islamist. And the majority of Iranians want to get rid of the savage Mullahs and the Islamists. Even the stupid lefts and some like Noam Chomsky says that the Mullahs have many supporters in the Arab worlds, but Iranians hate the Mullahs. So, Iranians can export the Mullahs and Islamists to the Arab world, and in this way even the Mullahs and the Arabs can be happy, and can establish an Islamic regime there, and can f-u-c-k and rape each others as much as they want. It’s a very democratic, peaceful, and modern solution. Please don’t laugh at this solution, and take it serious. With this solution, everybody can be happy, even the savage Mullahs and the stupid Islamists !

Environmental Disaster: Lake Maharlou’s Tragedy

November 25, 2011

The lake Maharlou that had an area of 300 km2, is located about 15km from provincial city of Shiraz in the Fars province. The lake which was the habitat for wild animals and birds is another casualty of the savage Mullahs. Now the lake Maharlou has become a dried up lake with no sign of life.


Maharlou lake located in southwest of Iran (Fars Province) is an intra-continental sedimentary basin. Its area was about 300 km2 extended with an average water depth of 1.5m. Maharlou lake was not a very large lake, but it was important for a dry country like Iran, and for thousands birds, animals, and people who lived in or near the lake.


Lake Maharlou, like almost all other lakes in central Iran, was a salt lake. Lake Maharlou was a protected area, and it was considered a national heritage. But as we said before, the protected areas in Iran are Mullah protected areas, that means they are totally unprotected. Many say: “When the savage Mullahs dont care about the people and kill, torture and rape them, why they should care about the environment and the animals ?”


As we said before, Iran is a dry country, like the western parts of the US. In fact, most parts of Iran are like Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, etc. So, its so obvious that the lakes and water resources should be very important for Irans regime, but its not. The savage Mullahs systematically and deliberately destroy the environment by their stupid backward plans.


More than 100,000 flamingoes lived in Lake Maharlou. Now, after the tragedy, all flamingoes are dead or migrated. The story of Lake Maharlou is just another symbolic and tragic story in the Mullah era, a story that tells us how the Mullahs systematically and deliberately destroy Iran and its environment, its economic, its people, its natural resource, its image, its reputation, etc.


Now some say: “In the Mullah Age, nightingales, flamingoes, canaries, and all other angelic birds were killed in Iran, and instead, crows and vultures occupied Iran“. It’s really the true meaning of what has happened to Iran.

For seeing more pictures of Lake Maharlou’s tragedy, you can check here

The Story of Western Countries & Iranian Baboons, 2

November 24, 2011

It’s the second and last part of the short story about Iranian baboons. You can find the first parthere .

To Go, or not to Go

Nahid: “You should go, Sohrab. This damn country is not for you. You can’t live here. In addition, you should go because the outside world is full of Iranian bastards or Khayemals (ass-kissers). The people like you should go there and change something”. Sohrab: “Change what? Some problems are very serious. They are like old wounds. Only time heals these wounds”. Nahid: “I mean, you should go there for your own life and for others’ life. You should be there, not here”. Sohrab: “Yah, but I don’t want to go there at any price. It’s really stupid. I want to live there like humans, not like animals. I had to go after my graduation, but this f-u-c-k-i-n-g life …” Nahid: “But it’s not your fault. You solved many damn family and economic problems without kissing anybody’s ass, and you showed that humans can live like human, under any condition. You showed that humans can avoid living like animal, under any condition” Sohrab: “But who cares?” Nahid: “I care” Sohrab: “Thanks, but now some one like Yahya live in XLand and laugh at us here” Nahid: “Yahya? that boy that I saw him in your university and the students called him ‘Yahya Basiji’? ” Sohrab: “Yah, that Yahya is in XLand and works for a prestigious university, and at the same time kisses the Mullahs’ ass, like when he was here”. Nahid: “Why XLand lets some one like him, a Basiji, to go there, but somebody like you …” Sohrab: “Lets forget it. Now, I don’t want to think about XLand’s stupidities”. Nahid: “Ok, but what should we do? What do you want to do?” Sohrab: “I don’t know. One of these damn philosophers once had said ‘There is one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide. Judging whether life is, or is not worth living is the fundamental question of philosophy.’ And now I think I should try to answer this fundamental question again. Now, I should try to find new excuses and call them the answer, because my old excuses are quite worthless now.” Nahid: “Lets forget the fundamental matter; Lets talk about Yahya and other bastards who live in the west” Sohrab: “About those Iranian jerks who work in Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, etc and kiss the Mullahs’ ass? It’s more depressing” Nahid: “Yah. So, lets talk about the religious fanatics or those who live like sheep”. Sohrab: “You know my answer.” Nahid: “Come on” Sohrab: “Being religious or irreligious is not the important matter. Being sheep or charlatan is the important matter. Many of the atheist students that you knew them well, were sheep or charlatan. And when they left here, some of them became the stupid followers of some one like Chomsky, because it’s in fashion there. And some of them who were charlatan, kissed the ass of politicians or big corporations; and some became indifferent animals, and some …”. Nahid: “Why many Iranians become dumb when they leave Iran?” Sohrab: “I don’t know. There are many reasons. Apparently, the vast majority of them become dumb there because they were dumb here! And because they had serious delusions about there, or because they had both problems” Nahid: “Yah. I think those who are wise, can be wise everywhere. But when you are charlatan, dumb, hypocrite, opportunist, or animal, leaving Iran only can worsen your problems”. Sohrab: “Yah, such a good analysis”. Nahid: “Thanks. But you should go there, you can’t live here” Sohrab: “Yah, I can’t live here, but I can’t go there by any means. It’s worst than living here”. Nahid: “So, what do you want to do?” Sohrab: “I don’t know” Nahid: “Maybe, we can wait for a better situation” Sohrab: “The situation always becomes worse, only worse and worse”. Nahid: “Where is your hopes?” Sohrab: “In the Pandora box”

Money, Money, and Money

Sohrab could not get visa, but Akbar and Masoud went to XLand. When Sohrab challenged the fundamental question, Akbar and Masoud enjoyed their life in XLand. They tried to work as “Iranian opposition” or “Iranian dissident” or “Iranian intellectual” there and they tried to get financial support. They started to find new links. Masoud found Atta, a veteran politician that pretends he is intellectual. And Akbar met Yahya, the Basiji that Sohrab talked about him. They started to define some new projects, and XLand promised that they would provide financial support. Now, after about a year, Masoud’s project is “an online newspaper for Iranians”, with the help of the Atta and XLand’s financial support. Akbar and Yahya want to build a social website for Iranians, for sharing their links and their views with each others. XLand has declared that they can support both projects, because they help the freedom and democracy in Iran. Masoud, Akbar, and Yahya decide to celebrate their first achievement. They go to a luxury restaurant. Before the dinner Masoud says: “Atta is a great man, and has many links here and also in Iran, and now we have a very good financial support” Akbar: “XLand don’t support us strongly, but after some years they would love our project”. Yahya: “Both projects are great. Many think you are intellectual. You are famous in Iran, but nobody knows me there. I want to become like you. I want to become rich, too. I love money”. Masoud: “We all love money. Yahya, you can become rich, but if you know the rules of the game” Yahya: “Yes, I know the rules. If the Mullahs gave you money, you should kiss their ass. It’s one of the key rules”. Masoud: “Money is everything, it’s the golden rule” Akbar: “Yah, money is everything. But I prefer to be a famous and important rich”. Masoud: “And these projects are good for both goals” Yahya: “Yah. But I can’t understand why we don’t accept the Pahlavists’ money. They are very rich.” Masoud: “Now, it’s suicide. They are very small and hated group in Iran, and if we work with them now, we cann’t be popular in Iran, because Iranians hate the monarchists and Pahlavists; Xland can’t accept this”. Akabr: “At the first years, we should pretend that our website is a website for Iranians inside Iran, and when we won the people’s confidence and gained reputation, we can do whatever we what to do. In this way, Xland support us. When our websites became popular, we can work with Pahlavists, Rajavists, Islamists, and pretend that they are Iranians inside Iran! But now we need Iranians inside Iran” Yahya: “If our Pahlavist and Islamist friends could wait some years, what do you say? Can we accept their money?”. Masoud: “If they could wait, it’s not bad.” Akbar: “They should accept all our conditions” Yahya: “Don’t worry. They would accept all our conditions”. Akbar: “OK. lets enjoy our night.” Masoud: “It’s our new beginning in XLand. But we all should support each other.” Yahya: “Yah. We support Masoud and he supports us. It’s very important for our success”. Masoud: “We can create a council. We should suffocate the voices of others with the help of each other. We should pretend that we are nationalist and we really care about Iranians. XLand and other western countries ask us to be nationalist. We should win Iranians’ confidence”. Akbar: “A closed circle for managing everything is very important. We should be chauvinist, and defend Iran and Iranians in a way that the whole world thinks we are owner of Iran. Our sponsors and financial supporters want to count on us. We should not disappoint their hopes”


Deception, Hypocrisy, and Betrayal

Everything went well for Masoud, Akbar, and Yahya, and their websites became popular and many naive people in Iran were fooled. Masoud, Akbar, and Yahya became great nationalist and always talked about Iran and defended the Iranian rights in everywhere. The western mass media supported them, and pretended that they are the main figures of the Iranian opposition. And the naive people believed these big lies, and in this way Masoud, Akbar, and Yahya became hero, national heroes. But during the biggest problem of this damn land, the Mullah Military Coup, Masoud, Akbar, Yahya and others showed their true colors, and the naive people gradually became aware of the truth. Of course, the process of “becoming aware” or as Iranians say “Kharfahm Shodan” (Donkey Understanding), was a very long process. In the first weeks after the Mullah coup, everybody was angry and no one could control the people. Masoud, Akbar, Yahya, and others only tried to prevent the effective protests, like general strike or remaining in the streets. The continuous protests could be very dangerous for the Mullahs, and XLand and other western supporters of the Mullahs knew it, and asked Masoud, Akbar, and others to prevent continuous and efficient protests and organizing the people. They also had to suffocate the wise protesters, but many Iranians were naive and could not see the problems. The people were angry and used special acronyms, like Mr. shit, etc for referring to the Mullahs, and they had many unplanned and discontinuous protests. Many were raped, tortured or killed in the streets and the prisons. After some months, Masoud, Akbar, Yahya, and their western supporters thought they had to try to control the people more. It was a risky job, but it was necessary for keeping the Mullah regime safe. Masoud, Akbar, Yahya, and others declared that Iranians had to stop using acronyms for referring to the Mullahs. But the angry people did not accept it. When using acronyms was banned in the websites of Masoud, Akbar, and Yahya and they declared that the people did not have to use insulting words for referring to the Mullah killers and rapists and all Iranians had to refer to the savage Mullahs by respectful words, some started to realize the true colors of Masoud, Akbar, and Yahya. Some started to write about them and called them jerk, baboon, mercenary, etc. For example, some wrote: “Baboons want to ban the people from farting. Now, the people even can not fart freely!”. Sohrab and his friends and many other wise guys were angry, frustrated, and of course voiceless. In the past years, some of them had tried to inform the people, but the mass media had ignored them and censored their voices. Sohrab still thought about the fundamental question, and the Mullah Military Coup, the stupidity of Iranians, and the hypocrisy of Iranian baboons and the western countries had worsened the situation. Their friends asked him to start to write. They said: “We all should inform the people and give each others courage and inspiration. You and all of us should defend the truth and the right of people in this damn land”. Sohrab: “Yah., But it’s funny that I should defend this damn land. You all know that I hate many things in this f-u-c-k-ing land, but the jerks who are stupid nationalist or have become chauvinist and tear their ass up for this damn land, and the jerks that the naive people cared about them and made them hero, betray this f-u-c-k-ing land and its people. The traitors and mercenaries are hero and earn good money and have financial support and live in XLand, but I should defend of this fucking land and its stupid people by bare hand. Is it a joke ?” Nahid: “Yah, it’s a tragic joke. very tragic”. Sohrab’s friends: “The people have started to understand the truth. They are not as stupid as before” Sohrab: “Yah. They are killed in the streets and their straw heroes betray them. The poor people are brave, but they are still naive and trust the jerks and the hypocrite media”. Sohrab’s friends: “We should help them” Sohrab: “Yah, but we have no media and are voiceless. If you have a plan and wanted to do something, I would help you”.

The Fallen Masks

Finally Masoud, Akbar, Yahya, and others, destroyed the people movement, and only after that the majority could see their true colors. Now, many call them “Iranian baboons”. Now, Masoud, Akbar, Yahya, and other Iranian baboons are so disgraced and discredited in Iran. Sohrab and his friends are angry about what has happened to the people movement, but they are happy that the people finally saw the true colors of Iranian baboons. Sohrab’s friends say: “Iranian baboons are so disgraced now, but what XLand and the western countries did was worsen than what Iranian baboons did” Sohrab: “Yah, but do you know what they said to me in the embassy of XLand? A bitch there said ‘this regime is your regime and you have created it'” Nahid: “I want to find that XLandi bitch and spit on her face and say: ‘Hey F-u-c-k-er, you are the supporter of this regime. It’s your regime, not our regime’. I hate XLand and all XLandis”. Sohrab: “Those jerks were so worthless. But all XLandis are not like them, and many good guys hate these jerks.” Nahid: “But those bitches and bad guys rule XLand”. Sohrab: “Yah, but it’s like here. It’s a global problem” Nahid: “When the bastards and bitches have the upper hand there, only the bastards and Khayemals (ass-kissers) can go there.” Sohrab: “Yah, it’s a serious problem” Nahid: “ Why the good guys don’t protest against this matter? They can solve this problem” Sohrab: “I don’t know” Nahid: “Can the good guys help you to go to XLand? Is this possible?” Sohrab: “I don’t know. It should not be impossible”. Nahid: “so, why they don’t help us to go to XLand? Why only the stupid bastard Iranians or the opportunists can go to XLand? ” Sohrab: “I don’t know” Sohrab’s friends: “It’s so ridiculous that when we wrote in our websites in spite of serious dangers and tried to reach the voices of Iranians to the outside world, some of the stupid westerners said: ‘You are not inside Iran”!” Nahid: “Yah, they always ask stupid questions. But why they are so stupid?” Sohrab: “I don’t know”. Nahid: “why the good guys don’t help us? Why they ignore us? Why we should live like prisoners in this big prison, while our bastards can go there with the help of their bastards, but they don’t protest?” Sohrab: “I don’t know. Maybe they don’t care about this matter.” Nahid: “But they should care, if they are good guys”. Sohrab’s friends: “If we and all Sohrabs of this damn country and this damn world, started to write, talk, and do something, the world can change. But if we were silent, then all Akbars, all Masouds, and other bastards of this damn world gain the upper hand and impose their dreadful plans on all humans”. Sohrab: “Yah, it’s important” Nahid: “What do you want to do Sohrab?” Sohrab: “I don’t know. I’m tired now. I’m tired of living in this damn country. I’m tired of this damn world. Many things in this f-u-c-k-ing world have frustrated me and all of us. Sometimes I think we still live in 19th century; Many things in this damn world have not changed seriously. Of course, I know that if we want to be alive, we should fight for a better world; but …” Nahid: “The world would a better place, if we could live in where we want or where we deserve to live, and if Akabr and Masoud and other jerks were forced to live in this damn country, where they deserve to live. But XLand and its bastards …”. Sohrab and his friends could not reach any conclusion. But the world would be a better place if Sohrab and his friends and all Sohrabs of this damn world reach a conclusion, help each others, and start to fight for a better world.

What Iranians Expect from the West

November 23, 2011

In these days, the hypocrite western politicians and those who make love with the Mullah Mafia and the Mullah embezzlers in the US, the UK, Canada, France, and Europe try to deceive the world by playing new games. These hypocrite bastards want to impose new sanctions on Iranians inside Iran, while the Mullah Mafia, the Mullah embezzlers, the Mullah TVs, and many savage Mullahs and their families work and live in the west and invest the dirty embezzled money there. The hypocrite western politicians try to impose new sanctions on Iranians inside Iran, while they refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and instead aided the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. “You can’t work with the Mullah Mafia and make love with the Mullah agents, and convert the VOA and the BBC to the voices of the Mullahs, and then talk nonsense about sanctions. In this way, you only show that you are a stupid jerk”, many Iranians say in these days. In fact, Iranians inside Iran are very angry at the western politicians. Almost all Iranians inside Iran know that Obama and the western countries refused to help Iranians and the anti-Mullah movement, and instead they preferred to help and support the savage Mullahs. But it’s funny that now these stupid bastards have started to talk nonsense about the Mullah threats! It’s really a stupid joke. Iranians hate Obama and it’s quite understandable. Almost all Iranians inside Iran say: “Obama has betrayed us; Obama has converted the VOA into the VOM (Voice of Mullah Mafia); Obama has allowed Khamenei’s TV to work in Washington; Obama has allowed the Mullahs, the Mullah embezzlers, and the Mullah lobbyists to live in the US. Obama is not friend of Iranians. Obama is friend of the savage Mullahs who kill, torture and rape Iranians”. As we said before, the vast majority of Iranians were pro-west and pro-US before 2009. In fact, Iranians are the only nation in the Middle East and Africa, and maybe in the world world, that are really pro-west and anti-Islamists. Some believe that the rate of pro-US people in Europe is less than Iran. But as you know, Obama and other western politicians betrayed Iranians. It was a great strategic mistake. Now, Iranians are angry at these stupid bastards. “But if they insisted on being jerk and asshole and want to do another great strategic mistakes, then Iranians would hate them, and would not remain friend of the hypocrite west. You can’t be a hypocrite jerk and expect others to remain your friend”, Iranians say. The western policies towards Iranians and Mullahs are really disgusting. Maybe the stupid bastards in Washington and London think that we live in 19th or 18th century, but do the world and the people really want to come back to that dark age? If the people in Persia, China, Russia, etc think that the west is hypocrite and what the west says about the human rights and democracy is bullshit, and the west only supports the dictators and fucks the ordinary people, what would happen? If the people in Persia, China, Russia, etc decide to fuck the hypocrite west that ignore them and betray them, what would happen? Do we want to come back to the dark age of hatred and war? Is it what the people in 21st century want? Is it in the interests of the west and the world? The people in the west should know how their politicians betray their friends and their natural allies in Iran and other part of the worlds. And they should ask their politicians to stop being stupid jerk.


The following list is the minimum of what the hypocrite western politicians should do for calming Iranians, and for avoiding great strategic mistakes. It’s what the people in the west can ask their politicians to do about Iran:

(1) Apologize to Iranians for refusing to help them and their anti-Mullahs movement in 2009. Apologize to Iranians for helping and supporting the savage Mullahs since 2009 until now. Apologize to Iranians right now, not after 50 years, like what you did about 1953 US-backed military coup in Iran.

(2) Try the western companies and those who have aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians since 2009 until now. What they do is a serious crime against humanity. All western companies who work with the savage Mullah regime are animal, but those who aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians are criminal.

(3) Apologize to Iranians for allowing the savage Mullahs, their families, the Mullahs embezzlers, and the Mullah Mafia to go to the west and live there, and invest the dirty embezzled money there. Apologize to Iranians for imposing stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs.

(4) Try all Mullahs and their families, all Mullah embezzlers, all Mullah agents and all Mullah lobbyists (Mullah Mafia) who live in the west, and deport them to Iran. And Cut all links and contacts with the Mullah Mafia and Iranian baboons in the US and Europe, and deport them to Iran.

(5) Stop pretending that the Iranian expats are representative of Iranians inside Iran. The Iranian journalists, political activists (from Khatamist to Pahlavist), and fake intellectuals who live outside Iran are very hated figures inside Iran. Stop supporting these stupid bastards and their websites /media financially and politically.

(6) Apologize to Iranians for the shameful behaviors of the BBC Persian and the VOA Farsi since 2009, and promise that they will stop working with the Mullah Mafia. Close down Khamenei’s TV in London and Washington, and apologize to Iranians.

(7) Cut all links and connections with the Monarchists (Pahlavists), the Rajavists, and the Islamist-Reformists. Stop supporting these stupid bastards that Iranians inside Iran hate all of them. Do you know what happen when these stupid bastards call for a rally in Iran? less than 100 people accept their call ! so, Stop supporting these stupid bastards financially or politically.

(8) Apologize to Iranians for helping the Mullahs to censor the internet and create a great firewall in Iran, and help Iranians to bypass the censorship and the monitoring. Iranians inside Iran are victims of the western tools of suppression, while Iranians can’t buy any western products because of the stupid western sanctions ! It’s not joke, it’s Western Hypocrisy.

(9) Support establishing a Secular Republic in Iran, that is what Iranians inside Iran want, and aid Iranians in reaching this goal. Stop censoring and suffocating the voices of Iranians inside Iran. It’s so obvious that a Secular Republic in Iran, and freedom and democracy in Iran and all around the world, is better for all humans and the whole world.

(10) Stop talking nonsense about attacking Iran in the name of nuclear issues. Stop talking nonsense about imposing new sanctions on Iranians. Any attack or sanction should be only for aiding Iranians in toppling the Mullah regime, and only should aim at the Mullahs and their families. The current stupid sanctions only hurt the ordinary Iranians, while the Mullahs make love with the hypocrite western politicians, and easily go and live in the west, and invest the dirty embezzled money there.

Rain in Tehran = Flooding in Streets

November 22, 2011

In these days, the number of rainy days in Tehran has increased, and you easily can see one of the stupidest miracle of the savage and corrupt Mullahs in Iran. Each rainy day in Tehran is like a Hurricane Irene in New York: “In Tehran, even after a little rain, we can see a stupid flooding in almost all streets, like what you can see in New Yorks pictures after hurricane Irene. If it rains for two hour, you should stay indoor, because the stupid flood and the stupid traffic jam in almost all streets of Tehran is really unbelievable”.


The savage and corrupt Mullahs only embezzle the oil money and kill and torture Iranians. They are master at destroying Iran and telling the biggest possible lies. In the rainy days, the people are stuck in a stupid traffic jam on almost all streets and high ways in Tehran for hours. For example, if it takes 10 to 15 minutes for going from place A to place B in Tehran in the normal conditions, in the rainy days you can be sure that it would at least take 1 to 2 hours ! It’s really horrible.


In the rainy days, the public and private transport is totally f-u-c-ked up in Tehran. The bastard taxi drivers become greedy and jerk. For example, if you paid X Rials for going from place A to place B in Tehran in the normal conditions, in the rainy days you should pay at least 2X or 3X Rials! The number of greedy bastard taxi drivers is not very small, and it’s really horrible. The stupid traffic jam, the flooding in the streets, the crippled and stupid public transport, and the greedy bastard taxi drivers have created a horrible tragicomedy in the rainy days in Tehran.


Some try to not be angry, and laugh at this stupid situation, specially when the stupid buses or stupid taxis splash dirty water all over the people dress, and soak them ! It’s really horrible. It’s really a very stupid tragicomedy that the corrupt and savage Mullahs have created for Iranians. These Islamist bastards only are master at embezzling the people money, telling big lies, and killing and raping the people. But in the stupid Arab world, specially in the stupid Egypt, the stupid Arabs support the savage Islamists and want to have an Islamic system !


There are many simple and efficient solutions for solving the problem of stupid flooding in the streets of Tehran. But the savage and corrupt Mullahs are among the stupidest and the most corrupt people in the world. The smart and expert Iranians can not work in the Mullah system, because they can’t bear working with the savage and corrupt Mullahs and don’t want to be Islamist or Khayemal (ass-kisser). So, the mangers and the decision makers in the Mullah government are among the stupidest and the most corrupt people in the world, and have not any solution for problems like drainage system, air pollution, traffic jam, natural disasters, earth quake, etc.


Several streets in Tehran have a very limited drains and a very stupid drainage system, but the plans to improve the drainage system in Tehran have failed in the past 25 years, because the corrupt Mullahs have embezzled the funds without finishing the projects! It’s really horrible. If they finished the projects and embezzle part of the funds, it could be like other parts of the world, but these Mullah bastards embezzle the whole funds, or most part of it, and become new rich. It’s sadly funny that most of these Mullah embezzlers go to Canada, the US, or Europe, and live there.


The public transport in Tehran is really stupid, but in the rainy days it becomes a total disaster. The poor people should wait in the long stupid queues for hours. It’s really horrible. Unfortunately, the corrupt and savage Mullahs embezzle the people money and flee to the west ! The savage Mullahs, their families, the Mullah embezzlers, and Iranian baboons live in the US and Europe and talk nonsense about the Islamic heaven in Iran !, but the ordinary Iranians should live in this Islamic hell that the savage Mullahs have created for them. The Iranians inside Iran are victim of the Mullah savagery and the western hypocrisy. Shame on the hypocrite western politicians who refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, and instead aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians, and imposed stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians.

19th Century: Niels Abel’s Tragedy

November 21, 2011

In these days, when many things are disappointing, we should try to read history and think about the human progress. In the 19th century, some things had become better than the previous centuries, but many things were still really stupid and horrible. Niels Henrik Abel is one of the greatest mathematicians of the world who lived in 19th century. Abel is the most well-known Norwegian scientist/ mathematician ever, but his story is one of the most tragic stories in the history of science. Abel was a misunderstood genius marked by misfortune. Abel’s life that was dominated by poverty, is a sad and terrible example of the tragedy of global stupidity. In Men of Mathematics, Eric Temple Bell saw Abels life as a tragedy and a crime. In fact, the indifference and shortsightedness of the stupid world and the established mathematicians in 19th century caused Abels death, not merely his poverty and tuberculosis. The leading mathematicians did not make any effort to determine the worth of Abels work, but he had loyal and devoted friends, among them Holmboe and Crelle, who recognized Abels potential as one of the greatest mathematicians of all time, and they tried to bring the poor Abel to the attention of the world. In 19th century, Europeans treated Abel like how they treat Iranians in the 21st century. The current conditions in Iran and Europe have some similarities with Abel’s life in 19th century, and many things in Iran and Europe are still like 19th century, but we should not forget that many things have changed and it’s what we can call it “hope” or “progress”. Anyway, lets take a look at Abel’s life, and what happened to him in 1810s and 1820s. It’s one of the greatest tragedy of 19th century, and can show us many things.

Niels Henrik Abel was born on August 05, 1802 in Finnoy, an island near the Norwegian town of Stavanger. His father Soren Georg Abel was a Lutheran minister. Soren Abel had a degree in theology and philology. He was a nationalist who was active politically in the movement to make Norway independent. Abel’s mother, Ane Marie Simonson, was the daughter of a wealthy merchant and ship owner. She was a beautiful girl, who had grown up in relative luxurious surroundings. It said that her father was the richest person in their town, and she was a rebel. Abel was taught by his father in the vicarage until he reached the age of 13. However, these were the 13 years of economic crisis for Norway and Abel’s parents had not been able to feed their family well. Abel’s father became a drunkard and his mother, Ane Marie, was accused of having lax morals! She became alcoholic, while she had 7 children and Abel was the second of them. Abel was growing in a period when Norway was passing through a difficult period. At the end of the 18th century Norway was part of Denmark. During the Napoleonic wars Denmark decided to remain neutral. They signed a neutrality treaty in 1794. However, in 1801 England ignored this neutrality treaty and the English fleet destroyed most of the Danish fleet, but Denmark avoided wars until 1807, when England captured the whole Danish fleet. In this way Denmark joint the alliance against England, and the war led to an economic crisis in Norway. Due to war restrictions they could neither export timber nor import food grains from Denmark. There were wide spread poverty and suffering among the people. In 1813, Denmark was attacked by Sweden from the south. Following a treaty between the two countries, Denmark handed over Norway to Sweden in 1814. In this difficult time, Abel was growing up in Gjerstad in south-east Norway. At the age of 13, Abel entered the Cathedral School of Christiania (todays Oslo). The environment of the school failed to inspire Abel and he was nothing but an ordinary student with some talent for physics and mathematics. Though he had developed some liking for mathematics but his mathematics teacher was very cruel. The teacher hardly cared for the students. One day he hit a student so badly that he died a few days later. This incident proved to be a turning-point for Abel. The teacher was suspended and the Bernt Michael Holmboe replaced him in 1817. He was an inspiring and caring teacher. Holmboe saw that Abel had special skills in mathematics and he helped and supported Abel as long as he lived. After recognizing the exceptional mathematical talent of Able, Holmboe persuaded Abel to study the works of great mathematicians like Euler, Lagrange, Newton, etc. Later when asked how he had managed to make such progress in mathematics despite his youth, Abel responded, By studying the masters, not their pupils. Abel borrowed books and studied on his own. Soon he attacked problems that were unsolved at that time, such as fifth degree equations. He went deep into the mathematics but he did not do very well in the other subjects.


In 1820, tragedy struck Abels family when his father died. Abel was still in School. His fathers death left the family in dire poverty. He had to work and supported his family, i.e. his mother and her six children. Abel tutored schoolchildren, and Holmboe helped him to complete his school education. A small pension from the state allowed Abel to enter Christiania University in in 1821. But before entering the University Abel developed what he thought was the formula to solve the fifth degree equation. Abels paper was sent to Degen, a mathematician in Denmark. However, before he could send his observations, Abel himself discovered a mistake in his figures and wondered whether there was really an answer to the problem. But Degen praised Abels work. In 1823, Abel visited Copenhagen. The purpose was to be familiarized with the works of the Danish mathematicians. In those days, Norway had no good school of mathematics. His visit to Copenhagen was possible because he received financial support from Christopher Hansteen, professor of astronomy in Christiania University, who not only supported Abel financially but also encouraged him to continue his studies. Hansteens wife cared for Abel as her own son. It was at Copenhagen, Abel met Christine Kemp, with whom he became engaged. Holmboe tried hard to get funds for Abel, and finally the authorities of Christiania University provided necessary funds to Able for studying in Paris, but with a stupid condition. Abel had to remain in Christiania for two years and learned French and German to become fluent in these languages before traveling. For a genius like Abel, learning new languages was a waste of time and he did not succeed in learning German, and his French was weak. Abel began working again on quintic equations and, in 1824, he proved the impossibility of solving the general equation of the fifth degree in radicals. Abel sent this pamphlet to several mathematicians including Gauss. Finally in August 1825, Abel was given a scholarship from the government to allow him to travel abroad and, after taking a month to settle his affairs, he set out for the Continent with four friends, first visiting mathematicians in Norway and Denmark. On reaching Copenhagen, Abel found that Degen had died and he changed his mind about taking Hansteen’s advice to go directly to Paris, preferring not to travel alone and stay with his friends who were going to Berlin. As he wrote in a later letter “Now I am so constituted that I cannot endure solitude. Alone, I am depressed, I get cantankerous, and I have little inclination to work”.

As per the original plan Abel was to visit Gauss at Gottingen first and then go to Paris. However, this did not happen. The two great mathematicians never met. Gauss biographer wrote: When Niels Abel went to Germany in 1825, he was not well known. A copy of his proof of the impossibility of solving the general equation of the fifth degree had been sent to Gauss, who did not consider it very important.” Abel was angry at Gauss, and cancelled his planned visit to Gottingen. Eric Temple Bell wrote: “Gauss was the greatest mathematician of that time (and all time) and was called “Prince of Mathematics”. Just one word form Gauss was enough to secure Abel’s future, and Abel’s life could become longer.” Some say: “Abel’s paper was found unopened after Gauss’s death.” And some say: “After Abel’s death, Gauss did realize his mistake. But it was too late”. Gauss could save Abel’s life, but it didn’t happen. And until his death, Abel thought that Gauss is a stupid jerk. Abel spent most part of his grants for visiting Berlin with his friends in 1826. Some say it was not a good decision, but in Berlin Able met Crelle, who had just founded “Journal for Pure & Applied Mathematics”. The journal was popularly called Crelles Journal. Bell wrote: “In their first meeting, Abel tried to play politics, and at first he praised the latest Crelle’s article. But after a while, he forgot politics and started to criticized Crelle’s article and talked about his mistakes. Crelle was very open-minded, and instead of yelling at the arrogant young man and kicking him out of his office, he asked Abel some questions and listened to his answers carefully. Crelle was not a good mathematician and could not understand Abel’s answers or his papers, but he had enough wisdom to understand that Able is a great mathematician of the first rank. Crelle was not a good mathematician, but he was a very open-minded man”. The two became firm friends. This proved the most useful part of Abel’s whole trip. He encouraged Abel to publish his results in his Journal. The very first volume of the Journal had Abels seven papers. Abel published most of his major works in Crelles Journal. In 1826, Abel moved to Paris, where he stayed for about ten months. He could not meet leading mathematicians of France. Bell wrote: “Legendre did not have time to meet the unknown Abel, and just one time when he wanted to get into his carriage, said hello to Abel. After Abel’s death, Legendre admitted his mistake”. Abel submitted his masterpiece, a paper on elliptic functions and integrals which included Abels theorem to the French Academy of Sciences. Legendre and Cauchy were chosen by the Academy as referees to judge the papers worth. A couple of years passed and Abel heard nothing. He shared the contents of the article with Carl Jacobi. The latter wrote to Legendre in an effort to find out what had happened to the memoir. Legendre claimed he could not read Abels handwriting. He suggested that the author submit a new copy. Abel did so (new copy was only in 2 pages), but Cauchy mislaid the second version and forgot about it ! The copy was rediscovered in 1830 and was finally printed by the Academy after Abels death. Jacobi said of Abels work: It’s above my praise as it’s above my own work. Some say:” Cauchy brought the work home for reading but he promptly reported that the work was misplaced. It is said that he misplaced it intentionally, because Cauchy was much more interested in his own work and he was a little jealous of Abel “.


Crelle could not travel with Abel to Paris, and Abel therefore did not go directly to Paris, but chose to travel again with his Norwegian friends to northern Italy before crossing the Alps to France. He had doubt about having some fun, but finally he didn’t deprive himself of seeing the Alps and its beauty. And it was a very good decision, because Paris was so disappointing. He wrote back to Holmboe: “The French are much more reserved with strangers than the Germans. It is extremely difficult to gain their intimacy . Every beginner has a great deal of difficulty getting noticed here. I have just finished an extensive treatise on a certain class of transcendental functions to present it to the Institute which will be done next Monday. I showed it to Cauchy, but he scarcely deigned to glance at it [!]” Abel also added: Legendre is an exceedingly courteous man, but unfortunately as old as the stones. Cauchy is mad, and you can’t get anywhere with him, although he is the mathematician who knows at the moment how to treat mathematics.Cauchy is extremely Catholic and bigoted. A very strange thing in a mathematician. Poisson is a short man with a nice little belly. He carries himself with dignity. Likewise Fourier. On Monday I am going to be introduced to several of these gentlemen by Hachette. Otherwise I do not like the Frenchman as much as the German, the Frenchman is uncommonly reserved towards foreigners. It is difficult to make his close acquaintance. And I dare not count on such a thing. Everyone wants to teach and nobody to learn. The most absolute egotism prevails everywhere. The only things that the Frenchman seeks from foreigners are the practical [things]. With no money left and his health in a very poor state, he returned to Berlin at the end of 1826. Abel had got tuberculosis when he was in the damn Paris. While in Paris, Abel lived in miserable conditions, often unable to afford more than one small meal a day. He consulted a physician about his poor health and was diagnosed with tuberculosis. But he refused to believe it and left Paris for Berlin.In Berlin, Abel borrowed some money from Holmboe and continued working on elliptic functions. Crelle tried to persuade Abel to remain in Berlin until he could find an academic post for him and he even offered Abel the editorship of Crelle’s Journal. However, Abel wanted to get home and by this time he was heavily in debt. He reached Christiania in May 1827 and was awarded a small amount of money by the university although they made sure they had the right to deduct a corresponding amount from any future salary he earned. To make a little more money Abel tutored schoolchildren and his fiancée was employed as a governess to friends of Abel’s family in Froland. Abel failed to get the recognition that he rightly deserved. He had no appointment. A vacancy in mathematics department of the Christiana University arose but this was given to his mentor Holmboe. Holmboe wanted that the job should go to Abel. But when the university authorities threatened to give the job to a foreigner if he didn’t agree to take it, Holmboe accepted it. To increase his misery Abel was in debt and had tuberculosis. Abel could manage to survive with meager grants and support from his friends. The University sent students to him to tutor. But he still had his family to support, which left him weakened and sadly aware that he would not live much longer. However, with all difficulties Abel continued to work. He was also worried that his illness could end his life at any time. He was not deterred. He continued to work with a fervent zeal.

Abel continued to pour out high quality mathematics as his health continued to deteriorate. He spent the summer vacation of 1828 with his fiancée in Froland. Abel traveled by sled to visit his fiancée again in Froland for Christmas 1828. He became seriously ill on the sled journey and despite an improvement which allowed them to enjoy Christmas, he soon became very seriously ill again. His hemorrhaging returned and he often slipped into delirium, once shouting I will fight for my life. When he was calm, he said: “like a wounded eagle, who looks at the sky“. Crelle was alerted to the seriousness of Abels illness and redoubled his efforts to obtain an appointment for Abel in Berlin. He succeeded and wrote to Abel on the 8 April 1829 to tell him the good news. But it was too late, Abel had already died. “The weakness and cough increased and he could remain out of bed only the few minutes while it was being made. Occasionally he would attempt to work on his mathematics, but he could no longer write. Sometimes he lived in the past, talking about his poverty. But often he was kind and patient. He endured his worst agony during the night of April 5. Towards morning he became more quiet and in the forenoon, at 11 o’clock, he expired his last sigh. He cursed his God and the science of his day, which had been unable to overcome his illness (and he was really right); but his rage alternated with periods of apathy, and in quieter moments he worried about his fiancé, who would now have no one to provide for her. Abel’s fiancé nursed him in his final days and on the morning of April 6, 1829 he died, aged 27 years”, the historians say. Two days later, Crelle wrote that he had finally secured an appointment as professor of mathematics for his friend at the University of Berlin. After his death Abel became a national hero in Norway! In fact, in the past centuries, Norway, Europe, and Iran were so stupid. Many heroes became a national hero, only after their deaths ! . Anyway, Abel’s birth centenary (1902) was widely celebrated and a number of memorials were erected.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi captured

November 20, 2011

“Saif al-Islam, the Libyan dictator’s heir is captured”, the media reported. It’s a good news that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the bitch, will face justice soon. Saif was very savage and even after the fall of Tripoli talked nonsense and threatened the Libyan people with mass murder. He had many interviews and statements, and said that he and his savage father would kill everybody and would destroy Libya. He delivered a bloodthirsty 40-minute television statement to Libyans warning that the regime planned to “eradicate” the protesters. He warned of “rivers of blood” if demonstrators refused to accept Gaddafi. “We will fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet,” he said. “We will kill all rats.” But now, the wild dog has been captured, and has been converted into a coward rat. It’s like what will happen to the savage Mullahs and their families in the near future.


Apparently Saif al-Islam, the savage son of Gaddafi, has been arrested in the southern desert and taken to the town of Zintan. He was caught while apparently attempting to flee the country. The media reported: “Ahmed Ammar, one of Saif’s captors, said that his unit of 15 men in three vehicles, acting on a tip-off, had intercepted two cars carrying Saif and four others near the small oil town of Obari at about 1.30am on Friday. “At the beginning he was very scared. He thought we would kill him,” Ammar said”. Now, all Libyans are happy. “I’m very happy. We got rid of the tyrant and now we’ve got rid of his kids too”, a Libyan said. Saif and other savage sons of Gaddafi have raped, tortured, and killed Libyans. The female bodyguards of Gaddafi said that Saif and Gaddafi’s sons raped them and many other Libyan girls regularly. These bastards were exactly like the savage Mullahs and their families who plunder and destroy this country and kill, torture and rape the people. Now, Iranians wish they could see the arrest of all savage Mullahs and their families in the near future.


The media reported: “After the fighters fired into the air and ground in order to halt the cars, they asked the identity of the travelers. The man in charge replied that he was “AbdoSalam”. But the fighters quickly recognized him as Saif al-Islam and seized him. Video footage, shown on Libyan television, pictured him wrapped in a brown blanket and lying on a mattress. Saif, aged 39, and former intelligence chief, Abdullah Senussi were the last two senior figures to be sought by the new government. Senussi’s whereabouts is still unclear”. Saif was the responsible for the Gaddafi regime’s secret dealings with the West and had many links and contacts with the hypocrite western politicians, especially the British bastards. His relations with Tony Blair and the British collages and universities are undeniable facts. But many believe he is like Saddam, and will say nothing in the court.


“This is the final chapter of the Libyan drama,” an NTC official said. “We will put him on trial in Libya and he will be judged by Libyan law for his crimes. He has instigated others to kill, has misused public funds, threatened and instigated and even took part in recruiting and bringing in mercenaries”, he said. “Saif had 4×4 vehicles. He was not hurt and will be taken for trial so Libyans will be able to prosecute him and get back their money”, he added. Apparently Said is held in a military base in Zintan. The media reported: “Saif was flown by NTC forces to Zintan, where an angry crowd attempted to storm the plane”. The savage Gaddafi and his savage sons destroyed Zintan and killed many there.


“He was holding up three heavily bandaged fingers from injuries sustained in a bombing as he fled the town of Bani Walid the day before Gaddafi’s death. In a brief conversation with a Reuters reporter, Saif said his hand had been injured in a Nato air raid last month”, the media reported. Sooner or later, Saif will face justice, and the story of savage Gaddafi will be finished in Libya. But I hope the Libyan can start building their country soon, and they can create a democracy there by avoiding the Islamists. The rate and number of wise or liberal Libyans is not very small, and they can warn other Libyans about the danger of Islamists and repeating Iran’s history in Libya. Now, the young and educated Libyans have a good opportunity to make a better future, and I think (and hope) they will not miss this golden and great opportunity.


Saif al-Islam reached the end of the line, and it’s a very good news for the suppressed nations in all around the world, and a very bad news for the savage dictators and their agents and mercenaries in the west. Today, Iranians are happy, but Iranian baboons and the stupid lefts are sad and angry. They should be angry. Now, it’s clear that killing everyone and destroying everything can’t save the savage dictators, and it only worsens their fates. A regime that fires on its own people and considers them just so much meat for the butchery, has lost every bit of its right to legitimacy and to govern. Sooner or later, according to a scenario lacking only the last act, its fall is inevitable. In the history of the 21st century, this law already has a name – it’s the Gaddafi Theorem. If the world really refuse to help the savage Mullahs and Assad, and instead help Iranians and Syrians, the Gaddafi Theorem shows us that in the near future the Mullahs and Bastard Assad will go where Gaddafi went. And certainly it will be in interests of the whole world.

The Story of Western Countries & Iranian Baboons

November 19, 2011

In these days, many Iranians inside Iran are angry at the Iranian expats and the western politicians. We and many other Iranians have heard a lot of stories about the western hypocrisy, the Iranian baboons and the special relation between the western countries and the Iranian baboons. So, we decide to collect part of these true stories, and write a fictional story about the Iranian baboons and their western supporters. What you read here, is a short story, a fictional story that is based on many true stories. In fact, “The story of western countries and Iranian baboons” is a short story about part of the Iranian tragedy in these years. It’s a story about an imaginary western country, XLand, and its relations with Iranians and the Iranian baboons. It shows part of the tragic situation in Iran, and how Iranians live in the Mullah age, and how the western hypocrisy and the Iranian baboons’ stupidity and charlatanism make problems for Iranians. What you read here, is a fictional story, but what many Iranians feel, see, or hear is very bitter and really darker than this fictional story. It will be published in two parts, and here are the first part:

In Front of XLand’s Embassy

When Sohrab, Masoud, and Akbar met with each others in front of the embassy of XLand, it was a great surprise. They were in their teens, when they were close friends, but now after 20 years, they are mature adults and hardly know each other. They have changed, but their personalities and their main characteristics are still like 20 years ago. Now, Sohrab is an independent thinker. His friends still say he thinks a lot, more than it’s needed. He is open-minded and considers himself as a global citizen, not an Iranian. He hates many things in Iran, including hypocrite, sycophant, or stupid Iranians or the stupid Iranian traditions, but his views about other parts of the world are like his views about Iran and Iranians, that means he can see both the weak points and the strong points of each country and each nation. He believes all people in all around the world are like each other and there is not any serious difference between Iranians and non-Iranians. He thinks good guys and bad guys are found everywhere. In front of XLand’s embassy in Tehran, where the people wait in a long queue and the doormen and guards treat them like animals, Sohrab criticizes the embassy’s staff for their shameful behaviors. He is also angry at stupid Iranians who disgrace others. But Masoud only criticizes Iranians and Akbar tries to be pragmatist. Masoud says: “We all deserve to be treated like this. Iranians are very stupid, and the XLand people are wise and should treat us like animals”. Sohrab: “haha. Masoud are you still idiot? but others are not like you, man. Don’t talk nonsense about XLand, when you know nothing about there. Do you know XLand and its people?” Masoud: “Yah, they are really wise and civilized, more than Iranians. I know it.” Akbar: “We should find a way to enter the embassy without waiting in this stupid queue.” Masoud: “If you can find a solution, I kiss your balls”. Sohrab: “There is always a back door. But what happens to this stupid system, and these poor people?” Akbar: “We can not solve the problem for others” Masoud: “Sohrab, you still are idiot and want to save the world? You haven’t changed, man. Lets find a solution for ourselves. Who cares about these idiots.” Sohrab: “Oh, Masoud, No. Why do you think you are not one of these idiots? or among those who have fucked up this damn country? I don’t have any problem with finding the back door. But don’t forget when their embassy has a back door, it means corruption”. Masoud: “Who cares? I just want to get rid of this damn country. I don’t care about other issues”. Sohrab: “Oh, really? since when you’ve hated this country, Masoud chauvinist? when it came back into fashion? You know that when you were chauvinist and loved this damn country and all its stupidities, I hated it. When you talked nonsense about the national pride, I had serious problems with here. You two, know that I hate the stupidities of this damn country, more than you. But I don’t want to get rid of here at any price, by kissing ass or by selling myself. I want to go there to live like human. If I wanted to live like animal, I would stay here“. Akbar: “I think, in this way you can’t get your visa. Anyway, lets find the back door”.

The Iranian Baboons …

Finally after some weeks, Akbar found the backdoor, and the three old friends could enter the embassy building. Of course, now they don’t seem like friends. Masoud is not like Sohrab. His friends say that Masoud is “Ahl Bakhieh”, that generally means he is very hypocrite and sycophant. Masoud loves to pretend that he is an intellect, while his friends know that the last book he has read is a novel, “Iranian Titanic: A Love Story “, in 10 years ago. Masoud can’t think independently, but he is master at pretending and playing game. He follows the latest fashion. He always dresses like the western scholars or the western actors or the western models. He can afford to follow the latest fashion. His family have become rich, by what Iranians call “Emdad Gheybi ! ” (Divine Intervention !) that means ’embezzlement, dirty tricks, etc’. When the naive people see Masoud and his gestures, they think he is an important figure or an intellectual. Akbar has a different story. Akbar and his family were Islamist. In the past years he has worked for some Mullah organizations, and some high rank Mullahs. During the age of the Islamic reform, he became an Islamist-Reformist, and he could change his life and became a rich man, of course with “Emdad Gheybi”. In fact, many think 99% of Iranians become rich by “Emdad Gheybi”. Akbar, Masoud, and many others don’t have any problem with “Emdad Gheybi”. The people who have problem with “Emdad Gheybi”, like Sohrab, are rare, really rare. Akbar and Masoud both believe that kissing ass is the key to success. And the people who have problem with kissing ass, like Sohrab, are rare, really rare. Akbar’s friends say: “Now, Akbar is an Islamist and an atheist, at the same time. It means that all things are depend on where the wind is blowing.” Akbar himself believes that he is a pragmatist, and when Sohrab asks him: “pragmatist? what do you mean?” he says: “I mean, I can work for the Mullahs, Basij, Monarchists, Pahlavists, Islamists, reformists, terrorists, etc and earn money, while I’m a liberal and atheist”. Sohrab: “So, Pragmatism is Khayemalism ?!! (kissing ass)“. Masoud: “We, the pragmatists, don’t want to be called Khayemal, because it’s not high class. But we all should be Khayemal and kiss bosses’ ass, otherwise we can’t live in this damn country, and in this world. We become loser.” Akbar believes that he has a high EQ. When Akbar refers to EO, Sohrab asks him: “EQ? What do you know about EQ?” Akbar: “I have read some articles about it. EQ means the ability to be popular and to be successful. It means, you know how you can impress others in a way that they see only what is necessary or useful, that means they see only what you want, not what you really are, or not your real intentions or your real emotions, etc”. Sohrab: “Oh, boy, it’s not EQ; it’s charlatanism”. Masoud: “so, I think EQ means the ability to be a good hypocrite or a good charlatan; that’s all”. Sohrab: “Apparently, you think some international concepts are high class excuse to justify yourselves. Anyway, lets go and ask XLandis what we should do now, after submitting the damn forms and documents. Let’s go and ask how they issue the damn visa of XLand”. Akbar:” Lets go, but I have asked them before, and apparently we would have some interviews for getting visa”.


Interview for visa

Apparently Akbar has been able to find another backdoor solution for himself, because in the interview’s day, his interview finished quickly, and he left the embassy while he was very happy. And now, Masoud has the same feeling and is very happy. “Sohrab, take it easy. My questions were so easy and I only had to say yes or no. If you were smart, you can give your visa very easily, don’t worry”, Masoud says this and leaves the embassy. Now, it’s Sohrab’s turn. He enters the interview room and after greeting and a few questions, one of the interviewer, Karl, says: “We checked your documents. There is not any problem. But you should answer some questions”. The other interviewer, Jeny, says: “We took a look at your collections, your unpublished works, and I think they show that you are an open-minded Iranian. I know your problems here, and as you know, for you and other Iranians who have the same conditions, there are very limited ways for entering XLand and living there legally. Actually Iranians can not go to XLand or live there, but we can help you. We can grant you some kind of asylum in XLand. I know you are not a chauvinist, be let me ask you, can you help us and XLand, or are you a nationalist?” Sohrab: “I’m not a nationalist; I’m a globalist. I really want to help all humans in all around the world.” The third interviewer, Kate, says: “We mean, can you help our government? I mean, if our politicians ask for your help, what do you say?” Sohrab: “As you know, I’m not a political activist. I hate politics”. Jeny: “But many of your people and those we had interview with them today are not political activists, but they are ready to help our government. They think it’s better for their own country, too. Your people, even the Mullahs and the Islamists, don’t think like you” Sohrab: “Oh, no. They are not my people. I’m not responsible for them, and you should not connect me with them. It’s so obvious that you can be European and hate many European things. And you can be Iranian and hate many Iranian things, including stupid people and stupid traditions.” Kate: “OK. But the Islamic regime is your regime, and you have created it. Your regime has created many problems for us. And Iranians are your people and have many problems, and have created many problems for us” Sohrab: “No, they are not my regime or my people. I didn’t create this regime. Why you want to punish me for others’ mistakes? They are responsible for their own problems. If I’m responsible for others’ mistake, then you would be responsible for the mistakes of Fascists, Nazis, Far rights, and many other stupid people in the west. Are you ready to accept this? I’m a free man. And I’m not a political activist. And I hate all stupid, hypocrite and sycophant Iranians.” Jeny: “So, it means you don’t want to help us” Sohrab: “No, I’m a free man, a global citizen. I help all humans. Everywhere that I see a problem or stupidity, I will not defend it. If Iranians wanted to support tyranny or colonialism in the west, I would protest against them and would defend your rights. For me, all human beings are equal, and I don’t defend a special race or color. I hate those humans, Iranians or non-Iranians, who are chauvinist or racist or narrow-minded localist. I think the world needs more open-minded people and more global citizens.” Karl: “OK, thanks, I think we have got our answers. We contact you soon.”

After interview for visa

After six weeks, the embassy of XLand declares that Akbar and Masoud can get their visa within a month, but Sohrab should go for a second interview. Sohrab can guess the reason, but he can not believe it. Sohrab’s close friend, Nahid, can not accept what has happened, too. She says: “Does XLand accept some one like Akbar or Masoud, but they can not accept some one like Sohrab? What it means? I thought XLand has not the problems of this damn country, or at least they can understand the difference between gold and copper; Was it a stupid illusion?” Sohrab: “I don’t know, but I think all people have right to choose where they want to live, without any stupid restriction”. Nahid: “yes, but under these damn conditions, what XLand has done is really unacceptable”. Sohrab: “It’s really ridiculous that we can’t live like the people in the west. They can pack their suitcase today, and go to XLand tomorrow. They can stay there 3 to 6 months, before they decide what they want to do. But in this damn country…” Nahid: “only the Mullahs enjoy this sort of facilities, and others should wait about 1 year for a 2 weeks tourist visa, and many can not get this visa! But I thought XLand would be happy to accept some one like you, and you can easily go there and live there like a modern human. What XLand did to you is really unfair.” Sohrab: “Lets wait and see what will happen. Now, I should go and see what they say” ….. When Sohrab enters the interview room, he only sees Karl. Karl says he has asked others to give Sohrab a new chance. Sohrab can’t understand what it means, but finally after a half of hour discussions, Karl says: “If I want to be honest, I should say that we don’t need intellectual or open-minded person in XLand, we need a good boy who listen to what we say; can you understand what I mean?” Sohrab: “I don’t know. Maybe you need mercenary”. Karl: “No, no, not like this. We can use better words. I think you know Akbar and Masould, don’t you?” Sohrab: “Yes, we were friends in our teens”. Karl: “They solved their problems very easily and now they can go to XLand, but you have to remain here, while you are more talented.” Sohrab: “So, what it means? Shall I sell myself like them? If I wanted to sell myself, I would be one of the Mullah’s men, and I could have everything, even your visa, without coming here, or without any interview. But I hate the people who sell themselves or kiss the bosses’ ass. The life is short, and I don’t want to be among the people that I’ve hated them since my childhood, and they are the main responsible for the damn problems in this damn country and in this damn world”. Karl: “I had a friend who was like you. He died some years ago. You remind me of him. So, I should tell you that Kate and Jeny and others will not allow you to get your visa.” Sohrab: “I thought XLand is not like here” Karl: “Oh, yah. But everywhere has its own problems”. Sohrab: “Can I go to XLand and live there like a free open-minded human?” Karl: “I like to say Yes, but …”. Sohrab: “Oh, no. I thought XLand respects the rule of law, and XLand is not like this damn country” Karl: “You always can find legal excuses very easily. What Jeny and Kate want to do is legal and you can’t protest. I’m honest with you, because you have been honest with me and you remind me of my old friend.” Sohrab:” Thanks. I don’t know what should I say” Karl: “Please think more about what I said, and let me know your final answer in Wednesday”.

Egyptian Girl & her Friends Defy Islamists, alone

November 18, 2011

Yesterday, the AP had a report about a young Egyptian girl, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy , who posted nude pictures of herself on her blog to protest Islamists in Egypt. “Her boyfriend, Kareem Amer, a liberal Egyptian, has challenged Egypt’s social strictures before. Kareem Amer spent four years in prison for blog posting deemed insulting to Islam and Hosni Mubarak ! He has been in jail since 2005 to 2010“, the media reported. As you probably know, and as we said before, the majority of Egyptians are stupid Islamists or pro-Islamists. “They denounced Elmahdy as a ‘prostitute’ and ‘mentally sick’ or urged police to arrest her”, the AP reported. But it’s not the whole story. Nobody expects the savage Egyptian Islamists to respect freedom and civilization, but now even those who called themselves “Egyptian Liberals”, don’t defend Elmahdy and the basic freedoms, and it’s really horrible. “The April 6 movement, one of the most prominent liberal activist groups that led the 18-day uprising against Mubarak, issued a statement denying claims that Elmahdy is a member of the group. Liberals feared that the posting by 20-year-old university student, Elmahdy, would taint them in the eyes of deeply [stupid] conservative Egyptians ahead of Nov. 28 parliamentary elections in which they are trying to compete with fundamentalist Islamic parties”, the AP reported. The stupid Egyptian liberals are like the stupid Islamist-Reformists in Iran. They only care about the power, dirty politics and their own interests. Unfortunately, Egyptians know nothing about Iran’s history and how the Islamists destroyed Iran in the past decades. Today Egypt is like Iran in 1979. The Islamist are in majority in Egypt. The liberals should not try to deceive themselves, and instead, they should strongly defend the the rights of the minority. It’s very important. The majority must not be able to violate the basic human rights. It’s very important. It’s democracy. The Egyptian Islamists are really savage, like the savage Islamists in Iran. “On Salafi parties’ campaign banners, photos of the few female candidates are replaced by drawings of a flower !“. During a recent election rally in Alexandria, Salafists covered up a public statue that depicted mermaids. Salafi clerics appearing on TV talks shows have refused to appear face-to-face with female TV hosts, unless the presenter puts on a headscarf or in one case, a barrier was placed between the two [!!!]. Most recently, an Islamist preacher crashed into a university musical concert in Mansoura, saying music was forbidden by Islam and that he wanted to “promote virtue and prevent vice” – the term that is used by Saudi religious police [and the Mullahs in Iran]”, the AP reported. The tactics of the savage Egyptian Islamists are exactly like the tactics of the savage Mullahs in 1979.

13214814591.jpg AliaaMagdaElmahdy-nude.jpg 222318_2072741499456_1272456574_32532263_7733133_n.jpg

Unfortunately the Egyptian liberals are as stupid as the Iranian liberals in 1979. They have not learned their lessons. They have not read history. It’s really shameful. “Egypt is polarized between Islamists and liberals ahead of the elections. Members of the most hardline Islamic movement in Egypt, the Salafis, have warned voters during their campaigns that liberals will corrupt Egypt’s morals“, the AP added. It reminds many of 1979. Now, Egypt is like Iran in 1979 and the Islamists are in majority, and try to deceive the stupid people. Maybe 50 years later Egypt will become like today Iran. As we said before, Iran is the only nation in the Middle East and Africa that is anti-Islamist and modern. Iran’s regime is Islamist and very savage, but the Iranian people are anti-Islamist and very modern. Even the wise westerners know that truth and say: ‘We treat Turkey like a brother, when it is a militant Islamic state kept secular only by a disguised military dictatorship. And we treat Iran like a pariah, when its a largely secular nation kept Islamic only by an ageing and discredited, but open, despotism’. Today, Iranians are much more modern than the Egyptian, the Turk, the Arab, etc. Today, Egyptians should learn from Iranians and their mistakes in 1979. Egyptians should know that the only way for fighting against the savage Islamists is: “Defending the basic human rights, and Warning the people “. They should read Iran’s history and see how the savage Islamists who talk nonsense about the moral values today, will rape men and women tomorrow for staying in power at any price. In fact, ‘moral values’ for the Islamists and other religious fanatics, is like ‘modesty’ for the prostitutes or ‘morals’ for Wall Street !. Read Iran’s history, and then you will learn why Iranians say: ‘Harfaye Akhunda Hamash Kashke’ (What the Islamists say is pile of shit, and a big lie). Iran’s history will show you that if you can’t decide about your clothes and your body in the public places or in the media, then very soon you will not be able to decide about your bedroom and your private life; Very soon, you even can’t have a private party in your house, or eat, drink, listen, watch, or read what you want in your own house; Very soon, you will not be able to breath freely in the public places and in your own house; And as funny Iranians say, very soon you even will not be able to fart freely ! The wise Egyptians should read Iran’s history and warn themselves and other Egyptians. They should know that the Islamists are not like Mubarak that the US ordered him to resign, and he obeyed orders within 20 days. The world leaders love the Islamists, and they will kill, torture, and rape tens of thousands for staying in power at any price. The Egyptian liberals should know that they are in minority, but they should defend the rights of the minority and the basic human rights, that is the most important pillar of democracy. They should not be stupid opportunists who work for election, dirty politics and the power. It was the big mistake of Iranian liberals in 1979. Do you know what happened to the stupid Iranian liberals? Read Iran’s history.


“Elmahdy wrote on her blog that the her photographs ‘screams against a society of violence, racism, s-e-x-ism, s-e-x-u-al harassment and hypocrisy.’ Her blog has received 1.5 million hits since she posted the photos earlier this week. Thousands flooded her site with insults. Some denounced her a ‘prostitute’ and ‘mentally sick’ or urged police to arrest her. The posting prompted furious discussions on Internet social media sites, with pages for and against her put up on Facebook”, the AP reported. The comments of the savage Islamists, when they threaten her with violence or death, show how savage they are. But the comments of stupid Egyptians who call themselves ‘liberal’ are really disappointing. They say: “Personal freedom had limits and this kind of personal freedom -nude male and female art- is unknown in our society. You misunderstand the concept! … Yes, Nude does NOT equal s-e-x-u-al and nudity is artistic expression, but that doesn’t mean that it is acceptable in the society where we live in”. These stupid bastards are exactly like the Islamist reformists in Iran. They are more dangerous than the savage Islamists, because they work as apologists for the savage Islamists and try to justify the savagery in the name of human values. They help the savage Islamists to hide their real face. The majority of Egyptian are very stupid and Islamist, but if they see the real face of Islamists and read Iran’s history, they can see the truth. But the Egyptian Islamist-Reformists don’t allow the people to see the truth. If fact, the poor Egyptian girl and her friends fight against the savage Islamists alone. They are really alone in Egypt. But many open-minded people in all around the world support them, and say: “I’ve heard about you from a national newspaper in Belgium. Thank you both for your courage. I hope you won’t get in trouble for this. I also hope religion will be kept back to the private area, and that in your country all people will have the same rights, regardless of their religion, gender, etc … We, in Europe, are totally with all the Arabs who are fighting for their rights … Freedom starts with the freedom of the body, of our bodies, of your body … I did read your history on Italian newspapers and first I though that maybe blog was “dummy”. Now, I consider you like a civil right soldier … I have a dream: thousands of naked women make a public demonstration in Egypt against religious fanatics … Some barbarians will insult you, because they’re afraid of you, freedom and democracy … Greetings and kisses from Spain”


Elmahdy’s blog shows that she is a modern and brave Egyptian girl, but unfortunately, she and her friends are alone there. Elmahdy has written: “The yellow rectangles on my eyes, mouth and sex organ resemble censoring of our knowledge, expression and s-e-x-uality”. In “Nude Art”, she writes: “Try the nude models who worked in art faculties in the 1970s, hide art books and destroy nude artifacts. After that, undress yourselves and look at your own body in the mirror; then burn your damn dirty body for getting rid of your damn s-e-x-ual obsessions for ever“. In responding to the comments, she writes: “Freedom and limits cannot be put in one sentence. Individual freedoms should not be restricted by social norms. Humans are humans anywhere in the world and have the same rights” In a tweet, she said: “I took my nude photo myself in my parent’s home months before I met my boyfriend (Kareem), and I’m atheist since I was 16”. A reader has asked her: “I was just wondering how your family members feel about you posting nude pictures of yourself? Or do they not know? ” and she has answered: “My family members don’t own my body or my actions. I am a free individual”. Apparently her family is open-minded, and it’s really rare in Egypt. “Nudity is strongly frowned upon in Egyptian society, even as an art form. Elmahdy’s posting is almost unheard of in a country where most women in the Muslim majority wear the headscarf and even those who don’t rarely wear clothes exposing the arms or legs in public”, the AP reported. “Elmahdy and her boyfriend Kareem Amer, also a controversial blogger, have challenged Egypt’s social strictures before. Earlier this year, they posted mobile phone video footage of themselves debating with managers of a public park who threw them out for public displays of affection. Amer, who spent four years in prison for blog posting deemed insulting to Islam and Mubarak !, chided liberals who condemned Elmahdy. “I think we should not be afraid of those in power or Islamists, as much as we should be worried of politicians claiming to be liberal,” he wrote in Facebook. “They are ready to sacrifice us to avoid tarnishing their image ” , the AP added. It shows that Amer and a few others in Egypt know the truth. They know that the fake liberals or the
Islamist-Reformists are more dangerous than the savage Islamists. It’s good. Egypt needs a great miracle to get rid of the Islamists, but the wise Egyptians should defend the basic human rights, under any condition. Egypt needs about 50 years to become like today Iran that the Islamists and pro-Islamists are in minority, a very small minority. But they can have a better situation in Egypt, if they read history and learn from Iranian experiences.. When I think about the case of Egypt, I can’t stop thinking about Iran and how Iranians will shock the world in the near future. During and after the secular and anti-Islamist revolution in Iran in the near future, the world will see how the corps of young Iranian men and women will break all the taboos. The world will see how millions of young Iranians will celebrate the end of Islamic Middle Age in Iran, and how they will show their inside beauty to the whole world. It will shock many in the world, but not those who know today Iran and Iranians.

Iranian Foods vs Western Foods

November 17, 2011

Iranians, like other nations, have many stupid traditions and stupid weak points. But the story of Iranian traditions and Iranian expats is one of the stupidest things. While the stupid Iranian expats have the stupidest Iranian weak points (like telling lie, kissing ass, etc), they talk nonsense about many things, including the Iranian foods that are the best part of the Iranian traditions. The traditional Iranian Foods, specially Kaleh Pache are unknown in the world, but when you search the web, you can find that the stupid Iranian expats have misled the non-Iranians. These Iranian jerks who often kiss the Mullahs’ ass and the Pahlavi’s ass, distort the facts. These stupid bastards pretend that they are intellect, while they are “typical disgusting Iranian baboons”, who often tell lie, kiss ass, and are very jealous, hypocrite, nosy, etc. These Iranian jerks are so disgusting and should be deported to Iran, and here they should be brought to trial for the embezzled money and what they have stolen from Iran. It’s funny that these stupid bastards don’t talk about the stupid Iranian traditions or the “typical disgusting characteristics of the Iranian baboons”, but they talk nonsense about some Iranian traditions that are not so bad, without knowing anything about other parts of the world.


As we said before, “Kaleh Pacheh” (or “Kale Pache”) is one of the traditional Iranian foods that tastes good, but it’s the most controversial Iranian food. Since the ancient time, herbs and vegetables have been the main parts of the Iranian foods, and it’s rare in the world. Iranians have one of the richest cuisine in the world that is full of herbs and vegetables, and vegans love it. Iranians have a very long list of foods that are only made by herbs and vegetables. Iranians did not eat many things, like pig, lobster, shrimp, etc that Europeans still eat them. But when they killed a sheep, they tried to use all its meat, and it had economic reasons. As you know, the Chinese eat all animate objects! The Eastern countries, especially the Chinese, eat cats, rats, dogs, bugs, cockroaches, crickets, etc. And the European eat “Lobster” and many sea creatures that are like a bigger version of the cockroaches !


Many Iranians say: “How can they eat lobster? or how can they bear seeing lobster in their plate?, or how they can bear cooking lobster?” As you know, many American and European women and men can’t bear cooking lobster, and some can’t bear seeing it in their plates. And it’s exactly like our story in Iran. The vast majority of Iranian hate cooking Kaleh Pacheh, or seeing how they cook it. Some even hate eating “Kale Pache”. Iranians who want to eat Kaleh Pacheh, go to its special restaurants, and enjoy eating Kaleh Pache that is “meat” and “fat”. Some think Iranians put the sheep’s head on the table and eat it !!! But it’s a joke, a very big lie. It’s what Europeans do, not Iranians. Europeans put fish, lobster, shrimp, etc with its head, its legs/ crawls, and its open eyes on the table and eat it. In fact, this sort of serving foods is a Chinese / Japanese/ European tradition, not a Persian tradition.


Those Iranians and non-Iranians who hate seeing the cooking bowl of “Kale Pache”, also hate seeing lobster, fish head, etc. Many Iranians ask: “Why Europeans serve fish with its head, or lobster in its original shape? It’s really horrible”. Yes, it’s really horrible. But the Chinese are worse than Europeans and many Iranians and non-Iranians can’t bear seeing Chinese foods and how they cook all animate objects ! Of course, when you can’t see the original shape of what you eat, and you just see small or large portions of meat, what you eat can be everything, including lobster, cat, crocodile, monkey, Kale Pache, etc. Only when you see the truth, it becomes horrible! But the Chinese, Japanese, Europeans, etc eat animals in their original shapes, and it’s really horrible. In fact, the cooking bowl of Kaleh Pache is much more acceptable than the Chinese, Japanese, or European kitchens. And a plate of “Kale Pache” is much more acceptable than a plate of lobster, rat, cat, live fish, etc.


Some Iranians say: “Those who eat meat, actually eat hands, legs, etc of the animals, and it’s as horrible as eating inner meats of head or foot of a sheep”. In fact, Kaleh Pache is meat and fat of sheep, and has different parts. When you go to its restaurant you have many options: “Zaboon” (Tongue), “Bana Goosh” (Chin), “Cheshm” (Eye), “Maghz” (Brain), “Pache” (Foot), “Ab Goosht” (Water), etc. Many Iranians, we included, only order “Bana Goosh” and “Zaboon”, that are delicious meat, and have not any special shape or taste. “Cheshm” is meat, but its shape is horrible. And “Brain”, is only fat, and its shape is so horrible. I only tested “Brain” once, and it was like a weird mushy fat, a very stupid fat. So, if you wanted to test “Kale Pache” in Iran, you should only order “Bana Goosh” and “Zaboon”, and then you become a lover of Kaleh Pacheh! The tourists should know that many Iranians only eat “Bana Goosh” and “Zaboon”.


A Swedish tourist that had eaten Kaleh Pacheh in Tehran, said: “First we got a bowl of the water (Ab Goosht) that the sheep head had been boiled in it. Next was a plate with tongue, followed by a plate with chin. The final plate was the brains and the eyes. I felt like a zombie as I let loose on the pieces, which were really unlike anything Id ever eaten before. Finally, a sweet pomegranate beer provided a nice contrast to the meat”. In fact, they had eaten like a horse ! When he was asked: “How did the sheep brain REALLY taste? Did you finish it?”, he answered: “The brain tasted weird, maybe some strange mix between mushroom and truffle [!] But our plates were actually quite empty afterwards !” Apparently many tourists eat a lot of “Brain” ! and it’s both funny and horrible! It’s not like what Iranians do. The tourists should forget “Brain”, and instead they should eat “Kale Pache” like Iranians. Funny Iranians say: “Those who eat Brain are brainless“! Iranians also have a funny slang about eating brain. When Iranians say: “X has eaten Maghze Khar (donkey brain)”, it means: “X is very very very stupid”. So, if you ate Brain, you would be like Reza Pahlavi and the Monarchists who eat donkey brain! As you know, 99% of Iranians believe: “Reza Pahlavi and the Monarchists have eaten Maghze Khar (donkey brain)” !

Vladimir Putin, Stalin, and Russians

November 16, 2011

“Vladimir Putin announced that he was standing for a third term as president in “elections” to be held next March. The man who has been keeping the Kremlin seat warm for him, Dmitry Medvedev, is to become Russia’s prime minister. It’s time to switch!”, the media reported in the recent weeks. It’s really so ridiculous. Apparently, Russia always should be the land of the Big Brother. Traditionally, Russia has always had one-man (or one-woman) authoritarian rule. Peter I, Catherine II, Alexander, Lenin, Stalin, etc and now Putin. But the main questions is: “Why don’t the young Russians protests against Putin and this shameful system in Russia ?” In 2011, when even the stupid Arab world protests against dictatorship, why the young Russians are silent and inactive ? It’s really shameful that in the 21st century, Putin wants to be another Stalin, but the people, especially the young Russians, say nothing and are silent. In 2024, after 28 years of tyranny in the name of democracy, Putin has already outlasted Leonid Brezhnev (18 years) and is closing in fast on comrade Stalin (a whopping 31) ! In 2008, some naive people thought: “Mededvev has no background in Russia’s sinister security services. He talks of reform and modernization. Perhaps, then, Russia is finally moving away from its lugubrious KGB track”. By 2010, however, more or less everyone had concluded that Medvedev and his “liberal” agenda were phoney. Now Putin has decided to choose himself to be Russia’s next president, and the people don’t protest. Some say: “His election is a foregone conclusion: in previous polls, opposition candidates and anti-Kremlin parties fail to make it on to the ballot paper. With Russian state TV having morphed into a daily Putin/Medvedev blog, Putin can expect blanket positive coverage ahead of his coronation. The winds of change may be blowing across the reactionary Arab world, rolling from Egypt to Tripoli’s Green Square. But Russians are looking at an endless Putin epoch, and a long period of political stagnation; another and new Stalin for Russia “.


“The year is 2024. The world’s economic prospects have perked up a bit since the collapse of the euro. The Germans are happily spending deutchmarks again, the Greeks are back with the drachma. Almost all of the leaders in power a decade earlier have been swept away -Sarkozy, Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, and Silvio Berlusconi. Only one leader has defied the iron law that all politicians eventually leave office. His name? Vladimir Putin. Now 71, Putin has served four terms as Russia’s president (It’s like that a US president serves six terms ! In Russia each term is 6 years , not 4 years) -bringing the tally of his stints in the Kremlin up to 24 years”, some said. They also added: “According to the Wikileaks and the US diplomats, Putin’s main motivation for carrying on is to guarantee the safety of his own assets and those of his inner circle. No one quite knows how much Putin and his friends are worth. (Several of them feature prominently on the Forbes annual list.) But the sums involved many trillions of dollars.” Putin, the next Russian president will enjoy up to two terms of six years each, which means that Putin could remain in the Kremlin until 2024. It’s what the stupid lefts call ‘Democracy’. The stupid lefts and their leader, Noam Chomsky, love the tyranny and praise some one like Putin, Chavez, Assad, Gaddafi, Khamenei, etc. who are lifelong dictator. The stupid lefts are too stupid to understand that ‘Unlimited power = Unlimited corruption’. Now, in 21st century, there is no doubt that no one should rule more than 8 years, but the stupid left still see Stalin as their favorite leader, and the stupid little monkeys, like Chavez or Castro, are just remind them of great Stalin. In the recent weeks, the little monkey, Hugo Chavez, has declared that he wants to be Putin or Stalin of Venezuela, and after 13 years presidency he again wants to become president in the next election show in 2012. It’s what the stupid lefts call “Democracy”. These stupid bastards support the tyranny, the unlimited power, and the unlimited corruption, but call themselves “Intellectual”.


Some say: “Russian first state TV channel has recently shown Putin wrestling heroically with a python after it “escaped” from a Moscow zoo” But Russians say: “Putin often wrestles heroically with girls or models”. Many can’t understand why Russians, specially the younger generation of Russians, don’t protest against the Russian dictator, Putin. Some ask: “In 2010s, Russians are as stupid as 1910s? In 1910s, the stupid Lenin and Stalin were hero in Russia, and now in 2010s, Putin is hero ?! Are the young Russians stupider than the Arabs in the reactionary Arab world?”. And some say: “The young Iranians are really more modern than almost all other nations in the East. In 2009 and 2011, Iranians show their courage and wisdom, but the world leaders and the fake intellectuals betrayed them. Russia and China are eastern countries and have a long history of dictatorship and brutality. But now in 2010s, their youths don’t protest against their dictators”. Of course, many in Russia don’t like Putin and his regime, but they don’t protest. Even Putin admitted that his government has lost the trust of its people and pledged to introduce what he called ‘direct democracy’ to refresh it. Speaking to a meeting of the Valdai Club, Putin said: “We have certain ideas about how to expand direct democracy, but it would be premature to announce them now. The British say it took 400 years for a lawn to be made [!!]”. It’s an old excuse for all dictators, including the savage Mullahs and their agents in the west. But in the age of internet they can’t repeat the old bullshits. Before the 20th century, Britons lived in a very dreadful conditions. You should read history and see how children, workers, women, and the majority of Britons who were not rich, lived in a very dreadful conditions in 19th, 18th, and 17th centuries, and how democracy was a stupid lie at that times in the UK. You only can say: “At that times the situation in the UK was better than the situation in Russia, Iran, and many other countries”. Only when the majority -children, women, the low class and the middle class- could have education and the rate of literacy and standards of living improved in the UK, and the power of the Monarch decreased significantly, the UK became a democracy. In 1910s, Iranians lived like Britons in 18th century, but now in 2010s, the majority of Iranians live like the majority of Britons in 21st century. And I think the same thing can be true about Russia. As we said before, the majority of Iranians are under 35, and very modern. The UK riots in 2011, even showed that the young Iranians are more modern than their British counterparts. You dont inherit the knowledge or wisdom through your genes or nationality. You should acquire it. The young people in all around the world start from zero, and should learn from the human legacy, otherwise they are dumb and ignorant, independent of their nationality. Only the Mullah agents and Iranian baboons talk nonsense about Iran that has more than 50 million young, modern and educated people. The dictators and their agents love telling big lies, because they love dictatorship and dictators. The stupid Putin has called Silvio Berlusconi “one of the last of the Great Mohicans of European leaders“. Putin said: “Berlusconi is a very open person, which is rare in European politics” The stupid dictators love each others, but even they know that they are like the last Mohicans. The Russian regime and Putin pretend that they have democracy, while Russia is a police state and KGB still is the main force in Russia. But unfortunately, the people of Russia don’t protest against this shameful situation. The young Russians should not be ignorant or inactive, and they should rise up and dump Putin into the trash can of history.

Iranian Baboons and Iranian Ancient Stories

November 15, 2011

In these days, Iranian Baboons remind many of the ancient stories. As you probably know, in the Persian literature you can find many ancient stories. Described as one of the oldest and greatest literatures of mankind, Persian literature has its roots in thousands years ago. The Persian literature is full of anecdotes that each contains a lesson for persons of discernment. In their witty and pungent anecdotes Iranians criticized the social and political corruptions of their own age. The wit and insight of some great Persian poets and writers give their works a special character. By seeing deceit, sycophancy, violence and bloodshed, suffocation, tyranny, etc they expressed their indignation in the form of scathing stories and sardonic maxims. In these day, when Khayemals (ass-kissers) and some one like Masoud Behnoud say: “The Mullahs should try to keep order and security and also try to be a little, a very little kinder to Iranians. We should tell the world that the Mullah regime isn’t a brutal dictatorship, and the regime should let the people to have a little bit more freedom“; In these days, when Iranian baboons and some like Masoud Behnoud say: “In 2009, the Mullah regime wanted to keep order. It was quite normal. They just used violence, more than it was needed. And it’s not a serious problem” , it’s not bad that we take a look at several ancient stories and what they say about this kind of shameful bullshits:

(1)Once upon a time, a brutal dictator who was like the savage Mullahs, suppressed his people and killed all protesters and suffocated all voices. He and his soldiers were raping men and women, and were plundering the national resources and the people properties. Under these conditions, some stupid people decided to protest against the brutal dictator and show their anger, but they chose a very strange way to protest. Each day afternoon, when the brutal dictator took a nap after lunch, they came in front of his house and started to fart behind his windows. One day, the brutal dictator heard the voice and asked: “What is this?” One of his soldiers said: “Nothing. Some stupid people come here and fart. They think they protest to us !”. The brutal dictator laughed, but after a while he said: “From now on, the people should be banned from farting. Each person who farts, should be killed”. And in this way, the people were banned from farting, and since that time the people even could not fart in the land of brutal dictator …. This funny story is like the story of our time. But now, those who are great stupid Khayemal, and have forgotten that “Kissing ass has been temporarily suspended after 2009, and if you kissed the Mullahs’ ass publicly, the people would spit on you”, advise the brutal dictator: “Your majesty, the people have been banned form farting, but it’s not good for the public image of our regime. Maybe the world think we are a brutal dictatorship. Please let the people to fart freely, and we, your faithful soldiers, will say to the world that your regime is not a brutal dictatorship, because the people can fart freely here”.


(2)Once upon a time, a brutal dictator who was like the savage Mullahs, decided to test his people and their level of braveness. The brutal dictator had killed, raped, and tortured many people, but he still thought that the people can be dangerous for him. He wanted to know whether the people, specially the elite, would protest against him or not. He ordered that his soldiers had to whip all people who want to enter the city or leave the city. So, the people had to wait in a long queue at the city gates, and the soldiers whipped them one by one. Some weeks passed, but no one said nothing. There was no protest. But when the brutal dictator wanted to think that it meant the people and their elites have become spineless cowards, one of the elite came and said he had something to say. The brutal dictator said to himself: “Oh, finally someone has the balls and wants to protest”. But when the elite came, he said: “Your majesty, I don’t want to protest. Whipping the people at the city gates is a very good decision, but there is just a little problem. The people should wait in the long queues. Your majesty, if we could have shorter queues, if the number of soldiers who whip the people increased and the length of queues decreased, we would be very grateful” …. It’s like the story of our time, too. Now, the Mullah Mafia in London and those who are shameless jerks and fake intellectuals say: “Your majesty, you wanted to keep order in 2009. But what your soldiers did was a little bit more than it was needed. Your majesty, we only ask for a little bit freedom, like what you gave us in the past years when the people fart freely. We have not any problem with raping the people, but the people have to wait in the long queues before being raped by your soldiers. We would be grateful if the queues became a litter shorter

(3)Iranians has a funny old saying that says: “The Bald man calls himself ZolfAli (Hairy man or Hairy head)“. In fact, it’s a story about a bald man that called himself “ZolfAli” and asked others to call him “ZolfAli” (Hairy man or Hair head). The bald man thought if he calls himself ZolfAli or if others call him ZolfAli, he will become a hairy man with a hairy head ! Now, some funny Iranians advise: “The parents should call their bald boy “ZolfAli””. But the Iranian baboons and the Iranian fake intellectuals have taken this advice seriously. In these days, the Iranian Baboons and their media call each other “intellectual”. In the recent days, Iranians hear that when the Iranian baboon’s media want to talk about themselves or other Iranian baboons, they say: “Iranian intellectuals did that, Iranian intellectuals did this, Iranian intellectuals said that, Iranian intellectuals said this, Iranian intellectuals signed petition, etc”. The Iranian Baboons and fake intellectuals are like ZolfAli, and they think if they and their media called themselves “intellectual”, then they would become intellectual ! God bless ZolfAli, who lived thousands years ago, not in 21st century.

Masoud Behnoud and Great Confession

November 14, 2011

In the recent days, Masoud Behnoud had very important confessions about the Mullah Mafia and their plans. It’s not bad we have a look at what he has said. Masoud Behnoud is an Iranian Baboon and a high rank member of Mullah Mafia in London. Many know him as the head of “Iranian Journalists Mafia”. Behnoud is an uneducated journalist, but a very hypocrite politician. He is the main man behind many Iranian Baboons’ media, including Roozonline.com. In the past years, he had been able to deceive many young Iranians, but now many know that Masoud Behnoud is one of the main Ashoura Day’s traitors. In his recent article in Roozonline (1390/8/22), “The problem is simple and clear”, Behnoud had important confessions that we want to write about it here. He revealed part of new project, some thing like what we wrote about it in “How western countries try to suffocate the voices of Iranians inside Iran“. Masoud Behnoud writes: “Our [fake] Intellectuals wrote letters and petitions with 200 signatures about war [and said that the world should not help Iranians]; but can we sure that the world leaders hear our voices? If the world leaders listen to the voices of Iranians inside Iran and the voices of the victims [of the savage Mullahs], it would be very dangerous for Iran [ie for the Mullah regime] and Iranians should pay the price of this great mistake” Can you believe it? It’s exactly what Masoud motherf-u-c-k-er Behnoud has said. It’s a very important confession. The Mullah Mafia are frightened to death of the voices of Iranians inside Iran, and that’s why they and their western masters try to suffocate the real voices of Iranians inside Iran. The real voices of Iranians inside Iran are very dangerous for the Mullah Mafia. They know it. And it’s very funny that these stupid bastards call themselves “intellectual”. It reminds us of the ancient story of “ZolfAli”. ZolfAli was a bald man who called himself “ZolfAli” (Hairy Man; Hairy Head) and thought in this way he became very hairy! Anyway, Masoud Behnoud adds: “About 5 million to 7 million Iranians live outside Iran. If one-thousandth of them were intellectual, we would have 7000 thinkers, and they can influence the world leaders and their decision about Iran. Iran is not Libya [the number of Iranian expats is equal to Libya’s population] and the western countries have many channels for contacting Iran’s regime and Iranians” What Behnoud says is very shameful, but very clear. In 2009, the stupid Iranian expats betrayed Iranians by creating secret channels for contacting the western politicians and the Mullah regime, and could destroy the people movement by telling big lies and distorting the facts. Of course, at that time the people did not know the true colors of these bastards, and that’s why they could succeed in their evil plans. In 2009, many were naive and did not know the true colors of the BBC, Masoud Behnoud, Ganji, Abdi, Nabavi, and other Iranian baboons. But now many things have changed.


As we said before, Masoud Behnoud and his friends that can be called ‘All the Mullah’s Men’ , think the people are blind or as stupid as them. In his recent article, Masoud Behnoud refers to the Mullah Military Coup as “Mojadeleh 88” (88 dispute or 2009 Argument). This great bastard calls the greatest election fraud in Iran’s history “Mojadeleh” (argument). This great baboon calls the greatest brutal suppression in contemporary history of Iran “Mojadeleh” (argument). This great Iranian baboon calls the Mullah savageness and the great crimes against humanity (killing, raping and torturing of tens of thousands Iranians) “Mojadeleh” (argument). The stupid bastard thinks what happened in 2009, has happened 1000 years ago, and the people have forgotten it. Masoud Behnoud and his friends are shameless jerks, but they are very stupid. They don’t know what happened in 2009, has happened 2 years ago, not 1000 years ago, and all Iranians remember it very clearly, and the internet has kept the evidences for the whole world. Masoud Behnoud adds: “We, the Iranian expats, are owner of Iran and should do some thing about our country. We should advise the Mullahs -who are very disappointed and frightened, and think their regime would fall soon- to do the right things, i.e. they should try to keep order and security [!!] and also try to be a little kinder to Iranians [!!] Now, the world thinks that the Islamic regime is a brutal dictatorship and it’s very dangerous. We should tell the world that the Mullah regime isn’t a brutal dictatorship, and the regime should let the people to have a little more freedom“. It’s a horrible confession. It clearly shows that Behnoud and his friends desperately try to keep their beloved Mullah regime safe. They know that the Mullah regime is so disgraced and discredited and has not any legitimacy, and they know it’s very dangerous for their beloved regime. They know that they can not deceive Iranians any longer, but they have a new plan: “The would should not think the Mullah regime is a brutal dictatorship”!! Masoud Behnoud adds: “In 2009, the Mullahs regime tried to keep order and restore order [!!!]. But they used too much violence, and now we can’t hear any voices from inside Iran.” Can you believe it? Iranian baboons openly say “in 2009, the Mullah regime wanted to keep order !!!, and that’s why the savage Mullahs killed and tortured tens of thousands Iranians !!!” And about the tragedy of the internet in Iran, they are clearly happy that “the world can’t hear any voices from Iran”. If one day we and many other Iranian inside Iran could not update our pages or websites because of unplugging the internet in Iran, or because the western countries block our websites and suffocate our voices, the world should know that the Iranian expats, and some one like Behnoud, Ganji, Pahlavi, Monarchists, Rajavists, Islamist-Reformists, the Mullahs, etc are not representative of Iranians inside Iran, and what they say about Iran is a big lie. They are very hated figures in Iran, and about 70 million of 75 million Iranians hate these bastards. If the Mullah regime or the western countries unplugged the internet in Iran or blocked Iranian websites and suffocated their voices, the open-minded people in all around the world could relay the voices of Iranians inside Iran (their blocked websites), by any means and any way.


As we said before, the Mullah plan for unplugging the internet in Iran is a very dangerous plot against Iran and future of Iran , and Iranian baboons and their western masters support this dreadful evil plan. It’s a good question if you ask: “Why Iranian baboons, from Ganji and Behnoud to all stupid Iranian expats, don’t write anything about the tragedy of the internet in Iran, and why they don’t do anything about this important issue?”. It’s a good question if you ask: “Why Iranian baboons, from Ganji and Behnoud to all other jerks, don’t try to organize the people? and why are they frightened to death of effective non-violent protests, like general strike or remaining in the streets?” It’s a good question if you ask: “Why Iranian baboons, from Ganji and Behnoud to all other jerks, don’t write anything about Khamenei’s new plan for Islamic Monarchy, and also about the secular Monarchy and Pahlavists?” Masoud Benhoud writes: “Iranians are disappointed at their [fake] intellectuals”, and it shows that they know how disgraced and discredited they are in Iran. And that’s why Behnoud writes: “We, the conditional supporter of the Mullah regime[!!!], should try to inform the world leaders. They should not attack Iran, under any name [even for helping Iranians]. Unfortunately, nobody listen to us, but we should ask all educated Iranian expats to help us.” Behnoud knows that Iranians inside Iran hate him, and his confessions are very funny. He adds: “The Mullah media don’t send any serious message to the war room in Washington. But we, the Iranian expats, should do this job”. What Behnoud writes about the Mullah Mafia in Washington is more interesting: “Today, three delegations from three different parts of the Mullah regime are in Washington, and try to find some one in Washington and make deal with him, and reach to an agreement, but they can not find any one”. It’s a very important confession of a member of Mullah Mafia in London. In fact, the Mullah Mafia in Washington desperately try to make a deal with the Americans. And the Mullah Mafia in London desperately try to control the people and save the Mullah regime. Do you know who are the main commentators of the BBC Persian? Masoud Behnoud and Akbar Ganji ! who desperately try to intimidate Iranians into accepting the savage Mullahs. What the BBC Persian does in these days, with the help of Iranian baboons, is “Threatening and Intimidating Iranians”. They clearly say that Iranians can not expect the world to help them, or the world is the enemy of Iran and Iranians, and they want to destroy Iran! So, (they conclude) Iranians should accept the Mullah regime and their dreadful conditions in Iran; The Mullah Iron Fist is very strong, but the world will not help Iranians. In fact, ‘help’ and ‘humanity’ are meaningless words in the world, and the dictator’ will and decision for staying in power at any price is the determining factor; It’s God’s will, and Iranians should accept it. What the BBC and its mercenaries do in these days is some kind of “War of Nerves”. They know if the people were aware of the truth and the differences between the stupid anti-war and the wise anti-war (i.e. those who understand the difference between help and intervention), it would be very dangerous for their beloved Mullah regime. They are frightened to death of the real voices of Iranians, and that’s why Behnound says: “Now, Clinton says that Iranians can ask us to help them, while in 2009 she did not say that. And it’s very dangerous”. Yes, it’s very dangerous for the Mullahs and the Mullah Mafia, if the world and the world leaders listen to the real voices of Iranians inside Iran, not to the voices of Mullahs and the Mullah Mafia.

End of BerlusHorny Era: Berlusconi Resigned

November 13, 2011

“Finally Berlusconi resigned”. It’s what some call it “Italian Spring”. In fact, in the year of revolutions and uprisings, Berlusconi era ended, while Italy’s economic crisis is very serious. Apparently he didn’t want to take responsibility for the great economic disaster in Italy, and that’s why he resigned. Berlusconi had become a symbol of corruption, political Mafia, and the horny politician. Recently, the media reported: “Court papers show that the man who provided women for the Berlusconi’s parties had offered a well-known Italian actor the chance to present the annual San Remo song contest if she agreed to sleep with the 75-year-old BerlusHorny. Manuela Arcuri, the star of a string of TV dramas, said she refused”. In the recent days, the stupid Putin has called Silvio Berlusconi “one of the last of the Great Mohicans of European leaders“. Putin said: “Berlusconi is a very open person, which is rare in European politics”! As you know, the stupid dictators love and support each others, but even they know that they are like the last Mohicans. And it’s a very good news.


Berlusconi is one of last Mohicans (horny Mohicans!). Berlusconi’s fate could be like Gaddafi’s. In 2009, Berlusconi was attacked by an angry Italian in Milan (below picture). But Berlusconi was a little Cesar or a little Mussolini, and his ending was not as tragic as them, while his corruptions were like them. Recently, the media reported: “A man accused of supplying Berlusconi with prostitutes was issued a diplomatic visa to join him on an official visit to China. Handed a diplomatic visa to join Berlusconi’s visit to China in October 2008, Tarantini phoned a colleague to ask how he could set up a night’s entertainment for Berlusconi. Now, Berlusconi is not under investigation since prostitution is not illegal in Italy. The opposition politicians renewed calls for his resignation, but he refuses. In one conversation, Tarantini explained how he first gained Berlusconi’s confidence at a wedding in 2008 where Berlusconi was smitten by a contestant on Italian Big Brother. Tarantini told Berlusconi he had the girl’s number but it would be unwise to call her because she ‘is always with her boyfriend’. Instead, Tarantini offered to act as go-between”.


Yesterday, the media reported: “It was an ignoble end for the 75-year-old billionaire media mogul, who came to power for the first time in 1994 using a soccer chant Lets Go Italy as the name of his political party. While he became Italys longest-serving post-war premier, Berlusconis three stints as premier were tainted by corruption trials and accusations that he used his political power to help his own interests. His last term has been marred by s-e-x scandals, Bunga Bunga parties and criminal charges he paid a 17-year-old girl to have s-e-x”. The media also added: “Berlusconi also took time out from official duties to ensure that one of his regular guests, showgirl Barbara Guerra, was not voted off a reality show on one of his TV channels. In another call, he reminded another showgirl, Belén Rodríguez, that he had personally secured her a presenter’s role on a TV program.”


Recently, the Italians media reported: “Berlusconi mentioned an unidentified lover to rebut claims of wild parties at his home outside Milan. But the witness, who said she was a reluctant participant in “Bunga Bunga”, confirmed the claims. The witness, a Moroccan belly dancer, named his live-in girlfriend as a Montenegrin, named Katarina. The weekly Espresso identified her as Katarina Knezevic, 20, a former “Miss Montenegro”. It said she had a twin sister, and that in 2009 the pair, both of whom are models, had been photographed in Sardinia. The Moroccan woman also described how a female associate of Berlusconi, who is now a member of the regional parliament of Lombardy, had been one of two who dressed as nuns before stripping down while pole dancing. The regional lawmaker denied the claim, but was embarrassed when she was photographed in the Milan fashion district while wearing a top emblazoned with the words: ‘I’m even better without the T-shirt’ [!!] ”


Yesterday, the media reported: “Berlusconi stood as lawmakers applauded him in the parliament chamber immediately after the vote. But outside his office and in front of government palazzos across town, hundreds of curiosity-seekers massing to witness the final hours of his government heckled him and his ministers. Shame! and Get Out! the crowds yelled, many toting Bye Bye Silvio Party posters. “Buffoon! Buffoon!” “Mafioso!” “Piece of Shit!” and “Prison!” the crowd shouted. Many Italians are happy. “We are very, very happy. This is going to be like our own little bunga bunga. It’s been 17 years of anti-culture. He raped the constitution in a shameless fashion. A few thousands may dance in the streets tonight, but millions cry at home”, some Italians said. But some added: “The country is destroyed, especially in a moral sense. There’s not much to celebrate””.


The economic crisis in Italy is very serious and complicated. “Greece, Ireland and Portugal all required international bailouts after their own borrowing rates passed 7 per cent. The Italian economy would not be so easy to save. It totals $2-trillion, twice as much as the other three countries combined”, the media reported. But having both the economic crisis and BerlusHorny was a real nightmare, and now it’s good that finally Italy has got rid of Berlushorny, that many Italians call him Buffoon or Mafioso. Berlusconi’s story was a tragicomedy; a story of transformation from an average man and a cruise-ship crooner to Italys richest man and maybe the head of Mafia in Italy. The Italians, specially the young Italians, should try to not have another Berlusconi in Italy. It would be better, if Berlushorny was the last Mohican in Italy.

Abbas Khayemal (Kiarostami), Taghvai, Vafamehr

November 12, 2011

Recently, Abbas Kiarostami that we and many other Iranians call him “Abbas Kayemal” (Abbas Ass-kisser) has opened his damn mouth and talked nonsense about our situation in Iran. Unfortunately many non-Iranians think “Abbas Kiarostami is one of the great filmmakers of our time.” But it’s a stupid joke. Abbas Kayemal is just a great ass-kisser and a worthless Iranian baboon and the stupid French made him a straw hero. In his recent interview, on October 13, 2011, with a German radio (search web for “Kiarostami , dradio.de, dkultur”) he has told stupid joke about his shitty films, but his funnier joke is about our situation in Iran. The German interviewer ask him: “Our listeners might expect, that you comment on the current situation in Iran”. And Abbas Kayemal say: “What angers me, is the West’s reaction to Panahi’s arrest, and also the reaction of Panahi himself. Now, Panahi is free; he has even made a movie that was shown at Cannes [!!!!] [what this jerk talks about is a 2-minute short film!]. I just do not understand why they tell lie [!!]. It annoys me that the West does not seem to acknowledge that he is no longer in prison. And that’s why I react so annoying. The simple truth is that Panahi is no longer in custody”. Abbas Kayemal is really a worthless jerk. He doesn’t talk about what happened to Panahi in jail; He doesn’t say that the Mullahs have officially declared that Panahi can’t make film for 20 years; He doesn’t say that Panahi’s crime was “Film Making”! He doesn’t talk about other film makers that have been arrested recently, and about the majority of film makers that can’t make film in Iran. Abbas Kayemal is really a worthless jerk who only kisses the Mullah’s ass and works as an apologist for the savage Mullahs. In the recent weeks, the Mullahs have arrested many Iranian film makers, but Abbas Kayemal talks nonsense and defends the Mullah regime. He doesn’t say anything about the arrested film makers and arrested actresses, especially about Nasser Taghvai’s wife, Marzieh Vafamehr.


Iranians know that in the recent weeks the media reported: “Marzieh Vafamehr, an Iranian actress sentenced to 90 lashes and a year in prison after appearing in Iranian film “My Tehran for Sale”. One scene in the film shows her without Islamic Hejab (the head-covering Iranian women are forced to wear), while she appears to drink alcohol in another. “My Tehran for Sale” is a short film that an Iranian expat has made it as her thesis for an Australian university. The actress, Marzieh Vafamehr, seems to have been released after about two months in jail, and after an appeal court reduced her imprisonment to three months and overturned the flogging sentence”. In the recent weeks, more than 20 film makers, specially the documentary film makers, were arrested too. But Abbas Khayemal, not only shut his f-u-c-k-ing mouth about this matter, but he works as an apologist for the Mullah regime! Shame on you, Abbas Khayemal. The world should know that Abbas Khayemal is a worthless baboon. And it’s not the first time that he shows his true colors. In the past years, Abbas Khayemal has shown his true colors over and over. In 2005, he said: “I support Mr. shit; I vote for Mr. shit”. And in 2009, when the Mullahs were killing and raping Iranians, Abbas Khayemal defended the Mullah regime, and said Mr. shit and Mullahs are as bad as the world thinks! Now almost all Iranians know that Abbas Khayemal is a worthless Iranian baboon. Some ask: “Why the west only cares about the Iranian baboons and Iranian jerks? Abbas Kayemal is a worthless baboon with many shitty and worthless films. He only kisses the savage Mullahs’ ass, and Iranians hate him.” Nasser Taghvai is an Iranian film maker (director & screenwriter) that is more talented than Abbas Khayemal, but the west doesn’t care about him, because he is independent and anti-Mullah, and doesn’t kiss the Mullah’s ass. Of course, Taghvai and many other Iranian film makers have serious weak points, but some young Iranian artists are very talented. If Iran was a free country, the young anti-Mullah artists would show the world that they are much more talented than Abbas Khayemal, whose fate would be like the fate of Nazi, Fascist, or Stalinist film makers. Now, the people only spit on their graves, and the world has forgotten them.


Recently, Taghvai’s ex-wife, Shahrnoosh ParsiPour, has said: “I met Vafamehr in Turkey. She was a nice girl, very nice girl. I loved her. Vafamehr was more younger than our son (son of Taghvai & ParsiPour), but she was a real mother for my son. I mean, she can be a good mother for my son, while she is younger than him”. This kind of sarcastic comments is quite normal among Iranians, especially Iranian women! But some funny Iranians say: “You can call Nasser Taghvai “Nasser Hashari” (Nasser Horny), because when he met Vafamehr, he was (about) 50 and she was (about) 20. Apparently, Nasser Hashari (only) kisses the women’s ass, but it can be quite normal. You can call Nasser Taghvai “Nasser Shireie” (Nasser Opium), because apparently he loves opium. Of course, it’s a serious weak point, but he has not kissed the Mullahs’ ass; and that’s the important matter. In fact, being horny is much more better than being ass-kisser”. So, that’s why many Iranians say: “Sage Taghvai be Kiarostami sharaf dareh” (even Taghvai’s dog is more honorable than Kiarostami). Unfortunately, Abbas Khayemal and his stupid tragic story is just another tragicomedy in Iran’s history; It’s part of the tragedy of Iranian intellectualism and the tragedy of Iranian fake intellectuals. “The world should know Abbas Khayemal and his true color, and they should not care about him”, many Iranians say in these days. And many add: “Abbas Khayemal, Tu un Ruhe Akhound Parastet (Damn you, the Mullah lover, Abbas Khayemal)”. In fact, Abbas Khayemal is worst than the Islamist film makers, and some one like Ebrahim Hatamikia, who recently has kissed the Mullahs’ ass. Some one like Hatamikia is a Basiji baboon and doesn’t pretend that he is an intellectual. Everybody knows that Hatamikia is a Khayemal and a Mullah lover. But Abbas Khayemal is a charlatan who has tried to deceive the world and public opinion, or as Iranians say: “He tries to eat from both the manger and the nose-bag“. Abbas Khayemal is really an Iranian baboon and a fake intellectual, and the world should know it.

Western Companies Aid Assad in Killing Syrians

November 11, 2011

In the recent days, Bloomberg had a new report about western companies that aid Bastard Assaid in killing and torturing Syrians . As we said before, Bloomberg had a report about Iran and how western companies aid the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians (check Archive), and now you can see the same thing is true for Syria. The report is about monitoring the internet traffic in Syria with the help of western companies. It can be very interesting for Iranians, because we have the same situation in Iran. In fact, the Mullahs block and monitor the internet traffic with the help of western companies. The report says: “Syrias current electronic surveillance captures only a portion of the nations communications, and lacks the new systems ability to monitor all Internet traffic“, and it’s like our situation in Iran in 2007 or 2008. But the report adds: “Now NetApp storage will allow agents to archive communications for future searches or mapping of peoples contacts“. And it’s like our situation in Iran, in 2009, 2010 and 2011, when the Mullahs got aid of western companies. Unfortunately, the world thinks that the savage dictators of Iran and Syria are enemy of the west. As you know, almost all other dictatorship and savage dictators in the Middle East and Africa are friends of the west, and the world knows this matter. But the western mass media and the stupid lefts pretend that Iran’s regime and Syria’s regime are enemy of the west and the western countries are fighting against them. And that’s why the western countries have imposed dreadful sanctions on Iran (and also on Syria). Unfortunately many naive people have accepted this big lie. But now, Bloomberg’s reports can show the truth. Of course, as we said before, there are many other evidences that can prove: “The war between the Mullahs and the west is a fake and phony war”. It’s really tragic that Iranians (and also Syrians) should pay the high price of the fake and phony war between their regime and the west. While the Mullahs and their families can go to the west and invest the dirty embezzled money there, the ordinary Iranians are the victims of dreadful western sanctions, and they can not transfer money to outside Iran, or work with the foreign banks, or get visa and go to the west, or buy western products, or do many other things that are quite normal and routine in other countries. The same thing is true about Syria and Syrians, and we know that many members of Bastard Assad family live in the UK, and other western countries. Until know, Bastard Assad has killed at least 4,000 Syrians (3,000 is the old number), but the west has closed its eyes to this great tragedy. “In Syria, a banner, written in English, says: “Damn the world’s presidents and Nato leaders. How can you smell the Syrian blood, watch the people die and then sleep tonight?“, the media reported recently. It’s what Syrians say, and it’s exactly like what Iranians said in 2009, and in 2011. Anyway, lets take a look at excerpts of Bloomberg’s report:

“As Syrias crackdown on protests has had more than 3,000 lives since March, Italian technicians in telecom offices from Damascus to Aleppo have been busy equipping Assads regime with the power to intercept, scan and catalog virtually every e-mail that flows through the country. Employees of Area SpA, a surveillance company based outside Milan, are installing the system under the direction of Syrian intelligence agents, whove pushed the Italians to finish, saying they urgently need to track people, a person familiar with the project says. The Area employees have flown into Damascus in shifts this year as the violence has escalated, says the person, who has worked on the system for Area. Area is using equipment from American and European companies, according to documents obtained by Bloomberg and the person familiar with the job. The project includes Sunnyvale, California-based NetApp Inc. (NTAP) storage hardware and software for archiving e-mails; probes to scan Syrias communications network from Paris-based Qosmos SA; and gear from Germanys Utimaco Safeware AG (USA) that connects tapped telecom lines to Areas monitoring-center computers. The Italians bunk in a 3-bedroom rental apartment in a residential Damascus neighborhood near a sports stadium when they work on the system, which is in a test phase, according to the person, who requested anonymity because Area employees sign non-disclosure agreements with the company. When the system is complete, Syrian security agents will be able to follow targets on flat-screen workstations that display communications and Web use in near-real time alongside graphics that map citizens networks of electronic contacts. Such a system is custom-made for repression, says an expert. Any company selling monitoring surveillance technology to the Assad regime is complicit in human rights crimes, he says. Area, which got its start in 1996, has code-named the system Asfador. The price tag is more than 13 million euros ($17.9 million)”


“Area Chief Executive Officer Andrea Formenti says he cant discuss specific clients or contracts. Area is installing the system, which includes companys Captor monitoring-center computers, through a contract with state-owned Syrian Telecommunication Establishment, or STE. Also known as Syrian Telecom, the company is the nations main fixed-line operator. Without the Area gear, Syrias current electronic surveillance captures only a portion of the nations communications, and lacks the new systems ability to monitor all Internet traffic, say the two people who know of Syrias capabilities through their work for Area. Businesses that sell surveillance equipment to Syria should be held accountable for aiding repression, says Edward Mousa, a Syrian blogger who has fled to Sweden. Every single company who is selling monitoring technology to the Syrian government is a partner to stopping democracy in Syria, he says. They are a partner to the killing of people in Syria. They are helping the Syrian government stay in control. The European Union has imposed a series of sanctions against Syria, including a ban on arms sales and a freeze on assets of people in the regime [and these stupid sanctions are only for deceiving the naive people in the west]. The sanctions dont prohibit European companies from selling Syria the sort of equipment in Areas project [!!!!]. The U.S. has banned most American exports to Syria other than food or medicine since 2004. That means the U.S. government may need to determine if the shipment of NetApps hardware to Syria violated sanctions [!!] Syrias purchase of the system illustrates how authoritarian governments [that the western media pretend they are enemy of the west and are fighting against the west, and the naive people accept this big lie] are using Western-produced surveillance technology to track dissidents. In Iran, a Bloomberg News investigation showed, European companies provided gear to track citizens locations and communications that law [savage] Mullah security agencies would have access to.”

The U.S. is looking into reports that Syria is using technology made by Blue Coat Systems Inc. (BCSI), another company based in Sunnyvale, to censor the Internet and record browsing histories“, State Department spokeswoman said at Oct. 24 news briefing. [As we said before, Swedish hackers, Telecomix, downloaded 54 gigabytes of Syrian telecommunications data that indicated that the Blue Coat technology was being used to filter Internet in Syria. They said that these devices are clearly manufactured by Blue Coat, a big American company, and used by the Syrian regime]. The turmoil began in mid-March. Two weeks into the violence, on March 30, Italian employees of NetApp and Area exchanged e-mails in which the computer supplier gave advice to the surveillance company on how to configure equipment that had just been delivered, copies of the correspondence show. That same day, Assad addressed the parliament, blaming the protests on a conspiracy. If the battle was imposed on us today, we welcome it, he said. By then, more than 90 people had been killed in clashes. An Area schematic for NetApp Storage Cluster B, dated May 26, shows how the U.S. companys stacks of disks were being wired in computer cabinets. The schematic bears the Asfador code name as well as a cover sheet titled STE PDN Monitoring Center Project. On May 26, Assad’s security forces killed more protesters, bringing the death toll to more than 1,100 people.If Areas installation is completed as planned, Assad regime will gain the power to dip into virtually any corner of the Internet in Syria. Schematics for the system show it includes probes in the traffic of mobile phone companies and Internet service providers, capturing both domestic and international traffic. NetApp storage will allow agents to archive communications for future searches or mapping of peoples contacts, according to the documents and the person familiar with the system. The equipment has already been set up in an air-conditioned room at a telecom exchange building in the Mouhajireen neighborhood of Damascus, where about 30 metal racks hold the computers that handle the surveillance and storage, the person familiar with the installation says. Two people familiar with terms of the deal say that as a final stage of the installation, the contract stipulates Area employees will train the Syrian security agents and teaching them how to track citizens [and kill and torture them]

11-11-11 : a very Brief History

November 10, 2011

11-11-11 or November 11, 2011, is a special date, like other special dates in the past ten years (from 1-1-1 to 10-10-10). After the next year, humans should wait 90 years for seeing such dates again. In 11-11-11, when you think about the past years, or about the current events, or about all problems of this damn world and this damn life, it can be very disappointing and very depressing. Maybe only reading the history and thinking about human legacy and human progress can give hope to us. So, lets read history, and what happened in 11-11-11 in the past centuries, and what would happen in the future.

17th century, 11-11-11 : 1600s and 1611 were special years after the Dark Ages in Europe. Of course, these years were full of war, famine, and fatal diseases, like before. The Russian famine of early 1600s kills perhaps a third of Russia. But in 1600s and 1610s, France and Britain attempted to colonize North America, the New World ! The first Britons started to live in Virginia, the first English colonies in the New World, and the first French started to live in New France. In those years, many first colonists died of scurvy, starving, and hard winters. In 1608, Quebec City founded by Samuel de Champlain in New France (present-day Canada), where Voltaire called a few acres of snow. Those years were dark, very dark. In North America, the first African slaves landed at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619. And with the development of the plantation system in the southern colonies in the latter half of the 17th century, the number of Africans imported as slave increased greatly. In 1611, the English had not started to kill the Indians, and when the English were going through their “starving time” in the winter of 1610, some of them ran off to join the Indians, where they would at least be fed. At that time, England experienced pre-revolution era. In 1603, Queen Elizabeth died childless, and James succeeded her. In 1604, he ended Englands war with Spain, but his tactless attitude toward Parliament, and his belief in divine right, led to prolonged conflict with that body. In 1605, he authorized a new translation of the Bible. James I died in 1625, and was succeeded to the throne by his son, Charles I. The English Revolution, also called the Puritan Revolution, happened in Charles era, in 1640 to 1660. The causes of the conflict can be traced to social, economic, constitutional, and religious conflicts over a century or more. Charles was defeated by his opponents in Parliament, during a civil war, and he was beheaded at Whitehall, London in 1649. After killing Charles, the revolutionaries abolished the monarchy. Subsequently Cromwell became chairman of the council of state, a parliamentary agency that governed England as a republic until the restoration of the monarchy in 1660. The story of Iran in 1610s, is interesting, too. In Iran, Shah Abbas I expanded the Persian Empire by capturing the occupied territory from the Ottomans and the Portuguese. Shah Abbas and Safavids restored the Persian Empire. During the Safavid dynasty (1501-1722), Iran became a super power again. Safavids were Sufi and Iranian Turks. Ismail I, conquered first Tabriz and then the rest of Iran, and in 1501, he proclaimed himself Shah (king). It was the first time since the 7th century, after the Arab invasion, that all of Iran was unified as an independent state. Shah Ismail used the Iranian version of Islam, Sufism and Shia, to mobilize armies against the Ottomans -Turk Sunni Muslims who controlled an empire to the west. Intermittent warfare between the Safavids and the Ottomans continued for more than 150 years.

18th century, 11-11-11: 1700s and 1711 was full of war and disaster. In 1700s, and in early 1710s, War of the Spanish Succession was a conflict which involved most of Europe. The war was fought on land and sea. The principal arenas of land warfare were Italy, the Netherlands, and the German states. The War of the Spanish Succession was a part of animal wars among the powers for political and military hegemony and territorial aggrandizement. England was fighting a series of wars, and Queen Anne’s War in the early 1700s was one of them. Queen Annes War (1702 -1713) was second of the four North American wars waged by the British and French between 1689 and 1763. The wars were the result of the colonial rivalry between Britain and France and their struggle for predominance on the European and North American continents; each of the wars fought in North America corresponded more or less to a war fought between the same powers in Europe. Queen Anne’s War arose from the issues left unresolved at the end of King William’s War (1689-1697). The struggle corresponded to the European War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714) fought between the allied forces of Great Britain, the Netherlands, and the Holy Roman Empire on one side and France and Spain on the other. 1710s were really dark years. In 1713, the exclusive right to supply slaves for the Spanish colonies was granted to a British company. In 1712, the African slaves and Indians joined in an insurrection in North America. But this was quickly suppressed. From 1708 to 1710, famine killed one-third of East Prussia’s population. Of course, in those dark years several cities were born. In 1703, Saint Petersburg founded by Peter the Great, and in 1718, City of New Orleans founded by the French in North America. New York had the largest slave population in the North, and there was some contact between blacks and Indians, as in 1712 Africans (slaves) and Indians joined an insurrection. In Iran, 1711 and the whole 1710s was the dark age of Shah Sultan Hussein, who ruled from 1694 to 1722. Shah Sultan Hussein, was the last and the weakest king of Safavids. The corrupt and stupid coward Shah Sultan Hussein has become a symbol in Iran’s history. He is the symbol of spineless and a corrupt religious ruler who has not balls. As we said before, many Iranians believe that Khatami is another Shah Sultan Hussein ! In fact, in 1710s, Shah Sultan Hussein was destroying Iran, like what the Mullah are doing now, and also dug his own grave and the grave of the Safavid dynasty.


19th century, 11-11-11 : 1800s and 1811, were years of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Napoleonic Wars. After the American Revolution and the French Revolution, in 1799, Napoleon became first consul of France. In 1801, the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland merge to form the United Kingdom. And in 1803, the UK resumed war with France on the seas; two years later Russia and Austria joined the British in a new coalition. Napoleon then abandoned plans to invade England and turned his armies against the Austro-Russian forces, defeating them in 1805. In 1806, he seized the kingdom of Naples. In 1807, Napoleon seized Portugal. In 1808, he made his brother king of Spain. In 1809, Napoleon beat the Austrians again, annexed the Illyrian Provinces (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia and Montenegro). In 1810, his empire reached its widest extension with the annexation of Northern Germany, together with the entire kingdom of Holland. In 1812, Napoleon launched an invasion of Russia that was the start of his downfall. 1800s and 1810s were full of war and disaster in all around the world. War of 1812, was a serious war between the United States and Britain ( in Canada), that began in 1812 and lasted until 1815. In 1809, Russia conquers Finland from Sweden in the Finnish War. In those years, the slavery was at its peak, and then began to decline. As you know, Portugal was the first modern European nation to meet its labor needs by importing slaves. The Portuguese began the practice in 1440s; by 1460, they were annually importing about 1000 slaves to Portugal from trading posts established on the African coast. Spain soon followed, but for more than a century Portugal monopolized the African traffic. England entered the slave trade in the latter half of the 16th century, and France, Holland, Denmark, and the American colonies themselves subsequently entered the trade as competitors. Apparently, Denmark was the first European country to abolish the slave trade, in early 1800s. Britain abolished slavery in 1834, and America’s 13th Amendment following their Civil War abolished slavery there in 1865. In 1800, the population of the US included about 900,000 slaves, of which about 40,000 were in the northern states. The story of Persia in early 1800s was very tragic. In 1811, Persia (Iran) was experiencing the dark years of the notorious Qajar dynasty. Russia, that Iranians called it “the savage tribes of the north”, had invaded Iran and was expanding from the north into the Caucasus Mountains, an area of historic Iranian interest and influence. Under the corrupt and stupid Fath Ali Shah, ruled from 1797 to 1834, Persia went to war against Russia, but Russians with the help of Britons and the corrupt rulers of Persia, could succeed in their invasion. Under the terms of the Treaty of Gulistan in 1813, Iran recognized Russia’s annexation of Georgia and ceded to Russia most of the north Caucasus region. A second war with Russia in the 1820s, for freeing the occupied territories, had a tragic ending. The stupid and corrupt Fath Ali Shah and other stupid Iranians thought that they could count on the British support, but the stupid Iranians did not know that the British politicians are the most unfaithful people on Earth. So, while Persia had recaptured many parts of the occupied lands in the first years of war, but the British betrayals ended the war differently. In 1828, when Persia was forced to sign the Treaty of Turkmanchai acknowledging Russian sovereignty over the entire area north of the Aras River (present-day Armenia and Azerbaijan). In 1856, Britain also prevented Iran from reasserting control over Herat, which had been part of Iran. Britain supported the city’s incorporation into Afghanistan, a country Britain helped create in order to extend eastward the buffer between its Indian territories and Russia’s expanding empire.

20th century, 11-11-11 : 1910s was very tragic and full of great disasters. In early 1910s, famine and fatal diseases killed millions, and in mid and late 1910s, the world war killed more than ten million. In 1910, Japan annexed Korea. With the annexation of Korea in 1910, Japan became a colonial power. In 1910, Revolution erupts in Mexico, and lasted a decade. In 1910, Emiliano Zapata (1879-1919), an illiterate tenant farmer rebelled against the 30-year dictatorship of Diaz, the lifelong president of Mexico. Although 80 years old, Diaz was planning on yet another reelection in 1910. He was like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. The Americans supported Diaz, and killed Zapata in 1919, but he was idolized by the Native Americans as the revolutionary hero. World War I, from August 1914 to November 1918, was the first total war. Once the war began, the countries involved mobilized their entire populations and economic resources to achieve victory on the battlefield. Of the 65 million men who were mobilized, more than 10 million were killed and more than 20 million wounded. Many of those who survived the war returned home with serious physical disabilities. Others suffered what was called shell shock, and in fact was PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), a psychological affliction that prevents a successful adaptation to civilian life. Many of the dead left widows and orphans who had to cope with severe economic hardship and emotional loss. After the war, optimism about human nature and about the glorious future of civilization was discredited. Philosophers bemoaned the decadence of civilization and the decline of the west. Artists began to produce works that mocked the self-confident assertions of humanism and modern life. The economic consequences of the war were felt throughout the world. All of the countries involved had to borrow heavily to pay for the costs of the war. Such deficit-financing generated inflation, which impoverished many citizens. 1910s was very dark. During World War I, 150,000 soldiers died of epidemic typhus. And in Iran, near 1 million died of typhus and famine. In 1910s, 99% of 10 million Iranians, were illiterate religious fanatics, and more than 90% of them lived in the rural area (the above picture shows several Iranian women in Nasseri Harem, in 1890s). Just 1% of Iranians were literate, and they were the leaders of Constitutional Revolution in 1900s. In 1906, Muzaffar al-Din Shah was forced to agree to the creation of an elected parliament (Majlis) and a constitution that limited royal power, established a parliamentary system of government, and outlined the powers of the legislature. In fact, Iran was the first country in the Middle East and African that established a Constitutional Monarchy, with a revolution. In those years, Russia had become a real evil. Russia encouraged Mohammad Ali Shah, Muzaffar’s successor, to dissolve the parliament. In 1908, he bombed the Majlis building and dissolved the Parliament. The main supporters of Mohammad Ali Shah were Russians and Mullahs. In 1909, after a year of fighting between constitutionalists and loyalists, the constitutionalists prevailed and deposed Mohammad Ali, who fled to Russia. The constitutionalists brought a senior anti-people Mullah, Ayatollah Fazlollah Nouri, to trial and hanged him in Tehran. It was quit unprecedented. It was the first serious clash between the Mullahs and the people in Iran. In 1910. Russia assisted Mohammad Ali Shah in an invasion of Iran and an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the government. Russia and Britain were the real enemy of Iran and Iranians. In 1907, Anglo-Russian agreement divided Persia (Iran) into spheres of influence. By 1881, Russia had completed its conquest of present-day Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, bringing Russias frontier to Persia’s northeastern borders and severing historic Persian ties to the ancient Persian cities of Bukhara and Samarqand.

21st century, 11-11-11 : As you know, 2011 is the year of revolutions and uprisings in the most reactionary states of the world (the Arab world). And it’s a good sign of progress. Now, we don’t have any animal and periodic war, like the past centuries. Now, we don’t have any widespread and periodic famine or fatal disease. Now, the situation of women rights, black rights, child rights, worker rights, animal rights, and human rights are really better than the past centuries, and all of these are part of the human legacy, and a good sign of progress. The humans should not be disappointed. They have progressed. And they would progress for ever. Today is better than Yesterday, and Tomorrow will be better than Today. There is no doubt. It’s what the history tells us, and it’s hope and the true meaning of the human mind’s power. But as you know, we still have many dreadful problems in this f-u-c-k-ing world, and we all should try to solve them. The corrupt and stupid politicians, the big corporations, the greedy rich, the widespread shortsightedness, the global warming, the pollution, the sustainable development, the global stupidity, the stupid lefts and fake intellectuals, the poverty, the discrimination, the fatal diseases, the savage dictators, the dictatorship, the political borders and visa, the lack of free mass media, the lack of a global but decentralized and distributed management, and many other serious matters or dreadful problems need solution. We all should try to find proper solutions and add something valuable to the human legacy.

22sd century, 11-11-11 : Maybe the Arab world would rise up and protest against the Islamists and Islamic Hijab. Maybe humans would not be able to find any savage dictators or dictatorship in the world. Maybe in 2110s, Iran would celebrate the 100th anniversary of establishing secular Republic in Persia (In fact, it’s the 100th anniversary of the first anti-Islamist revolution in the world). Maybe all humans would be able to enjoy the basic rights, including free speech, good education, good health care, good housing, and real (direct) democracy.

23rd century, 11-11-11 : Maybe humans would try to convert Mars into a liveable planet. Maybe humans would have a global administration, without any big and global corporation and without any global mafia.

24th century, 11-11-11 : Maybe humans would achieve very important and considerable scientific and technological successes. Maybe humans would be able to see serious progress in our understanding of the universe and our own body. Maybe humans would be able to experience some things that are impossible dreams for us.

25th century, 11-11-11 : Maybe all humans would be able to live in our planet freely, without any political border or any discrimination. Maybe all humans would be well-educated. Maybe humans would be able to go and live in Mars. But I hope going to or living in Mars would not need any visa or passport, and humans can live there like civilized human, not animals.

How Western Countries Suffocate Iranians’ Voices

November 9, 2011

In the recent days that are the days of dirty politics, media hype, war game, western hypocrisy, and great scandals, you can see a very stupid tragicomedy about suffocating the real voices of Iranians inside Iran. Now, those who refused to help Iranians in 2009 and 2011, and preferred to help and support the savage Mullahs, try to suffocate Iranians’ voices, and talk nonsense about the Mullah regime and nuclear threats, while in 2009 they could solve all problems and threats by helping and supporting Iranians and their movement. In 2009, many Iranians asked the stupid Obama to solve the nuclear issues by supporting Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement. They asked Obama which side he was on, the Mullah regimes or the peoples. They cried out for his direct help. The Iranian people chanted, Obama, Obama, youre either with us or with them. But we all know which side he chose. As you know, and as we said before, the hypocrite western politicians and their companies refused to help Iranians and the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, but they aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. They refused to help Iranians, but they allowed the corrupt and savage Mullahs and their families to go to the west and invest the dirty embezzled money there. They imposed sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, not on the savage Mullahs. The hypocrite American politicians refused to help Iranians, but they wrote secret letters to Khamenei, and convert the VOA into the VOM (Voices of Mullah Mafia). They refused to help Iranians, but they allowed Khamenei’s TV and Mullah Mafia to work in the US. But unfortunately, it’s not the whole story. Now, the hypocrite western politicians try to suffocate the voices of Iranians inside Iran. It’s what some can feel it now. Unfortunately, the hypocrite western politicians and their media try to pretend that the Iranian jerks and Iranian bastards who are dead rats for Iranians inside Iran, are representative of Iranians. The Iranians baboons and fake Intellectuals who are worthless idiots are called “Iranians intellectuals”, while Iranians inside Iran and those who speak about what the people want or what really happened in 2009 and in 2011, are censored, suffocated, or boycotted. It’s really horrible. Some say: “Maybe it’s a new project, a new plot”. But we are not sure. We hope this new project at least has not any dangerous part or crime against humanity (like betraying the Iranian activists/ protesters to the Mullah regime). We hope (and prefer) this new project is quite unreal and imaginary. As you know, it’s better that you try to laugh at the greatest tragedies, instead of being angry, being depressed, seeking revenge, or committing suicide! So, what you read here is part of a fictional letter about the current events (the new project), and how the western countries try to suffocate the voices of Iranians inside Iran. It’s an imaginary and unreal letter that is written by some Iranians; it’s a fictional black comedy; but it’s not baseless, and it’s said that it’s based on a true story.

“Recently, the media has revealed a top secret letter to Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy. This letter has been written by several high rank agents in several western intelligence services. They are a group of experts who think the western countries should suffocate the Iranians’ voices. They think if the world hears the real voices of Iranians, or if Iranians can organize themselves and can have media, it would be very dangerous for the western politicians and also for their allies in Iran (the Mullahs). Here are excerpts of the letter and the items that these experts recommend them to the western leaders:

(1) We should sell the Mullahs the tools of suppression and tools of surveillance. Our companies should aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. Until now, the Mullahs have been very good stooge for us, and we should help them to stay in power at any price. But the world should not know the truth. The world should think that we and the Mullahs are enemy of each other.

(2)Our companies should create a great firewall for the Mullah regime. Iranians should not have any access or safe access to the internet or the mobile networks. We should aid the Mullah in creating a real Orwellian world in Iran, and our companies should sell the Mullahs all they need and all they want. Our sanctions should only make problem for the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs. We all know that our sanctions should not harm the Mullahs and the Mullah regime and should not make any problem for them.

(3)We should aid the Mullahs in unplugging the internet in Iran. Our media and our government should support this Mullah plan, by remaining silent, and our companies should support the Mullahs, by selling them what they need for achieving their goals. Without the internet we can be sure that the world will not hear the real voices of Iranians, and it’s very good for us and our plots.

(4)Our media and their Persian services, from the BBC Persian to the VOA Farsi and Radio Farda, should only work with the Iranians who are mercenary or our stooge, including the Islamist Reformists, the Mullah agents, and the Monarchists. In our mass media, we should only hear the voices of the war lovers, or the stupid anti-war who love and support the Mullah regime. Those who are wise anti-war and can understand the differences between help and intervention, should be suffocated immediately. The wise anti-war are very dangerous for us.

(5)We should support the websites and media of the Iranian expats who are mercenary or our stooge. Iranians inside Iran call them “Iranian Baboons’ websites”, but for us they are lovely mercenaries who work with low wages. We should support them financially and politically, and while Iranians have boycotted them, we should pretend that they are representative of Iranians.

(6)All Iranians who talk about our secret deals and our secret love affair with the Mullahs should be boycotted. All Iranians who speak about what we and Obama did in 2009 and how we betrayed Iranians who were our friend, and those who know the truth, and those who know that we not only refused to help Iranians but also we aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, should be suffocated. They are very dangerous.


(7)We should ask the providers of Blog services and Blog hosts to censor the real voices of Iranians as much as possible. Their “Iran” tags, Iran news, etc, should not broadcast the voices of Iranians inside Iran. Their motto should be like this: “Everything is allowed, except the real voices of Iranians”. Our people in the west should not be able to find any website in the internet that broadcasts the real voices of Iranians. The real voices of Iranians inside Iran should not be heard.

(8)All our mass media should only work with Iranians who are mercenary, including the Mullah agents, the Mullah Mafia, the Monarchists, the Islamist-Reformists, and others who are hated figures in Iran. Our mass media should boycott the normal and ordinary Iranians. Our mass media should not have any report about the reality of the Iranian life and the Iranian views. The world should think that Iranians are Islamist, or stupid and ignorant, and Iran has not any real intellectual or any normal, wise and open-minded people. We should tell big lies; the bigger, the better.

(9)All Iranians who say: “Any war against the Mullah regime should be only for helping and freeing Iranians, and any other excuse, like the nuclear issues, is not acceptable at all”, should be suffocated. They are very dangerous. We should only support and encourage two groups: [1]The war-lovers, that are our stooge [2]The stupid anti-war, that work as Mullah agents in the west, and they ask the world to not help Iranians. They are Mullah lovers, and many of them work as our mercenary, too. Almost all Iranians hate these two groups, and call them “Iranian baboons”, but we should strongly support them.

(10) All Iranians that are part of the 90% inside Iran, who hate the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists, should be suffocated. They are very dangerous for us and our Iranian mercenaries (the Mullahs and the Islamists). In addition, all Iranians that are part of the 99% inside Iran, who hate the Monarchists (Pahlavists), should be suffocated as well. They are really dangerous for our future plans. Only those who are our mercenaries or Mullah agents should have right to speak.

(11)Our mass media and Iranian baboons’ media should say that Iranians have only two options: [1]Accepting the Mullah regime [2]Accepting war against Iran in the name of nuclear issues. They should not say we can help Iranians, by serious political pressure on the Mullahs, or by smart war against the Mullahs for helping and freeing Iranians and with the help of the Iranians. We know that Iranians ask us to help them. They only accept a limited and smart war, if it was for helping and freeing them, not for any other excuse. But It’s very dangerous for us. Our mercenaries should tell Iranians that they can not expect the world to help them; And the world is enemy of Iran and Iranians.

(12) All western embassies in Tehran should not grant the ordinary Iranians visa, and we should treat them like animals. Only the Mullahs and their families, the Mullah agents, the Mullah embezzlers, the Islamists (Fundamentalist and Reformists), and other crooks and mercenaries in Iran should be able to get visa. If the wise and normal Iranians could go to the west, the world and the west will know Iranians and who they are and what they want, and it’s very dangerous for us. So, we should convert Iran into a big prison that no one can escape from it, except the bastards.

(13)The ordinary Iranians inside Iran should not have any voice and any media, and it’s vital for us. Our mass media, the Iranian baboons’ media, our blog service providers, etc all should be like the Mullah media who censor and suffocate the Iranians’ voices. Our mass media and the media of our Iranian mercenaries should try to create “straw hero” for us. They should focus on the unknown and hated Mullah agents or worthless idiot mercenaries, and make them hero. It’s should be our strategy for controlling the people and the future. The wise and normal Iranians should be ignored and boycotted.

(14)All Iranians who know the truth about our fake war with the Mullahs, should be suffocated immediately. The world should not know the truth. The world should not know that our war against the Mullahs is a fake and phony war. It’s very very dangerous for us. The stupid lefts, that are our stooge, should repeat their previous big lies and they should pretend that we and the Mullahs are enemy of each others, and the Mullahs are not our stooge.

(15)We should support the stupid lefts, and also the Islamist-Reformists and all other fake intellectuals who tell big lies about what Iranians want. Those who support the dictators and dictatorship in the name of fighting against imperialism are our best friends, and our media should care about them and make them hero. These idiots are our best tool for deceiving the naive people in all around the world.

Occupy Wall Street: Mullahs, Basij, & Ambiguity

November 8, 2011

In the recent weeks, the savage Mullahs and the Islamist killers and rapists have focused on the OWS movement and talk nonsense about it from morning to night, and stupidly cheer the End of USA ! or the End of Democracy ! Unfortunately, unclear demands, unclear vision and unclear goals have converted OWS into a blind movement. “OWS protesters divided over Occupy movement’s demands”, the media reported. It’s really horrible. Unfortunately, the idiots and stupid lefts have the upper hands in OWS and the wise guys are in minority. “We strongly disagree with any demands being made“, the stupid OWS people say, and the wise guys answer: “Our first struggle is a struggle against those in the movement who have no understanding of history and think demands are a bad idea”. The wise guys also add: “When we don’t know what we want, we are 99% of what? Nobody speaks for 99% of the people.” And some say: “Surely OWS isn’t suggesting that they represent 99% of anything in America”. And the media reported: “To many supporters, ambiguity is one of the main foundations of the movement’s success [!!]. But now an attempt to agree on demands is creating new tensions between the protesters in lower Manhattan”. It’s really horrible. Ambiguity is the enemy of OWS and can destroy it and can convert it into a very stupid and reactionary movement. But unfortunately many OWS supporters can not understand this. And in this way, the most reactionary people in our planet, i.e. the Mullahs and the Basiji, make use of OWS’s ambiguity and support it and distort the facts about it. In the recent days, some stupid Mullahs have said: ‘OWS is an Islamic movement and part of ‘Islamic Awakening’ !! or ‘99% of Americans hate democracy. They love Islam’ !!. What the shameless Mullahs say is the result of ambiguity in OWS. But unfortunately many OWS protesters are stupid and can not understand how dangerous ambiguity is. “According to religion, God commands us to OCCUPY“, Do you think who said this? Mullahs or OWS fanatics? And what do you think about this one: “if OWS really cares about God and religion instead of democracy and freedom, it can be a global movement [!!]” These bullshits are what the stupid OWS protesters have said, not the Mullahs ! It’s very shameful. And that’s why about 100 to 200 savage Basijis were planned and orchestrated by the Mullah regime to support OWS in front of Swiss Embassy in Tehran.


This small group of Basiji mercenaries that were organized by the Mullah regime (by the Islamic Propaganda organization) are state Islamist thugs who kill and torture Iranians, but some stupid western media portrayed them as spontaneous or “Iranian students” !! Basij played the leading role in suppressing the Iranian movement after the greatest election fraud in Iran’s history and the Mullah military coup in 2009. Now, Basiji killers and rapists support OWS ! It’s very shameful. OWS protesters should reject this kind of supports, but unfortunately many of them are stupid and prefer ambiguity, unclear demands, and savage supporters. They destroy OWS that could be a modern and great movement. Unfortunately, these idiots that have the upper hand in OWS and Occupy movement in all around the world, disgrace and discredit OWS. “A woman at the Occupy Vancouver camp -in British Columbia, Canada- died last Saturday. Lauren Gill, an organizer at the camp, said the woman died of a drug overdose. Gill, who is running as an independent in this month’s city elections, said that as an outreach worker in mental health and addiction services, she has seen far too many overdose deaths“, the media reported. It’s really shameful. Some stupid rights make use of this sort of weak points and say: “OWS protesters are the perverts exposing themselves to children … The only reason to be there is to score easy chicks. Look at that “mother” who abandoned her 4 children and husband to score some lame third world waiter. I hope her husband kicks her ass to the curb and sues for sole custody of HIS children”. Of course, many on the Right and Left see the real problems, though they disagree on the solutions. And it’s the main problem of OWS, too. “The two political parties in this country have been playing good-cop / bad-cop for a very, very long time. They both represent the rich”, some wise Americans say, but what is OWS solution for this important matter? nothing ! And instead, some OWS people say: “Student Loans should be forgiven”. And some answer: “if we forgive students then I want my home mortgage forgiven, I want my car Loans forgiven, and I want all my credit cars loans forgiven. Forgiving student loans is certainly against everything this movement stands for. It discredits OWS and real problems”. When they forget the big problems and important matters, they seems like idiot opportunists. And some stupid rights say: “You sounding more and more like a spoiled Brat. These children who feel entitled to have something for nothing. It’s the way the most recent generation was raised.”


The great Howard Zinn once said: “When you don’t read history, you were born yesterday“. And now some wise guys say: “The idiots who don’t read history, can destroy a good movement, and converts in into a very reactionary and backward movement”. And in these days, you can see that many Americans were born yesterday, and many idiots destroy OWS that was a good movement and could be very modern and progressive. The OWS has become like a stupid show, a stupid tragicomedy, that the both sides, supporters and opponents, are stupid and ignorant. Many open-minded Americans prefer to remain silent in this shitty conflict. Some stupid OWS supporters say: “Throughout history revolutions have been started the exact same way this movement has been started”. They stupidly think the US needs a revolution. And when you ask them ‘revolution for what?’ they say: ‘for establishing theocracy, or communism !, or for destroying democracy and the Republic system in the US!’ These idiots were born yesterday, and know nothing about revolution and democracy. These idiots are stupid followers of stupid lefts, who support the savage dictators and the medieval tyranny in all around the world. I have serious doubts about the stupid lefts’ intentions. If OWS had clear goals, clear demands and clear vision, and insisted on clear progressive changes, then the western politicians would be in deep shit and should answer to the demands. But now, they can talk nonsense about OWS and can distort the facts about OWS, because everything is ambiguous. If fact, the stupid lefts do exactly what is in the interests of the rich and the politician, and that’s why we all should be suspicious about the stupid lefts. In the stupid ambiguity, some disgrace OWS and say: “Student Loans should be forgiven”. And some ask: “OWS is a serious movement about serious problems or it’s a childish movement about student loans ?! ” Of course, it’s so obvious that “Getting a good education is very important”. OWS can focus on free public education for all, or free health care for all, and these demands are very modern, but focusing on student loans seems opportunistic and childish. And OWS opponents can abuse it. Some OWS opponents are really stupid and say: “If you try to stop me from getting to work, then I’m not going to support you, no matter what you stand for. If you jam up the street or the subway and leave me stuck somewhere intentionally then you will have become a bigger problem for me than any bank or war [!!!!] There are a lot of protestors agitating for blocking traffic intentionally to keep people from getting to work, and to interfere with commerce. If that happens then the protest will have crossed a line [!!]” These close-minded and stupid Americans are not like Basiji, but they are like Islamist-Reformists and their fake intellectuals.


The stupid Americans who are like Basiji, are the religious fanatics who want to establish Theocracy in the US. They think the root of problems in the US is democracy ! As we said before, the rate and number of stupid people in the US is really large, larger than Iran, and some of them say: “Protesting is pointless. It solves nothing”. It’s really horrible. It can show us that the stupid people in the US don’t read history. They say: “Sacrifice is working 10-12 hours per day to pay the bills. Camping in a park is not sacrifice [!!!]. You want me and the rest of the 99% who are hard at work every day to pay the taxes to clean up the messes you are making in the parks and to pay for the police force who are having to babysit you day and night [!!!!]. Why should we have to do when we are trying to feed our families and pay our student loans and make our rent and mortgage payments? [!!]” Of course, some Americans are wise and answer: “Yah, you’re absolutely right. Protesting is pointless. Good thing the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement didn’t think like you; or those of the Women’s Rights Movement or the Revolutionary War” And some add: ” Protesting is not pointless. It’s called humanity. It’s called progress. It’s called evolution. It’s called solving problems. It’s what separates us from the animals. That’s why you idiots don’t live in the Stone Age now”. But when many in the OWS are stupid, it’s so obvious that the Islamist rapists or the Islamist prostitutes support OWS. The Basijis who support OWS are cheap mercenary or Islamist prostitute. These pathetic poor women that you saw them in these pictures and have Islamic Chador, work in Qom or Mashhad and deliver their service to the Mullahs as Sigheh. Muta (Mutah) or Sigheh, that is a Mullah tradition, involves a short and temporary marriage between a Islamist man, who may or may not be married, and an unmarried Islamist woman. Both sides agree by mutual consent to the length of the marriage, which can range from 10 minutes to 10 days or longer (there is no limit). In fact, the Islamist prostitutes, who are poor stupid Islamist yokels, deliver their service in fixed period of time, from 10 minutes to 10 days or longer, in exchange for a fixed sum of money. And the Mullahs call this sort of prostitution “Sigheh or temporary marriages. In many occasions, these Islamist prostitutes are hired to work as protester or demonstrator. Iranians can identify these Islamist prostitutes and other Islamist mercenaries because their look and feel are very special and as Iranians say: “Inha az Posht Kuh Umadand and Ghiafashoon Tablust” (these yokels are very conspicuous)


The OWS forum is full of stupid comments, but some times you can find a few wise things that can raise hopes. In the recent weeks, some wrote about “Direct Democracy Via the Internet” and it was good. They said: “In all modern democracies there are many policies that the majority of the public want introduced but their representatives do not support. In the age of internet we can solve this problem by direct democracy via the internet”. Other wise guys wrote: “The War against Poverty needs to be matched by a war against people becoming filty rich; the success of the former is somewhat dependent on the success of the latter. The tax rate in Holland is like this (approx.): Income up to 19,000: 2%, Income between 19,000 and 33,500: 10%, Income between 33,500 and 55,000: 40%, Income over 55,000: 52%. And we can have the same strategy in the US”. Of course some of OWS opponents are really charlatan and say: “We Are the 53%, You are the 47%, a reference to the 53% of Americans who pay federal income taxes”. But some wise guys answer: “The 53% “argument” is more like a temper tantrum than an argument. The implication of We Are the 53% is that it assumes that 47% of Americans are on welfare. Also, it assumes that the majority of federal income taxes go to social spending, even though defence spending takes the biggest chunk. Two of the biggest social welfare programs, social security and Medicare, have no relationship to that 53% figure, since these programs are funded by payroll taxes, which are paid by all working people, even if they don’t make enough to pay federal income taxes. The 53% argument is really stupid. It also fails to take into consideration why many people don’t pay income taxes. Retired people, those living on disability, and students, ie people who have in the past or will in the future pay federal income tax, make up a large chunk of the 47%, though again it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Erickson and company would support repealing child labor laws, eliminating pensions, and putting college out of the reach of all but the independently wealthy, to up the percentages of people who pay federal income tax”. It’s good that many Americans are not stupid. The wise guys say: “It’s classic divide and rule. The ruling class creates the illusion that the only thing standing in the way of you is an improved salary and standard of living; and it’s the demand of the lazy people”. In fact, the stupid people think in this way because they don’t read history and were born yesterday. Unfortunately, you can find many stupid people among the supporters of OWS, too. And it’s really horrible. And that’s why the savage Basji rapists or the Islamist prostitutes support the OWS and talk nonsense about it.

For seeing more pictures of the savage Basijis and Islamist prostitutes and their stupid show in front of Swiss Embassy in Tehran, you can check here