Akbar Ganji = Iranian Baboon

In the recent days, Akbar Ganji has revealed his true color and clearly proved that he is an ‘Iranian Baboon’. In fact, the story of Ganji is a tragicomedy, the story of a straw hero that can show us why the Iranian movement failed in 2009 and who betrayed it. In a series of two articles we will write about Ganji’s hypocrisy and stupidity, and close his file in this website. We had doubt about the tone of these two articles about Ganji, but finally we preferred to not choose the moderate tone, because many Iranians are angry at Iranian baboons but the tone of rare articles about them is moderate. So, we preferred that the tone of our articles reflects the people’s feelings. As we said before (check Archive), in the past years many thought Akbar Ganji, the ex-member of Mullah intelligence service, is a free and independent journalist, but now he has showed his true color. In these days, many say that Ganji is a new Madhi, a “Khamenei’s Diamond for deceit”. In his recent articles, especially for ‘the BBC Persian’, the shameless jerk, Ganji, wrote: “The Nato killed ten thousands in Libya, not Gaddafi [!!]. Many Libyans did not hate Gaddafi [!!] The Libyan Revolution was not a real people revolution, but the revolutionaries were stooge of the west [!!] Why Iranians are happy about Gaddafi’ fall and Gaddafi’s death? Why the western countries try to organize the Iranian oppositions and make a National Council? It’s very dangerous“. These bullshits are exactly what Khamenei’s agents and “Khamenei’s Diamond for Deceit” should say. “If we already had doubt about Ganji, now there is no doubt that “Ganji, the ex-member of Mullah Gestapo, is an Iranian baboon, who is frightened to death of organizing the people and organizing the real and effective protests against the savage Mullah regime. Iranian Baboons love the Islamic regime and try to keep it safe. Ganji is a Chalquz (bird shit) who has gone to the US, and now spends the mercenary money there and doesn’t care about Iranians and their terrible conditions in Iran. He tells himself: ‘lets have fun and lets enjoy life in the US; who cares about Iranians and their f-u-c-k-ing conditions in Iran. Let they being f-u-c-k-ed in Iran. Let they being killed, tortured, and raped in Iran. Who cares? I only love my mercenary job and the mercenary money.’ This shameless jerk only laughs at us and our dreadful conditions in Iran”, many Iranians say in these days. They also add: “We made a jerk and an ex-member of Mullah Gestapo, a hero, while he did not deserve it. He was a straw hero. But now we have seen his true color, and want to get rid of this straw hero. Who knew this Chalquz (Ganji) in 1997? The world knew nothing about him, and only when the people cared about him because they thought he is a free and independent journalist, he gained reputation. But now the Chalquz shows his true color and betrays the people. Shame on you Chalquz (Ganji)”.

It’s good that the only remaining Islamist-Reformists that many were not sure about his true color, finally assured all Iranians of his true color. The shameless jerk, Ganji, played with Iranians, but as we said before, in 2010 he reached the end of the line when he talked nonsense about the greatest election fraud in Iran’s history (he said:” we can not be sure about the huge election fraud in 2009. Maybe there was not any election fraud”!!), and now in 2011, all Iranians can be sure about his true color. It’s really shameful that Ganji played with Iranians in late 1990s and early 2000s. The shameless jerk, Ganji, pretended that he is free and independent and many had believed this big lie, but in 2011 he finally confessed to the truth. In an article in RoozOnline (No. 1394, 1390/02/15), “Khamenei’s Mercenaries or AN’s Mercenaries”, that Ganji wrote it some months ago but we read it recently, Ganji clearly confessed: “When I started to write about the Chain Murders (in late 1990s), the Mullahs intelligence service invited me for negotiation about this matter [!!] Several high rank managers of the intelligence services and the deputy minister participated in that meeting and discussion [!!] The deputy minister told me: ‘You can write about the Chain Murders, but just tells that all victims are the current victims and we don’t have any other victim’. And I said: ‘More than 100 people were killed’. But they said: ‘No, more than 350 people were killed [!] But we should close the file. Talking about the Chain Murders don’t solve any problem’ . I said: “I will talk about Falahian (the ex-minister of Mullah intelligence service). I can be silent about his bosses, but you should arrest him”. And they said: ‘No, if we arrest him, he will say that Khamenei ordered me and Khamenei is aware of everything. We can’t do that’. I said: ‘I can’t obey all your orders’. And they say: ‘If you write about the high rank bosses, you will spend at least 10 to 15 years in the prison. It’s what Nezam (Khamenei) says’. It’s really unbelievable. It’s what Ganji wrote himself, about his negotiations with the Mullah Gestapo ! who were the savage killers in the Chain Murders. As Iranians say: “What we thought, and what it was”. Some say: “We thought Ganji was free and independent. We did not know he had negotiations with the Mullah Gestapo about the Chain Murders ! We knew that Ganji was an ex-member of the Mullah Gestapo, but we thought that he had cut his ties with the Mullah Gestapo. But we were wrong, and he has been in contact with his bosses in the Mullah Gestapo, and obeyed orders from above. He still obeys orders from above”. As we said before, when Ganji fled from Iran with the help of his friends in the Mullah Gestapo, and when in 2008 he got $500,000 form Americans, he started to tell lie and talk nonsense, and clearly proved that he did not deserve the attention and the respect that he had received. “He sold himself for $500,000 and for the mercenary money that he gets from the Mullahs”, many say in these days.


In his recent stupid article for the BBC Persian, “Turn Iran into Libya?” (October 25, 2011), the shameless jerk, Ganji, wrote (our comments are in parentheses): “What happened in Libya is not revolution [it’s a plot]; it’s not “People Revolution with International Help”. Some people hated Gaddafi, but many didn’t. (Oh, yah, Libyans loved Gaddafi and that’s why they treated him like a dog. Oh, yah, Libyans are like Iranians who love the savage Mullahs! In fact, all humans love their killers and rapists!). Ten of thousands of Libyans have been killed, and the Nato have killed them (Oh, yah, like what the Nato did in Iran in 2009; When the Nato killed, raped and tortured Iranians!) Killing Gaddafi was a serious human rights violation (Oh, yah, you’re worry for your master, Khamenei, but you can not save him. If he wants to become Gaddafi and impose civil war on Iran, Iranians will kill him in a way that Gaddafi’s death will seem like a happy end for the savage dictators) Gaddafi’s death was like Hoveyda’s death in 1979, who was killed by the Mullahs (When you jerk were a savage Islamist in 1979, your savage friends killed Hoveyda, the prime minister of Pahlavi, in the prison and during the trial. Hoveyda was not killed during the war or in the war field, like Gaddafi. And Pahlavi was not Gaddafi, and did not impose civil war on Iran, and did not stay in power at any price. But you the savage Islamists, killed all his men who had helped you in seizing the power. The story of your savageness in 1979 and 1980s is a unique story) Why Iranians are silent about Gaddafi’s death, and why Iranians don’t defend Gaddafi and his rights? (because they aren’t as stupid as you idiot jerk) Why all Iranians are happy? Why all Iranians are happy that the Libyan dictator and his regime have gone? (because they aren’t an idiot mercenary like you, who wants to save the savage Mullahs) Why Iranians only want to topple the Islamic regime? (because they are not stupid and know you and savage Mullahs) Now, many Iranians allow themselves to ask the USA and other western countries to help them. Where is our national proud or our national traditions? (it’s in your ass, the shameless jerk. You and your friends who are mercenary and work for the savage Mullahs and western politicians, should be ashamed of yourselves, not the people. They live in 21st century, not in 19th century or 1970s, when you and your stupid comrades talked about the Islamic Proletariat-Bourgeoisie or Proletariat’s Dictatorship bullshits). Why you are happy about Libya and for Libyans? Do you forget Iraq and Afghanistan? (No. It’s you that forget everything, including the people and their dreadful conditions in Iran.
Motherf-u-c-k-er liar, why you pretend ignorance about Afghanistan. Iranians are not ignorant Americans. They know Afghans, and lived with them. If you want to tell lie and repeat Chomsky’s bullshits, at first you should check your audience. Only If they were Americans, you can tell these big lies. I think when you wrote these lines, you had smoked or eaten extra shit and were high!).”

The shameless jerk, Ganji, also added: “They want to create an Islamic regime in Libya, and it’s horrible. Iranians know what it means (yes they know, and that’s why they hate you the Islamist-Reformists, who love the Islamic regime). Now the US and western countries want to attack Iran. Why they try to impose sanction on the Central Bank of Iran? (Please show your true color more)Why the US and western countries try to organize the Iranian oppositions and make a National Council? (thanks, it’s enough, Mr. Khamenei’s Diamond for Deceit; the new Madhi). The Nato imposed war on Libya and killed ten thousands of Libyans (This big lie is what Mr. shit, the King of Lairs, said. You jerk, are like Mr. shit) And if they want to attack Iran, million will be killed. You should be frightened of this. They will kill you (Oh, yah, the people should only be killed, tortured, and raped by the savage Islamists. Motherf-u-c-k-er, do you think the people are as stupid as you and you can threatened them to accept the savage Mullahs. If you and your Mullah masters want to impose civil war or any war on Iran, Iranians will teach you a lesson that the world will never forget it. You know how angry the people are. If you impose war on Iran, the volcano will erupt and then you will see how the lampposts and guillotines will entertain you savage Islamists. In this case, Gaddafi’s death will become a happy end for you). Some say: ‘It’s the price of toppling a brutal regime”, but it’s laughable. Some say we only have two options: accepting “Mullah regime” or accepting “Western Countries”. (you jerk only distorts what we and others said in 2009: “The Islamist-Reformists and the western politicians pretend that there are only 2 options: (1)Working with the Mullah regime (and f-u-c-k-ing Iranians) (2)War against Iran. And because they are very very good guys, they don’t choose the second option!” You jerk, can not escape form your paradox by repeating and distorting what others say). Reaching to the freedom and human rights is a long process (Yes, it is; but you shameless jerks pretend that this process has started in 2009 or 1997 !, while all Iranians know that this process has started in 1905 (Constitutional Revolution), or even earlier. You jerks, distort the facts and the history. You deliberately mislead foreigners and betray Iranians. The world knows that 2011 is “Arab Spring”, but 1979 was “Iran Spring”. The Iranian movement in 2009, was a unique modern anti-Mullahs and anti-Islamists movement, that Arabs would experience it it 2100 ! Iran and young Iranians are much more modern than all Arab and non-Arab states in the Middle East and Africa, and Iranians will establish the first real secular Republic in the Muslim world very soon.Iran with 20 million university educated people, thousands young and real intellectuals, and 50 million youths under age 35, don’t allow the stupid Islamists or the stupid Monarchists to repeat the history in Iran. All Iranians hate the Islamists and the Monarchists and it’s an undeniable fact. You jerk, have reached the end of the line in Iran)” The shameless jerk, Ganji, clearly shows that he is master at talking nonsense or as Iranians say: “He is master at connecting Fart with Forehead“. It’s a funny Iranian proverb that is used when you want to say what the speaker says is quite nonsense and he desperately tries to connect the unrelated facts to each other; the facts that are totally unrelated to each others. Now, Ganji and all Iranian baboons desperately try to connect Fart with Forehead, but the people only laugh at them and their stupidity. The story of Ganji was a stupid tragicomedy about a straw hero that finally became ‘Iranian Baboon”, and now this stupid story has finished for almost all Iranians.

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