Tragedy of Syria, Stupid Lefts, & Gaddafi’s Death

October 30, 2011

After Hillary Clinton’s big lies, the poor Syrian protesters took to the streets demanding a “no fly” zone to protect civilians seeking the ouster of Bastard Assad. The Syrian demonstrators call for foreign intervention to protect civilians as NATO has done in Libya. And it’s a clear answer to Hillary Clinton, who had said Syrians have not asked the US to help them . Assad has killed at least 3,000 people, according to the UN, but who cares? The stupid lefts defend Assad in the name of fighting against imperialism. And the hypocrite western politician tell big lies and make secret deals with Assad. The western hypocrisy is really unbelievable. “Syria is using equipment and software developed by an American company to censor the Internet and conduct surveillance of its citizens . The equipment, developed by California-based Blue Coat Systems, is being used by Assad regime to block access to the Internet and crack down on the people. An expert of Privacy International, a London-based group that challenges government surveillance, said Blue Coats products can enable a government to monitor the Internet activity of large numbers of people. In the wrong hands, Blue Coat technology can all too easily be used as a tool of political control, he said. A lot of the manufacturers dont want to know whos buying their technology because they could be subject to fines or prosecution in their countries, another expert said. Reports of Syrias use of Blue Coat products originated with Telecomix, a group of Swedish hackers who support the suppressed nations. Telecomix released electronic records from the Syria Telecommunications Establishment, which the group said showed that the government was using Blue Coat equipment to prohibit its citizens from browsing certain Web sites and social media . In August, Telecomix activists said they downloaded 54 gigabytes of Syrian telecommunications data that indicated that the Blue Coat technology was being used to filter Internet communications in Syria. These devices are clearly manufactured by Blue Coat, and they are clearly in Syria and administered by the state telecommunications company, said a hacker of Telecomix. They are being used to block Syrians of every political stripe, and even those not politically active, of accessing sites that we in the West take for granted. They are also being used to monitor the communications of peaceful dissidents”. Hundreds of Western companies are pitching these kinds of surveillance technologies to some of the most authoritarian regimes in the world [including the savage Mullahs and Bastard Assad], turning a blind eye to the ways in which these dangerous technologies are being used to monitor and oppress“, the media reported. It’s the true meaning of western hypocrisy and their fake and phony war with Bastard Assad and also the Mullahs. The stupid lefts and the hypocrite western politicians are two sides of the same coin. They don’t care about the people, tell big lies about what the people want, support the savage dictators and sell them suppression tools, but shed crocodile tears for savage Gaddafi.


In Friday, Bastard Assad’s security forces opened fire on protesters, killing at least 40 civilians. The Syrian activist coalition LCC said that security forces were firing randomly at houses and people. And In a massive demonstration in Hama, Syrians demanded an end to Assad’s regime, as well as his prosecution. In Homs, snipers fired into
crowds.Protesters wounded in the rallies in Syria have been tortured and abused inside hospitals, and in some cases deliberately refused medical treatment, according to a damning report by Amnesty International. In fact, the savage Syrian government was using hospitals as ‘instruments of repression’ in its ongoing efforts to crush
. “The report said medical staff, nurses and security forces had all physically and verbally attacked patients. Seriously wounded demonstrators suspected of taking part in anti-government rallies had been carted off from hospital to military jails, Amnesty added. The report paints a picture of human rights violations in four government-run hospitals, in the cities of Banias, Homs and Tell Kalakh, with the military trawling wards in search of the opposition. The situation has grown so bad that wounded protesters are now seeking treatment in makeshift field hospitals instead, it says. Security officials have also accused doctors of siding with demonstrators -arresting them and taking them away”, the media reported. It’s really horrible. The savage Mullahs and all savage dictators use similar methods of intimidation. “The report cites examples of treatment being denied, in contravention of medical ethics. In one case a patient, 28, who was shot in the foot, was told by a doctor at Homs military hospital: “I’m not going to clean your wound; I’m waiting for your foot to rot so that we can cut it off.” One severely wounded patient, Ahmed, woke from surgery to discover seven or eight security officials standing round his bed. One witness said: “He opened his eyes and said: ‘Where am I?’ They all suddenly jumped on him and started beating and hitting him. They shouted at him: ‘You pig, you want freedom, eh?‘ Ahmed was later taken from hospital. His whereabouts are unknown. In another case, soldiers took a young injured protester to the Homs military hospital morgue and asked him to identify bodies of men from his hometown. He recognized three -but failed to identify the others. Officials locked him in, leaving him shivering among the bodies. “After hours, I felt so cold deep in my bones and couldn’t stop shivering,” he recalled, adding that he made up some names in order to “save myself”, the media added. “Where are those motherf-u-c-k-e-r bastards who shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi in the name of human rights? Why they have shut their f-u-c-k-ing mouth now?“, many ask. Now, you can see how the savage dictators treat the people and the patients, and you can see how the stupid lefts have closed their damn f-u-c-k-i-n-g eyes to this savageness. The stupid bastards only shed crocodile tears for the savage dictators, who systematically violate human rights and create horrible disasters. The savage dictators are really worse than pigs. What Bastard Assad do to Syrians is like what the savage Mullahs did to Iranians in 2009. Those who close their eyes to this savageness, but shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi, are really pig, stupid pig.


The number of Syrian protesters appeared to fall earlier this month, but has increased again after the death of Gaddafi gave opposition groups new heart. “The savage Bastard Assad talks about reform for deceiving the west and ignorant westerners. Killing people is not an act of reform. We aren’t calling for economic or even political reform under Assad, but for the departure of this bloodstained president and free elections. What Assad says are big lies. They are meaningless and he must go. Bastard Assad only wants to buy more time”, the Syrian activists say. It’s the tactic that all savage dictators use it. In 2009, the savage Mullahs tried to buy more time, and the motherf-u-c-k-er Islamist-Reformists helped the savage Mullahs. Gaddafi used the same tactics, too. The savage dictators and their tactics are exactly the same. They also use the tactic of intimidation or as Iranians say: “Eating extra shit, or Big Fart tactic”.Now Bastard Assad has warned that Western action against his regime would cause an ‘earthquake’ that would ‘burn the whole region’. As Iranians say: “He has eaten extra shit”. The media reported: “In his first interview with a Western journalist since Syria’s seven-month uprising began, Assad told The Sunday Telegraph that intervention against his regime could cause ‘another Afghanistan’. Western countries “are going to ratchet up the pressure, definitely,” he said. “But Syria is different in every respect from Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen. The history is different. The politics is different. “Syria is the hub now in this region. It is the fault line, and if you play with the ground you will cause an earthquake. Do you want to see another Afghanistan, or tens of Afghanistans? “Any problem in Syria will burn the whole region”, Assad added”. Can you see the similarity between what Bastard Assad or Khamenei says and what the stupid lefts say? The savage dictator’s logic and the stupid lefts’ logic are exactly the same. It’s very interesting and important. These bastards talk about “Afghanistan”, while Iranians and others who know Afghans and Afghanistan, have seen the conditions of Afghanistan before and after 2001. When Afghans lived like animal and killed each others in their ruined cities and no one cared about them and their stupid civil war, who cared or talked about Afghanistan? Now, when Afghans have a country and can like live human, the bastards shed crocodile tears for Afghans. The motherf-u-c-k-er liars only try to deceive the ignorant Americans who stupidly think that Afghanistan is Vietnam !! But it’s a big lie. It’s so obvious when the savage dictators can see the large number of the stupid lefts and their stupid fans and followers in the US and the West, they try to make use of this situation and this stupidity for saving themselves and their savage regimes. And it’s another service that the stupid lefts provide for the savage dictators: “Creating a stupid illusion, and threatening public opinion with it”.