Wise Anti-War vs Stupid Anti-War

In the 21st century, many say or pretend that they are anti-war. It’s good that apparently many have understood that ‘war is evil, and war is not solution’. As you know, there is not any good war, and those who love war have not read the human history and know nothing about war and its horrible disasters. But unfortunately, or fortunately, being “anti-war” has become a “fashion”, and the stupid lefts, the fake intellectuals and the their stupid fans and followers, who love and support the tyranny and the savage dictators, are anti-war. But they are not wise anti-war. They are stupid anti-war who disgrace the whole anti-war concepts and movement. These stupid bastards say: “The world and the people should not fight against the savage dictators, because it’s war, and war is bad, and we all should be anti-war“.This funny paradox is the end of charlatanism. These stupid bastards pretend ignorance that war is bad, but being indifferent to the victims of the savage dictators, who are killed, tortured, and raped by the savage dictators is worst. These stupid bastards support the tyranny and the savage tyrants, and in the best case they say: “We are sorry for the victims of the savage dictators. But there is not any solution for them, and they have to bear the savage dictators. We live in the free world and can enjoy the freedom and democracy, but they have to live under tyranny and accept the savage dictators and their savageness, because the only solution for them is ‘war against the savage dictators’, but we know that war is bad. So, we only can be sorry for them“. It’s exactly what the fake intellectuals say. These stupid bastards live in the free world, and enjoy many basic rights that having them is a dream for those who live under the tyranny. They can write and publish their books without being killed or tortured, they can have their own media or website and free access to the internet without being killed or tortured, they can protest and assemble without being killed, they can organize themselves and their movements without being killed, they can speak their minds without being killed, they can live their own life and they can enjoy many other basic rights without being killed and tortured. But those who live under the tyranny not only can not have any of these basic rights, but even they can not choose what they want to wear, what they want to eat or drink, what they want to read, watch or listen, where they want to go, which lifestyle, which relationship, which belief, or which thoughts they want to have, etc, without the threat of being killed, arrested, or tortured. But no one care about these people who even can not breath freely. The stupid anti-war don’t care about the victims of the savage dictators and what happen to them. These stupid bastards just pretend that they are human or anti-war, while in the best case they are indifferent animals who don’t care about others.

The great Howard Zinn once said: “we should protest against wars, any war, but we should have a solution for the victims of the brutal dictators. We can’t be indifferent. We should help the victims and support them”. It’s what the wise anti-war say. But the stupid anti-war, who are stupid, hypocrite, or mercenary, only protest against war, without having any solution for the victims of the savage dictators. And the poor victims should pay the price of this stupidity of the fake and hypocrite Intellectuals. It’s so obvious that the US or any other county is not “world police”. But it’s so obvious that the world needs police. We, all, should help the victims of the savage dictators, and it’s a human duty and also it’s in our own interests. It’s exactly like the story of Albert Camus’ The Plauge. When you help the victims of the plague and care about them, it’s both a human duty and a necessary action for protecting yourself. When you are indifferent, the plague will spread, and sooner or later you will be its victim. When you don’t care about others, then others will not care about you as well, and then the politicians, bankers and big corporations will fuck you, and you deserve it. There is no doubt that we do not have any good war, but sometimes war is inevitable. Sometimes the savage dictators impose war on their own people, and they ask us to help them, and we should help the victims . The savage dictators want to stay in power at any price. They are merciless and full-armed. But the people are defenseless, unarmed, and helpless. And it’s so obvious that the iron fist can destroy everything and suppress the people, if the world refuses to help the people. Those who can’t understand this, can think about their own local community. Do you know why you or the civilized society need police? or why we don’t allow the armed gangs to do whatever they want to do? or why the civilized society and its police protect its citizens from the thugs who want to kill, rape, or torture the people or destroy the city? It’s so obvious that both the local and global community have their own thugs and need their own police. As you know, when the world refused to help Libyans, Gaddafi used the iron fist and killed and suppressed the Libyans. In those days, only Benghazi had remained and many were really worry. But finally at the last moments before the fall of Benghazi and the failure of Libyan Revolution, the Nato and the UN helped the Libyans. Unfortunately, the UN and the Nato are very hypocrite. They repeatedly have shown that they are not reliable or good force.But the tragic point is that in this f-u-c-k-ing world you can not find any other alternative to the Nato or the UN. It’s really a very very big problem. The world really needs a serious and responsible alternative to the Nato or the UN. But unfortunately, the current alternative to the Nato, the UN or the US, is the stupid lefts who support the savage dictators and don’t care about the victims of the savage dictators.


It’s so obvious that if the US or any other country wants to invade Iran in the name of nuclear weapons or any other stupid excuse, like the current stupid conflict between the savage Saudis and the savage Mullahs, we and almost all Iranians inside Iran will not accept it. Iranians know that any military operation against the savage Mullahs should be done only for helping and freeing Iranians (ie for human rights), and any other excuse is not acceptable at all. Iranians know that the Mullahs are Arabs or pro-Arabs, and destroying Iran is the main wish of the savage Arabs (not wise Arabs). Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama, and others western jerks, who not only closed their dirty eyes but helped the Mullah regime and made secret deals with the savage Mullahs in 2009, are very hated figures in Iran.There is no doubt that these jerks don’t care about Iranians or human rights, and if they want to destroy Iran with the help of the Mullahs, Iranians will f-u-c-k both of them, i.e. the savage Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians. But all these matters don’t mean that Iranians don’t need help or the world should not help Iranians, or what the stupid lefts say is right. Toppling the savage Mullahs and all savage dictators is in Iranians’ interests, west’s interests, and world’s interests. When you ask the stupid lefts: “What’s your solution, and how do you want to help the poor victims of the savage dictators?” They answer: “We have not any solution. We only know that war is bad and imperialistic. The people have to bear the savage dictators”. These bastards don’t care about what happen to the people. And it’s so obvious that the suppressed nations hate these stupid bastards. Unfortunately, the fake intellectuals clearly say: ‘The dictators will and decision for killing everybody and destroying everything, is the determining factor. And if the dictator wants to stay in power at any price, there is not any solution for the people, and they should accept the tyranny; We are sorry, but they should bear the savage dictators and their savageness“. It’s really shameful. In fact, these shameless jerks try to encourage the Iron Fist policy, and discourage the people. They clearly say that if the dictators want to stay in power, they should be merciless and kill everybody and destroy everything, and the world should not help the people. What these fake intellectuals say is the greatest possible betrayal in the 21st century. The mass media repeat this bullshit, but the case of Libya shows different thing. Almost all fake intellectuals and stupid lefts shed crocodile tear for Libya, but why? It’s a good question. They are angry, because the case of Libya revealed a very important matter. As we said before, Libya and Gaddafi’s fate showed that the dictators will and decision for killing everybody and destroying everything for staying in power at any price, is not the determining factor. But the people will, their organization, and the international help is the determining factor.

All humans should try to tell the victims of the savage dictators that the world cares about them, and they have solution, and it’s not the dictator’s will and decision that determines their fate or the fate of their movements. But the fake intellectuals and the stupid lefts exactly go in the opposite direction. And that’s why many think these stupid bastards are animal or mercenary. At least we are sure that the Iranian fake intellectuals are mercenary. In fact, they deliberately and systematically try to discourage the people and destroy their movement. It’s exactly what they did in 2009, and unfortunately they succeeded in their shameful plans. It’s a good question if you ask “why they succeeded in 2009?” There are many reasons, but the main reason is that many people did not know the true colors of Iranian fake intellectuals in 2009; and the real intellectuals, wise guys, and the ordinary Iranians did not have any media in 2009 . But now, in 2011, many problems have been solved. Now, the majority of Iranians know the fake intellectuals and the Iranian baboons -Ganji, Behnoud, Nabavi, Abdi, Khatami, Mohajerani, etc – and their true colors. Now, the BBC, the VOA, and the Iranian baboons’ media – the oppositions’ websites like Green websites or Balatarin.com- are very very disgraced and discredited in Iran. In these days, the Iranian baboons’ websites have less than 1000 members and visitors, and some of them want to close down their disgraced shop. It’s very meaningful. But unfortunately the ordinary Iranians still are voiceless and have not any media. It’s a very big problem. As we said before, Iranians’ urgent need is “Alternative Groups” and “Alternative Media”. In addition, Iranians and other suppressed nations need that the world, public opinion, and the real intellectuals support them. There are many ways for helping Iranians, Syrians and other suppressed nations, and the war is the last and final option. The serious political pressure on the savage dictators, stopping any secret deal and secret talk with them, broadcasting the real voices of people, creating effective people media for the voiceless silent majority, etc are the minimum that the world could and should do. The world should hear the real voices of Iranians inside Iran, not the voice of the stupid Iranian expats and Iranian jerks and fake intellectuals. The world should know that the stupid Iranian expats and their reactionary groups (the stupid Monarchists, Rajavists, Islamist-Reformists, etc) are a very very small minority in Iran , and they are not representative of Iranians inside Iran. The wise anti-war should be ready to fight against the stupid anti-war, the fake intellectuals, and the stupid war-lovers. I hope the wise anti-war in all around the world, try to find some effective solutions for helping the suppressed nations and the victims of the savage dictators.

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