CNN and Mr. shit: A Love Story

The CNN had an interview with Mr. shit, the coup and fake president of the Mullah regime, on October 22, 2011. The shameless jerks of CNN are exactly like the American baboons and the American bitch in the NBC. They love Mr. shit who is the coup president of the savage Mullah regime. “The shameless American jerks call Mr shit ‘Iran’s President’, while Mr. shit and the Mullahs are American puppets who kill and torture Iranians for staying in power at any price”, many say in these days. Almost all Iranians hate Mr. shit and the Mullahs, and also the American Baboons who support the savage Mullahs. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria who had interview with Mr. shit, is an American Baboon that Iranians saw his true colors in 2009, when he supported Mr. shit and the military coup in Iran. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, aka American Baboon, is a shameless jerk who defends the savage Mullahs and the Islamist pigs, in the name of freedom. In 2009, Fareed Zakaria only tried to make doubt about the greatest election fraud in Iran’s history. Fareed Zakaria is really an American Baboon, who is like his boss, the stupid Obama. They both love Mr. shit.


Mr. shit’s bullshits and his interview with the CNN is not a new and important thing, but what the American Baboons and the American media do in these days, in the days of the largest embezzlements in Iran’s history, the days that the Mullah embezzlers flee to the west but the world closes its eyes to the love affair between the Mullahs and the west, in the days of the tragedy of internet in Iran, and the days that the Mullahs clearly talk about abolishing the Republic and establishing the Islamic Monarchy, is very important and meaningful. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria is a worthless American Baboon, but he and many other American baboons in the American mass media distort the facts about Iran, Mr. shit and the savage Mullahs, and try to help the shameless American jerks in Washington. You can ask: “Did the CNN and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria ask Mr. shit serious questions, or questions about the current events and current disasters in Iran? ” But I think you already know your answer. Fareed Zakaria and all American Baboons who call themselves journalists are a bunch of hypocrite and Khayemal (ass-kisser) jerks who are puppet and stooge of the politicians. They are not free and independent. They only can kiss the ass of the savage dictators and the hypocrite politicians, without shame. Shame on them all.

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