Answer to Readers, October 28

Thanks Easy Living, Belchdini, Manonmona, Gerald Turner, and Tinkerbelle; thanks for your attention. Thanks Asingleletter, yes it’s really true that “Typical Western leaders making shady deals with terrible governments. And then they go and say that they support the protesters”. It’s really a great tragicomedy. But it becomes more tragic and more annoying when you see many are ignorant and can not see the truth. Unfortunately, many are like sheep and only repeat the mass media’s bullshits or the stupid lefts’ bullshits. And it’s really more tragic than the western politicians’ hypocrisy. If the people knew about the depth of the western hypocrisy and double standards, and the depth of the stupidity of the stupid lefts, then many problems of this shitty world would be solved, but unfortunately many are not aware of the real problems, and the mass media and the fake intellectuals can fool and manipulate them very easily. It’s the biggest problem of the world. Thanks Judy Levy; thanks for your sympathy for the tragedy of the Internet in Iran; thanks for contacting the mass media; but as you know, many mass media are so hypocrite and don’t care about the people and what happen to them. But we are happy that “there are people on the planet who care about the people and the real problems”; thanks Judy. Modern Tartarus, you have said: “Isnt Iran a very fundamentalist Islamic nation? I would be surprised if the internet was not Haraam in Iran”. Apparently, you don’t know anything about the difference between Iran’s regime and Iranians (Iranian society). If you are not a hypocrite man, please check our “Archive”, where you can find many articles about this common misunderstanding and misconception.

In the recent weeks, we have some shameful comments about Gaddafi, Libya’s tragedy, etc. Unfortunately, the stupid lefts don’t care about the people and other humans, and instead they defend the tyranny and the savage dictators without shame; they did not care about the poor Libyans in 2011, and also in the past 42 years, but now they shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi, and all these shameful acts are done in the name of human values or intellectualism. It’s really horrible. A few people, a very small minority, strongly protested against the savage Gaddafi and his savageness, but now they believe that Libyans had to respect Gaddafi’s human rights. They are wise people, without any double standard. We can understand them, and also respect them. We are not agreed with them about Gaddafi, but we respect them and their different views. They are different from the stupid lefts. It’s good that the people look at the problems from various angles, and challenge different views. It’s necessary for having a better world. But about Gaddafi’s case, and the savage dictators, we think instead of talking about the savage dictators’ rights, it’s better we talk about a world without the savage dictators. We should try to not have any savage dictator in the world. It’s a better approach. When you defend the savage dictators, but don’t care about the victims of the savage dictators, you are not a modern anti-war and anti-violence, but you are a jerk or hypocrite idiot. You can be stupid, liar, hypocrite, bastard, or charlatan, like many other humans in this shitty world, but please don’t do these shameful acts in the name of intellectualism. Otherwise, you are not just a simple stupid, ignorant, or hypocrite person that others can forgive him or even understand him, but instead you are a betrayer and traitor to the human society and the human values. And many know what is the difference between an ignorant or hypocrite person, and a traitor or betrayer. As the great Karl Popper said: “Those [fake] intellectuals who betray the human civilization [by defending tyranny or discouraging freedom fighters], are responsible for the human tragedies and the human disasters”.

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