Mullahs, USA, and Green Card

“Morteza Agha Tehrani, a savage Mullah who is Mr. shit’s moral advisor, member of Mullah Parliament, and Mesbah Yazdi’s student, has US Green Card”. It’s what many knew it before (check Archive), but in the recent days some Mullah media and Iranian media reported it again. In an interview with the Mullah media, the savage Mullah, Agha Tehrani, has clearly confessed that he has US Green Card. “The savage Mullah, Agha Tehrani, is Mesbah Yazdi’s student (Mesbah Yazdi is a very savage and notorious Mullah in Iran). In late 1990s, Agha Tehrani went to Canada with his wife and his children. In Canada, he could study in McGill university. In fact, Agha-Tehrani was among the group of clerics who were sent abroad, especially to the UK, Canada, and the US, by
. From Canada he went to the US and became the head and the religious leader of the Islamic Institute of New York. When he was in the US, he could get US Green Card, while the average Iranians and Iranian students can not even get US visa because of the stupid sanctions against Iranians. Though he has [fake] advanced degrees from the Canadian and American institutions, he cannot speak English fluently. He employed the services of a translator for his sermons. He obtained a U.S. green card to facilitate travel. In 2006, he came back to Iran and became a member of Mullah Parliament, and also Mr. shit’s moral advisor and the ethics mentor of his cabinet“, the media reported. “Apparently the savage Mullah, Agha Tehrani, who is Mr. shit’s Moral advisor and the ethics mentor of his coup cabinet is a good teacher, because he could teach Mr. shit how he could create the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history, how he could create the largest embezzlements in Iran’s history, how he could create the biggest election fraud in Iran’s history, how he could rape, torture and kill thousands of Iranians for staying in power at any price, how he could tell the biggest possible lies without shame, etc”, many Iranians say in these days. They also add: “Apparently the American bastards in Washington, especially stupid Obama and his team, want to recruit the savage Mullah, Agha Tehrani, as their moral advisor. They badly need him to teach them how they can destroy a country and plunder and destroy everything in less than 6 years.” The western hypocrisy is really indescribable. But the stupidity of the stupid lefts who are blind and can not see the undeniable facts about the fake and phony war between the fake enemies, is more indescribable and more annoying. The stupid lefts and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky, are really the stupidest people in our planet. They think the Mullahs and the west are enemy of each other, and the savage and corrupt Mullah regime is a democratic and anti-capitalistic regime.


As you know, Agha Tehrani’s case is not the first American-Mullah scandal. You know, for example, the Mullahs terrorists and members of Mullah Mafia live in the US and work for Harvard or Princeton universities, or Obama has allowed Khamenei’s TV to work in Washington (check our Archive page, or “Western Paradox” and “Mullah Mafia” categories for finding cases and more details). In fact, the list of western paradoxes is really long. “You should be a blind or brainless man, if you think the Mullahs and the west are enemy of each other. The stupid western sanctions are only against the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs and are the victims of the savage Mullahs”, some say in these days. They also add: “Like his mentor Mesbah-Yazdi, Agha-Tehrani takes a very harsh stance towards people and groups that do not share his ideas, but the hypocrite western politicians love these savage, corrupt and hypocrite Mullahs. They make love with the Mullahs and punish the ordinary Iranians who are enemy of the Mullahs”. In these days, many show their anger by saying: “F-u-c-k you Obama; F-u-c-k you bastard”. But some say: “When a tragedy is so big, you can only laugh at it”. They tell the following joke about the love affair between the savage Mullahs and the hypocrite American politicians: “How You Can Get Green Card from USA (Requirements) : If you are Iranian, you can not get neither US visa nor US green card, because the ordinary Iranians are under US sanctions. But if you are a Mullah or an Islamist pig, there is a chance that you can get US Green Card. Please read the following list of requirements, and if you can meet one or several of these requirements, contact one of our embassies ASAP: (1)You should be a Mullah or Islamist, not an ordinary Iranian. If you worked for high rank Mullahs such as Mesbah Yazdi, Khamenei, Larijani, or Rafsanjani, or you were a member of their families, it would be better. (2)You should be a crook and embezzler, or you should work for Mr. shit and his coup cabinet (3)You should have embezzled at least $10 million, or you should be drug dealer or money launderer (4)You should be a terrorist or member of Mullah Mafia (5)You should be a ‘Moral Advisor’, who has thought the Mullahs how and when they can rape, torture, and kill the people (maybe we want to recruit you as Obama’s moral advisor or Bush’s moral advisor) (6)You should be a real hypocrite bastard who can tell the biggest possible lies without shame (7)Mr. Noam Chomsky should love you and defend you and if you met with him, it would be better (8)You should always chant ‘Down with the US’ or ‘The US is the greatest Satan’ . As you know, we love the hypocrite bastard and fake enemies (9)You should tear your ass up for Palestine, Hezbollah, etc, and you should be an Islamist pig and a fan of the terrorist and fundamentalist groups (10) You should be a savage Mullah or a savage Basiji, who has raped, tortured, or killed many Iranians. The more, the better.” As you probably know, Canada, the UK, France, and Germany have almost the same requirements for granting immigration visa to Iranians.

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