New Embezzlement in Iran: 100000 Billion

In these days, the Mullah regime repeatedly breaks embezzlement’s record in Iran’s history. After the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history (30000 Billion Rial) , that had been revealed in last month, now it has been revealed that this huge embezzlement (30000 Billion Rial) is not the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history, but a new embezzlement in Saipa corporation (the second largest car company in Iran that is a state company) is the new record for the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history. According to the media and the people reporters, several high rank Mullah managers in Saipa Co., who are closed to Mr. shit, have embezzled about 100,000 Billion Rial ($10 Billion). As we said before, the 30000 Billion Rial embezzlement was just a small part of the Mullahs’ corruption. And now another case of dreadful embezzlement has been revealed, and can show the truth. Many can not understand the true meaning of 100,000 Billion Rial ($10 Billion) or 30000 Billion Rial ($3 Billion). For understanding the depth of the tragedy, you should know that according to the Mullah Budget Plan for 1390, the sum of all money that the Mullahs give the people in the stupid cutting subsides plan (the Mullahs cut the subsidies and raised the price of foods, fuels, utilities, public transport, etc 4 to 20 times, and instead pay $40 per month) is about 150,000 Billion Rial ($15 Billion). Now you can understand why the prices in Iran and Canada are almost equal, while the incomes in Canada are about 4 to 10 times more than Iran . It’s the true meaning of the Mullah miracles in the Mullah regime, that is most corrupt regime in Iran’s history. Now, you can understand why Iranians are angry at the stupid lefts and the hypocrite western politicians who openly and secretly support the savage and corrupt Mullahs.

Recently, some media reported that like the previous case of Bank Melli and Bank Saderat Embezzlement, the high rank managers of Saipa who are part of the new largest embezzlement in Iran’s history, have Canadian and European citizenship !! We should really congratulate the Canadian politicians and other western politicians who make love with the savage and corrupt Mullahs and grant them immigration visa or business visa and allow them to invest the dirty embezzled money there. We should really congratulate the Canadian politicians and all other western politicians, especially American, British, German, and French politicians for this unbelievable hypocrisy, i.e. making love with the savage Mullahs and imposing stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians who are the main victims of the savage Mullahs. In the recent days, some Iranian sources reported: “Recently about 120 Mullah embezzlers and their families have applied for immigration visa from Canada and European countries, and about one third of them have got their immigration visa within 4 to 6 months! They have transferred the dirty embezzled money from the Iranian banks to the western banks”. We should really congratulate the hypocrite western politicians for this dreadful hypocrisy; Thanks dear bastards, you clearly prove what is said about your great hypocrisy, and also about the stupidity of the stupid lefts. Now, even the stupidest people can realize what happened in 2009, and why many Iranians believe that the hypocrite western politicians had the main role in the great tragedy and great debacle of 2009. The stupidity and dreadful hypocrisy of the western politicians, the western media, the western baboons (like the ex-CIA agent and the NBC), the stupid lefts, etc who didn’t support the Iranian movement in 2009, and instead secretly or openly supported Mr. shit and the Mullah regime, is really tragic.

Recently, the media reported: “Mr. shit family and his close relatives and friends think that Saipa Co. is their family business. They have plundered everything, and the new embezzlement is just part of their dreadful corruption. They have embezzled about 100,000 Billion Rial ($10 Billion) and no one has asked them even a simple question. We should ask what has happened to 6,000,000 Billion Rial ($600 Billion) national earning in the past 6 years. The authorities officially have said that more than 480,000 Billion Rial ($48 Billion) has been lost in the Banking system, and those who embezzled this huge amount as loan and did not repay it, are close relatives and close friends of Mr. shit”. It’s what almost all Iranians already knew it, and that’s why they protested against the corrupt Mullahs in 2009. Of course, Iranians know that Mr. shit is just a small part of the Mullah corrupt system, and when he and his friends can embezzle these huge amounts, it’s so obvious what has happened to the national wealth and the national resources in the past 30 years. Now many Iranians say: “We never forget and forgive Obama’s hypocrisy in 2009. We never forget the British and European hypocrisy in 2009.” In fact, the western hypocrisy is more annoying than the Mullah corruption and savageness. When the savage and corrupt Mullahs can flee from the hell that they have created for Iranians and can invest the dirty embezzled money in the west, while Iranians can not leave Iran or can not be part of international community because of the stupid western sanctions (against the Mullahs !!) and because the western baboons treat Iranians like animal, the Iranians’ anger is really understandable. Unfortunately, the west has become the safe heaven for the savage and corrupt Mullahs and their families, but the world has closed its eyes . Now everybody can understand the true meaning of the love affair between the hypocrite western politicians and the savage Mullahs and their corrupt regime, that is the most corrupt regime in the world and also in Iran’s history. These days, many Iranians say: “Dige Gandesh Badjouri Darumadeh” (it has begun to stink so badly).

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