Gaddafi, Mussolini, and “Dog Killing”

Mussolini’s death was worse than Gaddafi’s death, but many have a terrible memory. They also have forgotten how Norwegians felt anger at Breivik (they wished they could torture him), who had killed 80 people in 2 hours, not hundreds of thousands in 40 years. Those who think the Libyans are savage because they killed the savage Gaddafi like a dog, should know that the Italians were more savage when they killed Mussolini, the savage fascist of Italy, in 1945. Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci were captured by the partisans on 27 April 1945, near the village of Dongo, as they headed for Switzerland to board a plane to escape to Spain. The partisans and the people beat Mussolini and Petacci to death, and the next day, they were both summarily executed. Then the mutilated bodies of Mussolini and his mistress were hung upside down outside the forecourt of a Milan garage, and the people stoned their bodies and ridiculed and abused them .


Mussolini’s death, and also Ceausescu’s death during the Romanian Revolution in 1989, was more tragic than Gaddafi’s death. But they all were savage dictators who had taken their society back to the Stone Age. They were like Khamenei, Assad and other savage dictators who systematically kill and torture the people and destroy and plunder everything. Mussolini was a symbol, and his tragic death was very symbolic, tragic, and meaningful. He and his mistress, along with most of the members of their 15-man train, primarily ministers and officials of the Italian Social Republic, ,were tortured, killed, mutilated, kicked, stoned, hanged, and ridiculed. If you compare what Italians did in Milan, with what Libyans do in Misrata and that large freezer, then Libyans seem really modern.


On 29 April 1945, the bodies of Mussolini, Petacci, and the other executed Fascists were loaded into a moving van and trucked south to Milan. After being shot, kicked, and spat upon, the bodies were hung upside down on meathooks from the roof of a gas station. The bodies were then stoned by civilians from below. The corpse of Mussolini and other fascists became subject to ridicule and abuse. Some even say Petacci had been gang-raped before she was shot. If the stupid lefts try to compare Libyans with Italians, then Libyans seem like angels and saints, while Italians seem like the ancient savages and those who enjoyed the Gladiator Savageness. But the truth is that you can not judge Italians, and also Libyans. You should read the history of Italy under Mussolini, and then you can understand what they did to Mussolini was quite normal.


What would the Britons and other Europeans have done to Hitler, if they had captured him alive? Hitler knew the answer. In fact, when Hitler heard how Mussolini had been executed and put on public display, he vowed he would not let this happen to him. A few days later Hitler and Eva Braun killed themselves, and their bodies were burned in a hole outside his Berlin bunker, as he had ordered. In fact, all savage dictators should know that the people will not treat them like animals, because many respect the animals and their rights. “Dog Killing” (Sag Koshi) is the title of an Iranian movie that is about a cruel charlatan who destroys many lives and betrays many friends, and finally the victims decide to kill him like a dog. In fact, some think “Dog Killing” is a punishment for those who live like a rabid dog. But what the people do to the savage dictators is beyond “Dog Killing”, because compared to the savage dictators, the rabid dogs seem like saints or angels. So, the people don’t kill the savage dictators like dog, but they kill the savage dictators like Mussolini (or Gaddafi).


The Italians beat Mussolini and Petacci to death. They tortured the savage Mussolini and his prostitute, and the pictures show what they did to the savage Fascists. In 1945, a Time’s reporter reported: “One woman fired five shots into Mussolini’s body, and shouted: “Five shots for my five assassinated sons”. Others cried: “He died too quickly! He should have suffered!” But the hate of many was wordless. They could only spit. While I watched, a civilian tramped across the bodies and dealt Mussolini’s shaven head a terrific kick. Someone pushed the twisted head into a more natural position again with a rifle butt. A bullet had pierced Mussolini’s skull over the left eye and emerged at the back, leaving a hole from which the brains dripped. Mistress Petacci, 25, wore a white silk blouse. In her breast were two bullet holes ringed by dark circles of dried blood”. So, when Libyans say: “Gaddafi made our lives hell. We wanted to see him dead with our own eyes. Who cares if it’s not dignified for him. That was not his concern for any of the people here”, and when they wait in a long queue for seeing Gaddafi body, it’s quite modern and normal.


Milan was like Misrata. It was in Milan that Mussolini founded Europe’s first fascist movement in 1919, and then he came to power in 1922 after the so-called March on Rome. Following the collapse of the Fascist Dictatorship, Mussolini and the remanants of his command along with the Germans were in Milan. And we all know what Gaddafi did to Misrata and its people. In 1945, the Time’s reporter also added: “When I and other correspondents reached the scene, a howling mob was struggling for place beside the heap of cadavers. Partisan guards vainly fired rifle and pistol shots into the air to keep the crowd back.” Now, some say: “Dont Judge The Libyan People For Killing Gaddafi. Gaddafis death was like Mussolini’s death in 1945, and Ceausescu’s death in 1989. They were also entirely understandable, as is Gaddafis.” In fact, the savage dictators who take the human society back to the Stone Age, can not expect their victims to treat them like a modern and civilized man. They and their behaviors and their system belong to the Stone Age, so their final days should be like that age, as well. The savage Mullahs and their mercenaries in Iran and outside Iran, can be sure that if they continue to take Iran back to the Stone Age, what Iranians will do to them and also to the Monarchists, i.e. the last Mullah and the last King, will be something worse than what Italians did to Mussolini and the savage fascists in Italy; something that the world would never forget it.

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