Savage Gaddafi’s Last Moments

“How Gaddafi was captured and killed?”, many ask. Gaddafi’s last moments still is not quite clear, and you can not be sure about the details. But you can be sure that the savage Gaddafi can not hurt his people any longer. Libyans and many others don’t care how “The Mad Dog died like a dog” or how “The Coward Rat died like a rat”; they care about the people and the victims of the savage tyrant. They are happy, because the savage Gaddafi is dead and the pillars of the brutal regime have all fallen. “Until now, some people still thought that Gaddafi could somehow come back. Now we can really breathe freely”, Libyans said. The media reported: “Gaddafi’s final day most likely began as it ended: In a squeeze. He was almost surely in the 700-square-yard area of Sirte where he and his loyalists had resisted about two months. At around 8am, the freedom fighters began an assault on that small final area, to free Sirte. It was around that time that Gaddafi got in a convoy to flee. He was in a convoy of up to 100 vehicles which tried to break out of Sirte – the last centre of his resistance after eight months of killing people and destroying Libya by imposing civil war on Libyans. Two weeks ago, a NTC official had said: “We know some of the call signs of those inside [Sirte]. We know that call sign ‘1’ refers to Mo’atissim Gaddafi and that ‘3’ refers to Mansour Dhao, who is commanding the defences. We have an inkling too about someone known as ‘2’, who we have not heard from for a while and who has either escaped or been killed.” Maybe he was Abdullah Senussi, Gaddafi’s intelligence chief. There is someone important in there, too. We have heard several times about something called ‘the asset’ which has been moved around the city. But we don’t know who is the asset. We think Gaddafi is in hiding in the Sahara desert”. But Gaddafi had fled in a small convoy to Sirte on the day Tripoli fell. His son Moatassem followed in a second convoy. In fact, ‘the asset’ was Gaddafi himself, who would die in the city, humiliated begging his captors not to shoot him. Dragged from hiding in a drainage pipe, a wounded Gaddafi raised his hands and begged revolutionary fighters: Dont kill me, my sons. A fighter says: “Gaddafi was like crazy. He had gone insane. He was waving a white sack above his head”. As they continued to drag him through the road he whispered: “What are you doing? It’s Haraam [forbidden in Islam !!]” Apparently just killing the savage dictators is Haraam ! But killing thousands of thousands people and torturing and raping ten thousands is not Haraam. It’s the logic of the savage Mullahs and all savage dictators who want to stay in power at any price. They declare: “There is no mercy. Let the country burn; Let the people die”, and then they kill everybody and destroy everything for staying in power, but finally when they are captured, they beg for mercy.


“Gaddafi was confused, clearly frightened. He was pleading for his life.He was repeating that he would give everyone cash, that he would pay for our children to go to school. At one point someone yelled at him that instead of talking about money [and bribe], he should pray, and entrust his soul to God before dying. Buthe continued to say he was ready to give us money, lots of money and gold “, a NTC fighter said. “In his last day of life, Gaddafi attempted to leave the last pocket in the shattered seaside District Two to reach the countryside beyond Sirte’s eastern boundary. One of Gaddafi inner circle who traveled with him on his last convoy is Mansour Dhao -number “3” in the pro-Gaddafi radio codes- a former commander of Libya’s Revolutionary Guards [i.e. Gaddafi’s Sepah !]. And like Gaddafi, Dhao was not supposed to be in Sirte. Instead, it was widely reported that Dhao had fled Libya in a convoy of cars heading for Niger. But as the weeks of the siege of Sirte went on, it became clear this was not true. Now, the injured Dhao is in hospital, and he confirmed he had been in the same convoy with Gaddafi when he had been captured and his son killed. Dhao was interviewed by a television crew. “We left the area where we were staying, to head towards Jarif. The rebels were surrounding the whole area, so we had heavy clashes with them and tried to escape towards Jarif and break out of the siege. After that the rebels surrounded us outside the area and prevented us from reaching the road to Jarif. They launched heavy raids on us which led to the destruction of the cars and the death of many individuals who were with us”, Dhao said. Apparently, only a few vehicles in the convoy were hit, neither carrying Gaddafi, a Western official said. But the rest of the convoy was forced to detour and scatter. “At the time of the strike,” a Nato spokesman said, “Nato did not know that Gaddafi was in the convoy. These armed vehicles were leaving Sirte at high speed and were attempting to force their way around the outskirts of the city. The vehicles were carrying a substantial amount of weapons and ammunition.” The attack dispersed the convoy into several groups. As NTC fighters descended on the fleeing groups of cars, some individuals jumped from their vehicles to escape on foot, among them Gaddafi and a group of guards. Finding a trail of blood, NTC fighters followed it to a sandy culvert with two storm drains. In one of these Gaddafi was hiding. “Gaddafi was very delusional and complained about the lack of electricity and water. Any attempts to persuade him to flee the country and give up power were ignored,” said Dhao. Dhao also said that it was Mo’atissim who took control of his father’s safety, making all the key decisions until the end. “Mo’atissim was in charge of everything”, he added. His face heavily bruised, Dhao insisted it was Mo’atissim who organized each movement of Gaddafi as he was ferried between safe houses, moving location on average every four days before becoming trapped in Sirte, the monument that became his living mausoleum”, the media reported. Apparently, Mo’atissim, one of the savage sons of the savage Gaddafi, was captured and killed about one or two hours after the death of his savage father.


The savage Gaddafi, his savage sons, and many high rank official of his savage regime were alive after the attack to their convey. Dhao says: “After that we came out of the cars and split into several groups and we walked on foot, and I was with Gaddafi’s group that included Abu Bakr Yunis Jabr and Gaddafi’s sons, and several soldiers. I do not know what happened in the final moments, because I was unconscious after I was hit on my back.” Apparently in the afternoon, about 2 pm, Gaddafi was discovered cowering in the drain. And at about 3pm Reuters reported Gaddafi has died of wounds sustained during his capture. “Already the last minutes in Gaddafi’s life have gained a grisly status. A spectacle of pain and humiliation, the end of the man who once styled himself the “king of the kings of Africa” has been told in snatches of mobile phone footage and blurry stills and contradictory statements. It is the longest of these fragments of a death -a jerky three minutes and more shot by a fighter on his iPhone that describes those moments in the most detail. A dazed and confused Gaddafi is led from the drain where he was captured, bleeding heavily from a deep wound on the left side of his head, from his arm, and, apparently, from other injuries to his neck and torso, staining his tunic red with blood. Gaddafi was already wounded in the head and chest and found alone in the drain pipe, surrounded by the bodies of his guards. He is next seen on the ground, surrounded by men with weapons firing in the air, before being lifted on to a pickup truck as men around him shout that the ruler for more than four decades should be “kept alive” and punish”, the media reported. Apparently the angry Libyans beat the savage dictator, and at time, no one wanted to kill him. They only wanted to beat him and humiliate him. And it’s quite normal and understandable. In fact, it’s a wish and dream for almost all ordinary people who live under the tyranny. They wish they could punish the savage dictator who kill, torture, and rape the people, and take them back to the Stone Age, and rule the police state with the iron fist. Apparently during beating him and humiliating him, Gaddafi’s men and his sons began to attack the NTC fighters for releasing Gaddafi, and at that time, some decided to kill him. Of course, it has not confirmed yet, and many details are unclear. Freelance photojournalist Holly Pickett said that she saw an ambulance carrying Gaddafi. She said: ‘We chased the ambulance with our ambulance. They drove back to the field hospital, where wounded and dead fighters had been brought for the past several weeks in the battle for Sirte. The doors of the ambulance were open, and everyone was chasing it on foot. People were screaming; a few fired their weapons in the air. They were hugging each other. Through the open back doors, I could see Gaddafis head and shoulders -the frizzy hair, partly bald head and blood. It was, to me, unmistakably him. I took a couple photographs, but needed to change lenses. I was attaching my long lens to my camera body when we were sideswiped and run off the road by one of the many armed trucks driven by the revolutionaries. At every checkpoint between Sirte and Misrata, crowds had gathered and wanted to know if we were the ambulance with Gaddafi’s body in it. Upon hearing the truth, that Gaddafi was truly dead, revolutionaries at the checkpoints were beside themselves, shouting with joy‘.


Gaddafi body is kept in the freezer for a few days to make sure that everybody knows he is dead“, said NTC officials. It can be a good decision because many stupid Africans and mercenaries still think Gaddafi is alive and will come back very soon. It also can decrease the level of Libyans’ anger and they can finally get rid of their dangerous emotions, i.e. hate and anger. It can be an inevitable psychological cure for a deep and intense hatred of the savage dictator, who ruined everything in Libya in the past 40 years. Now, I hope the Libyans can be freed from all evil emotions, i.e. hate and anger, and then they try to focus on rebuilding their country and establishing a democratic system in Libya. The war, the blood, and the fire, have ended in Libya, and now all Libyans know that the blood of their martyrs did not went in veil. So, they should get rid of all evil emotions and evil actions, i.e. war and violence, very soon and instead they should focus on positive emotions and positive actions, like hope, happiness, love, education, rebuilding, hard work, etc. “We have been waiting for this historic moment for a long time,” Jibril said in the capital of Tripoli. ‘Gaddafi was taken out of a sewage pipe. When we started moving him he was hit by a bullet in his right arm’, he told a news conference. ‘When the car was moving it was caught in crossfire between the revolutionaries and Gaddafi forces in which he was hit by a bullet in the head,” Jibril added. “There’s something in our hearts we want to get out,” A young Libyan told Reuters as he waited for seeing Gaddafi’s body. “It is the injustice of 40 years. There is hatred inside. We want to see him”. And one woman in Misrata said: “I’m tongue-tied, I don’t know how to talk to express my happiness. This is the reaction of all, nearly all Libyan people. The spirits are very high and its indescribable”. I hope they can use the high spirits for building a modern and democratic country. Gaddafi and his forces loved the night and the darkness. “At night that Gaddafi’s forces were most active. They probed for weak positions. Their cars attempting to break out as the net closed”, the media reported. But now the darkness and the savage dictator have gone, and Libyans can enjoy the light and the freedom. I hope the can get rid of the darkness and the medieval evil forces for ever.

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