Who are savage: Libyans or Stupid Lefts?

October 21, 2011

Yesterday, some stupid people, especially stupid lefts, stupid Africans, and stupid Iranian expats, shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi and human rights. These stupid bastards weep crocodile tears for the savage Gaddafi who killed and tortured hundred thousands Libyans in four decades and at least 25,000 to 50,000 Libyans in 2011. These stupid bastards weep crocodile tears for the savage Gaddafi who used all his power and his gun machines against the people, who have no guns, no nothing. The world and the people ask Gaddafi to stop killing and torturing the people, and ask him to leave Libya after 42 years brutal dictatorship, but the savage Gaddafi refused. In the past months, he clearly proved that he is a savage dictator, worse than any other human monster. But now, some stupid bastards say: “I am sorry for the death of anyone, even Gaddafi. I can not understand the very great joy of the Libyans …Gaddafi would most likely still be alive if we did not attack Libya. So, this man’s death is on all our shoulders. If the future of Libya is in the hands of the barbarians killing Gaddafi and dragging him through the streets then it has no future“. These shameless jerks are really stupid. The truth is “The Libyans killed the savage Gaddafi, and the stupid lefts supported the savage Gaddafi and his savageness”, and the good question is “Who are savage? those who killed the savage dictator, or those who loved the savage dictator and support him and his savageness?” I think the answer is very clear. The wise and civilized humans protest against killing animals and criminals, but they don’t defend the savageness and also the savage dictators. The wise and civilized humans don’t shed crocodile tears for a savage dictator who tried to kill everybody and destroy everything for staying in power at any price. The wise and civilized humans know that compared to the savage dictators, animals are civilized human being and criminals are angel. They know that the animals and the criminals have rights and it’s the rule, the rule of modern society, but they also know that in the whole world there is only and only one exception to the rule, and it’s about the savage dictators who systematically kill, rape, and torture thousands of thousands people, and rule a police state by the iron fist. “Those who love and support the savage dictators and defend their savageness in the name of human values, are not human being. They defend the savageness and the savage dictators, and disgrace and discredit the human values. They should be called ‘Hypocrite Savage’ or ‘Hypocrite Barbarian’“, some say. Yes, those who killed the savage Gaddafi are not savage, but those who support and defend the savage Gaddafi and shed crocodile tears for him are savage and barbarian.


Yesterday, one of the worthless Hypocrite Savages and Hypocrite Barbarians, Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez, called Gaddafi “a martyr” and said his death was “an outrage”. The Venezuela’s savage dictator said: Sadly the death of Gaddafi has been confirmed. They assassinated him. It is another outrage. We shall remember Gaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr. The saddest thing is that in its quest to dominate the world, the empire and its allies are setting it on fire. It’s Chavez’s true color. Some said: “Shame on the savage dictator of Venezuela, and shame on the stupid lefts who support him”. Those how support Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez, should be proud of themselves, and they are, because some of these shameless jerks say: “This is not Justice, these people (Libyans who killed Gaddafi) are no better than Gaddafi”. These hypocrite savages don’t deserve to live in the free world. They must be forced to live in Iran, Syria, etc and experience the taste of savageness, brutality, and justice. You can not live in the free world and bullshit those who live under tyranny. There is no doubt that Libyans should try to control their emotions, and it’s so obvious that anger, revenge, and washing blood with blood is not the solution. It’s so obvious that you can not wash blood with blood. It’s so obvious that Libyans must refuse to punish Gaddafi regime’s officials without court, and it’s better they forgive almost all Gaddafi regime’s officials, except high rank officials and those who killed and tortured the people. It’s what the human history teach us. It’s what the previous experiences in the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Islamic Revolution in Iran, etc clearly show us. The angry people must stop using violence and washing blood with blood. But the case of killing savage Gaddafi and the high rank officials of Gaddafi regime has a different story. The savage dictators and their high rank mercenaries should know that they can not kill everyone, destroy everything, and violate human rights and expect others to respect their human rights. It’s impossible. The savage dictator of Iran and his Basiji and Sepahi thugs clearly declare that they think the people are dumb and naive, because these stupid bastards can kill, rape and torture the people, and then they can be sure that the people will not punish them in the future, because the people are naive and respect the human rights. Of course, these bastards should know that the fake intellectuals are so naive and stupid, not the people. The savage dictators and those who systematically kill, rape and torture the people should know that they are worse than animals, and the people will not treat them like animals. The people respect animals and their rights, but they will treat the savage dictators like Gaddafi.


The Venezuela’s savage dictator and those who support him, have shown their true colors over and over. The wise guys and the ordinary people hate them, and some have a good answer for them: “Those whose families and relatives died under to regime, really would find you a contemptible bunch of bastards who always support the savageness and the savage dictators in the name of human values.” You can understand the Libyans and their anger. “Gaddafi died too easily. I was hoping he could have been dragged into the square so every one of us could punish him, so he could be hanged. So he could suffer as he made others suffer”, some Libyans said. And some others added: “He doesn’t know how we feel. I’d love to see Gaddafi suffering as we suffered. We should catch him alive. People should see his humiliation”. Gaddafi was a savage and brutal dictator. As you probably know, Gaddafi declared political parties and organizations of all sorts a fundamental sin, banishing them as a constitutional evil and against the basic values of Libyans !! He outlawed public gatherings, and in the 1990s international travel and foreign-language education. This made a political opposition impossible. As we said before, even the people could not choose the color of their rooms and their houses in Gaddafi’s era; and it was Gaddafi’s order. As you know, in the recent months several mass graves have been found in Tripoli, and several thousands had been buried in those mass graves. And it’s just part of Gaddafi’s savageness. So, it’s so obvious who are savage; those who killed the savage dictator, or those who supported the savageness. Of course, the stupid lefts and his stupid fans and followers are more dangerous than the classic savages. Because they defend the savageness in the name of human values. The great Karl Popper once said: “Our civilization is still in its infancy, as it were, and which continues to grow in spite of the fact that it has been so often betrayed by so many of the [fake] intellectual leaders of mankind. Many who because of their intelligence and training should be held responsible for what they say , announce that there is no escape from tyranny (totalitarianism). They ask us whether we are really naive enough to believe that democracy can be permanent. They defend the tyranny in the name of intellectualism. We know that only democracy provides an institutional framework that permits reform without violence, and so the use of reason in political matters. But their story tends to discourage those who fight totalitarianism; its motive is to support the revolt against civilization. We can ask : “Why do all these social philosophies support the revolt against civilization? And what is the secret of their popularity? Why they attract and seduce so many [fake] intellectuals?

End of Savage Dictator: Gaddafi Killed

October 21, 2011

Finally it was confirmed that “The savage Gaddafi Killed”. The savage dictator of Libya, who killed and tortured hundred thousands in Libya during the four dark decades, finally went to hell or as Libyans said: “died like a dog in a gutter”. Now, the Libyans are the happiest people in the world. “Libyans across the country rejoiced and celebrated as news spread that the former dictator had finally been killed”, the media reported. “Today I’m still in shock. I still can’t believe that he’s really gone”, a Libyan said, and others added: “Most of the people hate Gaddafi. They didn’t want the Gaddafi’s regime. But we could not express this sentiment in public. Now, he has gone and we are really happy”. The media reported: “Abdel-Aziz, a doctor who accompanied Gaddafi’s body in the ambulance as it was taken from his home town in Sirte, said Gaddafi died from two shots, to the head and chest. “I can’t describe my happiness,” he said. “The tyranny is gone. Now the Libyan people can rest.”, he added. Libyans used a vehicle to carry the dead dictator through Misrata, the town where thousands of protesters were slaughtered at the start of the revolution. Hours earlier the 69-year-old dictator was found cowering in a concrete pipe in his hometown of Sirte and begged not to be shot when he was found by NTC troops. The fighters drove Gaddafi around lying on the hood of a truck, perhaps to parade him in public. One fighter held him down, pressing on his thigh with a pair of shoes in a show of contempt”. As we said before, Gaddafi’s death is the best news of 2011. Gaddafi was like Khamenei and Assad, and now many Iranians say: “Hey Khamenei, now it’s your turn”


Many ask: “How Gaddafi killed?” The details are not very clear, but a Libyan freedom fighter reported: “Shortly before dawn on Thursday, Gaddafi surrounded by a few dozen loyal bodyguards and accompanied by the head of his now non-existent army Abu Bakr Younis broke out of the two-month siege of Sirte and made a break for the west. But they did not get far. Nato’s aircraft struck military vehicles belonging to pro-Gaddafi forces near Sirte at about 8.30am on Thursday. Fifteen pick-up trucks mounted with heavy machine guns lay burnt out, smashed and smouldering next to an electricity sub station some 20 metres from the main road, about two miles west of Sirte. There was no bomb crater, indicating the strike may have been carried out by a helicopter gunship, or had been strafed by a fighter jet. Inside the trucks still in their seats sat the charred skeletal remains of drivers and passengers killed instantly by the strike. Some 50 bodies in all. Gaddafi himself and a handful of his men escaped death and appeared to have ran through a stand of trees towards the main road and hid in the two drainage pipes. But a group of NTC fighters were on their tail . One of Gaddafi’s men came out and said ‘My master is here, my master is here … Muammar Gaddafi is here and he is wounded’. We went in and brought Gaddafi out. He was saying ‘what’s wrong? What’s going on?’. Then we took him and put him in the car”. At the time of capture, Gaddafi was already wounded.”


The coward rat, Gaddafi, had been hidden inside a concrete drain and begged not to be shot. “Gaddafi’s death was a humiliating end for a man once used to surrounding himself with cheering crowds of supporters. Video images that emerged showed him being bundled bloodied on to the back of a pick-up truck, surrounded by fighters”, the media reported. In fact, Gaddafi’s end was not like Hitler’s end, and the coward rat of Libya even did not have the balls to kill himself. He was a coward rat like Saddam, but not as lucky as him. The media reported: “Witnesses said he perished pleading for mercy after being dragged out of a hiding place inside a concrete drain. According to one fighter, the dying Gaddafi demanded: “What have I done to you?!!” the drain where he was found was being immortalized in blue aerosol paint. On it, someone wrote: “The hiding place of the vile rat Gaddafi .” The media also added: “In Tripoli thousands flooded into Martyrs’ Square -once the setting for mass rallies in praise of the “Brother Leader”. Crowds waved the NTC flag. Drivers honked their horns and people hugged. A Libyan said: “I was scared at the start but once I saw my friend was dead I wasn’t afraid any more. I didn’t even know how to handle a gun. I never thought it was possible for Gaddafi to be caught. But now things are going to change. We’re free. I’d like Tripoli to become like London.” We hope, too ! But for achieving this goal, the Libyans should really avoid the stupid Islamists, otherwise Tripoli become Saudi Arabia !


“A cafe owner from Tripoli who had relatives who had been tortured by Gaddafi’s forces, said he would have preferred for Gaddafi to be caught alive, “He died too easily. I was hoping he could have been dragged into the square so every one of us could punish him, so he could be hanged. So he could suffer like he made others suffer”. In Misrata, the city that was ruined by Gaddadi [and thousands were killed there by Gaddafi] Gaddafi’s body was paraded through the streets on a truck, surrounded by crowds chanting, ‘The blood of the martyrs will not go in vain’“, the media reported. Gaddafi was not the first, and will not be the last, hypocrite and savage dictator. Like Gaddafi, many savage dictators, including Khamenei and Assad, have adopted honorifics such as brother, guide, leader, and pretend that the majority of people support them, while it’s the biggest possible lie. They all have created societies ruled by fear, using networks of informants to report dissent, and networks of mercenaries to distort the facts, and networks of thugs to suppress the people. Gaddafi was like Assad, Khamenei, Stalin, and Hitler. Gaddafi represented a savage dictator who resisted the people revolution, and slaughtered the people and ruined the country for staying in power at any price. But now Gaddafi’s down fall shows that the rule of the iron fist is inevitably coming to an end. In fact, If the world and the west don’t support the dictators, and instead try to the help the people, all savage dictators, including Khamenie and Assad, will go to hell very soon, and the world would be a better place for all humans and all animate and inanimate objects !!


“Today we can definitively say that the Gaddafi regime has come to an end. One of the world’s longest serving dictators is no more. “, Obama said. “The world refused to stand idly by when the Libyan people called for help“, he added. Of course, many don’t forget the western hypocrisy in the past 7 months and during the Libyan revolution (check Archive), but the main question is : “Why the world refused to help Iranians when they called for help in 2009 and 2011 ?! or why the world refuse to help Syrians when they call for help ?! ” This question is very important and serious, and Obama and all hypocrite western politicians can not escape from it. Anyway, today is the end of the war in Libya. The Libyans should try to avoid the stupid Islamists and also the stupid power struggles. Now at least they have the opportunity to try to build a different future. “We will need to learn the democratic lesson. It’ll be the first time that people will decide the future of the country after 42 years”, some wise Libyans say. It’s really true. They need to learn the human history (including Iran’s history since 1979), and they should really avoid the stupid Islamists.