The Mullahs and The Monarchists

“The Mullahs and the Monarchists are two sides of the same coin” ! It’s what Khamenei proved it again yesterday. In fact, Khamenei showed what Iranians already knew it: “the Mullah regime is the Islamic Monarchy, and their stupid fans are Islamist Monarchists, while the stupid fans of Pahlvai family are secular Monarchists”. Yesterday, Khamenei said: “In the future, we can abolish the Republic system and instead we can establish a Parliamentary System“. It’s very funny that the leader of savage Mullahs clearly talks about the Islamic Monarchy. It’s funny because Khomeini had said: “Our main chant is: ‘Islamic Republic, no word more, no word less'”, but now Khamenei wants to ignore Khomeini’s main motto and officially tries to establish the Islamic Monarchy ! Some say: “How Khamenei wants to justify this great paradox for “The Few Remaining Supporters” (less than 10% of Iranians) ? Even those donkeys who still support the Mullahs can not accept this ridiculous paradox. It’s the last big gamble for a man who knows he and his regime have reached the end of the line”. It’s so obvious that the Mullahs even can not bear “Election show” ! They want to get rid of the people votes, i.e. what is so dangerous for the Mullahs. Of course, when we have not any free election in Iran, and the president is only a servant of Khamenei, the election is really meaningless. Now, non-Iranians can understand why the Republic system is very important for Iran and Iranians. The religious and secular dictators in Iran, from the Shah to the Mullahs, have been the main enemy of the Republic system, and its reason is obvious.. When you search for the word “Republic” in the dictionaries, the result is amazing: “Republic = a country governed by elected representatives of the people, and led by a president, not a king or queen“. So, the Monarchists, secular or Islamist, who are sheep and need a shepherd, should hate the Republic system. The great Karl Popper said: “The reactionary movements try to return to tribalism. What we call nowadays monarchy or totalitarianismbelong to the age of tribalism, when the ruling class or the royal family alone has any political or other rights, and it alone receives education, i.e. a specialized training in the art of keeping down its human sheep or its human cattle !.” In fact, the monarchy, secular or religious, belongs to Tribalism Ages; when the people were illiterate sheep and need a shepherd !


The son of the bitch, Reza Pahlavi, recently has said: “I prefer the Parliamentary System (like Khamenei); I don’t like the Republic system.” And now Khamenei says: “I prefer the Parliamentary System, too (like Reza Pahalvi)”. It’s a good question if you ask: “Why do the dictators hate the Republic system and prefer the Parliamentary System ?”. The Republic system is a historical anti-Monarchy system, while the Parliamentary System is a British system that always has been pro-Monarchy. In a pure Republic system, that is a system without any Sare-Khare (dictator), the Shah (king) and the Mullahs can not be lifelong Father / Shepherd of nation !! It’s quite different form those systems that have a lifelong president, who is really the monarch, not the president. The Islamic regime and other reactionary regimes that call themselves “Republic” -while they have not any free election and a lifelong president rules as the monarch- are Monarchy, not Republic. There is no doubt that Iranians need a real and pure Republic system, without any Sare-Khare, and the Parliamentary System is the Monarchists’ beloved system. Iran has had Parliamentary system for about 80 years and Iranians know what this shit means in Iran. The Islamist Monarchists (IM) and the Secular Monarchists (SM) are “Hand Kissers and Ass Kissers”. They are sycophant and Khayemal. Their logic and their vocabulary are exactly the same. The SM have Shah and the IM have Velayat (Big Brother). The SM have Savak and the IM have Sepah (Gestapo). The SM have Jan Nesar and the IM have Fadaii [Basiji] (state thugs). The SM have Alahazrat and the IM have Moazam, (Your Majesty). The SM have Javid Shah, and the IM have Payande Rahbar (Hitler Salute). Both the SM and IM have “Election show”, not real election. Both the SM and IM have “Majles Farmayeshi” (fake and unelected Parliament). Both the SM and IM are enemy of the freedom and democracy; both the SM and IM are the enemy of freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts and freedom of press. In late 1970s, the stupid Shah said: “You should accept what I say. You must obey my commands. If you don’t like this situation, you can get your passport and leave Iran (at that time Iranians could go to Europe without visa). If you want to live in Iran, you should obey my orders” !! It was Shah’s logic. But Khamenie and the Mullahs exactly repeat Shah’s bullshits, but they also add: “In our era, you can not even leave Iran !, because you can not get visa ! We have discredited Iran and our western supporters have imposed sanctions against Iranians !!” The Chalquz (bird shit) who live outside Iran and defend the Mullahs or the Monarch (Pahlavi) are special animals: “Hand Kissers” and “Ass Kissers”.


“We should congratulate all traitors and mercenaries, especially Iranian baboons and Ashoura Days traitors for the current events”, many Iranians say in these says. In fact, the Iranians baboons and Ashoura Day’s traitors are very hated figures in Iran, and the history and Iranians will not forget and forgive these stupid bastards. The current situation in Iran in 2010s, have its own differences and similarities with the past. It’s tragic that the majority of Iranian journalists and fake intellectuals were mercenary or ultra-stupid in 1920s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1970s, and all of them have become very hated figures in Iran’s history. But now the Iranian journalists and fake intellectuals don’t learn form those shameful fates, and still try to be Khayemal and mercenary. On the other hand, now more than 85% of Iranians are literate, and more than 20 million have university-education, but in the past, only 10% to 40% of Iranians were literate, and the number of university-educated people were several thousands or several hundred thousands. Now, even God can not restore the Monarchy in Iran, and even God can not keep the Islamic regime safe . The Islamic or secular Monarchy are dead in Iran. Iranians know that in the Monarchy, the monarch -the Shah or the Mullah- thinks that he is the father of nation ! He thinks the people are sheep and needs a shepherd ! He thinks his sperms are holy things ! And he thinks only he and his sons can rule the country and play the role of shepherd ! “These stupid bastards really think that we live in 13th century, not in 21st century!”, Iranians say. As we said before, the stupid Pahlavi family, especially the stupid bastard, Reza Pahlavi and his stupid fans in LA, want to restore the monarchy in 21st century. And “Shah Khamenei” and his stupid fans, and their British supporters, want to make Khamenei’s son king. But it’s an impossible dream. In the near future you will see how Iranians treat these bastards. “If they try to take us back to the Stone Age, you can be sure that in our revolution, in the last classic revolution in Iran, we will hang the last king (Reza Pahlavi) from the intestine of the last Mullah (Khamenei), in the British Embassy yard“, many young Iranians say.


The stupid Pahlavi family and the stupid Monarchists are a slim minority whom were kicked out of Iran on 1979. They were directly responsible for the disaster of 1979. The corrupt Pahlavi Family, mainly all the Princes and Princesses were roots of all corruption, frauds, embezzlements, thieveries, drug dealings, shady deals, monopoly, unfair business practices and suffocation in the Pahlavi era. They were exactly like the Mullahs who are master at corruption, frauds, embezzlements, thieveries, drug dealings, shady deals, monopoly, unfair business practices, suffocation, etc. Some funny Iranians say: “The savage Islamists and the stupid Monarchists are worthless maggots around the big worm Monarch/Mullah.” And they add: “The only good use for monarchs are to turn them in to human fertilizers !” Monarchy is dead. In fact, 32 years ago the secular monarchy had died in Iran. And now the Islamic Monarchy has been dead in Iran, too. “The Mullahs and the Monarchists are dead in Iran and they have been dead for years. They are the living dead! Dead Zombies, that’s all . But do you know where is the land of these Iranian dead Zombies ? It’s not Iran, but it’s Los Angeles (LA) ! in the oldest Republic System of the world !”, some funny Iranians say. They also add: “These old farts and their seeds (Jujeh Monarchists) like empty drums and illiterate baboons, release random farts and barfs on the Internet and media. But no one is more hated inside Iran than MMM (Monarchists, Mullahs, Mojaheds)!!” The funny thing is that Monarchists call the Mullah regime, illegitimate! But the reality is that the Pahlavi Kingdom itself was the most illegitimate regime of all times. Pahlavi Regime had overthrown the legitimate “Constitutional Monarchy of Qajar”, with the help of British bastards, and established an “Absolute Monarchy”; but nowadays Monarchists (Pahlavi Ass Kissers) scream and seek a “Constitutional Monarchy”! They desperately want to restore the traditions of the secular “Ass Kissers and Hand Kissers!” in Iran, but they don’t know that almost all Iranians f-u-c-k both the secular and religious “Ass Kissers and Hand Kissers!” in Iran. In 21st century, Iran is not like LA or Iran in 1970s!, where they can kiss the hand and the ass of dictator without shame !


Now some Iranians say: “The Mullahs and the Monarchists can kiss the ass and the hand, but in LA, not in Iran. Both the Mullahs and the Monarchists will be in LA in the near future, and will be dead there.” In fact, as some funny Iranians say, Monarchy is the government of the Mediocre (Monarch) via the worthless (Monarchists) and for the worthless (Monarchists) . The majority of non-Iranians have heard about the savage Mullahs and their brutalities, but they don’t know that the Monarchists are as hateful as the Mullahs in Iran. In fact, the Monarchists still live in the 18th century and are lost in time! They live in the wrong century! They are worthless aristocrats with no talent and purpose to serve the society. They are a bunch of stupid worthless jerks. They preach democracy but they are tyrant and act as tyrants. Freedom of speech to monarchists is exactly like the freedom of speech to the Mullahs: ‘They command and everyone else should obey !’ This is how they have been operating their system for 32 years in exile and for 50 years inside Iran!. The stupid Reza Pahlavi thinks that Iranians inside Iran are like the stupid illiterate Monarchists in LA ! The Monarchists are the second most illiterate social class of Iran (Mullahs are first). But Iran in 2010s, with more than 20 million university-educated people is not like Iran in 1970s, that had 20 million stupid illiterate people. Now, the young Iranians say: “We are not like our stupid parents. We know the Monarchy and the Monarchists. Monarchists are a group of untalented secular fascists, whom if they take over the power (same as before 1979), they will ban all freedoms of press, speech, political parties, assembly and individual rights. We certainly f-u-c-k both the secular and the religious Monarchy. The Mullahs and the Monarchists only can go to LA and live there until their death.” It’s really shameful that the US and LA have become the safe heaven for the Mullahs and the Monarchists. Anyway, now almost all Iranians say: “We want to establish a secular and pure Republic in Iran, a system without any Sare-Khare (Big Brother), and the Islamists and the Monarchists can only go to hell and f-u-c-k themselves there. In Iran, only the guillotines can entertain these bastards !”

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