Liam Fox, Adam Werritty, and Mullah Mafia

“Adam Werritty set up Liam Fox meeting with Iranian regime lobbyist”! it’s the title of a report in the Guardian on October 12, 2011. The report reveals some secrets about the secret relations between the Mullahs and the British Mullah Makers. “Adam Werritty arranged a meeting between Liam Fox, the British defence secretary, and a senior Iranian lobbyist with close links to Ahmadinejad (Mr shit). Werritty arranged the meeting between Liam Fox and a senior Mullah lobbyist at Portcullis House in May 2009,” the report said. Now some Iranians say: “A secret meeting between the UK and the Mullahs, in May 2009, one month before the military coup and the biggest election fraud in Iran’s history !! Wow !! Do you know what it means ?!” And some answer: “Almost all Iranians know what it means ! The British Mullah makers were aware of the military coup and the biggest election fraud in Iran’s history, before it happened. And when the Mullahs became sure that the UK and the US are agreed with them and the coup, they launched the coup.” Of course, what these Iranians say seems like conspiracy theory, but the secret meeting between the Mullah agents and British defence minister, one month before the military coup and amid the election campaigns (i.e. selection campaigns!) in Iran, is very important and meaningful. Did they make love with other at that time and as Iranians say” Did they only talk about “Gul and Bolbol” (flowers and nightingales)?!! Some British media also reported: “Werritty joined Fox, while he was shadow defence secretary, on a visit to Iran in the summer of 2007” !! In fact, Fox and Mr shit and the Mullahs are old friends ! The media also added: “Werritty has also visited Iran on several occasions before and after, although it is not known how long he stayed or whom he met”. Now, some Iranians say: “Do you have doubt about what it means ?! It’s so obvious with whom he met. He met with the high rank Mullahs, who are the close friends of the UK and the British Mullah Makers.” But some stupid British media said: “Werritty and Fox wanted to topple Ahmadinejad (Mr. shit)” !! And some funny Iranians said: “Oh, yah, and that’s why they had secret talks and secret deals with Mr shit and Khamenei agents before the military coup !! Motherf-u-c-k-er liars, at least tell a lie that the stupidest people can accept it !! Now many can understand why the BBC had those shameful behaviors in 2009, before and after the coup”. It’s very funny that they had secret talks and secret deals with the Mullahs and Mr. shit, before and after the coup, but now they say that “we wanted to topple Mr shit or the Mullahs !!” They are so shameless and so hypocrite.


Liam Fox resigned amid allegations that he asked a wealthy Tory donor to fund his best man and former flatmate Adam Werritty. “He fell on his sword after the millionaire money men turned on him and deliberately leaked details of how £157,000 was paid to Werritty, to let him fly around the world with Fox”, the media reported. The Mail also added: “We can reveal that Moulton, a longstanding donor to Fox, paid £60million for defence firm Gardner UK in February 2010. Eight months later he gave money to Werritty”. And some said: “we speculate that Fox resigned so as to prevent an investigation that would have revealed more secrets”. Of course, many Britons are aware of dreadful corruption among their politicians and MPs. But many in the UK don’t know anything about the special relation between the UK and the Mullahs. They don’t know that many Iranians call the British politicians “The British Mullah Makers”. The Guardian reported: “One Iranian exile said that he had met Werritty in London to discuss Iranian politics [!!] “We met over coffee several times” [!!], he said. “He [Werritty] even spoke a few words of Persian,” the exile recalled. A second Iranian exile added that Werritty was a regular participant at seminars on Iran held by Chatham House, the foreign affairs thinktank, and the Royal United Services Institute” It’s really amazing. The Iranian source also told the Guardian that Werritty had visited Iran once back in 1997 and the Iranian chamber of commerce. He said that when he met Werritty in 2005-2006 he described himself as “someone very close to Liam Fox”! Apparently the Mullahs and Werritty are old and close friends ! Now some ask: “Who is this Iranian source?!” Who knows, many Mullahs and mercenaries live in London. “Fox took holiday in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with Werritty. They went there for having fun [and also having secret talks and deals with the Mullah agents, Arabs], etc”, the media added. And some media asked: “Ask yourself what he was doing in Iran and Dubai. Why he was wandering round Iran flying the British flag !” The Liam Fox Scandal is very important, and can reveal many things. It’s a story about the special relations between the Mullahs and their British friends, i.e. the British Mullah Makers; it’s about the Mullah Mafia and Mullah lobbyists in London; and also about the Mullah Military coup in 2009, and the role of the UK and the British friends of Mullahs in that great tragedy in Iran.

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