Occupy Wall Street: The Dark Sides

The dark sides of OWS protests can be shocking. The stupid lefts and the reactionary people, form the savage Mullahs to Chavez and Chomsky, have supported OWS protests, but it’s just a small part of the story. As you know, many OWS protesters are young Americans, and some of them are wise and educated. But a considerable number of OWS protesters are religious fanatics, stupid lefts, drug users, and stupid people. The stupid lefts and the stupid religious fanatics who think Communism or Theocracy is the solution, are very dangerous, more than the capitalists and the big corporations. And it’s the stupid and ignorant people who set the scene for tyranny, exploitation, corruption, and corrupt and greedy politicians and corporations . Some say: “In New York, the carnival atmosphere, smoking dope, laying about and playing on toys really makes a mockery of those who have lost their lives protesting to gain freedom and human right”. And some add: “In Zuccotti Park, many are a rag tag gaggle of ancient hippies and pampered kids; the site smells like a sewer and the free condoms have given visions of what the Woodstock festival was like.” Smoking dope and doing drugs is what the stupid people do in OWS, but the stupid lefts and the stupid religious fanatics are much more dangerous than these stupid people. It’s very funny that the US is full of the religious fanatics and the stupid lefts, and the rate and number of the religious fanatics in the US is more than Iran, but many think that Iran is a fanatic country ! Unfortunately, it’s a big lie that the mass media and the fake intellectuals repeat it over and over, and even some Iranians believe it.In fact, many Iranians think that the majority of Americans are atheist or philosopher ! They think the Americans can enjoy freedom and democracy, because the majority of Americans are Intellectuals and very open-minded !! This big and stupid lie is what the fake intellectuals have told the people, and the Iranian jerks and shameless mercenaries repeat it over and over without any shame. But in 2011, if you can open your eyes, you can see the truth. In New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that many of the protesters are simply there for a good time !! It seems like a joke, but it’s not totally wrong. When you see the number of stupid lefts, religious fanatics, dope smokers, drug users, and other stupid or ignorant people there, it seems true. Some are simply there for a good time and for having fun !


The dark sides of OWS can show many things. In OccupyWallst.org’s Forum (OWS forum) you can find many shocking things, like people comments about “Jesus and Occupy Wall Street !” The religious fanatics are really dangerous. Their comments are horrible: “The love of money is a root of all evil. Jesus is the true hope of the world. How long will the world refuse to follow Him. Humans are corrupt and no matter what form of government they will create they will ruin it. How long do you want to be ignorant. Learn from Christ and the world will learn peace and righteousness. Christ is the true advocate of the poor. The message is there. It is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. This kingdom is a political one as well. But humans have rejected it. Communism has failed. Capitalism has failed. Socialism has failed. Monarchies have failed. How long do you want to be ignorant. Wake up! Stand up for the true King of Kings of the world ! Jesus Christ! Men are bad and will make any system bad. If people repent and accept the Gospel God will give His spirit and with this new spirit the world will function. Turn to God and beg for righteousness and then there will be true change !“It’s really horrible. Of course, all OWS people are not stupid or ignorant, and some of them are wise and have good answers for the religious fanatics: “Keeping religion out of government should be included in the core agenda of OWS. We don’t need to talk about Jesus here …We tried the whole ‘let the Church rule’, it was called the Dark Ages. Remove Market and Religious control of our Government and simply let it Govern the people as it should without self serving Fundamentalists of Greed and Corruption appointing their ‘chosen’ leaders … I told you the Jesus Freaks were here trying to set up their Christian dictatorship. Heil Jesus … The only time you get this many people responding is if Christians post a What Would Jesus Do crap. Over 800 replies to Christian post but the more important post about the OWS movement, maybe a few post or more. Face it the Christians are using you to take over, wake up fools, they are not there for you but only to use you to get what they want, a crazy Christian Dictatorship that will kill everybody … Christianity isn’t the only religion offering “God” or “love.” They pretty much all do that in one way or another. And I don’t agree that its a “lack of Religion” that necessarily creates and sustains our current problems … Keep your religion out of my government and stop trying to couple this movement with your Christianity. I want to change the way this government works, but I don’t want a theocracy ”


What the religious people and the religious fanatics say really can show the dark side of OWS and the US. They say (in OWS forum): “Amen the lord will get us through the movement … Just because most Repugnican ‘Christians’ (Bachmann, Palin, etc.) are hypocrites does not mean that all Christians are hypocrites. We must separate the wheat from the chaff. True Followers of Christ are supportive of The People and will support this movement. “In God we trust” has not been eliminated (yet)! America is still “One Nation, under God” in the minds and hearts of all true Christians, even though some people in government got carried away with an eraser. True Christians represent a large chunk of the 99%! … True Christianity stands up for the law of God, which is not to take interest, to release people of debt and so on. It is true that people have acted in the name God denying his laws that protect the poor from the rich … Who is the unrighteous dictator of the world? Did Jesus set up a banking system when He was on earth or did He not drive out the money changers in the temple and live in poverty? Be careful what authority you choose. There is none more merciful and benevolent than Jesus, the King of Kings… OCCUPY AMERICA is a movement by The People to RESIST the Devil and his Satanist worshipers who now rule America from the WH, the CONgress and the Supreme Court (among many other institutions). Prayer to God for a stimulus of love desperately needed for any future society, because the lack of love is the root for the crisis, and God the only one able to provide this …Tell me one reason why the laws of God are bad!… I am an unworthy German who is part of a people that did atrocities to your people. But I believe in the grace of God who send Jesus to die for our sins so we can start a new life with a new spirit. This is my hope. The promise God gave your people and extended it to the world that He will make a new convenant and write His law in the hearts and minds of people” It’s really unbelievable, it’s it ?! You can be sure that the number of American religious fanatics who want to restore the theocracy in 21st century, is much more than Iranian religious fanatics who defend the Mullah regime (theocracy) in Iran. And it’s a funny paradox that in the US many are religious fanatics, and many are irreligious or modern. But in these days, many prefer to see those who are simply there for having fun; for some thing like Brazilian/Caribbean Carnivals !


Iranians and non-Iranians should know more about what the religious Americans say. They say (in OWS forum): “I understand that most Americans I know believe that with the second coming of Christ He will heal the world. Many assume that the golden age would actually come pretty much in our lifetime. Now I wait for Gospel of Kingdom of God to spread throughout the world and that by faith people will come God and be taught by the Word. Wouldn’t you want to see a golden age here on earth … the OWS protesters, although many are giving you a bad time here, are actually more representative of those basic Christian teachings, though it would make them cringe to admit it. Republicans claim to be Christian but aren’t. Protesters disparaging Christianity while putting it into practice in thought and deed … The OWS protesters, regardless of whether they are believers or not, are surely espousing a more Christian message than the money changers. The OWS folks want to feed the hungry, house the homeless and heal those who are sick. Wouldn’t Jesus be more aligned with them?” It’s really shameful that many in the US don’t read the history. They live in 21st century, but their thoughts and views belong to the 13th or 14th centuries. It’s really shameful that many still want to restore the Theocracy or the Dark ages and the Middle Ages in the US ! Many Iranians will be shocked by hearing about this sort of stupidity in the US. But unfortunately the stupidity is a global problem, and where you are born is not a determining factor in your stupidity’s level. Knowing the history and knowing the world and the human legacies are the determining factor and can show that you are wise or you are dumb. Your nationality can not show anything, absolutely nothing. What the US authorities say about OWS is interesting. “‘The bottom line is -people want to express themselves,’ Bloomberg told the Wall Street Journal. ‘And as long as they obey the laws, well allow them to.’ He also said he had ‘no idea’ how long the demonstrations will last -but added: ‘I think part of it has probably to do with the weather ‘ !! OWS has serious opponents. Some of them say: “They are pampered kids; MailOnline spoke to youngsters who have joined the movement, many of whom study at colleges which cost their parents up to $200,000 … Sleeping beside the hardcore activists are increasing numbers of wealthy students turning up to make the most of the party atmosphere, drugs and free food”. What they say is not true, at least about the whole protesters, and many protesters are not stupid or pampered kids. But on the other hand, what they say is not totally wrong or baseless, too.


Until now, OWS has been an acceptable movement, but it can easily become a stupid movement. The dark sides of OWS are serious threats.
Unfortunately, many don’t know that the stupid lefts and unclear demands can destroy OWS. And many don’t know that having clear and official list of demands can prevent from chaos, confusion, opportunism, frustration, manipulation, stupidity, etc. It’s so obvious that the stupid lefts should not have the upper hands in OWS, but unfortunately they have. It’s really shameful that many people have accepted what the stupid lefts say, without thinking about it. As we said before, for example what they say about the 99% is a stupid myth. The Americans can ask themselves why many stupid Republicans always have about 50% of people votes in many states and also in the federal elections. On the other hand, the 99% can not show or prove anything. The US history can show us that in many serious movements, like civil right movement, anti-slavery movement, women’s rights movement, etc the protesters did not have the majority at the first steps. The blacks and their supporters were not in the majority in 1960s. The abolitionists and the anti-slavery groups were not in the majority in the 19th century. The women’s rights activists were not in the majority in early 20th century. Many of these modern groups and modern people were not even the %50 when they started their movement. But they said and defended the right things, and after some years, the majority supported them and they became the 80%, the 90%, etc. It’s interesting that even now, when the majority of Americans are anti-slavery, anti-segregation, anti-discrimination, etc, they are not the 99% !! and many religious fanatics and stupid rights still hate feminists, blacks, etc. So, talking about the 99% in OWS movement is really stupid, and also really unnecessary. The OWS protesters can be the 60% or the 40%, and it doesn’t mean that they are wrong or stupid. The OWS should have a clear and official list of demands, and if their demands were modern and progressive, they are a modern and progressive movement, independent of the number of their supporters. On the other hand, if their demands were unclear or reactionary, like what the religious fanatics or the stupid Marxists say, then they are a reactionary and blind movement, independent of the number of their supporters. The OWS protesters should not forget the civil right movement and many other historical movements in the US. Having the majority or the minority doesn’t mean that you are right or wrong. You can say the stupidest things and be in the majority, and you can say the truth and be alone or in the minority. Don’t forget that in 1979, the savage Mullahs and Islamists were in the majority in Iran, but they were very stupid and reactionary.

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