Khamenei Fled to the UK !

“Khamenei and his family fled to the UK !”, it’s what we would hear in the near future. Why not? Do you think it’s impossible? but why? When thousands high rank Mullahs and their families live in London, and Khamenei’s TV work in London for about 4 years, why do you think it’s impossible? When many Mullahs and their families, many Mullah embezzlers, Mullah thieves and Mullah terrorists live in the UK, the US and Canada, why do you think it’s impossible? In the recent days, again some Mullahs and Mullah agents have fled to the UK and the US. After Canadian scandal, now a baby Godzilla and member of Mullah intelligence service, Mehdi Khazali, the son of Ayatollah Khazali, who is a very high rank savage Mullah, has fled from Iran. Some say he has fled to the UK ! (or maybe the US). As we said before, the baby Godzilla, Mehdi Khazali, is the bastard who told a big ridiculous stupid lie some months ago, and some stupid Iranian exapts believed his bullshits. In the recent days, the Mullah media also reported that a high rank member of the Mullah intelligence service, and a Khamenei’s aide, Shariatmadari, who was Commerce’s minister in 2000s, has fled to the US. In fact, according to the Mullah media, he and his family have US green card ! The Mullah media also reported that the son of Mohsen Rezaei, who worked for the Mullah Expediency Council, has fled to the UK and now live in London ! Mohsen Rezaei was the head of the Mullah Gestapo, IRGC (Sepah), for more than 15 years ! Iranians know that another son of Mohsen Rezaei has fled to the US, and freely live in the US since early 2000s, and in 2010 he came back to Iran, but after some months, again went to the US !! These shameful stories really seem like jokes, but unfortunately it’s really true that the US and the UK authorities make love with the savage Mullahs, and their war against the Mullahs is a phony war, a fake shameful war. Now some Iranians say: “When these bastards who are thugs of the Mullah intelligence service and the Mullah Gestapo can easily go and live in the UK and the US, and the Mullah thieves and those who are part of the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history have Canadian citizenship and go to Canada, so it’s so obvious that in the near future we will hear that the boss of all Islamist killers, rapists and thieves, Khamenei, has fled to the UK and lives there . Almost all Iranians know that Khamenei is the best friend of the British Mullah Makers. The UK is the best place for him” !


Mohammad Shariatmadari, who is said has gone to the US, is a member Khamenei’s Council for Foreign Policy Strategy !! Shariatmadari also is a member of an fundamentalist Islamist party “Defenders of the Islamic Values” ! Of course, he has said: “I’m in Iran”, but he has not said that his family are not in London or the US !! The Mullah media said that his family lived in London !!, and now the US authorities have accepted this bastard and his family in the US. But it’s not a new or unbelievable thing. As we said before, the Mullah terrorist and the high rank member of Mullah Mafia, Mousavian, lives in the US and works for the Princeton university, or some high rank members of Mullah Mafia live in the US and work for Harvard university, and Mohsen Rezaei’s son have gone to the US and live there. In the recent days, the Mullah media also reported that Hadad Adel’s daughter lived in the US and recently has come back to Iran !! Hadad Adel is Khamenei’s close relative, and the notorious Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba, is Hadad Adel’s son-in-law ! So, you can see how the US and the UK make love with the savage Mullahs, and their stupid sanctions against Iran is only against the poor ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs and are the main victim of the Mullahs. Under these ridiculous conditions, it’s quite natural and quite possible that in the near future we hear that Khamenei and his family have fled to the UK ! It’s funny and important to know that many Mullahs and Mullah agents leave Iran legally and without any problem or difficulty. For example, Mohajerani has said that when he left Iran, he used the VIP section of the Tehran airport. And now, the baby Godzillah, Khazali, has fled to the UK easily and legally, maybe via VIP. It’s important because these bastards pretend that they are anti-Mullahs or “Opposition” ! and also because many Iranian activists can not have passport and can not leave Iran legally. Now, many say, the baby Godzillah, Khazali, want to be another Madhi ! But only the stupid British and American bastards in the BBC and the VOA care about him! Anyway, in the near future, the media will report: “Khamenei fled to the UK, and now after some days, Mr. shit and Rafsanjani have fled to the US. In addition, many other high rank Mullahs have fled to the UK, the US, and Canada. Now, in LA and London, the Monarchists and the Mullahs live with each other in peace, and make love with each other and f-u-c-k each other with the dirty embezzled money there.”


In the recent days, the western media are silent about the Canadian Scandal and why the high rank Mullahs and their families live in the west. The stupid Iranian expats are also quite silent, and have closed their dirty mouths. It’s really shameful that more than 4 million Iranians live outside Iran but the majority of them are stupid bastards (you know, 4 million is really big, because Libya’s population is near 6 million, Lebanon’s is 4 million, Bahrain’s is less than 1 million, etc). The majority of Iranian-Americans and Iranian-Canadians are really stupid bastards. The only hardly acceptable action in Canada has been a petition against Khavari or an open letter to Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper . The petition said: “We are writing to express our grave concern with the arrival of Mahmoud Reza Khavari to Canada. As you are aware, until very recently Khavari served in the highest reaches of the Islamic regime by serving as Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Iranian largest state-owned financial institution, the Bank Melli. More recently, Khavari was identified as one of the principal figures at the centre of the largest financial embezzlement in Iranian history … For years members of the Iranian-Canadian community have been concerned that high ranking members of the Islamic regime and their relatives are securing residency status in Canada and funneling their investments to this country. Our expressions of concern to various Members of Parliament are seldom given their proper due, and are generally dismissed with mere suggestions that we proceed to inform Canadian authorities of any individuals with ties to the Mullah regime… Many law abiding Iranians face great difficulty securing visas to visit their relatives in Canada. Moreover, Iranians face restrictions on transferring money out of the country given sanctions imposed by the international community. As such, you can appreciate how appalled we are to hear that Khavari has slipped into Canada with evident ease and faced no difficulties transferring his ill-gotten gains to Canada … As you are aware, the Bank Melli has been among the financial institutions sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department since 2007… Given these considerations, we ask that the Canadian Government immediately initiate a full investigation to consider whether Khavari has complied with Canadian rules and regulations …Turning a blind eye or failure to act by the Canadian Government with respect to Kharavi would send a signal to other high ranking members and Government functionaries of the Islamic regime that Canada represents a safe haven to which they may escape with impunity.” This petition is not too bad, but it should has been much more stronger. But apparently it’s the best thing that you can expect it from Iranian-Canadians, that the majority of them are hypocrite stupid bastards.

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