Environmental Disaster: Karun River’s Tragedy

The Karun (also spelled as Karoun and Karoon) was Iran’s largest and most effluent, and the only navigable, river. It was about 450 miles (720 km) long. It rises in the Zard Kuh (Yellow mountain) of the Zagros Range, receiving many tributaries, such as the Dez and the Kuhrang, before passing through the capital of Khuzestan Province, the city of Ahwaz. Now, Karun is another victim of the Mullah regime and their dreadful stupid plans. In the recent years, the Mullah construction of new stupid dams on the Karun, totally destroyed this great river, its basin, and its ecology.


Karun is an ancient river. The Karun River valley was inhabited in 3,000 B.C. or earlier. Some say: “In the Biblical tradition, Karun is to be identified with Pishon, one of the four rivers of Eden/Paradise. The others being Tigris, Euphrates and the Karkheh (“Gihon” of the Biblical story). In the early classical times, Karun was known as the Pasitigris, which may be pointing etymologically to the source of the Biblical name, Pishon”. Now, the savage Mullahs have destroyed this ancient river and the city of Ahvaz. Before the Islamic revolution, many Iranians were happy in Ahvaz, and sang the old songs -like “Labe Karun” (on Karun’s bank)- and danced around the river, but now they have nothing except disaster and tragedy.


The largest river by discharge in Iran, the Karun river’s watershed covered 65,230 square kilometers (25,190 sq mi) in parts of two Iranian provinces. The river had an average discharge of 575 cubic metres per second (20,300 cu ft/s). Karun has been an important route for the transport of petroleum to the Persian Gulf, and was an important commercial waterway. But now, the Karun River has been destroyed. There are many dams on the Karun River: Gotvand Dam, Masjed Soleyman Dam, Karun-1, Karun-3, Karun-2, Karun-4, Karun-5, etc ! These stupid dams on the Karun have had a significant effect on the river and the ecology of the river, and have required the relocation of thousands of residents.


Famous silent film documentary “Grass: A Nation’s Battle for Life (1925)” tells the story of Bakhtiari tribe crossing this river with 50,000 people and 500,000 animals. I saw that film (Iran’s state TV has showed it) and the pictures of Karun in the film clearly show how the savage Mullahs have destroyed Karun and Iran’s environment. In fact, the old pictures of Karun, and nights of Karun, can show how Karun changed. Before the Islamic revolution, the people of Ahvaz and Khuzestan were happy there and had happy times with Karun. But now Ahavaz is the most polluted city of the world and Karun is nothing except a nostalgic name.


One of the most tragic facts about Karun and the Mullah regime is that the savage Mullahs destroy both Karun river and Karun basin, and then in 2010, they started to export the fertile soil of Karun basin and Khuzestan to the Arab states ! In 2010, the Mullah media reported: “We have started to export soil to Qater ! This small Arab state, Qatar, is a desert and has not any fertile soil, so we try to export Iran’s soil there !!” At that time, some Iranian said: “the savage Mullahs clearly have proved that they are anti-Iran and anti-Iranians; they are Arab or pro-Arab. So, it’s so obvious that they try to destroy Iran, and export all our resources to the Arab states.” And some environmental activists said: “It’s a great environmental disaster. On the other hand, the fertile soil is very important for a dry country like Iran, but these bastards destroy the environment and export the soil to Qater, a small country that plunders the oil and gas resources, and doesn’t respect to the environment and anything.”


The Karun’s tragedy, is another great disaster in the Mullah era. The Mullahs are really the enemy of the environment, Iran, and Iranians. The Mullah regime is the worst regime in Iran’s history. The Mullahs have been able to destroy Iran and plunder its national resources and its national wealth, in about 30 years ! The history will not forget and forgive the savage Mullahs and the stupid bastards who are mercenary, and work for the savage Mullahs and for keeping the Mullah regime safe. For seeing more pictures of Karun’s tragedy, you can check here .

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