The Mullahs and The BBC

In the recent days, Iranians laugh at a new ridiculous fake war between the Mullahs and the UK (the BBC). The stupid BBC Persian, that is a pro-Mullahs media and no wise guy has any doubt about this matter, has aired a documentary movie about Khamenei’s life. This shitty documentary movie just repeated some shitty unimportant and well-known facts about Khamenei, but it emphasized that “Khamenei is very smart ! and Khamenei has a big brain ! and Khamenei is very scary !” After this shitty worthless movie, the Mullahs arrested some journalist and film makers who have worked with the BBC in Iran. The BBC Persian’s stupid manager, Saba, said: “This documentary movie is not a special thing. We have not changed our policy [we still support the Mullahs and Khamenei !]. What the movie says is what all people know [!!] We have told the Mullahs that we have not changed our policy [!!]”. The BBC, especially the BBC Persian that Iranians call it ‘The Ayatollah BBC’ , was one of the main pro-Mullahs media in 2009, and at that time the BBC showed its true color and shocked the Iranian youths. What the BBC did in 2009, was really beyond hypocrisy, and was really unbelievable for many young Iranians who had not seen the true color of the BBC. Now many young Iranians believe: “There is no doubt that the BBC’s main goal in 2009 was ‘Keeping the Mullah regime safe’. Now, we know that the Ayatollah BBC is the real friend of the Mullahs and the Mullah regime”.


Yesterday, Peter Horrocks, the head of global news at BBC said: “Recent direct actions against the BBC by Iran cannot be ignored [!] We are seeing the levels of intimidation and bullying as well as attempts to interfere with our independence reaching new levels [!!!] – particularly since a documentary about the supreme leader was aired. Many of our Iranian employees who live in London are fearful to return to their country [!!]. But now Iranian police and officials have been arresting, questioning and intimidating the relatives of BBC staff. We believe that the relatives and friends of around 10 BBC staff have been treated this way. The relatives have been told to tell the BBC staff to stop appearing on air, to return to Iran, or to secretly provide information on the BBC to the Iranian authorities . Six independent documentary makers whose films have appeared on BBC Persian TV have also been arrested in Iran. Although these film-makers have never been employed or commissioned by the BBC, they are paying the price for an indirect connection to the BBC“. It’s a funny confession, and can show why some believe that some BBC staff work for the Mullahs, and the name of these poor stupid film makers was given to the Mullahs by BBC staff. And that’s why many believe that the Iranians activists should not work with the BBC and other pro-Mullahs mass media. The love story of the Mullahs and the UK is very amazing. The headquarter of Khamenei’s TV, Press TV, is in London, and since 2007, Khamenei’s TV has a very large building and many staff in London. The Khamenei’s TV, Press TV, officially works in London without any problem and any restriction, and laughs at all those stupid people and the stupid lefts who think the Mullahs and the British Mullah Makers are enemy of each other.

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