Syria, the UN, and the West

In the recent days, the stupid Russia and China vetoed the toothless UN resolution against the Bastard Assad regime. “After seven months of near complete inaction in the Council, while at least 2,700 people were being killed, and thousands injured, arrested or tortured, this vote is a disgrace. By casting their veto, Russia and China are enabling the Syrian government’s abhorrent repression campaign,” said the UN director for Human Rights Watch. It’s true. It’s really shameful. The veto right belongs to the stupid world of 1910s or 1930s, not 2010s. Managing the world with the law of the jungle is really unacceptable in the 21st century. The UN is too stupid and too weak. The world needs a new democratic and global council that really supports peace, freedom, and democracy in all around the world, and strongly condemns and fights against the tyranny and the savage tyrants in all around the world. Now, Syrians are really angry at both the UN and the West. Russia and China are evil powers and no one expect them anything. But the West has remained silent and inactive for more than seven months, and it’s not acceptable at all. “The majority of protesters against Bastard Assad regime remain committed to peaceful means, but over the past few weeks there has been a discernible shift to armed resistance. A Syrian says: “The West isn’t helping us so we have no choice. What would you do? . I need to protect my family, my home and my land. I’m not just going to sit in my house and wait to be killed”. Patience for peaceful protest has expired after at least 2,700 civilians have died since Syrians first joined the uprisings of the Arab Spring. “They are coming into people’s houses and raping our sisters and daughters. If anyone comes near my family, I would not hesitate to pull the pin on this grenade. Thousands of people have died here and still we wait for help. It seems that Syrian blood is cheap ,” he adds, expressing the group’s dismay at the international community’s failure to intervene. “This is a regime built on force. And it can’t be brought down but with force. We lived under it for 40 years”, he adds.”


The media also reported: “The city of Rastan last week endured five days of sustained fighting between the Bastard Assad thugs and and the people. Bastard Assad troops were yesterday continuing house-to-house arrests that have detained more than 3,000 people in three days. “Many army members including soldiers and officers were executed after they refused to shoot at civilians or tried to defect. The Bastard Assad thugs used hundreds of tanks and rocket launchers in its war to invade the town. I saw the tanks and rocket lanchers with my own eyes, they were positioned at the eastern part of Rastan. Even military fighters were used in this battle”, an eyewitness said. The situation in Syria is really tragic. Now Syrians are angry and frustrated. “There’s no way out of this except to fight,” said an activist from Homs. “For the people of Homs the international community are not with us and we know that for sure. Russia and China will continue to protect Assad and as long as that happens, he will hunt us down.” The poor Syrians, like Iranians in 2009 and 2011, are really alone, and after seven months massacre, no one care about them. It’s really shameful. After the shameful veto, Susan Rice, the US ambassador at the UN, said: “This is about whether this council, during a time of sweeping change in the Middle East, will stand with peaceful protestors crying out for freedom -or with a regime of thugs with guns that tramples human dignity and human rights. That is a cheap ruse by those who would rather sell arms to the Syrian regime than stand with the Syrian people”. But we do not forget that in 2009, Susan Rice and other stupid members of Obama administration, did not do anything at the UN for supporting the poor Iranians. They did not stand with peaceful protestors crying out for freedom and democracy in Iran, and instead they stood with the Mullahs and the Mullah regime, a regime of thugs with guns that tramples human dignity and human rights. Shame on the UN and the western politicians; And Shame on the stupid lefts and their leader Noam Chomsky, who defend the savage dictators, especially the Mullahs and Bastard Assad.

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