National Interests or Animal Interests ?

In this year, 2011, that is the year of revolutions and uprisings in the whole world, many try to look at the world through the ancient glasses. Many, especially some stupid Iranians and westerners, say: “The world powers work for their own national interests and they have right to exploit other countries, or betray the human values, or tell big lies and pretend ignorance, or support the dictators and the dictatorship in other countries, etc because what they do are in their own national interests. We should not protest against them or expect them, for example, to protest against unplugging the internet in Iran, or to stop selling the suppressive tools and technologies to the Mullahs, or to stop accepting the Mullahs and the dirty embezzled money in their countries, or to stop making secret deals with the killers and rapists in Iran, Syria, and other countries, because they work for their own national interests; And supporting the savage Mullahs and other tyrants, or remaining silent, are in their national interests“. It’s one of the stupidest logic that the stupid or ignorant people use it in the 21st century to justify the shameful animal behaviors. If this stupid logic was used in 18th century, when many used the same logic for justifying the slavery or the colonialism, it was a bit understandable, because at that time the human society was very stupid and reactionary, and had much more similarities with the animal society. But now, in 2010s, we can not use the slaveholders’ logic . 2010s is not like 1910s or 1810s. In the past centuries, we have had a special kind of evolution in the human society, that can be called “Cultural Evolution”, and it’s the progress of human consciousness and intellectual-emotional growth, the evolution of human conscience, the evolution of human values, the evolution of science and technology, etc. The cultural evolution has created a more civilized human society in 21st century, and now, compared to the past centuries, the human life has less similarities with the animal life. Now, you can not justify the brutality, the violence, the exploitation, the injustice, the charlatanism, the animal behaviors, the hypocrisy, the double standards, etc in the name of national or personal Interests.

The law of the jungle is the idea that people should only look after themselves and not care about other people if they want to succeed. It’s the law of the jungle and the law of the animal life that you should f-u-c-k other people if you want to succeed. It’s shortsightedness, that is the main problem of the animals . But in 21st century, many humans are not like animals, because of the cultural evolution. If the humans wanted to continue to use the national or personal interests to justify the animal behaviors, now we would still have the slavery in the world. The personal interests or national interests are a very good excuse for justifying the slavery, the feudalism, the colonialism, etc . It was in slaveholder’s personal interests to exploit the poor black slaves . And the countries that exploited the slaves and the African states, thought that these animal acts were in their national interests. But this sort of personal or national interests are animal interests. They are short-term interests that create horrible disasters. The animal interests are just useful for the animal life, that has no human meaning or no civilization. In the past centuries, the Europeans called the American or African aboriginals “Savage” or “Barbarian”, because those aboriginals were not like the modern human, and their life was much more like the animal life. In fact, the Europeans thought or pretended that those aboriginals lived an animal life, and had more animal instincts than them, and had less human conscience or human values. Of course, those ignorant Europeans were savage, too. Because like animals and other “savage” humans, they used the law of the jungle and the animal instincts to wage war against the aboriginals, for killing and exploiting them. The animals commit many animal crimes, and it’s in their personal interests or their national interests (group’s interests). The animals kill each other, eat each other, rape each other, exploit each other, etc. For animals, the justice or the injustice, exploitation or equality, right or wrong, truth or lie, value or principle, conscience or far-sightedness, etc are totally meaningless . The animals are very narrow-minded and short-sighted, and do almost all things for their own short-term personal interests. The majority of humans in the past centuries were like the animals. But now we know that being a civilized human is very important, and living like animals is very dangerous for us.


Now, there are too many reasons for explaining the importance of being a civilized human and the dangerous of being animal. In 150,000 to 10,000 years ago, our ancestors lived an animal life. For example, they waged war against each other for food and s-e-x; or the males fought over a female, like the animals. In fact, they were very narrow-minded and short-sighted, and long-term benefits or interests were meaningless for them. But they did not have any atomic bombs or weapons of mass destruction. And the number of the people that they could kill, or the death and destruction that they could create, was very limited . But now, if the humans wanted to remain animal, they could destroy the whole world and the whole animate beings. In the past centuries and millennia, the humans did not have serious biological evolution, but instead they had cultural evolution that is much more important than the biological evolution . The human beings tried to see the long-term benefits or interests; They tried to find ways for being more happy and more successful. They tried to have civilization. They tried to have science, documented knowledge, progress, development, etc for solving their countless horrible problems in the wild nature. They tried to avoid meaningless animal wars, and instead tried to collaborate with each other to build a more stable basis for more development and solving more problems. And in this way, they gradually became a civilized human. They learned that they can be more successful, if they try to work together and have a well-ordered society. They learned that they can be more happy if they try to help or love each other, instead of killing or hating each other. They learned that they can be more happy and more successful, if they have justice instead of injustice, freedom instead of suffocation, knowledge instead of ignorance, democracy instead of tyranny, science instead of illusion, tolerance instead of bigotry, collaboration instead of exploitation, global community instead of colonialism, etc . All of these human progresses and human values are human legacies and part of our human civilization, that are quite distinct from the animal instincts and animal values. Of course, the cultural evolution has not been printed in our genes, and it’s a big problem. I hope the humans will find a way for solving this problem in the future. If we want to have a stable progress and development -that even the horrible natural, cosmic, or human disasters can not change it- we should solve this problem.

The human mind can understand the importance of the cultural evolution, and the distinctions between the human life and the animal life. Some say: “we should try to be realistic about human nature and idealistic about the necessity for the exercise of conscience in the marketplace”. They say “human nature”, but they mean “animal nature”. They think our animal nature is very powerful, and the biological evolution is much more important than cultural evolution. Of course, the biological evolution and the animal instincts are very strong, but we should not underestimate the power of the human mind and the cultural evolution. The human brain and the human mind are very powerful. The human mind that is the main source of the cultural evolution, can meet almost all basic human needs. The human mind can overcome all animal instincts and can make us a unique creature. The human mind can learn us that we can enjoy science or arts more than war or fight. It’s the power of human mind that we can enjoy science, knowledge, or intellectual activities much more than food, procreation, s-e-x, or other animal instincts . It’s the power of human mind that we can think about the universe, its laws, its origin or our origin, and many other basic and interesting questions. It’s the power of human mind that we could abolish the slavery, the feudalism, the colonialism, the women’s rights violations, the monarchy, the systematical discriminations, etc. It’s the power of human mind that we could have public education for all people, not just for the rich . And now in 21st century, many think that we can use the power of the human mind to have a justice global society and a justice world without any border or any discrimination; or to have democracy for all people; or to have freedom and human rights for all people; or to have serious global collaboration for building a better world . We can use the human mind to see our long-term interests, our happiness and our success in more stable and more enjoyable way, as a single global community. The animal instincts direct animals and those who live like animals. The human cultural evolution has adjusted our animal instincts in a way that we can not use the animal interests to justify supporting the tyranny or the savage tyrants in the 21st century. You can not defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants, and then call yourself “Human” or “Civilized Human”. It’s impossible. Those who call animal interests ‘national or personal interests’, and try to use it as an excuse to justify the western or eastern hypocrisy, are animal, not human. They are like the people who lived in 150,000 years ago, when the humans lived like animals .

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