Mullahs, Victims, and The West

In the recent days, a young woman in the city of Mashhad, the most religious city of Iran, and two young bloggers in Tehran, a girl and a boy, have become the latest victim of the Mullah war against fun and human rights. “In the city of Mashhad, a young girl attending a private party at a friends apartment has died after falling off the sixth story of the building, when the Mullah police attempted to arrest her and her other friends. The Mullah police attempted to enter the apartment by force, to stop the party !! (a private party !!) and arrested 4 males and 4 females !”, the media reported. In fact, the young woman, whose name and age has not been disclosed, jumped to her death over the weekend of September 24-25 from the sixth floor of a building in the religious city of Mashhad, but why? for escaping from a raid being conducted by Mullah security forces against a mixed-gender private party she was attending !! “These raids by Mullah police to people’s homes are clear human rights violations and attacks into people’s private lives,” Iranians say. It can show the true meaning of the Islamic heaven that the savage Mullahs have created for us in Iran. But the shameless hypocrite western politicians make love with the savage Mullahs and allow the Mullahs and their families to escape from this Islamic heaven that they have created for Iranians, and live in the west. Our tragic life in Iran under the Mullah regime is unbelievable. In the recent days, the Mullahs said that they want to execute Youssef Nadarkhani, because he has become a Christian (Now he is accused of “apostasy”, and the Mullahs said he was raised as a Muslim, and can not change his religion !). And in the recent days, two Iranian bloggers have killed themselves after being detained and tortured by Mullah security thugs of the Mullah ministry of intelligence. Following their release, Behnam Ganji, and his partner Nahal Sahebi committed suicide on 1 September and 28 September 2011, respectively. It’s really horrible, and you can imagine the depth of Iranians’ anger when they see that the Mullahs, the Mullah embezzlers, the Mullah families, and the children of the savage Mullahs can go to Canada very easily and the shameless hypocrite Canadian politicians allow these savage bastards to live there and spend the dirty and black money there. The poor ordinary Iranian boys and girls are killed, just because of the brutality and the savageness of the Mullahs, but the western countries allow the savage Mullahs and their f-u-c-k-ing children and families to live in the west. The savage Mullahs and their families run away from the Islamic heaven that they have created for Iranians, but the poor Iranian youths who hate the Mullahs and the Islamists are forced to live in this Islamic heaven ! And the western countries don’t allow the ordinary Iranians to leave Iran, because they have imposed stupid sanctions on Iran, but not on the Mullahs and the Islamists, but on the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs and are the main victim of the Mullahs. And that’s why many think that the hypocrite western politicians try to punish the ordinary Iranians, because they fight against the Mullahs, who are the close friends of the western politicians.


The Iranian youths fight against the Mullahs and their western supporters with bare hands. The Iranian youths are wise, and try to have fun, even in the city of Mashhad, the most religious city of Iran ! Iran’s youths have become more eager to break the Mullah rules and the Mullah norms, even in Mashhad. “Whatever was banned and was supposed not to happen is happening in all parts of Iran. It demonstrates that the Mullahs have failed“, Iranians say. The pictures of the Iranian youths in the religious city of Mashhad are interesting (above picture). Mashhad and Qom are the only religious cities in Iran, but even in these two religious cities the Iranian youths fight against the Mullahs and the Mullah norms. It’s very meaningful and can show many things . It can show the depth of Mullah bankruptcy in Iran, and the depth of stupidity of those who talk nonsense about Iran. Of course, some of them are not stupid, they are jerk and bastard mercenaries who work for the Mullahs in the western countries. These bastards, like the stupid bastard Hooshang AmirAhmadi, are Mullah mercenaries and are paid to tell big lie and deceive public opinion in the US and the world. These bastards are political prostitute. But unfortunately these political prostitutes, like the Mullahs, enjoy the full support of the western politicians. “When thousands Mullahs and Mullah families live in the US, the UK, Canada, etc. and no one in the west says nothing about this great hypocrisy, what it means ? it’s so obvious that the western countries are the main supporters of the Mullahs and the Mullah regime”, many Iranians say in these days. When you live in Iran and experience the tragedy of living here, like what happened in Mashhad, you automatically are very angry at the western supporters of the Mullahs. The tragedy of Mashhad is really a great tragedy, but sadly, the Mashhad woman’s fate is not unique. In the past 30 years, there have have been many cases of young people who have been killed while trying to escape the Mullah police forces at party raids. The movie “Persepolise” (2007) by Marjane Satrapi showspart of this tragic history. In the past 30 years, many Iranians have been detained, fined, and lashed because of their appearance, for attending parties, for mingling with members of the opposite s-e-x, for drinking alcohol, for participating in water-gun fights, or other activities that are being taken for granted in many other countries. It’s the true image of the Islamic heaven that the Mullahs have created for us in Iran, but these bastards and their f-u-c-k-ing families try to escape from this Islamic heaven and go to the west, where they call it “hell”. In fact, the Mullahs prefer to go to hell and live there !! The history will not forget the Mullah hypocrisy. The history will not forget the western hypocrisy, as well. And the history and Iranians will not forgive Canada, if they don’t deport the Mullahs and Mullah families who live in Canada and spend the people money there. They should deport all Mullahs and Mullah families ASAP.


Some Iranians truly say: “Having fun, offers temporary liberation and an outlet for individuality and spontaneity- and this is something that the Mullah regime doesn’t like . The Mullahs feel that fun somewhat diminishes individuals’ discipline and obligations to the big cause; the Islamic cause that is defined by the Mullah regime”. Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi and other savage Mullahs, whose family and relatives live in Canada, the US, and the UK, say: “If a young student surfs the Internet until late in the night, or if he watches movies, or if he attends parties, he will forget his morning prayers and he cannot become a pious man. So we should unplug the internet, break all movies’ DVDs, and attack to all private parties” !! It’s sadly funny, but it becomes funnier when you know that these savage Mullahs and Mullah families can easily go to the west and live there. “We’ve been told since our childhood, at school, that laughter is bad. We were told it’s vulgar and frivolous to laugh. One has to be serious. The Mullahs told us: ‘There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious’. In fact, the Mullahs have worked hard to banish laughter, playfulness, or other such behavior from public life through warnings and serious punishments”, some Iranians say. They also add: “Having fun in Iran under the Mullah regime, is often accompanied by a feeling of fear. We spent days in jail for trying to have a good time. We were not like the Mullahs; We didn’t tell lie, or steal anything, or kill any one, or embezzle anything. We had just invited friends over !! It was our crime !” And some add: “As a result of the battle being waged the past three decades, fun has turned into an underground and secretive action. Parties are held in soundproofed homes, or after bribing the police. Those who choose to defy the official Mullah ban, listen to banned music and watch banned movies at home. And there are signs that, despite the obstacles, many young Iranians pay much more attention to their physical appearance, fashion, and latest music hits, than the values preached by the Mullahs”. It’s funny to know that a Mullah police spokesman says that the Mullah police raid in Mashhad was an operation by the special forces on an “evil party”, an “evil private party” !! Now, many Iranians say: “The Mullahs have forbidden mixed s-e-x gatherings and imposes heavy s-e-x segregation in Iranian schools, universities and other public places, and arrest boys and girls in the private parties, but they, themselves and their f-u-c-k-ing children and families go to the west, and f-u-c-k themselves in the night clubs there . It’s the true meaning of Mullah Islam”. And also it’s the true meaning of the stupid love story between the Mullahs and the west. The ordinary Iranians should be killed by the Mullahs, but the savage killers are allowed to go to Canada, the US, the UK, etc and live there. Shame on the hypocrite western politicians who allow the savage Mullahs and their families to go to the western countries and live there.

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