A dangerous Plot against Iran and Future of Iran

In these days, the Mullahs try to unplug the internet in Iran, while the world has closed its eyes and its mouth . In these days, the Iranian baboons and Iranian jerks try to distort the facts, more than before. It’s not pure accidental that a stupid jerk and a member of Mullah Mafia in the US, Hooshang Amirahmadi, distorts the facts and talks nonsense in his interview with the VOA . It’s not pure accidental that the hypocrite American politicians want to establish a ‘Hot Line’ between themselves and the Mullahs . It’s not pure accidental that the great stupid bastard, Reza Pahlavi, who wants to restore the Monarchy in 21st century in Iran , has became more active and with his ultra-stupid statements tries to deceive the naive people in the world (of course not in Iran, because almost all Iranians know this stupid jerk). It’s not pure accidental that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) praises the Mullahs and their dreadful economic plan and their forged data . When you try to think about this puzzle, the pieces of the puzzle can show you a very dangerous plot against Iran and the future of Iran. The Iranian baboons and Iranian jerks, and their western supporters want to choke the voiceless ordinary Iranians, and then they will try to say that the Chalquz (that means “bird shit” and refers to the stupid Monarchists!) and the Iranian baboons are what Iranians deserve ! or what they want ! And these stupid bastards have considerable supporters in Iran !! “If the ordinary Iranians did not have any media, even the censored internet, then “Chaharta Chalquz” (a bunch of “Bird shits”) try to pretend that they are representative of Iranians . These Chalquz (bird shits) and Iranian baboons, i.e. the Monarchists, Rajavists, Islamist-Reformists, etc who live outside Iran, are really dead for Iranians inside Iran, but when the ordinary Iranians are totally voiceless, they will try to deceive the world and the naive people of the world”, some intellects say. It’s a very dangerous plot against Iran and the future of Iran. The plot has two major plans that are plan A and plan B for the western supporters of the Iranian baboons and the Chalquz: (A) Establishing Religious Tyranny (by keeping the Mullahs and the Islamic regime safe) (B) Establishing Secular Tyranny (by restoring the monarchy in Iran in 21st century) . Of course, it’s so obvious why the western countries support plans A and B, i.e. the tyranny, in Iran and other countries. And it’s also obvious that even If they disconnect the internet and everything in Iran, they can be sure that they can not implement these plans in Iran. In 21st century and when Iran has about 20 million university-educated people and thousands young and real intellectuals, even God can not restore the monarchy in Iran, and even God can not save the Mullah regime. But they can impose a very high price on Iran and Iranians. Those who help the stupid western politicians to impose the secular or religious tyranny on Iran, are traitors and mercenaries who can not succeed, but they can destroy Iran and can make many dreadful problems for Iranians. All wise and free people in the world, including Iranians, should watch the stupid bastards who want to implement plans A and B in Iran and almost all other countries of the Middle East and the whole world


In the recent days, the Chalquz (the stupid Monarchists) who live in the US have called for a demonstration in Iran, but the ordinary Iranians shitted on the head of the Chalquz as they had shitted on the head of Islamist-Reformists in the last months. Even one person in Iran did not care about them and their call for protest !! And again it was proved that the stupid Monarchists, aka the Chalquz, are exactly as hated as the Mullahs, the Rajavists and the Islamist-Reformists in Iran . But the Chalquz are so shameless. They are worse than the Mullahs and the Islamists who claim that the majority of Iranians support them, while the number of their supporters in Iran, in best case, is about 5% to 10% of Iranians !! But the Chalquz (the stupid Monarchists) are more shameless, because they even have not 1% public support in Iran. It’s really tragic that the silent majority of Iranians inside Iran are voiceless. In our website we have tried to relay their voices. But if the Mullahs unplugged the internet in Iran, you could not hear any voice of the ordinary Iranians, but you should not believe the big lies of the Iranian expats or the western mass media; You should not forget all Western Paradoxes , especially the apparent paradox ; You should not forget what Wikileaks revealed about the secret talks and deals between the Mullahs and the Western politicians ; You should not forget that the Islamist-Reformists are totally bankrupted in Iran ; You should not forget that the stupid Monarchists and the stupid Islamist-Reformists, and their stupid leaders, the dumb and dumber, Khatami and Pahlavi , are really jerk and Iranians hate them very much. You should not forget that many Iranian exapts are stupid and jerk ; You should not forget that many hypocrite western politicians defend the Iranian jerks and the stupid Iranian expats ; You should not forget that the western mass media support the Mullahs and tell big lies about Iran, without any shame . You should not forget that the majority of the Iranian oppositions’ websites are the Iranian baboons’ websites, and they are the main enemy of the ordinary Iranians inside Iran. As you know, many people have dreadful delusions about Iran and Iranians. Many stupidly think that Iranians are Arabs or as stupid as Arabs. They don’t know anything about Iranians and their daily life in Iran; They have many dreadful misconceptions about Iran and Iranians and stupidly think that Iranians are Islamists or pro-Islamists, while exactly the opposite is true; They don’t know that the Mullahs and the western politicians want the peoples of Europe and America to not know much about Iran and Iranians, or to realize the truth . They know nothing about the western hypocrisy and the fake and phony war between the Mullahs and the West. They don’t know that, for example, a Sepahi thug and a high rank member of Sepah (IRGC) that has become the Oil ministry of the Mullahs, was in the black list of the western sanctions, but now the hypocrite western politicians have removed his name from the stupid black list ! They don’t know how much Iranians hate the Mullahs and the Islamists. They don’t know that the majority of Iranians (the young Iranians) are modern, at least as modern as their western counterparts in the western countries .

The majority of Iranians, i.e. the young Iranians (70% of Iranians are 30- and 85% are 45-) don’t want to have a classic and bloody revolution in Iran, but if the Mullahs, the Monarchists, and their western supporters want to take Iran back to the Stone Age, the last classic revolution in Iran, will be very surprising, very tragic, and very meaningful. In 21st century, and when Iran has about 20 million university-educated people, even God can not restore the monarchy in Iran, and even God can not keep the Islamic regime safe. The religious tyranny and the monarchy (secular tyranny) are dead in Iran . Now, many Iranian youths are angry, and say: “We want a modern revolution, but If the Iranian bastards and their western supporters continue their shameful acts; if they unplug the internet; if they try to choke us; and if they try to take us back to the Stone Age, you can be sure that in our revolution, in the last classic revolution in Iran, we will hang the last king (Reza Pahlavi) from the intestine of the last Mullah (Khamenei), in the British Embassy yard“.

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