Iranian-American Bastards: Hooshang AmirAhmadi

Hooshang AmirAhmadi or (Houshang Amirahmadi) is an Iranian expat who lives in the US. As we said before, he is a very active Mullah Lobbyist and a member of Mullah Mafia in the US . In the recent days, this Iranian jerk has opened his dirty mouth again and in an interview with the VOA, i.e. the American media for Iranian jerks and Iranian baboons, has said: “Iranians deserve the Islamic regime. In 1979, the majority of Iranians, 98%, voted this regime. In 1996, the majority of Iranians voted Khatami. And in 2009, the majority participated in the election, and showed that they love the Islamic regime and deserve the Islamic regime. Don’t say that just our parents were stupid; the younger generation of Iranians are stupid, too. Iranians don’t deserve to enjoy the freedom and the democracy, because they have cultural problems and support the Mullahs and the Islamic regime. The Islamic regime and the Mullahs are the best possible regime for Iran and Iranians “. This sort of shameful crap and charlatanism is not a new thing and we have written about it, when we wrote about the religious fanatics and the stupid people in the west . But it’s very interesting that the stupid member of Mullah Mafia in the US, AmirAhmadia, who is a pro-Mullah lobbyist in the US and works for the Mullah regime has said this. The stupid bastard, AmirAhmadia, is a shameless jerk. In 2010, he had said: “I think Ahmadinejad is another Mossadegh, another hero ! He is a nationalist ! and I’m proud of him !! ” The Iranian-American jerk also added: “The ordinary Iranians are the main problem of Iran, not Mr. shit and Khamenei who are great nationalist and I’m proud of them !!” It’s really funny. Now, Iranians said: “Oh, yah! Mullah agent, you are right; the main problem is Iranians, who don’t shit in your mouth. If we had shitted on the head of you and the VOA in 1990s, when you defended the relationship between the Mullahs and the US and worked for it, then you would have not eaten this extra shit in 2011 and 2009”.It’s really true. When this Iranian jerk who is a double agent -a Mullah agent and an American agent- can be a commentator for the VOA and many other western media, and repeatedly goes to Iran and has secret talks with the Mullahs, then it’s obvious that he should eat this extra shit and tells the biggest possible lies without any shame.


Of course, I agree with Amirahmadi. The main problem of Iran is not the Mullahs, but the main problem of Iran is the Iranian jerks and the Iranian stupid bastards who live in the US and Europe, i.e. some one like Hooshang Amirahmadi, Reza Pahlavi, Masoud Behnoud, or Rajavis, who defend the Islamic regime, the monarchy, and the Islamic-Marxist terrorism, and enjoy the full support of the western media and the western politicians . These stupid Iranian jerks who are a very small minority inside Iran, but a big majority outside Iran and among the stupid Iranian expats, are the main problem of Iran. As we said before, In the 1990s, the
American-Iranian Council (AIC), with backing from multinational oil companies, was a front for the Mullah lobbying efforts in the US, and Houshang AmirAhmadi served as its president. The Iranian-American jerk, Amirahmadi, has been an active pro-Mullahs player in the US since the early 1980s. While residing in the US, he was also a presidential candidate in the Mullah election !! He officially collaborated with different Mullah institutions. In the recent years, Amirahmadi and his daughter are building a hotel in Kish Island, of course with the full financial and special support of Mr. shit . In fact, Mr shit and his team have a close and special relation with Mr. shit. He arrange many of Mr. shits programs in his trips to New York. In fact, Amir-Ahmadi is a key broker between the Mullahs and the US authorities. In the recent days, when Mr shit’s was in New York, Hooshang Amirahmadi and his special prostitute, Camelia Entekhabifard, had secret meetings with Mr. shit’s team, especially with Mashaei, who apparently wants to stay in the US for 6 months ! In the recent weeks, the stupid Mullah agent, AmirAhmadi, said: “[We and] Mashaei should avoid controversial meeting, when he goes to New York. Recently, the media has focused on him and his activities in the US, so he [and us] should be very careful”. The stupid Mullah agent, Amirahmadi, tries his best to pretend that he is not a political prostitute and a pro-Mullah lobbyist, but as Iranians say: “even Khaje Hafez Shrizari knows that he is a Mullah agent and kiss the Mullahs’ ass !” (that means : “even the most stupid people knows that … “)


In 2010, the media reported: “Hooshang Amirahmadi, who now lives in the United States [and works for the Mullahs], recently returned to Tehran for a conference of Iranians living abroad . The Mullahs paid for several hundred highly placed Iranians living abroad to come back for a three-day, all-expenses-paid trip. They were invited as part of a high-profile effort to repair Irans pariah image, and win over some of the expatriates”. In fact, in 2010 many Iranian-Americans and Iranian expats who live in the US showed us that they are just a bunch of hypocrite opportunist jerks who deserve to be called ‘hypocrite stupid bastards’. As Iranians say: “They eat from both Toubreh and Akhor” (that means “they are so opportunist and hypocrite”). The hypocrite stupid bastards, that are the majority of Iranian expats in the US, still live in 1970s and think that the younger generations of Iranians, i.e. the majority of Iranians inside Iran, are as stupid as them. The hypocrite stupid bastards, that are Monarchists, Rajavists, Marxists, Islamists, etc are Khayemal (ass-kisser), and kiss the Mullahs’ ass. And It’s the funnies paradox in the world. But it’s an understandable paradox, too. The hypocrite stupid bastards and the Mullahs and their Islamic regime are two side of the same coin. They can not live without each other. When Iran’s regime becomes a free and modern Republic system, the hypocrite stupid bastards should go where the Mullahs go. So, they try their best to keep the Mullah regime safe. And that’s why Monarchists, Rajavists, etc are Mullah spy and work with the Mullahs secretly . If Iran had a free and modern Republic system, a stupid jerk like Amirahmadi, who is a broker and lobbyist for the Mullahs, will not have any attraction for any one !, even for the stupid American politicians ! And that’s why the Iranian-American jerk, Amirahmadi, tries his best to talk nonsense about Iran. Without the Mullahs and the Mullah regime, a stupid jerk like Hooshang Amirahmadi will be a little piece of shit that no one cares about him.


The love story of Hooshang Amirahmadi and Mr shit, or the love story of Hooshang Amirahmadi and Mashaei, is just a shitty story about two little pieces of shit. But on the other hand, it can be an important story about the Iranian jerks and Iranian stupid bastards who sell themselves to the Mullahs and the western politicians; It can be an important story about the Mullah Mafia in the US; It can be an important story about the stupidity of Iranian expats; It can be an important story about the death of Green movement and the stupid Iranian expats, and why they didn’t and still don’t do anything for creating new alternative media and new alternative organizers; It can be an important story about the Iranian fake intellects and Iranian Khayemals (ass-kissers); It can be an important story about the western hypocrisy and western secret talks and deals with the Mullahs; It can be an important story about the western charlatanism in 2009, and why the hypocrite western politicians supported the Mullah regime in 2009; It can be an important story about Mr. shit’s trips to New York, and how he and more than 100 crooks and thieves -including Mr. shit’s daughter, Mr. shit’s son, Mr. shit’s daughter-in-law, Mr. shit’s son-in-law, Mr. shit’s daughter-in-law, Mr. shit’s grandchildren, and the children and wives of Mr. shit’s close friends – go to New York and rent the four floors of a very expensive Hotel (that each room has about $700 charge per night) and have many secrets talks and deals with the US authorities; It can be an important story about the hypocrisy, charlatanism, and “Foolishness Disease”. And It can be an important story about the stupid Iranian expats who become dumb outside Iran . In the near future, we would write more about this important matter and “Why Iranians become Dumb outside Iran“.

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