The tragedy of Internet in Iran

In the recent days, the Internet speed in Iran has decreased dramatically. Apparently the Mullahs try to test the new features of their new filtering system again. As we said before, Iran not only has the slowest internet speed in the world, but Iran has the most expensive internet in the world, too . It’s the Mullah miracle that Iranians should pay the highest price for an internet connection, while this shitty connection has the slowest speed in the world !! Last year, some American media said: “the fastest state in the US is Rhode Island at an average of 894 KBps, which was almost three times faster than the slowest state, Alaska, which had a dismal 318KBps”. But in Iran, and in the normal conditions, the fastest city is Tehran at an average of 28KBps !!, which was almost two times faster than the slowest cities, which had a dismal 15KBps !And now, the average internet speed in Tehran has become 10KBps ! But Iranians should pay about $50/Mbsp (Megabit per second) for this f-u-c-k-ing internet connection, while according to NetIndex, Americans pay about $5/Mbsp and Canadians pay about $6/Mbsp for their internet connections !! But it’s not the whole story. The internet in Iran is the most dangerous internet of the world, and the Mullah surveillance and censorship, is really the number one in the world. As we said before, Iran is the least free country of the world, and the global assessments of Internet and digital media show that Iran has the number one Orwellian Society in the world . The Mullahs deliberately slow down the internet speed, because they want to monitor more connections and more people


Apparently in these day the Mullahs try to test their new filtering system in the main cities of Iran, including Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, etc. In these days, even you can not download a simple webpage in Iran !! Some years ago, Iranians said: “It becomes extremely annoying, especially when you want to download or upload a photo. Downloading video takes ages. And almost always it’s simply impossible to open and watch a video on the Internet”. But now even you can not load a simple webpage, and it takes ages to read a simple news website ! Many say: “The Mullahs deliberately keep the Internet speed low in order to frustrate people from surfing the web, downloading and uploading photos/video/documents/etc, and reducing the amount of information they can access”. It’s really true, but it’s not the whole story. The Mullahs clearly have said the high-speed Internet would create security problems for them ! In fact, the low Internet speed has become a tool to keep the net restricted, it has become a tool to censor the Internet and monitor the users’ activities directly and openly. Now, the Internet speed in Iran is slower than the turtle speed.


Some ask: “What’s causing the slow-down? What’s causing the Orwellian surveillance?” The answer is very clear. It’s the Western-developed technology that allows the Mullahs to analyze networks of information: who is transmitting, what exactly they are saying, and who is consuming it . In fact, ” The Mullah’s Internet Snooping is Made in America”. As we said before, The Mullahs use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), a technology developed and sold to the Mullahs by a joint venture of Siemens and Nokia . Some say: “Deep packet inspection and similar techniques being used in Iran are also being employed aggressively by the US government, ostensibly in its search for terrorists online. And now they have sold their technology to the Mullahs. The US National Security Agency (NSA) is snooping on all US Web and email traffic and storing it. For example, a technician, Mark Klein, has testified in court that the hardware made copies of the website preferences and email traffic of all AT&T customers and sent them to the NSA. Now, the American jerks have sold their technology to the Mullahs.” Unfortunately, the world has closed its eyes on our dreadful conditions in Iran. But public opinion should see how the Mullahs impose such a dreadful conditions on us, and how the western politicians support the Mullahs and sell their suppressive technologies to the Mullahs.

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