“Hot Line” between the US and the Mullahs

The Mullahs and the US authorities try to reach a secret deal for establishing a “Hot line” between the US and the Mullahs. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen, speaking at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace last week, said: “We havent had a connection with Iran [the Mullahs] since 1979. Even in the darkest days of the Cold War, we had links to the Soviet Union. We are not talking to Iran [the Mullahs], so we dont understand each other [!!!]. If something happens, its virtually assured that we wont get it right [!!!] -that there will be miscalculation [!!] which would be extremely dangerous in that part of the world.” And one day before Mullen delivered his stupid shameful remarks, The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. officials were examining the establishment of a hot line following a series of near miss encounters between American and Mullah forces in the Persian Gulf . Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton took to Fox News this morning to blast the idea of a hot line between the Mullahs and the US. Bolton is quick to dismiss the concept as cheap political ploy to heighten Mullahs prestige: After all, how many countries does the U.S. have that kind of hotline with. I think this is part of his charm offensive.


It’s really shameful that some one like the stupid John Bolton, a stupid right-winger, should attack the most shameful secret deals between the Mullahs and the US, while many American jerks, from the stupid lefts to the stupid journalists, have closed their fucking eyes on this shameful scandal. The American Jerks only prove, again and again, that The Apparent Paradox , is the most serious paradox in the US history. When the stupid Obama allows the Mullahs to have a TV’s studio in Washington, for the first time after the Islamic revolution of 1979 , and after the military coup and brutal crackdown of 2009; When the ex-CIA agent, the America Baboon, clearly defends Mr. shit and the Mullahs ; And when the Mullah Mafia are very active in the Princeton university, in the Harvard university, and in many other part of the US , then it’s so obvious that the US wants to have a Hot line with the Mullahs. Shame on you, the American jerks; Shame on you, who think the people are as stupid as you and Mr. stupid, Noam Chomsky. The American jerks and the stupid lefts are the main enemy of all suppressed nations, including Iran. Shame on them all.

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