Why WordPress activates new Features by default ?

Recently, WordPress.com has added some new features to its Blog Services, and has activated these new features for all WordPress blogs. Many of these features are about the widgets (left-side boxes), the look of blogs, etc. Now, some Iranians say: ” We don’t need and like these “ZalamZimbo !! [these stupid luxuries (new features)]. Why don’t they ask us if we like these ZalamZimbo or not? In our terrible situation in Iran, it’s hard to inactivate each of these new features one by one. They should let us know about their new features and ask us if we want to activate the new features or not”. It’s really true. It’s not good that WordPress.com, like other big corporations of cyberspace, activates its new features by default. It’s not good that every now and then you see some unwanted new features have been added to your website. WordPress.com, Please don’t activate the new features by default . Please let users decide about activating the new features. You can let them know about your new features and ask them if they want to activate the new features or not. It’s a better policy . Much more better.

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