Mr. shit goes to New York

Mr. shit (Ahmadinejad) has gone to New York, again. The shitty story of Mr. shit’s travels to the US has become very boring, but Iranians still are angry at the US, especially when they see how American jerks treat the chief of thugs and thieves like Iran’s President. After 2009, Iranians knew the true color of the American jerks in the American mass media and in Washington. Iranians truly believe: “The Americans jerks are the main supporter of the Mullahs. The American media, form VOA to NBC, the ex-CIA agents, the American polling agencies, the stupid bastard Obama, etc have showed us their true colors. We never ever forget what happened in 2009. Even if we forget the CIA coup of 1953 in Iran, we will never forget what they did in 2009.” It’s really true. We will never forget. The stupid Obama has said in his UN Speech: “In Iran, we’ve seen a government that refuses to recognize the rights of its own people. The Syrian people have shown dignity and courage in their pursuit of justice, dying for the same values that this institution is supposed to stand for. And the question for us is clear: Will we stand with the Syrian people, or with their oppressors? ” And the answer is clear, too: “Until now, you have stood with the Syrian dictator.” But the main question is: “In 2009, did you stand with the Iranian people, or with their oppressors, the Mullahs? ” And the answer is very clear. You stood with the Mullahs, sent them secret letters, and made dirty secret deals with Khamenei. Shame on you, American jerks.


As we said before, in the recent days the American jerks and the American ass-kissers welcomed Mr. shit warmly . The western ass-kissers and American jerks in the western media, from the NBC to the New York Times support Mr. shit, the coup President. The stupid Guardian said: “All UN eyes on Friday will be fixed on Ahmadinejad”! and the stupid New York Times said: “Mr. President, welcome to New York. Thank you very much for taking the time” !! The jerks and assholes in the western media love Mr. shit and his bullshits. They call him “Iran’s President”, while Mr. shit is “Western Media’s President” and “Mullah’s President”, not Iran’s President. This little piece of shit is just a coup President, a fake President of a hated regime, that Iranians hate them very much. But the western media and the western jerks love him and support him. Shame on them all.


The ordinary Americans know nothing about secret talks and secret deals between the Mullah agents and American agents , but small groups try to protest against the coup President of the Mullahs. The ordinary Americans don’t know that the American hikers have been freed as a part of a secret dirty deal between the Mullahs and the US. The NBC scandal can show us a small part of this dirty shameful deal. Now, the American hikers have left Iran, and a new groups of Mullah agents have arrived in the US, to join the other members of Mullah Mafia in the US, and to join the Mullah TV’s office in Washington. Shame on the American jerks, who are the main supporter of the Mullahs. As we said before, In 2011, the stupid Obama allowed the Mullahs to have a TV’s studio in Washington. Shame on you Obama. Shame on you, man.


Mr. shit’s speech in the UN is nothing except a pile of boring shit. Only the stupid lefts can love his nonsense shitty speech. The little piece of shit, is the biggest lair among the other liars in the UN. All politicians in the UN tell lies, but the biggest possible lair is Mr. shit. The second place is for Chavez, Bastard Assad, and the dead bastard Gaddafi. Iranians only laugh at the stupid jerks in the western media, who cover Mr. shit’s speech or care about him and his bullshit. Mr. shit is a straw hero for the western media, but in Iran and for Iranians, he is nothing except a little piece of shit and a big thief whose embezzlements are the largest embezzlements in Iran’s history .


The stupid jerks in the American media love Mr. shit, and their interviews with him are so disgusting, much more disgusting than the Mullah media’s interviews’ with him . In these days, the New York Times’ interview with Mr. shit, on September 20, 2011, is as shitty as NBC’s interview or ABC’s interview with him. The New York Times’ reporter, Nicholas Kristof, that is like the American bitch of the NBC, ask Mr shit these shitty questions: “You said on Sept. 13 that the American hikers would be free in a couple of days. Are you not speaking for the complete Iranian government? Are there other forces trying to block them? On another aspect of Iranian/US relations, you have raised the possibility that if the US were willing to provide low enriched uranium, 20 percent grade, that Iran would stop enriching to that level. Is that offer still on the table? In terms of opportunities for a dialogue between Iran and the US [i.e. between the Mullahs and the US], do you see any difference between President Obama and his administration and that of George W. Bush? [!!!!] when you saw the photo of Neda Soltan, what did you think?!! [the American jerks only know Neda, and pretend ignorance about other hundreds martyrs] As you look ahead to another 20 years, say, from now, what kind of a country do you foresee? Do you foresee it becoming closer to the West? [!]”


The American jerks in the American mass media are like the American Baboon, the ex-CIA agent, who supports the Mullahs and Mr. shit . Now, Iranians say: “The American jerks are like the British bastards, who are the Mullah makers. We hate the American jerks and the British bastards as much as we hate the Mullahs, and as much as the Europeans of 1940s hated the Nazis and the Fascists. The American jerks and the British bastards are the main supporters of the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. The stupid lefts who are the main supporter of all savage tyrants in the world, support these stupid bastards too. Shame on them all.” It’s really shameful that while all Iranians hate the Mullahs and the Mullah regime, the western jerks and the western media make love with the Mullahs and Mullah agents. The history will not forget these shameful hypocrisy. Now Iranians say: “Hey, American jerks, We will not Forget. We watch you, and we never forget”.

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