Serious Threat: a Warning to Internet Users

“The Iranian Internet users should be very very careful about their VPN connections, and also about all circumvention tools that they use for bypassing the Mullah censorship and the Mullah surveillance. Iranians should be aware that the majority of VPN connections are unsafe; many of them connect to the machines that have invalid IP addresses: “10.x.x.x”. These Invalid IP addresses, that are address of local networks, are the address of the Mullah Surveillance Machines”, some Iranian experts say. “This a new plan; a new dreadful proxy system. Now, Iran has become like a big private company and the internet in Iran has become like a local network of that company !! It’s the first step in unplugging the internet in Iran and imposing dreadful Orwellian surveillance on Iranian internet users. By this new system they can do many horrible attacks and surveillance”, some experts add. “The Mullahs could implement this ambitious plan and system, that is still incomplete, by the help of the western companies, like Siemens-Nokia“, they add. The new plan and new system is very very dangerous, and the Diginotar debacle was only a small part of it. The experts advise: “You always should check the IP address of your connections, especially your VPN connection, and make sure that it has a trustworthy IP. In any case, your IP should not be ’10.x.x.x’ (for example: 10.10.68.x, or, etc) or a Chinese or Mullah IP”. The experts also add: “In Iran, many VPN connections, don’t connect to their servers, but they connect to the Mullah machines (mostly with ’10.x.x.x’ IPs) ! In some cases after eavesdropping, your data will send to VPN servers, and in some cases the Mullah machines become your VPN servers !! It’s what the Mullahs do about many VPN connections in Iran . The Mullahs don’t block VPN connections, but instead they eavesdrop on VPN connections !! And the same is true for almost all other circumvention tools. All Iranians should be very careful about the Chinese and Taiwanese IP addresses, as well as the Mullah IP addresses, that are used as servers’ IP for many circumvention tools in Iran, especially for UltraSufr !” It’s really horrible. Iranians really live in the Orwellian Society of 1984.

“The Mullahs can block many VPN connections and many circumvention tools, but they don’t. But why ? The Mullahs don’t block them, because now they can eavesdrop on you and your connections !!”, some experts say. It’s really true. Now, many ISPs are part of this new dreadful plan. “In some ISPs, you even can not do ‘Traceroute’ by common tools (common ‘Traceroute’ has been blocked), because all your connections, not just your VPN connection, pass through the new ’10.x.x.x’ Mullah surveillance machines “, some experts say. And some experts truly believe : “the Mullahs want to eavesdrop on our communications, and that’s why they don’t block many circumvention tools. We already knew that Tor and UltraSurf are not safe and secure, and many Mullah nodes and many Chinese fake servers have f-u-c-ked these tools, but now we can say that many VPN connections are not safe and secure, too”. Under these dreadful Orwellian conditions, the Iranian internet users should be very careful about their communications. The naive people and those who are not aware of the problem, are the main victim of the new Mullah plan. Now many Iranian activists say: “The foreign countries should not leave Iranians and the Iranian activists alone. The Mullahs have spent billion dollars on their Orwellian plan, and the stupid projects like Tor, Ultrasurf, etc can not compete with the expensive western technologies that have been sold to the Mullahs. Public opinion, in all around the world, should be aware of our dreadful conditions in Iran, and should do something for helping us, before it’s too late. Don’t leave us alone“. And don’t forget Albert Camus’s “the Plague”. The plague threatens all of us, in all around the world. What has begun in Iran, threatens the freedom and the privacy of all Internet users.

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