Humor: Only in Iran !

The Mullahs are really bankrupted in Iran. They desperately try to show that the ordinary Iranians still care about them.


But in the most cases, the ordinary Iranians make fool of the Mullahs, and make fun of them.


So, the Mullahs use the prostitutes and pretend that they are the ordinary people who love the Mullahs ! Some groups of these prostitutes are called “Zendeh 5-Zari” (cheap and nasty prostitute). The majority of them are the Monarchists. The people also call them “Bastard Khayemals” (bastard ass-lickers).


And the other groups of these stupid prostitutes are called “Zendeh 2-Zari” (very cheap and nasty prostitute). Iranians hate all of these stupid prostitutes, but when the Mullahs use the prostitutes to show that they still have some supporters in Iran, it really gives Iranians great pleasure.


The Mullahs support the prostitutes and vice versa, while the Mullahs arrest and rape the ordinary people for violating the Mullah Moral Values !! But what happen in the Mullah prisons is really beyond hypocrisy.


It’s what Iranians call it “the Mullah logic; The logic of
Islamist-Rapists”. The Mullahs are the most hypocrite people in our planet. The second ones are the Monarchists and the Rajavists.

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